Parents unaware of alleged link to Taliban

Bloggers, this article was taken from the Fiji Sun. You will recall several days ago, there was a post titled ‘Hear this! Hear this! Hear this!’ This post concerned this student, who according to the media was being deported along with a few Amercian and Thailand students from Pakistan for unknown reasons.

SV acknowledges that this student may have gone to receive legitimate religious training in his quest to become a Priest, however we wish to challenge you bloggers to consider the possibility, that some students may intentionally go or have already gone to Pakistan or elsewhere to be trained for insurgency.

SV acknowledges this is a sensitive topic, but look around the world and see jihad being executed against certain Western countries. As one bloggers commented if UK nationals can bomb their own countries, then why is Fiji to be an exception? If anything, Fiji may be an added incentive, with SDL pushing for Fijian rights such as the Qoliqoli & Land Claims Tribunal for Muslim vigilantes to wage jihad in Fiji in the near future.

This possibility should open our eyes to realise in this inter-connected world today, Fijians must realise our potential enemy number in the masses and their wealth is limitless. We should be aware of things going around us because the fight to subdue Fijians may have its origins outside Fiji and therefore Fijians should be wise to understand and recognise, that our enemy is both within Fiji and without Fiji.




The parents of a student at a religious madrassa in Pakistan alleged to have links with Osama bin Laden and the Taliban say they are not worried about teachings imparted to their son.Jamrul Nisha of Labasa said her youngest son Nazim Ahmed Dean was sent to attend the Jamia Binuria madrassa in Karachi to be trained as a priest.

“It was his wish to go and study in Pakistan because he wants to become a high priest,” she said.

“Since my son has joined the madrassa he hasn’t had any problems at all with what they teach them. They have to read through the Koran until they know it by heart. This is all part of their studies.”

She said they were not aware that the madrassa had alleged links with the Taleban. All she knew was that it an institute where their son could receive the best in Islamic studies like other high priests and religious teachers in the country.

Her son began his studies at the Sabeto madrassa in Nadi when he was 16. He left for Pakistan for further studies and hopes to complete them in two and half years time.

The word madrassa has always been given a negative slant by the western world to mean a religious school for militants or Islam rebels.

Some anti-terror groups claimed that notorious terrorist Osama bin Laden addressed students at the religious school before the September 11 attacks on the US.

There are 13 Fiji citizens attending the madrassa, one of them is a female. She is training to become a maulani (female high priest) and is expected to study there for four years. At the school females study separately from the males and no interaction whatsoever is allowed.

Of the 13 students, two are from Labasa, one each from Tavua and Ba, two from Rakiraki, three from Nadi and the female student and othersfrom the central division/

Former students of the madrassa are now high priests or religious teachers of their faith. But they remain tightlipped about the kind of studies they underwent at these institutes.

Some are high priests in mosques around the capital. Getting them to talk about their experience at these religious schools was a hard task. Most of them referred the query to other Muslim maulana (high priest) or mufti (religious school head) which they said spent more years at the madrassa than the last person.

But one maulana from the western division decided to speak on the condition of anonymity.

He studied there for eight years and said claims by westerners of these Binuria links with militants were very old as they have been made ever since he attended the institute nearly 10 years ago.

“When we were studying there these Americans have been saying that we have links with Taliban. There are about 14,000 madrassa in Pakistan and we attend them to train as priests,” he said.

“We get to learn the Koran and know it by heart and also are taught the Prophet’s (Mohammed) teachings.”

The madrassa came into the limelight a few days ago after reports of deportation by the Pakistani government of some Islamic students from Fiji surfaced.

Even though the students have denied this, there is still a strong indication that some foreign students of the madrassa would be sent to their homeland.

Those blacklisted included students from the US, namely the two brothers who feature in the Karachi Kids documentary and several from Thailand.

It is unclear as to the reason for the deportation order but it is believed that this may have to do with expired visas.

Ms Nisha said her son called her on Tuesday night to reassure her that he wasn’t facing any problems as his visa was still valid.

Elders at a mosque in the capital also revealed they were in constant contact with their students in Pakistan after reading about the deportation threats in the newspaper.

They reassured their elders that the reports were just rumours as no Fiji citizen studying there was going to be affected.

Efforts to obtain comments from the Fiji Muslim League were unsuccessful.




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20 Responses to “Parents unaware of alleged link to Taliban”

  1. Dauvavana Says:

    SV whats happened to our picture on the top?

  2. Frida Says:

    Very interesting indeed. My question is – if there are many who have been taught through the institutions for the past 10 years or so, why aren’t they repeating the training to ensure leadership within the religion is sustained. When many people are finding it hard to put food on the table for their family, the Muslim league is sending young men and women to pakistan to basically study their religion when we have many mullahs and mufti in the country already. If they argue, that these are scholarhsips, why don’t they keep or bring that money into Fiji and build a school here. It is not surprising then to see the number of mosques one will have to drive by on the Queen’s Highway.

    SV is right in that we should be alert at the rapid changes going on in our midst.

  3. painter Says:

    I was about to ask the same thing Daushooter, I think that’s NP… feeling BLUE!

    Back to the article – Pls people, for sabbath’s sakes, let’s not do a BUSH and look for WMD (weapons of mass destruction) where there is NONE!

    Na WMD la o koya dabe vinaka jiko qore e delainabua! Let’s focus on closing that shameful institution down!

  4. painter Says:

    After elections, I think priority should be given first and foremost to the enactment of a code of ethics, freedom of information, anti-corruption and anti-domestic violence bills.

  5. painter Says:

    Oooops… AND of course, an Act to repeal all Rottenfmf legislations!

  6. Budhau Says:

    I agree with painter – the Fijian Taliban – sensational but a non-issue for this blog.

    BTW, who is that co-editor at SV again trying to push such stories on this blog when there are so many other relevant stories that could be discussed in here.

    There should better communication within your editorial board.

  7. vakatakilai Says:

    We as landowners should stop allowing pagan temples being built on our lands. Our God is a jealous God and we, for the sake of accomodating our Indian brothers have angered the God, Jehovah that our forefathers accepted as the God of Fiji.

    No wonder we as Fijians are struggling to survive. Our leaders have even participated in multi faith services where some priest pray to Allah, one to Hindu Gods and to Buddha. This is “unfaithfulness to the bride” that the bible talks about.

    The Israelites were allowed to be conquered by the Babylonians, the Assyrians and other pagan nations because they were turning their backs on God and falling in love with other gods.

    I am not surprised by what we are going through today.

    Do not allow anymore foreign gods temple on our lands. Do not renew leases on which this temples are built on. The law will not allow us to take the temples down by force, but God knows our intentions and if we decide to stop the spread of paganism on our land, he will take the necessary steps that we humans see impossible.

  8. painter Says:

    Vakatakilai, whilst u’re entitled to your opinion, I just find it DISGUSTING, esp. when its yr sabbath! Please get your face out of that old edition bible for a min and try living with the rest of us here in the 21st century! There is so much to hope for… and fortunately for us, people like you are beginning to fall into a minority group i.e. pessimists!

    GO FIJI! (and i don’t mean rugby)

  9. Dauvavana Says:

    NP nai taba me biu lesu mai, de ko sa baci via bita kina na nomudrau i taba ni romance kei Buds!!

  10. vakatakilai Says:

    The same God that was there from the beginning is here today and we claim to serve Him today.

    The problem with some of us is that we try to compromise with the world. We try to please our fellow men at the expense of our God. Even Jesus said that he came not to change the law but to exalt it.

    Human rights and other rights which have been used against us will result in our extinction. That old “edition bible” that you are belittling is the one that will open our eyes to see the future and what is in store for us if we continue in this path we are taking.

    We should liberate ourselves from men doing but please cling tightly to what God had intended for us; Life Eternal. We wont get that if we continue allowing foreign Gods into our beloved FIJI.

  11. painter Says:

    Vakatakilai – first of all please accept my apologies if i came on too strong. I wouldn’t be human if i didn’t feel some frustration at the slow pace we’re moving on these anti-junta/coup blogs. I don’t even know how to say this properly… but i do realize that the TRUTH can be one of the most difficult things to embrace when you FEAR the unknown, when you fear change and the uncertainty of our collective future, when you fear those who may look different from you, worship different from you and have a culture that’s different from yours. But what is the one thing that connects us and separates us from animals?? Some have asked this Q already, I’m merely repeating it. So when you tell me the answer, then I’ll know we’ve taken another step into the light. You seem to assume that I am a christian although I have never ever admitted my faith (or the lack of it) on this blog or any other, simply because it is PERSONAL and has no bearing at all in respect of challenging issues before us.

    Over to you.

  12. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Well this is what I have been mentioning in my previous posts. I note that Budhau is sceptical as ever, but the possibility is very real and simply cannot be ignored or dismissed.

  13. Budhau Says:

    Yeah JW – those Fiji Muslim League guys – they have been supporting the Alliance, the SVT and the SDL – but secretly they have been working on this Taliban thingie – and just watch out – you haven’t heard about the conspiracy to convert all these Fijians to Islam – remember that Mohammed Tora guy.

    Vakatakilai has things figured out- his religion is absolutely true – and all other religions have no validity at all. That is the only way we Fijians can be faithful to our religion.
    Therefore, how can we allow others to practice their religion in MY country because they also have the same beliefs – that their religion is the only true religion, their God the only true god – and if they will get chance they will try to convert us – we have already converted once, I don’t thing the second time around is a good idea.

  14. Adi Kaila Says:

    as soon as it’s so bloody obvious that indians are supporting violence and going out of their way to destabilise life in Fiji and elsewhere budhau scurries around for excuses – hah it’s been reported all around the world fucking fool – are you going to blame CNN – al Jazeera et al for reporting on this.

    Bloody no history gandhu! Go and worship that dickhead chodo!

  15. Mark Manning Says:

    You don’t have to repeal illegally implemented legislation !
    I’ve seen children brainwashed by being made to recite the Koran !
    There mothers get paid a few thousand in Palestine , to have them become suicide bombers .
    My children are not for sale and I’m glad I don’t belong to a religion that has such low regard for it’s children !

  16. Jose Says:

    @ painter says:
    “You seem to assume that I am a christian although I have never ever admitted my faith (or the lack of it) on this blog or any other, simply because it is PERSONAL and has no bearing at all in respect of challenging issues before us.”

    painter,I hope you live long enough to know just how wrong you are, right there on that point.This fight is about religion. Every wars and revolutions were planned. Very well planned to bring the world together, (or to heel). This, is the hidden agenda. This is the bigger picture. This is an attack against protestants. Right here in Fiji, in case you haven’t noticed, the Mother church agents or children, should I say,are coming out of the woodworks and becoming prominent. Do you know that the Constitution of the World has already been written? It was done in Washington DC.We are going to have a One World Order and a One World Religion.It’s time to lift up our level of blogging from Fiji to an international level with an open mind, carefully observing where these illegals are taking us with this. There’s a lot more happenning behind the scenes then we know. From the beginning in Heaven when Lucifer and his fallen angels when to war with Michael,(Jesus) lost and got kicked out to earth,the great controversy of this earth has always been a personal attack of our God and Lord Jesus Christ. There is no difference in what is now happening right here in Fiji. If we are to carefully check out the backgrounds of all those who are prominent in this illegal team, I am very sure that they belong to some secret societies that have links to the Order. Another blogger, Wailei, had innocently exposed that somewhere in this blog. Chaudary and Taito Wavakatoga to mention two had joined one of those Unification od Churches or Ecumenical churches. Chaudary an Advisor and Waqavakatoga as the Cordinator. This is a secret society. All I ask,is an open mind and not to ridicule or disrect anyone who is blogging along this lines. After all we are still going along a roller coaster ride with no way out in Fiji at the moment. Seemingly.

  17. Jose Says:

    Corrections- “went” instead of when to war with Michael(Jesus) and “disrespect” instead of disrect anyone who is blogging along this line.

    Most people, when going into something or dealing with a big project would do a lot of careful planning, organinsing and assimilations before they embark on the actual process to achieve their goals. Ussually, they would have a back-up plan in case anything goes wrong.
    So just say, 3 Coups, one after another(psyching up the people) then the 4th one in the period of 20 years. What if Fiji was deceived, manipulated into 3 coups, given excuses and reasons for these coups or simply told what they need to believe, to test the waters of the mentality of the population for an all-out war if the real project of the 4th coup was implemented for the One World Order? What if we were psyched out and diagnosed as what we are doing right now. Nothing. That is, nothing that would be seriously harmful to the people or life threatening. What is the possibility of that?

  18. natewaprince Says:

    @painter and Jose,come on ladies(?),please concentrate on the battle at hand instead of trying to belittle each others comments/theories.Qori na cakacaka nei Budhau.

  19. natewaprince Says:

    About the post above,I think parents send their children to study in good faith.After all,these are your average Muslim families.But what happens to their training once they are over there for years is anyones’ geuss.

    Since these schools are the ideal recruiting grounds for extremists,anything is possible as far as the above post is concerned.

  20. natewaprince Says:

    Shooter,warai ni o au gonei.De baci high tiko o Kutu qai tabaka cala na nona vei ka eso.

    Au madaga au vaqara tiko e dua na neirau i taba makawa kei ‘Big butt Bernie” me biu i cake.Vaka vei au sa kauta kece i Dubai o cebo levu.

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