Importance of electoral process stressed

03 JUL 2008

The interim Government is committed to putting in place an electoral process that better reflects what the people want, says Fiji’s Justice Permanent Secretary Pio Tikoduadua.

Tikoduadua was speaking while opening an Elections Business Process Re-engineering workshop at the Nobel House in Suva this morning.

He emphasised to participants the importance of their jobs in ensuring the successful implementation of an electoral process where the rights of individuals are exercised.

“It is so important that we exercise our duties responsibly with care and diligence.

“This electoral process must guarantee that individuals are given the opportunity to choose their representative,” Tikoduadua said.

He added that our present electoral process is undemocratic and there a need to re-look at it seriously.

“Government is committed to this. This exercise is about looking at areas in which we can improve on so that we have an accountable, transparent and democratic electoral process,” he said.


SV says in response that the people of Fiji are not fooled by the Junta’s continuous propaganda/empty rhetoric, as they continue to trample the peoples’ BASIC rights to DECIDE and CHOOSE for themselves what electoral system they would like to have for themselves!

SV says in response that the people are not in the least bought or persuaded by the extremely sly and cunning utterances made by Tikoduadua on TV1 tonite, that these reforms are what the people want. Well, you thieving deceivers, that is why we hold ELECTIONS and let THE PEOPLE ELECT THEIR OWN REPRESENTATIVES TO VOICE, ON THEIR BEHALF, the kind of changes or reforms that they want to see happen within our electoral system; and as Keep the Faith correctly points out : In a democracy, the MAJORITY decides, not you thieving, insignificant POO’s!

Comment away bloggers, it is your right to CONDEMN what the junta is forcing down our beloved nation’s throat!





  1. Keep The Faith Says:

    OMG let me PLEASE try and understand the insanity of what they are doing here.

    They are trying to “refine” (whatever) the electoral process by using change management techniques?

    What in the blazes is that fcukery all about?

    That would be akin to Frankie, a naval guy, trying to tie reef knots using the macrame technique.

    Someone please tell this Tikoduadua guy to sit down and shut the fuck up!

  2. solivakasama Says:

    Vinaka PeacePipe for drawing this to our attention, we hope you don’t mind that we’ve placed the same under this post.

    PeacePipe says –

    “Here’s another good Indo’s comments in today FT Letters. As you can see we do have some sensible people of the other race. We do have some decent law abiding Indo who can perceive things better than those blinded by false promises and in pursuit of opportunism.

    I AM very disgusted with the interim Government’s move to change the Electoral Act more to challenge the status quo of the Parliament seat arrangement which is entrenched in the 1997 Constitution.

    First of all, I would like to ask who gave them the mandate to mingle with this arrangement? I don’t want a group of terrorists to play with laws of the land and keep on shifting the goal post.

    “Electoral Role

    These are the same group of people who were opposing the 1997 Constitution and now playing differently. If Chaudhry has guts, he can advise his boss to abrogate the constitution as he did in 2000. We will see you then. Why the UN and Commonwealth agreed to facilitate the political forum and negotiate with them? This type of steps will never eradicate the coup cycle in Fiji because future coup makers will feel at some point these institution will give in. If they really want to assist Fiji, then impose more sanctions and put pressure on coup makers. We, the people of Fiji, are prepared to sacrifice for our future generation but not give in to traitors and terrorist.

    Ravi Kant

    Good on you Ravi. You do have good valid points in your letter like why did the UN and C/Wth aggre to facilitate the forum as it only condones the ig. UN and C/Wth should demand that they return the govt to the rightful leaders and get their due punishment in Naboro”.

  3. Striker Says:

    SV: While I agree with some sentiments expressed by Ravi Kant, I believe that the Commonwealth and the UNDP are doing us a favor in engaging the IG. We need pressure from the international community towards early elections. I don’t think engaging with them condones this illegal junta; but let’s wait and see the terms of reference; if they call and insist on forum participants to support the charter, then certainly, that will give us room to manouvre out.

  4. Peace Pipe Says:

    Youre welcome SV. We must share and propagate material that are worth sharing to encourage and reinforce our commitment to our cause of bringing the criminals down.

    One of them Tikoduadua is propagating the ig agendas by spouting lies and deception on TV. I am now tired of watching Fiji TV news as it is becoming like an ig propaganda medium. Fed up of seeing the faces and hearing comments of bubba arse, chodo, vore, leweni these days and to add to that we have tikoduadua making appearances and uttering rubbish. It sure looks like the ig are working towards controlling the media so that it is gagged from revealing the truth and just spread their lies to hoodwink the people. Sorry to say that we are now taken by that as we have more brains to perceive things in their right perspective.

  5. Peace Pipe Says:

    By the way what does he mean by saying to “reflect what the people wants”. Firstly and foremost we don’t want coups. And we want the rule of law. And if he really believes in what he says why dont he put it to the test in a referendum or better still an election in the proper and lawful way. We accept that the 1997 election system is not perfect but it could be changed given there is goodwill amongst the leaders which is blatantly missing in chod.

  6. Democracy Says:

    Fiji TV becoming IG mouth-piece as claimed by Piece Pipe – obviously you haven’t been following the media from day one – TV has been the leading force in telling the story as it is? They remain my number source of information – its media like Fiji TV that remains my only hope..

  7. natewaprince Says:

    Democracy, maybe not for very long.As reported on ‘Raw News Fiji’,Fiji TV boss Mesake Nawari has been eased out of the post for some bullshit reason with kaidia Tarun Patel acting in the post.

    And then there’s rumours that Ken Clark’s contract will not be renewed when it expires.This is the foreigner that Salulu-mimi was referring to in her report to Mick Beddoes.If William Parkinson was not a citizen,he would have joined Hunter and Hannah a long time ago.

  8. Keep The Faith Says:

    Not exactly NP. William’s wife Sufi is related to The Shyster. Sufi is her niece.

    Sufi is an Ud Dean….related to current FEA Ud Dean and (for a brief moment) Acting CEO Ud Dean from FIRCA.

  9. natewaprince Says:

    That may be,but what can they do to William except close down CFL.

  10. Keep The Faith Says:

    Why shut down CFL when their news is IIG friendly? 😉

  11. NobleBannerBlue Says:

    NP – thats prob what they want to do as stated in that stupid Anthony report – by charging exorbitant licence fees to media organisations.

    These army ppl driving around in rental cars and at the same time trying to pinch money from the pockets of entreprenuers who should be awarded for their initiative and not charged bull-shit taxes…

  12. natewaprince Says:

    The pig mentioned something on TV tonight about controlling the media,blerry bastard.

  13. Leve davo Says:

    NP that is the trick of the jig saw puzzle, attack the media openly and I will fill his pocket says chodo man…

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