Reality Check from a level headed Kaidia

The ruling military regime in Fiji intends to make race reduntant in the life of the country’s inhabitants.

In its imagined future Fiji race will no longer be important or relevant in the conduct of all human affairs.

This is of course fanciful thinking on the part of the designers of a non-racial Fiji. In the real world race will always feature prominently in human interactions.

Listen to this story for an illustration. For our Fiji passport renewal we had to get our photos certified. We approached one designated authority here in Australia but the person refused to certify. He was a Kaivalagi.

We approached another designated person and asked him if he would do the needful. He said: “Of course, I will”. He was a Kai Idia. He was prepared to go out of his way to help a fellow KaiIdia.

Does this story tell us anything? Of course, it does. It tells us you can’t run away from race – even if you want to

Rajend Naidu, Sydney

(Letters to the Editor, Fiji Sun)


21 Responses to “Reality Check from a level headed Kaidia”

  1. Groggymaster Says:

    Wonderful – The NCBBF recommends, the IG passes the Farter -oops charter and lo and behold race vanishes from Fiji – the IG now wants to play God.
    Idiota Genris.

  2. Ispy Says:

    I believe this Rajend Naidu is absolutely spot on in his assessment.

    You can’t just close your eyes and that wish race issues will go away.

    Fijians are different from Indians.

    Thats a fact of life.

    We like different foods.

    We have different cultures and belief systems.

    We look different.

    We speak different languages.

    We have distinctive genetic traits.

    Why try to make us one race?

    Fiji should be proud of its diverse racial and cultural heritage, not discomfited by it.

    Diversity is afterall the spice of life!

  3. naioconibokola Says:

    They want to use “generic” as an excuse for “genocide”! Where “democracy” fit into the equation? There will be prosperity in recognizing and acknowledging the richness of our diversity.

  4. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    This poem sums up what many Australians felt at the end of the war.


    I have grown past hate and bitterness,
    I see the world as one;
    But though I can no longer hate,
    My son is still my son.

    All men at God’s round table sit,
    and all men must be fed;
    But this loaf in my hand,
    This loaf is my son’s bread.

    Dame Mary Gilmore

  5. Striker Says:

    Fijian genocide? Over my dead body!

  6. Wailei Says:

    Pardon me for going off topic here….Hey SV, have you guys read this?:

    Top health post for Leweni’s wife

    Saturday, June 28, 2008

    THE Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua party has labelled the appointment of Doctor Tokasa Leweni at the Women’s Department as nepotism.

    SDL national director Peceli Kinivuwai said the military accused the SDL-led government of nepotism “and now the military is doing it”.

    The National Federation Party reserved its comments on the issue.

    Interim Health, Social Welfare and Women’s Minister Doctor Jiko Luveni confirmed Dr Leweni would act as director for women, replacing Kiti Makasiale.

    The two women’s positions have been gazetted.

    “I can confirm Dr Leweni will be moving to the Women’s Department while Mrs Makasiale is going to the Social Welfare Department as acting director,” she said.

    Even though Dr Tokasa is a dentist by profession, Dr Luveni said she has done her masters in management and other courses overseas.

    ” She has proven to be a good manager when she was with the Health Ministry and that is why we have moved her there.

    “That post is not a technical one, it’s an administrative post and she is capable of that job.”

    Dr Leweni was holding the post of Dental Health Services director before she left with her husband, Major Neumi Leweni, for China last year

  7. sakua Says:

    Gud for you, Dr Leweni! Congrats!

  8. church mouse Says:

    This is funny and though it’s from a satirical program on SBS Australia, there’s truth in it about pronunciation etc. The readers on SBS and ABC have a written script with the name written clearly – as Shaun reads his bit – but ‘Denise’ is wonderful in her responses. Another Youtube clip that takes us back a bit, highlights a beautiful song about peace and the contradictions in the lovely land of Fiji.

  9. sakua la na nepotism Says:

    I’m sure she has some qualifications and experience, that’s not the issue that’s been raised here , the issue is the junta appointing, hiring their wives, mistresses and relatives to top posts, remember Chodo hiring junior to be his private secretary? Trust no one, keep it within the family, eh? Well, sakua, its called NEPOTISM and its rife within the junta and their sapotas! You’re definitely one of them singing your own praises on this anti coup blog. Sa velavela!

  10. Striker Says:

    Poor Kiti Makasiale. Intelligent, hardworking and a good manager -remember the Northern Division Welfare Office was singled out as being outstanding in service by a former SDL Minister. That’s Kiti’s doing. Just goes to show, this regime is corrupt; it perpetuates nepotism never before seen in Fiji!

  11. Keep The Faith Says:

    Yes she is a qualified DENTIST not a qualified GENDER expert. Big big big difference in skill-set and of course competency.

  12. sakua dina Says:

    Sa vakasisila dina na levu ni kocokoco tiko vei ratou na Leweni. Ni sa sega ni ganiti koya na i tutu cecere ya, a cava sara e via lai siova kina?

    Didn’t the press report this so-called dentist was acting Director Social Welfare just a week ago? E vaka cava beka, she couldn’t handle the pressure and dealing with realities of life at the grassroot level?? Levu ga na viavia kei na valusi tax o se cakava mai china vakasarasara taki ratou yavoki na luvemu mai China, sa rauta mo dou kudru vata kece tiko ni sa sega na free trips! Luveni puakas sponging into our tax coffers!!

  13. Budhau Says:

    Come on you guys – I thought you folks had figured this one out by now.

    We all know that no matter what this government, or for that matter, any other government does, we will still have those bigots – individuals who have racial biases. We see them in here everyday, going at me because there is a perception that I am an Indian.

    So stop that crap about Fijians look different than Indians, and the Fijian genocide and all that.

    Racism on an individual level is always going to be around, we see that in here every day – maybe less if circumstances were a little different.

    What they are talking about in Fiji is “institutionalized racism” – and no Mr. Naidu – the military is not attempting “to make race redundant in the life of the country’s inhabitants.”

    What they are trying to do is get rid of systematic policies and practices within the government and other institutions that either favour one racial group or puts another racial group at a disadvantage. That is what this is all about.

    They are trying to get rid of racism that occurs in institutions, government and public bodies.

    While that has little to do with individual racists – such policies may help race relations over the long run.

  14. NobleBannerBlue Says:

    yes Budhau – they removing rascist policies in favour of nepotism, double standards and cronyism – which is worse?

  15. Budhau Says:

    NobleBannerBlue – I agree with you – with all that nepotism, double standards and and all that – that has been a way of life in Fiji for a very long time.

    It also may be true that this non-racial front of the IG is just for show.

    But lets agree on one thing – that what they are talking about is not to make you and I less racist – what they are talking about is institutionalized racism – which Mr. Naidu in that letter failed to comprehend.

    Whether they really mean it or not – that another story – I think they are just trying to look good in the eyes of the international community.

  16. Keep The Faith Says:

    Budhs – If the military is trying to remove policies and practices that are racist then they’re actually not the best group to do that. How many Indians are at the Senior level of Frank’s inner military circle? One.

    How many Indians are in the army comparatively speaking? If it is the Rep of Fiji Military Forces then the “look” and “feel” of the institution should reflect the ethnic composition of this country should it not?

    And let’s just cut the crap about institutionalised racism shall we? Look at the incubators of our young i.e. schools? We still have indian/fijian schools, we still teach hindi/fijian. You want to reduce racism you start from homes and schools not friggin govt policies — policies are derived from what the people want.

    The point again being that the MAJORITY wanted these policies.

    Samjha? (Or are we rocking with the Vosavakaviti now?) LMAO again.

  17. natewaprince Says:

    Bud you boci.

  18. Peace Pipe Says:

    Here’s another good Indo’s comments in today FT Letters. As you can see we do have some sensible people of the other race. We do have some decent law abiding Indo who can perceive things better than those blinded by false promises and in pursuit of opportunism.

    I AM very disgusted with the interim Government’s move to change the Electoral Act more to challenge the status quo of the Parliament seat arrangement which is entrenched in the 1997 Constitution.

    First of all, I would like to ask who gave them the mandate to mingle with this arrangement? I don’t want a group of terrorists to play with laws of the land and keep on shifting the goal post.

    “Electoral Role

    These are the same group of people who were opposing the 1997 Constitution and now playing differently. If Chaudhry has guts, he can advise his boss to abrogate the constitution as he did in 2000. We will see you then. Why the UN and Commonwealth agreed to facilitate the political forum and negotiate with them? This type of steps will never eradicate the coup cycle in Fiji because future coup makers will feel at some point these institution will give in. If they really want to assist Fiji, then impose more sanctions and put pressure on coup makers. We, the people of Fiji, are prepared to sacrifice for our future generation but not give in to traitors and terrorist.

    Ravi Kant

    Good on you Ravi. You do have good valid points in your letter like why did the UN and C/Wth aggre to facilitate the forum as it only condones the ig. UN and C/Wth should demand that they return the govt to the rightful leaders and get their due punishment in Naboro.

  19. Peace Pipe Says:

    Sorry the Heading “Electoral Role” was accidently placed in the middle of the letter.

  20. Jone Biutiviti Says:

    Wow!!!!!!!……..Budhau calling everybody racist but his views are not……….You transparent piece of ravisi…….Reading all your contributions right from when you surfaced on this blog, anyone can tell you are a racist pig……..Who are you trying to fool?….Just like Shameemee, you like to divert attention from yourself by calling everybody everything that you really are………You must be on the weed too…..The signs are there……Recognize them? Of course not…you wouldn’t be able to…….You are just not there……Because according to your silly contributions, you are right and everybody elses is wrong……….That is a sure sign of a disturbed mind…………Get help man!!!

  21. Jose Says:

    @ Bhudau
    Fiji for Fijian Indigenous. Aliens live peacefully among us or return to your countries. This is not racist. The human rights law makes this racist. That law is false.

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