Proposed Political Forum has the potential to break impasse: Academic

Bloggers, SV agrees and supports Dr. Brij Lal’s view that Sir Paul Reeves remains independent, so he can be objective when collating his recommendations on Fiji. We have gone down this road previously with the 1997 Constitution assaulted by Vore in 2001, when he tried to abrogate it and now with the unelected NCCBF and illegal junta trying to insert amendments without Parliament.
SV hopes that Sir Paul Reeves will stay true to his comments and ensure democracy is restored to Fiji ASAP and more importantly, the people of Fiji stand up for their right and ensure the end of the coup culture, by making those responsible for their illegal actions.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Taken from / By: FBCL

Academic Dr Brij Lal says the proposed political forum has the potential to break the impasse between the Interim Government and other stakeholders.

However Dr Lal says the most important thing is for the Forum to be totally independent.

“It ought to be autonomous; it ought to have fairly representation so that there is a genuine attempt to broker a dialogue to break the impasse. Any suggestion that this could be used by a particular NCBBF of someone like to engineer and outcome that is favorable to the Interim Administration is simply going to fail. So my view is that if its totally independent, autonomous representative involving all the stakeholders it has the potential to break the impasse.”

Fiji Broadcasting Corporation



21 Responses to “Proposed Political Forum has the potential to break impasse: Academic”

  1. Mark Manning Says:

    And pigs can fly !
    Sorry to be a kill joy , but let’s get real here , we are talking about a bunch of murdering bastards in this regime !
    What makes any of you think that they will allow themselves to be held accountable for their actions once a democratically elected Government is re-installed ?
    The difference between this coup and previous coups is the fact that innocent people , unarmed men , women and children , were harassed , detained illegally , tortured , possibly raped ( we don’t know yet ) and murdered .
    However , I applaud Dr. Lal for his infinite wisdom .

  2. painter Says:

    And that’s why Manning, we’re inevitably headed for a show-down (inasmuch as I hate to admit it) but the interest generated by these anti-junta blogs, the concerns raised in the media and on the streets and in the privacy of peoples’ homes, is testament to the increasing number of DISSENTERS in this country… and that will eventually culminate in a national peaceful civil movement demanding back from the military junta our FREEDOMS and JUSTICE. I have said last year, the Rottenfmf is a loose cannon, they can’t help themselves and they won’t stop themselves, and so we, the PEOPLE will have to do it for them! I think this will be a civil movement like nothing Fiji has ever seen before. The signs are all there. Even here, on this blog, we’re already inextricably linked by fate and our to oust these wounded tyrants that are hurting everyone around us … we just need to get our minds around the kind of world we see us living in, in the near future… because as imperfect as it may be it has to a world where everyone in this country can live with the dignity that they each deserve as a HUMAN BEING!! Sounds far-fetched? It can’t be because I so much believe in it!

  3. Budhau Says:

    Manning wrote, “The difference between this coup and previous coups is the fact that innocent people , unarmed men , women and children , were harassed , detained illegally , tortured , possibly raped ( we don’t know yet ) and murdered .”

    No manning their ain’t no difference – they all had their fair share of violence – all coups – it was the Indians who were at the receiving end of the violence of the previous coups.

    ..and that blame the FMF – Remember, it was the military that basically resolved the 2000 coup. In 1987 – we have to look deeper to find out who was behind that coup – and that Dinger dude who was talking about democracy – some one should ask him if his country had anything to do with the 1987 coup.
    Sure the military played a role in all those coups – but it ain’t that simple.
    It is the Fijian chiefs, the Fijian elite – who got the military to do their dirty job. In the past it was about ethnic supremacy – the fear of Indian domination – and Fijians have fallen for this.

    This time around – once again -it was a group of powerful Fijians chiefs who could not get into power by democratic means, got the military to do their dirty work – and the myth of Indian domination once again factors prominently – the average Fijians are once again buying into this.

    This way they keep the Fijians from uniting with other non-Fijian, on non-racial basis – because we have seen what could happen if this happens – parties like the FLP can win elections – the Fijian elite and the powerful Fijians chiefs would have nothing to do with this – this way, they prevent the masses from figuring out what is good for them.

  4. painter Says:

    I missed that point and I agree with Bud, on casualties, mainly Fijians but there were a number of other ethnicities also involved. This 2006 was a mixed bag of the young pro-democracy freedom fighters, activists like Angie, lawyers like Richard Naidu, Leung, SDL politicians, ambassadors and foreign journalists etc.

  5. painter Says:

    Ooops, missed a whole line, hving dinner as well you see. I meant indo-fijians during the 87/2000 coups but a number of other ethnicities were also victimised.

    2000 coup – i believe Rottenfmf had a direct hand in it, weapons were released directly from base, was it not?

  6. painter Says:

    sorry guys last line and i’ll finish my dinner properly. Whether they were powerful/elite or failed businessmen, the military provided the common vehicle in which they all rode. Do you think george speight would have led that 2000 coup had he known the military would eventually back off?

  7. painter Says:

    and as manning says plus the 3 men (RIP) who were murdered in their custody!

  8. painter Says:

    Like HELLLOOOOO!!! where’s everyone?

  9. Tomasi Says:

    Heil Mark Manning!

    Heil Brij LAL!

    Heil Adolf Hitler Karl Marx

  10. Tomasi Says:

    Budhau, get on with your 6th class homework!


  11. Mark Manning Says:

    we are still here in cyberspace !
    Yes , i agree , there were of course differences in each coup . You guys know more about that than I ever will .
    I believe the only way to avoid bloodshed , is for Frank to either leave Fiji voluntarily or be deported somewhere , permanently . That might be a big enough deterrent for the next person contemplating treason .

  12. Tui Says:

    Some things to reflect on.

    1977- First coup – Ratu Mara (used Taniela Veitata and Fijian Nationalists. Veitata later joins Mara’s Alliance Party )
    1987- Second Coup – Ratu Mara (used Rabuka and RFMF)
    2000- Rabuka and SVT 1999 election loosers (used Taukei and Nationalists, Indian business like Punjas,Kundan Singh, Hansons and Vinod Patel joined later. )
    2006-Bainimarama, Chaudahry, Aiyarse,Shameem sisters, FLP, the two Evelis and loosers from 2006 election.

    While there is a perceived notion that Indians are the innocent victims of the past coups, this does not mean that they are free from blame.
    Indians rejoiced publicly in the streets of Suva and Lautoka shouting slogans such as “Fiji for Indians” when the FLP won in 1987.
    Indians in the FLP camp were promoting the “Dual Citizenship” mantra in 2001, to entice Indians who have migrated to return to Fiji, thereby making it difficult for Fijians to win future elections.

    While more liberal Fijians split their votes for FLP and other independent candidates, the fact remains that more Indians voted along racial lines. This was quite evident in 2006 when Qarase received only 2% of Indian votes!
    Clearly this lunacy of “common roll” promoted by the NCBBF is doomed to fail miserably.
    Whatever little doubt left of Indian conspiracy against Fijians is gone, the examples of late are too glaring to ignore.
    Indians are taking their revenge now!

    But the fact remains, powerful and greedy Fijians were the instigators in the past coups!
    If you get the chance ask Filipe Bole or Inoke Kubuabola to tell you more! If only Rev. Raikivi was alive.
    Same game, different players this time!

  13. Jose Says:

    I don’t think you are stupid.I think you may know more then what you are letting on. So why do you do what you do? Why don’t you share your opinion of the current situation of where the illegals are currently at and where you think they are going with what they are doing.

  14. natewaprince Says:

    Poor Bud,trying to look out for his coolie brothers.

    Bud,the coups of the past were carried out because of the fear of Indians finally dominating the country politically.Simple as that.Like a thief in the night,you crept up slowly and before we realised it ,you were a political force to be reckoned with.

    What pisses me off with this coup is the Indians blatant disregard for the Fijians feelings by openly supporting a take-over of a Fijian government.That’s right,my friend,it’s all about us and nobody else.This is OUR country and we MUST govern it OURSELVES.

    So don’t try and blame this as a war between Fijians and that the Indians are innocent bystanders.If you are bystanders,then stop supporting this regime.

    Since you coolies are responsible for the charter and the dismantling of Fijian institutions,then you are no longer innocent bystanders but the instigaters of the coup.And for that,you will be the first casualties of this ”battle”that you say is between Fijians.

    So stop trying to protect your kind because it’s too late.

  15. natewaprince Says:

    Yandra ‘painter’,on a roll aren’t we??????

    Cut down on the caffeine sister.You know what can happen when you’re awake all night,cos that’s when the snakes’ come out to play,(so the song goes).

  16. painter Says:

    Morning all! Appreciate all yr posts (except NP’s, u can be more constructive than that!)

    Thanks Tui. Manning, i still think Rottenfmf should GO, its more than just Fiji’s coups, why should our men go fight our people’s STUPID WARS?! The repercussions are to great for our tiny nation. Anyway, will hve to catch up later in the week, hve a major painting job to do, darn this weather hve to indoor painting then.

    hve a great week all. NP, do something useful!

  17. painter Says:

    oops, i meant OTHER people’s senseless/stupid wars!

  18. Tune10000 Says:

    Why a political forum???..Do you mean you’re recognising their legitimacy and accepting the cahnges and damges they have done to Fijian people??? A forum of this nature will be ground for compromise always ..and for the iIG, top on their list is to have immunity, next conmes NCBBF etc… they while Fijians have to give up alot to accomodate the lot. Why the forum?? Cant u use other means possible???

  19. Peace Pipe Says:

    The political forum was engineered by the conniving brains of the iig. It was just rubber stamped by the puppet pres to make it appear like its the presidents initiative. But this initiative could backfire on the iig and their cunning scheme to try and hoodwink the members of these esteemed organisations. Since already Mr Reeves has rejected the participation of the NCCBF and declared his independence in the forum. I feel that somewhere down the line the iig will upon realising the mistake of such a move will do something dirty like they did to the Pacific Forum Group. They may have dug their own grave by asking for this forum as Mr Reeves is dead set on the March 2009 elections unless of course if the iig comes up with some genuine reason not to something which by now they are concocting.

  20. Mark Manning Says:

    don’t you mean , same shit , different smell ?

  21. Mark Manning Says:

    By the way boys and girls , I see Dr. Lal agrees with my comments , in essence , from his comments in the times this morning .

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