Forsaking our given rights inch by inch, step by step…

The freedom to THINK, WRITE AND EXPRESS yourself is your BASIC RIGHT enshrined within our Constitution.


In this latest move by the Junta, the world can clearly see their devious tactic of slowly forsaking those given RIGHTS… inch by inch, step by step… from placing their puppets who are up & performing at FBC, to the ILLEGAL expulsion of the editors of 2 main newspapers (RUSSELL & HANNAH), to wrapping their grubby fingers around the directors of FijiTV1, and now this …


Major Leweni expected to join Fiji Sun Board

The Information Ministry’s Deputy Secretary and military officer Major Neumi Leweni is expected to be appointed to the board of the Fiji Sun newspaper. One National News understands the appointment will be made by the Fijian Holdings Limited that owns shares with the newspaper company. While FHL says no appointment has been made, Major Leweni has been told to expect a confirmation soon.

Let’s bear in mind bloggers, that keeping vigil over our beloved nation by a FREE MEDIA is the hallmark of a true democratic nation. By this latest move, its clear that media freedom is being steadily and stealthily eroded by this INSIGNIFICANT JUNTA OF POO’s.


The International Community is not fooled one bit by the wanna-do-good facade and charade presented by these circus clowns!

Over to you bloggers…




63 Responses to “Forsaking our given rights inch by inch, step by step…”

  1. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Remember what Sereana Qoro said about non interference of the illegal junta into the workings of FHL?

    Well she lied.

    Leweni is proof.

    Need I say more?

  2. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Remember what Sereana Qoro claimed about non interference of the illegal junta into the workings of FHL upon appointment?

    Well she lied.

    Leweni is proof.

    Need I say more?

  3. Say True! Says:

    Very true Jese – Still can’t believe the hypocrisy of the interim regime!

  4. TUIBOTO Says:

    Respect the decision of those in power if you are a real christian..dont be a bitter bad looser!

  5. Dauvavana Says:

    Sereana Qoro, Leweni kei Tuiboto dou vicai mada kena gauna totolo duadua . Kua tale na fancy dou fire saraga qo please and get out of our face.

  6. painter Says:

    My, my, somethin’ has brought the BOTO out mad and hoppin’… keep boppin’ BOTO! You can’t stop us!!!!

  7. painter Says:

    I’ve always maintained that the problem with this country is too much LOTU! Our people need to get their heads out of their BIBLES a little more frequently these days and check out their rights in the CONSTITUTION which are being stealthily REMOVED!!

  8. Mark Manning Says:

    What rights ? There are none in Fiji !

  9. painter Says:

    That’s SO TRUE Manning.

    What I’m trying to drive at is that we need wake up and do something to RESCUE our Constitution which exists in name only!

  10. Vaivo Says:

    Yes Put faith into action..get into battle…se pretend battle ga.

  11. painter Says:

    Vaivo@valenipoo – u insignificant waste of space on this planet aka Rottenfmf might hve the brawns but not the brains! Why are you here? O rere tiko? Go dish yr propaganda in yr own blogs, you frogs!

  12. Dauvavana Says:

    painter you sound sexy when you’re angry 🙂

  13. Say True! Says:

    @tuiboto – firstly respect is earnt not forced, but more importantly – God is just – you will answer on judgement day. Be prepared.

  14. Say True! Says:

    @Vaivo – have you ever been to war? I doubt it, so, please stop pretending to be in battle by bullying civilians.

  15. natewaprince Says:

    The poofters in the pigs media cell will no doubt be reading this post since it involves their boss.Well let me remind them about this.

    Leweni was forced to leave China.Ah Koy gave the regime this ultimatum,”Leweni leaves or I leave”.This is from a reliable source.

    Unfortunately documentary evidence concerning this and the pigs ”leave pay”(180,000+) will take longer to produce since two of my ”inside sources” are no longer in place.(ahem)

  16. natewaprince Says:

    Duana,Duana,qarauna na gusumu.O painter e tiko na wekana,(ahem).

  17. Fijian Says:


    Na qualification cava mada e tiko vei Grog Face Lewenski me qualify kina ena appointments va qo. Can somebody get his educational background?

  18. Fijian Says:

    It won’t be long before we will see him as the Editor for FS.

  19. Striker Says:

    Now we see the true colors of Sereana Qoro. While others with principles and worth their salt have resigned, this lady’s doing her ‘tabetabe’ to these illegal thieves and goons! Who knows if the ‘tabetabe’ position’s legs up?

  20. George of Sydney Says:

    What is so special about this arsehole that this illegal juntas look upon hin as the saviour of all the mishap they created. Apart from his military training, I dont think he does have any graduate, postgraduate qualification to carry out this enormous task of being the Deputy Secretary. Anyone who has been appointed to this level will know that a lot of policy matters are dealt here and you need the experience and knowledge to formulate policies. The only time we heard about him was when he was the spokesman of the military during the coup.

  21. natewaprince Says:

    Fijian,na qualification ga na tebe ni gusu vavaku kei na tilotilo levu e tiko vua.The same talent that Linda Lovelace of ”Deepthroat” fame has.


  22. IslandBoy Says:

    Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen.

    Soon we will hear that Leweni has been placed on the Yasana Holdings Board and will become the Chairman of Fiji TV replacing Isoa Kaloumaira.

    The information is that Mesake Nawari will be heading the MBA Programme at USP and Ken Clark will be asked to stay. (GO)

    When they are gone, someone new will be the CEO of Fiji TV. My little curious question is about Tarun Patel’s political affiliation.

    Tarun is currently second in command. He is a good guy but – and is a true professional. However if he is a Labour Party supporter he gets the nod and one of the most powerful tools of public information, in Fiji at least, falls under the direct editorial control of Major, soon to Lt. Colonel Neumi Leweni. How do you like that for Government interference.

    I think most people had taken their eyes off the dismantling of Yasana Holdings as the next Fijian institution to be targetted. To quote the famous Leweni…..” As I said before watch the bouncing ball boys and girls.”

    @LUVfiji – Nomuni Chapter II oqori marama nite. Au lomani au vakalevu ni ‘u sa mai vulagi voli ena loma ni nodaru vale.

  23. Anne Says:

    Should anyone still believe that this whole bad thing will go away one day without serious action, its time to wake up now. The junta wil not rest until every key position is either filled with military or by some slimy yes-man. And by the way, you don’t need any qualification to censor the media. Leweni will do a good job.

  24. IslandBoy Says:

    Sorry folks – got so caught up with emotion writing to LUVfiji I forgot to add as a second paragraph in the above post. Government is majority shareholder in Yasana Holdings, thus their ability to dictate board appointments.

    Couple of things I’m not clear about at this time are:

    1. The exact percentage of Government’s shareholding, and who the other shareholders are, and

    2. If those shares are still held by the Fiji Development Bank on behalf of Government. In that case Taito (Sleazebag) Waradi will do the needful as Tukana Bovoro is out of the way.

  25. LUVfiji Says:

    @IB – Turaga Nite.. sa dina sara, sa dede ko ni yali tu mai vale?

    Ram.. ram.. for Chapter II.

    Yet we must remember I-so Kaloumaira is married to VB’s first cousin. Dont you think it would be hard to remove him from where he is comfortable? Rau sa qai sota vinaka kei Ms Qoro – the smooth operator. Sa yaga na nona dau masumasu (se vakacuru?).

    “For evil doers shall be cut off; but those who wait upon the LORD, they shall inherit the Earth.” Ps 37:9

    Always and without exception, the righteous will come out on top! His Name shall be glorified!!

  26. soro Says:

    Warai – whats Taito the sleaze operator still doing sloping the corridors of power ?
    He should have been dismissed for trying to expose his waradi to Lailun Khan on their expose trip overseas.

    Actually I dont blame the lady for resigning – the shock of it all – she must need to go into therapy for the rest of her life for what she’s seen !

  27. Wailei Says:

    Wasn’t Sereana Qoro implicated as a 2000 coup sapota when she was at Housing? It appears that she would sleep with anything that is in power.

    TUIBOTO Says:
    July 3, 2008 at 11:35 pm

    “Respect the decision of those in power if you are a real christian..dont be a bitter bad looser!”

    Why are you questioning us if we were real Christians? :

    1. The military stole democracy.. which means for a “real Christians” you are thieves.

    2. They killed people – Which means to “real Christians” the military is a living, breathing murders and that applies to everyone in the Military, cause you belong in that institution everyone has had a hand in it.

    3. Nepotism – What can I say…

    Dont tell us what “real Christianity” means. We know what it means, that is why we a vocal about it. The government or any government for matter was elected by the people which usually means one voice and that the hand of god was at play. Your insinuation is that the people who voted these governments in are the work of the devil? No my friend:

    The work of the devil is with the Military.

    They have stolen and the most sinful of all they have murdered.

    So, you dont come in here and harp about “REAL CHRISTIANS” . With your wannabe righteous bullshit. Why dont you just drop dead mada.

    Ulu ‘obo., Dra’ani emu ei Voce’e, Drau vei turituri eina soso’i..

  28. Lau Lass Says:

    Leweni’s qualification is a Bandsman, trumpet blower !!! or whatever !! from which music school ??? maybe from India !!!

  29. Peace Pipe Says:

    If the junta and the pig think this Leweni is fit for all these top positions they sadly have got their heads screwed the wrong way. Why was he kicked out of China after just over 3 months. I think this guy must be very important to the pig in some way we do not know because he is just a misfit in all the job he has taken so far.

    We must always thrust these words back into the pigs face everytime the military people move their bodies into lucrative posts in the Civil Service “NO MILITARY WILL BENEFIT FROM THE COUP”. If they are as good as they say they are why dont they try the private sector for a job. They simply just wont qualify the minimum requirement. Maybe Dan Whippy can offer some job at Carpenters – va ya.

  30. Keep The Faith Says:

    Well bloggers I think you’ve just found yourselves new vocations.

    If the media is being picked off one by one and coming under the “influence” of the IIG then we will need to pick up our game and become the PEOPLES MEDIA and still let the outside world know what the heck is going down in this god-forsaken country.

    There is still the Fiji Times and the IIG can not touch that without incurring the fury and might of the Murdoch Empire 😉

  31. Anne Says:

    After taking control of the Sun and TV 1 the junta will close down the Fiji Times on grounds laid out in Shyster’s media report. What will be left are two papers to praise Frank, Chodo and the gang. After that a the ILC party (I love Chodo) will be established and all other parties banned for racial bias. Then we will be beaten to the polls Zimbabwe style. After that we will see economics Zimbabwe style.

  32. painter Says:

    Thanks Dauvavana @12.41a.m, u should see my gun, that’s even sexier..
    When this madness is all over, we can all enroll in ‘How to hve an affair 101′, to be conducted by the old master IB 🙂 …. ok, just kiddin’!

  33. Jose Says:

    @ painter
    “I’ve always maintained that the problem with this country is too much LOTU! Our people need to get their heads out of their BIBLES a little more frequently these days and check out their rights in the CONSTITUTION which are being stealthily REMOVED!!”

    I don’t think knowing your rights under the constitution is helping you or helping the nation at all today since December 2006. Do you? I don’t think the junta gives a shit what the population thinks is their right under the constitution. Do you? The constitution was made by Man. So Man can make it or break it to suit their circumstances whatever it may be. So knowing this, that it is a law that is man-made, it is changeable, you want to ask your self a question. “Is there a law that is un-changeable? That no Man on earth can change? That this Law will be forever? Well, actually there is such a Law. The Law of God. The Ten Commandments. Exodus 20. The breakdown of that LAw is in Deuteronomy. You see, you don’t have to go to Law School to learn this Law. God has made it very simple for you and me and we are to keep this Law throughout our generation. So spending time in the Bible is good.

  34. Keep The Faith Says:

    Who say’s we’ll be beaten at the polls Anne? 😉

    We can’t have elections without voters…hang in there and keep it together y’all…we still have the power.

    The power to vote, the power to take longer with govt directives, the power to shut out the crap (radio, TV, print) they’re spewing, the power not to be influenced and most importantly PURCHASING POWER.

    So what if Leweni goes to Fiji Sun? Don’t buy that paper and take your business to Fiji Times! They need your money to get the circulations, ads and therefore the cash-money.

    The same applies for Fiji TV. If you don’t watch it, all the corporations that spend their cash-money for advertising will not get the sales etc etc.

    In any economy the kaching needs to circulate. Stop the circulation. They can’t touch the dough in your back-pockets.

  35. kuku Says:

    Bastards, they screw up my stocks. i still have $10.000 for voreqes head!!

  36. painter Says:

    To Jose @ 3.35p.m – u’re obviously one of ’em, go stick it! The bible(s) as I understand it was also written by MAN, was it not?!!

    How ’bout u go figure who said : RELIGION IS THE OPIUM OF THE MASSES! That exactly what the IIG tyrants that you worship DEPEND on as the glue that keeps the people ‘to heel’ and in place! Hey, the giants are slowly awakening…. get your running shoes ready boy!

  37. Jose Says:

    @ painter
    The juntas work for the United Nations. When they say jump, they don’t just jump they fly. It’s no use harping to them about human rights. They created it.
    By the way, I’m not a fan of the juntas.

  38. Seini Says:

    @ Jese Waqalekaleka at 10.36 pm yesterday: Your absolutely right to remind us that Sereana Q,oro is on the record as having said there would be no interference by the regime in the workings of FHL. It didn’t take them long to break their word did it?

    But this is what Bainimarama and chodopu$$ are all about. Say one thing and do the other. Like the March 2009 election.

    Can I pleeze make a prediction?

    Once Lewenski is on the board the name of the Fiji Sun will change.

    Its going be called THE DAILY BUGLE.

  39. painter Says:

    Vinaka and point taken Jose. Btw the UN does not rule the world, Uncle Sam does 😉

  40. LUVfiji Says:

    @Painter. Sa voleka tiko ni kasura o Uncle Sam !!

  41. Jose Says:

    No painter. Please know this and check it out for yourself. The Pope rules the world. The United Nations implements the plans. Uncle Sam is the back up for the Pope. Uncle Sam’s motto WAS liberty for one and all. That has changed and the Presidents have given over their power to the Pope. (J.F. Kennedy was murdered because he refuse to bend over, holding tight to what the pilgrims wishes). These days the Pope speaks the order and Uncle Sam sings it. The United Nations, the long arm of the Pope, plays it.

  42. Keep The Faith Says:

    Uh sorry to digress…where Budhs be at today? 😉

  43. painter Says:

    KTF – didn’t u know, its TGIF, oso2 tiko nomu date o B….. 🙂

  44. painter Says:

    Jose & LUVfiji – isn’t it wonderful that one of the great things about hving an opinion is that its yours?! 😉

  45. Jose Says:

    Enjoy yourself painter. And have a lovely weekend everyone. Fiji, ever Fiji.

  46. Jose Says:

    Oh, by the way, painter, “The second beast shall speak like the first beast”.
    Guess who are these two and where you can find this?

  47. Keep The Faith Says:

    LMAO @ Painter!

  48. Keep The Faith Says:

    @ JOSE. Thats from Revelations and I believe you are referring to the Anti-Christ and the False Prophet his second in command.

  49. LUVfiji Says:

    Yep.. thats exactly right! And that is exactly what this site is all about – sharing one’s opinion with fellow bloggers.. na soli vakasama!

  50. Adi Kaila Says:

    as they say in ‘ig speak’ –

    they want to encourage ‘ethnical values’ and discourage ‘inciteful’ behaviours against their illegal regime.

    So while they rob the Nation with ignorant zealousness the rest us have to ‘tighten our belet’

    I bet it’s this leweni dau uvu biukila that’s been writing all their bullshit – most of it copied from the internet. So now he fancies himself editorial material – the Bean Peanut Daily.

    Everyday reveals more corruption, nepotism and lack of transparency by bipopig and his ig coupsters than all previous coups put together.

    Well it’s good to note that the ig coupsters are on the defensive about everything now, from the shameless mimis to skanky sereana, meli bipopigs bro trying to justify the cost of the obvious lobbying trip to Lau or aiarsos ‘list’ – maleka sara – they thought that the silence of the majority of the Nation was tacit agreement to their duplicitiousness and hijacking of our legally elected government. What they did not realise – but they are aware of now is that it was and is resentment.

    Let them carry on with their ‘spin’ – as if we’re ignorant and will believe them at all is a sure sign of desperation and ignorance on their part.

    Would be fascinating theatre if it wasn’t happening in real life.

  51. IslandBoy Says:

    @Adi Kaila – What I find absolutely mind boggling is that they DO NOT realise the spin is NOT working.

    Its like you’re sitting in the car, you’ve run ot of gas, the car is NOT moving, but you’re still pretending to drive, WTF?

    Surely after a few days of being bored shitless with the pretend driving, even if you were the most deluded arsehole on the planet, you should have pretended to have arrived and gotten off the friggin car. Segai, o ratou pretend tiko ga. (My apologies for the language Maam!)

    So they continue to pretend we all accepted the invitation for the Sunday afternoon joyride, while they drive the country off the cliff.

  52. Leve davo Says:

    SV, can you post something regarding the Fiji Water case..I have got some news for you…

  53. Adi Kaila Says:

    IB they live in the virtual world – lot’s of jadhu and moon dancing helps them with their spin. Korovou i cake awaits.

    BTW how’s the Bogi Drau going up in the Delta?

  54. Jose Says:

    @ Keep the Faith
    Thanks for that. I actually wanted Mr painter to answer that because I still think its good to read our bibles more. But then again its my opinion.

    @ painter
    Keep the Faith 4 July @ 8:36pm got that right and the scripture is referring to the Pope and Uncle Sam. This, painter, surprise, surprise!!!!!!! Came from the Bible. I still maintain painter “Too much LOTU is VERYYYYYY Good.

  55. Jose Says:

    Where art thou? You’ve been missing since yesterday.

  56. Keep The Faith Says:

    @ JOSE — many theories re: revelations floating around. Some even say the anti-christ will arise from the EU (revived Rome) and thats linked to the book of Daniel.

  57. Jose Says:

    @ Keep the Faith Where can I get you so that i can give you some material?

  58. IslandBoy Says:

    @Adi Kaila – Talanoa balavu qori kemuni, never mind Korovou i cake, some may have to make an intermediate stop at Korovou proper before they check out and check in at the top of the hill.

    Sometimes I think about the old Fijian saying, “na ika tani” it rings true in every situations I have ever come across.

  59. Keep The Faith Says:

    @ Jose:

  60. Painter Almighty Says:

    JOSE JOSE JOSE! WHY DO YOU SEEK ME CHILD? The chinese-whisper predictions you’re enthusiastically cramming in my good book shall all come to pass unless you use that precious gift i bestowed upon you… YOUR WILLPOWER, idiot! Now stop being a blog nerd and go make yourself useful to my flock by explaining to them their rights in the Constitution!

    Btw, I am a Ms, not a Mr, didn’t you read that in the 2nd coming?!

  61. painter Says:

    To Leve davo – u can email to Kuts, did i get that

  62. natewaprince Says:

    Yes you did tinai yaca.

  63. Jose Says:

    @ Keep The Faith
    I will get in touch.

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