NCBBF Meanderings

The half-baked claptrap from the National Committee for Bullshit and
Bluster in Fiji in its communique of June 24, 2008, should be read just to
expose how shallow and second-rate their work is.

They declare that “Current electoral rules do not enable “government of
the people, by the people, for the people”. In support of this they claim
the electoral system “violates the United Nation Universal Declaration of
Human Rights by not providing for one vote to have one value”. Then it
claims that “It disadvantages and thereby reduces the number of women and
minorities who go into politics.”

How shallow and silly is this? You can be sure that doing away with
communal representation will spell the end for representation by members
of the minority communities, the Chinese, Part-Europeans and Rotumans.

To the extent that the constitution departs from the principle of one
vote/one value, it does so to protect representation by Fiji’s minority
groups. It also ensures that Indo-Fijians are represented in numbers that
reflect their proportion of the population.

The Committee for Bullshit and bluster also asserts that “The
disproportion in representation between voters living in rural and urban
areas and within Fijian provincial/communal constituencies is contrary to
the principle of equal number of voters in constituencies and of one
person, one vote, one value”.

But what if this over-representation of rural areas is the way Fijians
want to be represented. If they see this as the only way they can ensure
their village homes, to which they have continuing attachment, have
genuine representation, this should be their choice, not the choice of
others. Small Provinces such as Namosi and Serua could easily be swamped
in the kind of ideal democracy that National Committee for Bullshit and
Bluster in Fiji seem to have in mind.

The NCBB then goes on to say that the current electoral system “lacks
legitimacy as it does not enable the will of the people to be adequately

These are strange words to be uttered by such a group. They seem to forget
that they were appointed without any consultation with anyone by a man who
seized power at the point of a gun, using beatings for anyone who speaks
against him. Does the Committee have any idea what representation means?

A lot of the statement by the Committee is devoted to motherhood
statements. Take the following example:

“The right of a majority to decide public policy must be balanced by the
right of the minority to be protected against bias or victimization in
policy”. This is already covered in great detail in the Constitution. So
why mention it?

The final conclusion of the un-elected Committee is that there should be
the PR Open List Voting System. They tell us: “The intrinsic fairness of
this system in electing a more representative Parliament gives it a strong
claim to legitimacy.”

If this is what they truly believe, let them form a political party and
contest the next elections on a platform of bringing such a system.

Let’s see just how many votes they get.



7 Responses to “NCBBF Meanderings”

  1. natewaprince Says:

    Ka dina taucoko. This sounds exactly like the mad utterings of Shyster in her report on the deportation of the two newspaper publishers,full of bluster without any merit whatsoever.

    What the hell has it got to do with the number of women and minorities entering politics.One thing for sure,the minorities will lose out on being represented in parliament due to their small numbers.

    It is so obvious these recommendations are the work of the Indians in an attempt to weaken the i-Taukeis’ political power base.

  2. Striker Says:

    Its Chaudary doing his choro act all over!

  3. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Maybe the labor party should rename itself as the Fijian Uptight Cankerous Kamikaze -Unacceptable Party.

    I feel that this new name will bring them closer to the real feelings of the people of Fiji about chaudopu$$ and his junta.

  4. Groggymaster Says:

    What utter rubbish. Change to one vote one man on a piece of paper, and lo and behold – every one in Fiji immediately ceases to vote on racial lines – really – what are they smoking????

    What changes from one man, two votes, then one man one vote ? it will substantially be race driven, and in constituencies with substantially indian voters you will have indian candidates, where it is substantially fijian, it will unlikely to be won by an non fijian etc, etc. There will be exceptions of course, but substantially racial.

  5. Peace Pipe Says:

    All these garbage coming out of this illegal and abominable set of idiotic wannabes trying to sound smart and benovolent as if they doing it for the good of the nation. We all know these are just words to distract us away from the core of matter which are the coup, its perpetrators and the punishment due to the coupsters. Yeah what comes out from NCBBF is not representative of the people as is obvious from its one sided membership who are just opportunists, members of the ig’s various parties (FLP & NAP) or deluded fools. It is also illegal.

  6. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    chaudopu$$ as leader of FUCK-UP.

    Now we are approaching Zimbabwian proportions.

  7. Striker Says:

    @ex Tourist: Not quite Zimbabwean. How about the $ policy of tying subsidy to bus income? Can you believe this? Haven’t these bus companies been lodging income statements for tax and other purposes? It’s mind-boggling! No wonder they went on strike and the ignorant pig has just been informed of the facts ie his illegal govt have those income statements, following discussions with bus operators this morning!

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