Bulldozing in… the order of the Junta’s day!

TV1News tonite shows a furious Unionist Mr. Agni Deo Singh rightly telling the junta “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”… as the Junta bulldoze through, yet another reform, without the ‘necessary consultations’ that is a HALLMARK of a democratic nation! 

PSC introduces contract based employment

The Public Service Commission has now introduced contract based employment in the civil service as part of its right sizing initiative. In a circular, obtained by One National News, the PSC confirms all new appointments will be made on a contractual basis. This circular states the PSC has taken hard decisions towards reforming the civil service for good governance and betterment of the nation. It adds the commission has deliberated at length on the issue and decided to adopt the performance based contract conditions to right size the public service. The PSC has also decided…all future recruitments into Fiji’s public service will be entered into through contractual agreement. This is the 3 year contract the Commission has come up with.

The FTU has rejected this move out-right. Singh says the interim government has turned a blind eye to the ER Promulgation which it has been promoting. The FTU has given the PSC the next 7 days to revert from the contract based system and respond to their concerns. The union wants a meeting with the PSC to consult on the matter.


Let’s join Mr. Singh and his union members in condemning the Pig and his dictatorial, thieving junta!



22 Responses to “Bulldozing in… the order of the Junta’s day!”

  1. soro Says:

    Another good example of force-line no qara bastards.

    Lets all of us civil servants go on strike together with the bus drivers and the teachers and the nurses . I am so sick of this daily crap.

  2. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    The Civil Servants have been on the receiving end for so long during this illegal junta and should make a stand. How can these illegal junta make 43 years contracts, when they keep talking about General Elections next year.

    The incoming legal government should not be burdened with these appointments and should make policy for the proper recruitment of qualified persons.

    Remember what happened to all the CEO’s appointed under SDL through merit? They were all quashed unilaterally by Bune.

    BTW, what’s happened to this manipulating opportunist?

  3. Dauvavana Says:

    which Singh is this Rajeshwar? The dickhead is just a show pony taking you civil servants for a very long ride. I just can’t compehend how the Taukei who a majority in the FPSA still cannot kick this guy out and take over the Union. Why are they held ransom by these Labour cahoots like Rajeshwar, Anthoniy and Urai. This is why we have problems because no one wants to take responsibility and say enough is enough and starting doing something with the FPSA which is still being controlled by Chodo via Rajeshwa Singh.

  4. TV viewer Says:

    Dauvavana, that was Agni Deo Singh, the FTU General Secretary.

  5. Mark Manning Says:

    A general strike to bring this regime to it’s knees and make them all look foolish .

  6. Say True! Says:

    another cowardly act of control.

  7. Striker Says:

    The bus strike has opened our eyes. This regime had glass knees. Industrial actions is just the tip of the iceberg. The real action will come when and if there are no elections by March 2009.

  8. Keep The Faith Says:

    Right on the money there Striker.

    PSC is forcing the issue re: contracts, there’s an already long-standing grievance re: last pay-cut and assurance that there would be some “remedy” — where is that at?

    You PSC Union Members have so much control in your hands but you’re letting Rajeshwar Singh enjoy his BMW 4WD and pull the wool over your eyes.

  9. natewaprince Says:

    Illegal Cabinet meeting in progress.

    Vore:Fakanas all of you,now the FTU boss said they gonna strike.You fallas say they too lamu to do anything.

    Chodo: Don’t worry boss,they just bluffing.I know Agni well,he’s my boy,he can’t do anything.

    Vore: Shadup Mahen,just fuck’n shadup before I fuck’n slap your face.You said to rise the fuel price.Now the buses gone on strike.You said they not gonna do it.

    Chodo:Boss,if you had waited a bit longer,they would back down.I know them,they my people.

    Vore: Fuck your people.They the ones starting to complain first.No,we gonna stop the civil service contract thing.If they strike ,we can’t get our pay.That was a stupid idea you brought up Khaiyum.

    Eveli N.: Boso,vacava me toso cake na sau ni livaliva?

    Vore: O caita,o cei me qai sauma rawa,o tamamu?? Can’t you fallas think of something original.OK,we knock off early today.Everyone go to sleep early so you can think of something new to do to the people before the elections. School stand!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. IslandBoy Says:

    Can’t say I sympathise with the civil servants all that much. They have on the average been doing a lousy job for years and just sitting back collecting their pay while the level of services to the public have been deteriorating for a long time now.

    The excuse they make is that they are supposed to be impatial and apolitical. This is rubbish and they better read up on the Nuremberg trial chronicles if they think the cadres of Nazi rank and file succesfully used that as a legal defence.

    They all know the Illegal Regime is immoral yet they have no principles and do not make a stand on anything. Let the contracting start and make them earn their pay for once.

    My only regret is that the illegal regime will use this mechanism to appoint more qualified people like the brilliant Neumi Leweni.

  11. Lau Lass Says:

    I agree with you Is.Boy, all civil service jobs should be on contract so that people perform, majority of civil servants are just too lazy, inefficient & ineffective. Most of them are just there for salary, anyway lousy pay !! lousy service we get from them !!!!

  12. Glawyer Says:

    The bus operators have shown what a united effort(apart from Tebara) can do and should there be a strike it should be fully supported and no bloody lamulamu liumuri’s. A unified strike by civil servants and other unions will make these illegal idiots think twice about their bulldozing tactics which has so far worked for them and enabled them to continue all their illegal bullshit unabated. Its time people stood up to be counted instead of lying around getting trampled all over by the like of Chodo and his fellow arseholes.

  13. lollipop Says:

    Agree with Lau lass. As they say, you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. I’m sure the majority of civil servants would welcome contractual-based employment. You raise the stakes and pay what’s due and I’m sure they’ll be willing to raise their performance.

    Hear! hear! @ Glawyer, the military junta as yet to taste PEOPLE POWER! keep pushing and they might even see an uprising before elections.

  14. Groggymaster Says:

    @Glawyer &@lollipop – I am of the view that a popular uprising could be imminent. The pressures on the IG and their vacillations, flip-flops, are manifestation of the IG’s frustration in not securing sufficient support from the general public. Which explains the frequent outbursts by VB, and claims of lack of appreciation of their efforts (the lack of) by us.
    When the time is right and it is soon, the pressure cooker will go off.

  15. lollipop Says:

    I hate hearing myself having to say this but ‘I can’t wait for the ‘pressure cooker’ to go off’! If only to bring an end to our country’s misery. If this is the price of freedom then we should be willing to pay for it!!

    For we were not born into slavery or oppression; for we are not used to being deprived of our basic freedoms; for we are not used to being ruled though the barrel of guns; and SO WE WILL DEMAND OUR LIVES BACK AS WE ONCE LIVED IT!

  16. Dauvavana Says:

    Problem wioth civil serevants when Viti, FTA and the Nurses go on strike who did not strike at the 11th Hour Agni Deo’s FTU and Rajeshwar’s FPSA.

    Why, because they are the Snakes boys. He made them and put them there. Now they are crying out but no body will buy.

    As I have said before, about time majority Taukei in FPSA do something are suffer due to their waiting for someone else to fight thier war for them


  17. Frida Says:

    I agree that all civil servant positions must be on contract – full stop. Not output clearling showing direct outcome of actions taken, then it is the marching orders. Civil servants must be encouraged to be multi-skilled. While answering the telephone, can re-direct general e-mails for the ministry, be informed about the work of all government agencies whose core role link with the ministry, such as welfare, women, etc, make the tea ready for staff, and everyone clean their own work stations. For PA’s, make sure your boss’s work area is clean and clear.

  18. Keep The Faith Says:

    If the Civil Service needs reform are you therefore all saying that this IIG should reform it?

    Hell no peeps! Let’s be consistent.

    That’s the job of a Government that has been elected freely and fairly AND simply because you the MAJORITY want it reformed. So make sure aspiring candidates have this in their manifesto’s with tangible “how they aim to do it” and not the typical waffle of having that as something they WILL DO when they’re in power.

  19. painter Says:

    That’s true KTF! Let’s keep our fingers and toes firmly pressed on the “HOLD ON” button in respect of all the military junta’s fanciful, some long over-due, but essentially COVER UP ‘good deeds’ until the people’s choice of a Government is in place!

  20. Frida Says:

    I agree with you KTF – only done when we have an elected government in place but suggestion to be done as a way of rebuilding our country economically. With all the computers in government offices now, they should be able to link work easily and be more effective in serving the people.

  21. painter Says:

    True Frida, the way i see it is that once we improve on the system/processes and allocate resources where they’re actually required, plus have the right leadership at the various helms, then I guess that would naturally result in an increased and quality output from the civil service.

  22. George of Sydney Says:

    Performance based contract was the best option to improve productivity. Qarase promoted it and it only started at Permanent Secretary level whose position were renamed CEO. The idea was that if CEO were pressured to perfom, they will then pressure those officers who are below them to perform. At the end it would bring a productive civil service.
    Who reverted this desidnated post back to Permanent Secretary? It is Bainimarama and Chodary. Now it is back to the MURI SIGA.
    The CEO salary was $80000 on performance based contract compared to the $65000 as Permanent secretary.
    At the end of the day, CEO will have more work done at minimum cost while PS positions will take longer to complete tasks for there is nothing to bind them to their output and performance.

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