NCBBF Members Should Be in Forum-Chaudhry

Bloggers, Chodo’s trying to set down guidelines for Sir Paul Reeves and is rebuffed by him, that the Commonwealth is independent and not answerable to the NCCBF.

How refreshing? Se va cava?

Publish date/time: 04/07/2008 [15:44]

Fiji Labour Party Leader Mahendra Chaudhry believes that the Presidential Forum to discuss the electoral reforms should take place within the boundaries of the National Council for Building a Better Fiji.

After Commonwealth Envoy Sir Paul Reeves announced that all political leaders have agreed to participate in the forum, Chaudhry said for the forum to succeed, the proposal of the NCBBF and all its other members should be included in the Forum.

Ousted Opposition Leader Mick Beddoes said it is a necessary step to move forward.

As Commonwealth Envoy, Sir Paul Reeves wraps up his visit in Fiji today there are positive signs today as all the political leaders in Fiji have agreed to participate in the proposed Presidential Forum to be facilitated by the Commonwealth Secretariat.

He also stressed that the Commonwealth is Independent and does not have to answer to the NCBBF or the Interim government as they are here to assist. Meanwhile, Sir Paul Reeves is expected to meet with Interim Prime Minister Commodore Frank Bainimarama in Nadi tonight before flying out.


25 Responses to “NCBBF Members Should Be in Forum-Chaudhry”

  1. NobleBannerBlue Says:

    and repeat the same crap that they have been spewing for ages now.
    NCBBF shld get the msg that they r unnecessary and just part of the farcial attempt by Chodo to delay elections.

  2. Keep The Faith Says:

    Oilei Ma’chaud GIVE IT UP!

    This political forum is going to forge ahead without your crappy charter and all the crappy people involved in it.

    Get ready for the next round of weekend outbursts from the IIG that will predictably point at neo-colonialism blah blah blah

    Let’s see…hell…if we’re lucky we might even get another bonus BOGUS report from the FHWC slamming the political forum šŸ˜‰

  3. Frida Says:

    TYPICAL – WILL NEVER GIVE UP UNTIL HE GETS HIS CAKE AND EAT IT ALL TOO! just plain greedy and self centered.

  4. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Go Sir Paul,

    I hope he tells bananasinpyjamas, that after talking with hairyarse and other coupsters,, he has concluded that all coupsters are wankers.

  5. Mossad Says:

    To Mahen,


  6. Oqori Says:

    ..and if iIG refuses to abide by the deadline, what would these countries do??? very little I believe..may be nothing.. ..meaning in the final analysis, the Fijian people must be responsible for their own destiny.. and cannot let others fight their fight…however, they must use the momentum set by the commonwealth to achieve what they want…

  7. George of Sydney Says:

    Not suprising to see what Mahen is up to. With the NCBBF members on board, their view will indicate to Sir Paul that the idea of reforming the electoral system is fully endorsed by the people.
    They will formally endorse the changes using Sir Paul. The system of One vote one value will be formalised and I could say to fellow fijians Bye bye to your indigenious right and land rights. We are all be equal and fijians supremacy in their own god given country will be gone.
    I hope Bainimarama fully understands the consequence of what he is doing to his fellow fijians.

  8. tim Says:

    Question for Chodo: Why just NCCBF? Why not teachers, doctors, nurses, tradesmen, the unemployed, mothers, youth.
    Why NCCBF members over and above anyone else? What is their claim to fame other than they have a position obtained illegitimately, and based on deception and dishonesty.
    Who pulled their chain, other than Frank?

  9. tim Says:

    Question for Chodo: Why just NCCBF? Why not teachers, doctors, nurses, tradesmen, the unemployed, mothers, youth.
    Why NCCBF members over and above anyone else? What is their claim to fame other than they have a position obtained illegitimately, and based on deception and dishonesty.
    Who pulled their chain, other than Frank?

  10. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ George of Sydney,

    I don;t think it will not be that easy. The illegal junta or members of the NCCBF will have their say, but remember Qarase, Roko Tui Bau and many others against the coup will also have their say.

    Sir Paul being one of the authors of the 1997 Constitution I am sure will not take too kindly of any intrusion into the Constitution he together with Brij Lal & the late Tomasi Vakatora worked on so hard and consulted widely on before making their recommendations to to the late Ratu Mara.

    Sir Paul is wise and a former GG of New Zealand, so he comes with a lot of perigee & clout.

  11. NobleBannerBlue Says:

    Watch the IG turn around and use that to discredit Sir Paul and not abide by the findings of the Forum…

  12. IslandBoy Says:

    Guys – before we start cheering the Commonwealth and Sir Paul Reeves’ process lets all calm down and just for fun – look at a worst case scenario.

    We all agree that Mahen is a lot of vile things, but he is not stupid, so he will have done his homework right?

    My outside guess (and its a wild one I admit) is all this tripping to India back and forth is to try and get an inside connection to Kamalesh Sharma who is a veteran of the Indian Govt foreign service and is the Secretary General of the Commonwealth Secretariat. Who knew, what a surprise!!

    It was only when all the homework was done that they then engineered the letter from the President asking for ComSec and UN assistance with the Forum. Remember Sharma was also the Under Secretary General for the UN mission to Timor Leste.

    If anyone has connections, it would be very interesting to know where Sharma was serving when the Haryana funds were transferred to Mahen Uncle. But my imagination is probabaly too way out there.

    @LUVfiji – that was chapter three naita, dua mai keri.

  13. tim Says:

    Paul Reeves is a man who deserves accolades for many past achievments. Just remember however that he is not God, nor is he infallible. Nor is Bij Lal. I hope they both have enough humility to remember they are servants rather than leaders. People can look to them and place faith in them provided they remain true to what is his they have earned respect.
    There are enough people in this pathetic little hoonta who have been trying to play God for the past 18 months to go around for the average lifetime.
    Paul and Brij will be judged by their commitment to do what is right and legal, and representative of the will of the people. I’m sure they both know what that is, which is a damn sight more than those that signed up to the circus.
    Negotiations should be more about finding a face saving way out for the clowns than to indulge in their complete idiocy. There’s a big enough list already that is going to take a generation or more to forgive. The longer it goes on, the worse it gets. It surprises me that the likes of Frank (and Chodo) seem to have no concern for the legacy and burden they’re leaving their own children. The smart thing for them to do would be to call it quits as soon as possible and take the smart way out. Unfortunately they’re not that intelligent. (I make a distinction between intelligence and cunning – shithouse rats can be as cunning and kniving as to survive under duress, but at the same time they can be as dumb as two short planks). If you ever needed evidence of that, the Chodo quite obviously has no IQ capable of conducting a relatively small economy, Frank has even less aptitude to allow him to head a principled and respected Military, Bubba’s credentials have always been in question, and his fag hag’s serve as feed for the amusement of the diplomatic and U.N corps globally. Shame the poor bitch is so up herself that she hasn’t yet cottoned on. Shame also that she’s so purple hazened that she’s conveniently forgotten half her past misdemeanors. Like them all though, they leave a trail that will bite them in their exquisite asses when they least expect it – then they all squeel like the pigs on P that they are.

  14. Mark Manning Says:

    Time is running out for Frank and his c-conspirators !

  15. Tuks Says:

    Island Boy,
    You are not far from the truth!!. The GOPIO Network are very large and financially rich. They will do all to achieve their objectives. With such a very small numbers, our Fijian race do not have a chance. Its a David and Goliath scenario. Like David we must go to war in the name of the Lord..We must rise to this occasion and take heed of the threats upon our future. It has to be now or never.The Indian ppl are out to destroy us and they have been passing these things down their generation till Kingdom come. Our own soldiers are helpless here for our cause. We need to change and reconsider our strategy without Voreqe and his goons. They are part of the enemies now/ These are our sad and hard reality. Our boggings needed to be lifted to another level of practical action. One that we can all do but within the Rule of Law…

  16. IslandBoy Says:


  17. Leve davo Says:

    NP, where are u? Well folks, Chodo is the man of the month right now trying to ensure that the Sugar mills upgrading is done quickly and finalised. Why? Cause the mother fucker can collect his commisions from his lawakica brothers from the motherland. Why is FSC upgrading its mills when its well known that the sugar supply will drop by 30% this year?

    Remember, FSC had taken a 80 million dollar loan from India 2 years ago and the supply of extra machinery parts from India will cost FSC further when we all know that sugar price in the open market is falling. Chodo will ensure that he gets his cut both ways but this time his commission will not reach Australia like tyhe last time.

    If only, if only someone out there understands the truth of this case, chodo will make his money now, after the election, he leaves with the debts FSC and the new govt will have to deal with and he will turn around and blame them for their failure.

    Comeon, fellas, lets put pressure on thsi buggas…

  18. LUVfiji Says:

    @IB – vinaka vakalevu Turaga Nite.

    And @Tuks for that followup.

    Great posts guys. But rather mind boggling if there really is GOPIO involvement and that of the Commonwealth SG, as IB suggests ? At least we still have hope in the UN -but damn, he is another Asian with connections to the ‘slimy silver fox’ at the Fiji Office in NY.

    I fully agree with Tuks. The next level to our blogging is ACTION! Lets put our protest into action – and it has to be NOW!!

    The bus operators did it and almost brought the country to a stand-still. We need a strongman with the likes of Apisai Tora to assemble the numbers. Lets take action while we can! Do we have a MrT in our midst?

  19. Groggymaster Says:

    Chodo being used to manipulating the likes of VB, EG, AK etc lowered his guard and got slammed by Sir Paul.
    I believe the longer this process continues, the less the Chodo & his Baini are able to steer it.

  20. Keep The Faith Says:

    While Sharma is the Sec General he does not and should not rep India’s interests. He must be very careful to only promote the commonwealth member countries interests and he lobbied very heavily in the pacific to get there. While India is a member there are a few other key member countries like Aust, NZ and pacific countries as well.

    ANZUS will do most of the diplomatic leaning backed by the EU. It’s in their interest that Fiji is on side.

    As for GOPIO…well they’re really really really small fries compared to the big guns.

  21. IslandBoy Says:

    An excellent source told me at dinner this evening that in his wife’s opinion (which I think is very well informed) the end result ot the Forum dialogue amongst polical parties is that Parliament will be recalled.

    He thinks the sticking point will be the the illegal regime and their goons asking for a get out of gaol free card, or some exit strategy that affords them immunity from prosecution.

    BTW we were at their house just befpre gping out and thenews on TV was about to come on when they played the NCBBF theme song. Their son showed me a neat trick.

    Turn off the sound (mute) and just read the lyrics. Its real rubbish. How much did they pay to get that piece of crap produced, not to mention the air time. What a waste.

  22. painter Says:

    The GOPIO does not bother, interest me or scare me. I’m only interested in one thing and one thing alone: downfall of Fiji’s military junta and abolishment of the Rottenfmf after elections! Once Chodo senior loses his 2nd power base, then it’s well and truly over for him and his kind and we can then hve some hope in engaging with a more moderate Indian leadership such as that in the Honorable Justice Jai Ram Reddy.

  23. egregious Says:

    Island Boy you are completely wrong, In the world of realpolitic, relations between India and Fiji matter not one jot, whereas relations between India and Australia, India and NZ, Uk etc etc are all rather more compelling. Why on earth would India jeapordise its relations with other more important countries simply to keep this bunch of carpetbaggers happy?

  24. natewaprince Says:

    Leve davo,what’s up??????????????

  25. Mossad Says:

    My 2 cents, we have been giving Choro a lit too much credit. Despite all their plans the reality is that their plans are way off the mark. How do we know this? The March 09 election schedule is almost out the window. They have spent most of their time trying to cope with market situations, and the media. If there is one thing they weren’t counting on was the escalating market prices. Added to this was no school Choro controlling the purse strings. Under pre- 2006 economic situations, Fiji would have been able to sustain itself without much aid, however the situation has escalated so drastically that it needs aid, it needs NZ & Australia. Foreign reserves are down, why? tourism has been affected, additional taxes, it will further decline with this bottled water taxes, the EU has sent 2 delegations within a span of 1 month, the Commonwealth & UN have spent Sir Paul Reeves, the NCBBF is still meeting and sending communicades, which is probabily what they are good at. So the bottom line, ITS A FAILURE, THE ENVIROMENT IS NOT CONDUCIVE TO THEIR PLANS…..

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