FTUC revisits coup

Good morning bloggers. This article is taken from the FT with Felix ‘the cat’ Anthony trying to justify the 2006 coup. whilst at the same time saying it should never be condoned. SV asks whether these conflicting messages coming from the FLP reveals it is not ‘all sweet’ within the illegal junta? You willnote, that the last prominent appointments have not been from the FLP, but rather from the Military itself! For instance: Ararse and Padam Lala to the FHL with Lewensky to the Fiji Sun.

Keep blogging ragone!

Friday, July 04, 2008

THE military takeover in 2006 met little resistance, apart from verbal opposition from non-government organisations, civil society groups and the trade union movement, says the Fiji Trades Union Congress.

In its 2008 annual report, FTUCgeneral secretary Felix Anthony said unlike previous upheavals in 1987 and 2000, the December 5, 2006 coup caused less disorder than expected.

Mr Anthony said local and overseas commentators were surprised by the general level of acceptance of the political changes in 2006.

He said the most significant part of the fourth coup was the decalred preservation of the Constitution.

He said the military claimed to have used the reserve powers seemingly available to them —- the Doctrine of Necessity.

“Regardless of the peaceful outcome, the fourth Fiji coup on December 5, 2006 will remain as another dark chapter in our country’s history.

“The coup and overthrow of a democratically elected government cannot be condoned by any union movement.

“We are aware that after its victory in 2006, the Soqosoqo Duavata Ni Lewenavanua party came under intense pressure from the military on the subjects of alleged corruption and harbouring politicians tainted by the 2000 coup.”

End of story


34 Responses to “FTUC revisits coup”

  1. natewaprince Says:

    The same type of comments were made by Daniel ‘the dickhead’ Urai recently.That’s the problem with wearing too many hats,especially when they have conflicting interests.

  2. natewaprince Says:

    Unlike the faithful Duana who wears only one cap,Budhau’s,which reaches right down to his nose,hahahahahha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  3. Bosoni Says:

    Isolate these labour ass holes and jail them all..then we’ll talk about the rest later.

  4. IslandBoy Says:

    Daniel Urai is of Solomon island extraction. Not that it matters but a lot would be revealed if someone dug deep enough into the personal and professional backgrounds of Urai and Anthony.

    First question – how did they get elected to so many Union boards?

    Its about time all the trade union members in Fiji stopped accepting these labour party goons to take up the lucrative Secretarial posts that have been theirs to distribute amongst their cronies for the last 30 years.

  5. breadtomatoe Says:

    Congo ex-leader sent to The Hague

    Mr Bemba is accused of widespread rights abuses in CAR
    The ex-vice-president of the Democratic Republic of Congo has been extradited to The Hague to face trial for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

    Jean-Pierre Bemba, who fled DR Congo last year, was detained in Belgium in May. He will face trial at the International Criminal Court (ICC).

    Mr Bemba is accused over atrocities allegedly committed by his forces in the Central African Republic in 2002.

    The one-time rebel leader has always denied the charges against him.

    Mr Bemba went into exile after being accused of high treason in his home country for refusing to disarm his militia after his defeat in presidential elections in 2006.

    “Jean-Pierre Bemba was a vice-president and is a senator,” said ICC Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo.

    “But he does not have immunity before the ICC, and will face justice.”

    Coup attempt

    The successful businessman was one of four vice-presidents in a transitional government in the war-torn African nation between 2003 and 2006.

    He was leader of the rebel group, the Movement for the Liberation of Congo, which later became a political party.

    In 2002, his group was asked by the former president of the Central African Republic, Ange-Felix Patasse, to help put down a coup attempt.

    While there, Mr Bemba’s forces were accused of widespread rights abuses.

    After Mr Patasse was ousted the following year, his successor pressed charges against Mr Bemba of rape and murder.

    The case was referred to the ICC in The Hague, which announced his arrest on 24 May.

  6. Tim Says:

    Is not the first sentence problematic, unless you are an arrogant asshole with delusions of grandeur/
    There is the inconvenient truth of one or two beatings, let alone deaths that are associated with any opposition to this junta.
    There’s also the problem of a Mugabe’esk HRC and a number of other organisations people are expected to put faith in.

  7. Groggymaster Says:

    When complaning about SDL harbouring 2000 alleged coup plotters, one should remember that those that ended up in parliament in 2006 got there through elections – so there is a strong element of support for these peoples objectives in the electorate. Unlike any of those in the current regime – they’re all unelected, and trying to impose their will on the rest of us.

    Democracy – what democracy are the IG & NCBBF supporters pushing.

  8. Mark Manning Says:

    Dark days are looming for Fiji !
    The little to no resistance in December 2006 , was only because of a fear of bloodshed amongst fellow Fijians and possibly even relatives within the Military . There is no other plausible explanation as to why Fijians put up no resistance to their fourth coup in 19 years . It’s plain and simple , fear of bloodshed amongst the Fijian population stopped people speaking out .
    Frank’s pathetic attempts to stop the bus strike , were just to try and convey to the population that he is the man ! That he is in control ,but the population know , that his and his followers days are numbered now .

  9. Mark Manning Says:

    If I could just use the vernacular , civil disobedience and rolling stoppages would surely fuck Frank up the arse !

  10. Keep The Faith Says:

    What are FTUC members saying about this crap in their ANNUAL REPORT?

    Was it intentionally placed so that this document could be taken to the ILO meeting in Geneva as a report to other countries and therefore taken as the “Union” movements endorsement of the coup?

  11. painter Says:

    Dark days indeed Manning! But like the rest of us here who flatly refuse to give up and leave our beloved country and thereby let these treasonous bullies/thieves and murderers run amok over the defenceless, we steadfastly carry that HOPE that the end is nigh…

    The greatest irony of all is that by prolonging the inevitable, this IIG is singlehandedly bringing us together, the people of this great nation and democracy (albeit work-in-progress!!), and TOGETHER we will REMOVE the military junta and create our own ORDER, the people’s ORDER! I’ve always believed that deep down in each of us, we KNOW that there is a certain fundamental that transcends our differences in race, colour, creed, gender, ethnicity etc. and that is our common humanity and the freedoms we’re entitled to of right (contained in our Bill of Rights, Constitution), freedoms that allow us to be HUMANS. And so when backed up against the wall with no other way to move, we will have no choice but to fight back and that we will and we will prevail!! History has proven that time and time again. The IIG and sapotas had wanted a revolution via this coup, now they’ll get one!

    GO FIJI!!

  12. Mark Manning Says:

    Well put painter .

  13. Tim Says:

    Let’s hope the EU, Commonwealth and others weigh up the various “inputs”.
    Political Correctness, diplomacy, humoring the junta and the court jesters, versus their arrogance, promises made and undertakings given, the length of time taken to date to accomplish sweet bugger all “progress”, the hardship people are feeling at the expense of the self appointed, the economy, the corruption, the nepotism, the so called “expertise” of the self-appointed, their expectation of unconditional handouts, their continued human rights abuses, their continued desperate attempts to identify bloggers and others not in favour of the regime.
    Let’s hope that a population of close to one million deserves more consideration than half a dozen self-appointed that no-one asked for except those that have something to hide. That one million have more legitimacy than those they are dealing with.
    The fact that Reeves had a hand in the Constitution’s development is admirable, but its also all the more reason that he does not lose sight of its content and intention. Never was it intended that the Military or the self appointed decide what’s right and wrong, misinterpret their mandate, use the threat of the gun to get their way, and generally destroy peoples’ future.

  14. Jose Says:

    The United Nations at work in Fiji through the illegal criminals and the army collectively. So they come to see their plans and handiwork through the juntas take fruition.


    The action by the bus operators shows what the nation can do to combat the illegal government if everyone acts together. Frank was on his knees in a matter of hours. If we had a union movement that was not compromised by links to the Fiji Labour Party, and weakened by communal divisions, the illegal government could be sent packing tomorrow. All it takes is united action. The nurses tried it on their own and had to give in. We need everybody, all the unions, including the cane farmers, to act together.

  16. painter Says:

    @ Corruption Fighter – I am so HOPEFUL that we’re getting there…albeit inch by inch, we’re operating on Fiji time remember!

  17. Jose Says:

    Don’t rely too much on the Unions, they are also compromised.

  18. LUVfiji Says:

    @Corruption Fighter. Wow.. good point. We need that united front. But how do we get our act together?

    Y’re right about the bus operators. In last night’s FijiTV News, bus owners were counting their losses in the couple of hours they stood down operations. But what they should instead count is that they more or less got the country at a stand-still. Yes, they did it!!

  19. painter Says:

    Oh Jose, u’re such a pessimist, go hve a cuppa.. isn’t it too bad that we didn’t hve any sunset today, darn this Suva weather 🙂

    @ LUVfiji – if i may ‘chip in’ mada vakalailai between u and CF… I think that WE will ALL get our act together once we all acknowledge the BASIC truth that links us… and sets us apart from this loose canon called the Rottenfmf/IIG (a loose cannon that is strangling the life out of this nation and must be stopped)… once we all realise that we must look beyond our noses, our pockets, our stocks and all other superficial distractions and take the necessary action that is so long overdue!!!

  20. Jose Says:

    @ painter
    Enjoy yourself. You seem to be having a ball. I’ve had my cuppa. Several in fact.

  21. Adi Kaila Says:

    What the hell is this idiot felix going on about – he and his bloody union don’t give a shit about the very people they are meant to be working for – the ordinary working person.

    Has he forgotten that because of his big friggin mouth so many businesses closed after the 2000 coup because of his constant bullshit and agitating about how it affected the workers. It affected them alright when garment factories closed down and so many women who were the breadwinners became unemployed. Not only the women but anyone else connected. Fiji was producing goods here that are ‘signature’ or ‘designer’ labels overseas – expensive – yes – but people in Australia and other countries where they were sold trusted the ‘Made In Fiji’ tag and bought the goods because of that very feature as well.

    He was so vocal that unions from Australia and NZ and heaven knows where else supported the workers union here in Fiji and facilitated embargoes on anything ‘Made In Fiji’ back then.

    What these unions were unaware of is the enormous strain it put on innocent families in Fiji who suffered because of felix the bastard who was also receiving huge amounts of money from these powerful overseas unions. While he could sup on boneless chicken curry these poor people that he’d effectively rendered unemployed could only sup on soup rice made with chicken bones if they were lucky.

    If any of that money was meant to be used to supplement the unemployed workers not one of them received one measly cent.

    Once again felix the deni pusi benefits from a coup – let’s get the FTU investigated and find out where that paisa from the powerful overseas trade unions went towards or how it was used – he and chod are joined at the hips when it comes to other peoples money – much like the rest of the ig coupsters really. fingers levu, fingers lailai, fingers malai, fingers no cai – same class – common bloody thieves.

    Let’s not forget that we must expose all of their underhanded dealings and put them on the dock to explain their wrong doings – the time will come.

  22. Leve davo Says:

    Felix and Dan urai, me na musu ruarua na nodrau boci me qai lili tu ena Lautoka bus stand. Anyway, we dont have top waste time with Dan as he is dying from Diabetes, his foot will rot and thats a lesson for his cunning deeds.

  23. Adi Kaila Says:

    is that why he’s not returning calls from Allen Tikotikoca – todays Fiji Times – about sackings from Tradewinds Hotel.

    @ Leve Davo – o felix me qai rot nona qulaqula kanikani – from little things big things grow!

  24. LUVfiji Says:

    @Adi K and Leve Davo – while getting those two “butchered” by the balls; here is one from FT online. Uaisaka.. na cava tale meda kaya rawa!!

    Vet to counsel Beijing mission
    Saturday, July 05, 2008

    THE counsellor to the Fiji mission in China leaves today for a four-year term.

    Ministry of Foreign Affairs permanent secretary Ross Ligairi said Filipe Alifereti’s experience will help Fiji’s ambassador to China, Sir James Ah Koy, and his staff.

    Mr Alifereti is a major in the Territorial Forces. He replaces Major Neumi Leweni who was recalled to be the deputy secretary in the Department of Information.

    “He is the chief executive officer of the Fiji Meat Industry Board and is a vet by profession,” said Mr Ligairi.

    “Mr Alifereti will be the second-in-command to the ambassador. I think we are fortunate we are sending someone of his calibre to China to help the ambassador given his experience.

  25. Frida Says:

    LUVFIJI – what is Ross then saying about the what he said abot Leweni? These Civil servants are making themselves sound like 10 year olds when they are not allowed to use their brains to make decisions but continue to spew out s**ts. Well, well, well, now they are sending a vet – to go an learn how to skin a cat?

  26. Adi Kaila Says:

    everybody hide your cats Mr Alifereti is going over to learn how to skin them for the next tara kari.

    Well the ig seems to living up to that old credo – they not only want to skin the cats they want every other part of it. Hell No!

    Keep sending the ill suited (in more ways than one) and show the world exactly how ignorant the rottenfmf (good name Painter) and ig coupsters really are.

    Ta Ta

  27. painter Says:

    Hi Adi K! I was just wondering where everyone had gone to this evening since it’s been rainy cold outside all afternoon.

    Actually I borrowed that label from ex-FijiTourist, its so apt isn’t it? Well, I’m gonna call it nite, i think I’ve said enuf for 1 day and i think i might hve scared off some people, i don’t know.

    G’nite all.

  28. Challenge Me Says:

    what’s with these people?

  29. Challenge Me Says:

    @ NatewaPrince and IslandBoy vinaka valevu na soli vakasama………..varataki kemudrau saraga mai. Get your facts right! Mr Urai is not at all of Solomon extraction Island Boy. Go ahead, do a personal and professional background on the two. Mr Anthony and Mr Urai (im willing to fund your research) They have both worked hard for their positions. How did they get elected to so many union boards? A 15 year old can figure that out!Are u really that dumb? Shame on you. It’s no wonder Fiji has so many racial issues.
    As for u NatewaPrince, how dare u call Mr Urai a dickhead! Atleast that so called “dickhead” has much more important matters to attend to unlike you my kinky and horny bustard friend, who only has time for pornsites….HorneyMatches.com wanting to have sex with a couple…. Shame on you…….u really that desperate.
    U say Mr Urai is dying from Diabetes…..you are a doctor now?
    There’s no need to insult the President as well as the General Secretary of the FTUC and I suggest you stop taking matters personally.
    Cunning deeds?? Get your facts right.
    As for u Adi Kaila……..Finger shit! u disgust me!

  30. painter Says:

    Uh oh…

  31. soro Says:

    Bring Buddhau back ! There’s an even bigger stink just arrived in our cyber room called Challenge Me who stinks and speaks just like a goon sapota … neuw !

  32. painter Says:

    @ soro – somehow i don’t think its our old friend Budhau, he disappeared as soon as Chaudhry got kicked out of the regime. Inanycase, I thought you hated Budhau, so why wud u want him back?

  33. Challenge Me Says:

    Ahemm……..@soro…… you know why it stinks? Cos you smell like Bullshit. “Stinks like a goon sapota”……….Dont be smelling yourself bro. Eeek!

    Thumbs up to the President as well as the General Secretary of the FTUC.

  34. Challenge Me Says:

    Keep it Coming…..

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