Latest Poo Poo from the RFMF Media Cell

MUCH has been said about the proposed Common Roll. Some members of the community reject the idea whilst some who supported it in principle think that adapting to the system was far too early for this young democratic nation. However the National Council for Building a Better Fiji is adamant that it is best to substitute the Communal Roll.

The people must take into consideration that the Communal Roll has been part and parcel of Fiji’s prolonged dilemma. Past problematic scenario depicts that this friendly nation has been overwhelmed with unacceptable burden which has to be uprooted as we embark on development ideologies which is vital for a developing nation like our beloved Fiji.

Evidently the racial issue in Fiji has somewhat evolved during the Colonial days where Indigenous-Fijians, European and Indo-Fijians were represented in the Legislative Council on an elite ethnic basis. Historically the European males were enfranchised in 1904 for being granted seven elective seats while the Indigenous-Fijians were represented by two chiefs who were chosen by the Governor following recommendation of nominees from the Great Council of Chiefs.

The Indo-Fijians were later granted a seat in 1917 but were represented by a nominee of
the Governor.

However their seat was made elective in 1929. Although the numbers of seats were later made equal in 1954, the Indigenous-Fijians continued to be represented through the recommendation of the Great Council of Chiefs until the last Colonial General Elections in 1966.

Since the early 1960s the Indo-Fijians dominated National Federation Party (NFP) embarked their campaign for the universal suffrage on a common roll. The concerned leaders of the Indigenous-Fijian community opposed the idea as it would grant effective political control to Indo-Fijians who then comprised majority of the country’s population.

It can be articulated that the proposal made by Indo-Fijians was also done out of fear for their uncomfortable status in Fiji. The concern that had ignited from both parties may have triggered racial difference between the two major ethnic groups in Fiji.

Obviously the nation endeavored on the communal voting system while the fearful mindset of members of both ethnic groups worsened and racial discrimination became polarized throughout the years.

Racial discrimination has troubled members of both ethnic groups in almost every aspects of life in Fiji. It has affected other minority groups and the nation as a whole. To an extent politicians from either side of the major ethnic groups continue to pass racial discrimination remarks during parliament sittings followed by claims that racial remarks should be withdrawn. Such parliamentary behavior of exchanging sentiments on a quest for ethnic recognition is a major drawback as it consumes precious moments to discuss or debate on a sensible ideology for the development of this nation. The introduction of the electoral and voting system reform is not new to the international community as well as in Fiji. It has been done for a reason and surely for improvement. The proposed voting system will certainly clear the mindset from racial distinction which has undermined the political behavior of this nation and ensure sustainable parliamentary democracy. Ethnic tension in Fiji has to be eradicated as ethnic groups’ core values are intact and protected.

Politically as electorates they will be articulated as one on the common roll, however ethnically the people will continue to cherish their ethnical values as their right to do so is perfectly enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic of Fiji.

The National Council for Building a Better Fiji’s (NCBBF) proposal is in contrast to that of the NFP. The proposed voting system is similar but the intent of the NCBBF is for building a better Fiji for all.

 “ethnical values” what the f*^#k ???? I bet you my collection of florescent glow in the dark uuuhhhmm 8) that its the same moron who invented the word “Inciteful” whose been drafting press releases for the FMF media cell. Blerry vula vaka vo.



42 Responses to “Latest Poo Poo from the RFMF Media Cell”

  1. Koya na Man Says:

    Kuts don,don,panic Bro..

    The communal roll as we all know safeguards the # of our Indegenous seat in Parliament to avoid the element power sharing, but never the less the 1997 constitution fills the vaccum by allowing the Prime Minister to invite the 2nd largest party in Prliament to join Cabinet.Beautiful isn’t it(that’s the political recipe for bread and butter) in a real democratic society, and I must say again that the 1997 constitution when fully execirsed to its limitation(like what Qarase did in 2006 inviting the labour party to join cabinet) will bring out the milk & honey we all looking for.

    Another complimentary factor to the above scenario was the fact it will break down the runner up party in an election and surely bring change to its Policies & Fundamentals to avoid/prevent the idea of radical approach, which will give birth to immeasurable unity in future.

    On the other hand if they want common roll bring it on, they should check the census figures correctly,and properly work out the boundary, but will still come to not.SImply because (we) Fijians are probably more than any other community right now.

  2. natewaprince Says:

    Koya na Man,I wouldn’t be too confident.There is always reason to suspect that there are underhand tactics at play here.

    I mean,it’s pretty obvious that this regime and its FLP sponsers are so far succeeding in destroying Fijian institutions.They are trying to
    ban people and parties from the elections who are a threat to their victory.

    Two issues are being rushed through before elections can take place.If the GCC reforms being forced on us is an attempt to appoint there own people as Pressie and VP,then we can assume that electoral reforms being touted before us is to ensure perpetual victory for the FLP.

    This would make the i-Taukei second class citizens in their own country,unable to ever win an election again because of reforms being implemented by this bo-polar pig at the behest of the Indians.

  3. Striker Says:

    If its the will of the people, so be it. But here we have a minority forcing its political will on the majority. No way out except those avenues under our laws and the Constitution. Otherwise, it is only recipe for more coups. Is that why the military media cell is promoting it?

  4. kaveti olo Says:

    The military cells know nothing about politics…obviously, the military have been used by failed politicians and past leaders to stage this coup in the name of political correctness etc…from the above it appears that the problem with racism seem to lie not with the people but the political leaders who raise “racist” comments in where else. So what is that to do with electroral reforms… the leaders have to be stopped from making racist remarks in parliament,…. not to have a coup to stop it…communal voting is the best for Fiji in my opinion ( and like every other system on earth, it depends on how it is ubeing used) it best represents the various communities in the decision making process at the national level…however, what we may need is to take the pressure away from national politics and allow the people to have more direct say in the developments that concern them the regional level….what is required is the need to put the decision making processes more in hands of the people at the regional level that is ..they have their own small parliaments like states systems or divisions etc etc. raise their own taxes etc…..and amongst other things, will put the pressure and focus away from the politics at the national level.. GCC< Pressie and all that crap… It will also give more opposrtunities for the other communites to particiapate in areas that concern them directly…they raise their tacxes and revenue for their own developments etc…giving leasders at each region to participate in the policy development at his/her region. The way our politics is structured is such that everyone is competing for the same national seats and this allows for alot of fragmentations which will inevityably lead to racist orientation and groupings…because of this, the NCBBF is flawed in its approach in that it is thinking along the same lines as the problem they are trying to dispose…it will fail and it will have grave repercussionbs for ethnic tensions in Fiji in the near future. Einstein once said something tio the effect that you cant solve problems with the same mind set you started it off with… thats why I am of the opinion that this is pure bullcrap and it will not solve what they are saying they want to solve. with the military and the families & people behind this coup, it will only endure that a certain elite is firmly in control..well at least until the next coup comes along…

  5. ex Fiji Tourist Says:


    in·cite [in-sahyt]

    –verb (used with object), -cit·ed, -cit·ing.
    to stir, encourage, or urge on; stimulate or prompt to action: to incite a crowd to riot.

    [Origin: 1475–85; < L incitāre, equiv. to in- in-2 + citāre to start up, excite; see cite]

    —Related forms
    in·cit·a·ble, adjective
    in·cit·ant, adjective, noun
    in·ci·ta·tion [in-sahy-tey-shuhn, -si-] noun
    in·cit·er, noun
    in·cit·ing·ly, adverb

    From my limited understanding of English, there is no such word as ‘inciteful’.

    Iit was ‘created’ by fullchow teletubby to hide the fact that he knows nothing about the law.

  6. Tomasi Says:

    Blessed be the SAVIOR, Holy Father Bainimarama!

    In the HOLY NAME of the Father Bainimarama, and of the Son Chaudhry, and of the Holy Ghost Ganilau.

    O Three, May Thy Kingcom Cum, and Thy Will Be Done.

    Deliver Us From the Evil Ones [‘Qarasists’].

    For Thine Is The Empire And Glory. For Ever And Ever.


    And Amen.

  7. Tomasi Says:

    For those who can’t read, obama AKA Osama-Bin-Bama is not NEARLY as smart as Koko the Gorilla.

  8. soro Says:

    What the fc^&%$# kind of English is : “however ethnically the people will continue to cherish their ethnical values” ?

    What a load of crock ! Fck&*^%$n sounding like the F&*%#@g Communists under Stalin and Mao … what idealistic hole did they crawl out from under ?

  9. natewaprince Says:

    Oilei,na hole la nei Voreqe.

  10. halfcuzz Says:

    one sentence to VOREQE…….TAMATA SONALEVU..!!

  11. halfcuzz Says:

    and another to VOREQE’s suppoters… yavu ULUKAU

  12. Northerner Says:

    LOL … halfcruzz … where’s the LOVE?

  13. young generation Says: my only Opinion all of these has happen what will happen to us, when our time to take a stand for tommorow, will there be cheating and racist all around, I dont support this regime, when time comes for me to take a stand, my first objective is …rebuild the Leonidas…all Indian that a known racist taken back to India..

    Ni vosota qo ga na noqu rai vaka edua na taba gone ena gauna nikua, sa na vacava beka o kemami ni mataka…keimami na vei qati tiko beka ga …vacava o ira na luvedra na sotia ra veivacacni tiko qo era na lomani se sega…sa na qai vacava li o ira na Idia era na lomani se sega…se na yaco beka mai Viti na bula mai vavalagi oya na vei vaka matei ena matana e laurai levu….o madaga au se qai cauravou tiko ena gauna qo…ke me vakavinakataki na noda Viti da sa tei vaka yacora rawa qo….de mani lako ena drodro ira na taba tamata ra muri mai…

    ke rai va matata o VOREQE kei TELENI, dua na siga rau na va titoko mai sa na qai vacava tu o ratou na luvena kei ira na makubudra ia merau na namaka ni na caka vei ira kece na luvedra kei ira makubudra kece o ira na cakava na cakacak lolovira qo na ka ga ra cakava tiko qo….na vai sega walega ni vakamatana e vakabuina talega…..

    Ia na ka kece qo ena tukuna ga mai o gauna….

    O au ga na gone ni Viti…me qai va dewa taki tale ga vei Ro Ului se cava e sega ni vatarai ratou kina wekaqu ena loma ni Bose ena macawa sa oti….Koya ga vosa tiko qo ena saqati koya ena matana levu ena gauna sa muri mai…..

    waraka namaka…

  14. Mark Manning Says:

    IT’s time the Military returned to their barracks .

  15. Northerner Says:

    One of the greatest teaching by Jesus is “love thy neighbour”!

    Let’s pray, pray, pray for this nation!

  16. Tomasi Says:

    And the GREATEST teaching of Jeezuz was that the LORD God is ONE – NOT Bainimara’a’s three!!!!!!!!!! or Budhau’s 33,000,000 idols!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Navosavakadua Says:

    There is only one intention behind the NCBBF proposals and that is delay. The changes proposed are so radical and would need so much consultation for implementation that they would give the Illegal Government a long breathing space to continue running things. In this time they hope they would be able to reduce everyone in Fiji to the state of beggars dependant on the government for everything.

    The Illegal Government knows only too well that they could not be elected under any electoral system. It’s got nothing to do with race. Chodopu$$ can pull Frank’s strings better than ever but he has lost the grip he once had on his base in the Indian community. You can see this in the fact that he won’t let the Sugar Growers Council hold
    elections. Not long ago he could guarantee the election of his lackeys, now he doesn’t dare hold an election.

    The electoral system is just a device to delay and maybe to justify an abrogation of the constitution. The National Committee for Bullshit and Bluster in Fiji (NCBBF) is mostly made up of vain fools who can’t see how they are being used or that anybody really cares what they think.

    Unfortunately our nightmare will not end for some time yet. So long as the RFMF other ranks continue to follow orders issued by Chodpu$$ and transmitted by the Puppet Dictator, this situation will continue.


  18. Groggymaster Says:

    The electoral constituencies amongst other things should allow for provincial representation as this is important for Fijians, reflect or balance unrban and rural/provincial representation, and allow representation for minorites. If representation is important, then one man one vote in its simplest form is not quite the answer. Albeit anything more complex than this would be too much for Vore and Ganilua.

  19. Fiji Democracy Now Says:

    @ SV: You are right to challenge the use of the term “ethnical.” There is no such word in the English language.

    It’s just like everything else that is spewed out by the RFMF Media Cell.

    It lacks literacy, logic and academic rigor – and therefore makes little or no sense to any normal thinking person.

    That’s because it’s all made up by gormless morons who are well out of their intellectual depth.

    Like Chodopu$$ and Kid Cowboy Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, the the only talent the RFMF Media Cell has is an ability to ruthlessly play the race card at every opportunity.

    To use another word created by the RFMF Media cell, we think all this “ethnical” rubbish from RFMF Media Cell is very “inciteful.”

  20. Groggymaster Says:

    The IG wants to get away from race based politics. So it’s migrated to ethnical based politics. Vore and ganilua haven’t figured out the difference so they’re happy as shit. Tomasai falls into this catergory – and he’s happy as shit too.

  21. soro Says:

    Bloggers – you want to watch the real meaning of this new word “ethnical” ?

    Truesup … woilei, smack my bum ….. See William Ryder give a blerry good example of it here –

    (the one right at the end) .. hahahaha

  22. Jose Says:

    Sechi, o koya meantaka dua ga na kena ethnicality

  23. IslandBoy Says:

    Once upon a time upon a hill in the citadel of green there were 26 strong and loyal knights trained from recruitment to lead troops into battle.

    Lo and behold, when it came time for these brave, loyal and professional knights to receive their bars, none of them were summoned to the presence of the pretender.

    Out of the mist of ignorance appeared a lone bewildered figure grinning idiotically from ear to ear, for he and he alone was to be elevated to the undeserved rank of Lt. Col.

    This after not completing one iota of formal officer training, unlike the other poor sods having slaved away in Kuala Lumpur. Nor was his name even on the invitation list for the investiture, surely evil is at work in the citadel.

    There was great discontent and grumbling amongst the good knights as the idiotic one seemed to rise and rise collecting an ever increasing pay grade.

    Now the 26 must be very careful not to complain bitterly and long or the same misfortune that befell the unfortunate archer Mr. Kira also befall them. Thus endeth our tale for today boys and girls.

  24. Glawyer Says:

    Now Bainiceke complains that Aus foreign minister used the word ‘regime’ to describe his band of fools….thats because he didn’t want to use the word ‘idiots’…..or ‘arseholes’ you idiotic arsehole!!

  25. Groggymaster Says:

    @islandby – Was it the mouth? -Ahhh… I meant mouth piece.

  26. Ispy Says:

    Sorry to digress.

    I just read on Fiji Live that the nutty interim AG has given the EU representatives his ‘preferred’ list of people to be interviewed by EU Expert Mission currently in Fiji.

    What the hell does he think this is?

    The EU have come to determine if the rule of law is intact in Fiji. They will interview whomever they deem appropriate. They’re not going to take blerry suggestions from the very people accused of destroying the rule of law in Fiji.

    This Aiyaz fella is either too inexperienced or just too dumb to realise his just how much of a fool he’s making of himself.

    I think its time he moved out of his parent’s house and gain some worldly experience!

  27. ex Fiji Tourist Says:


    May I expand on your comment at 4:34?

    I’ll try and answer bananasinpyjamas’ questions slowly and I promise not to use words of more than 2 syllables. This is so the green goons on this site can understand and they will be able to tell the truth to bananasinpyjamas.

    “The Australian High Commission has refused to comment on concerns raised by the interim Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama on why Fiji is only allowed to appoint an Acting High Commissioner in Australia.”



    Earlier today Commodore Bainimarama questioned why some limitations have been placed on the appointment of the High Commissioner.


    Bainimarama is also concerned at Australian Foreign Minister, Stephen Smith branding the interim administration a regime.


    The Australian High Commission has also refused to comment on exactly when Australian Foreign Affairs Minister Stephen Smith plans to visit the country with a Ministerial delegation to analyse Fiji’s situation.


    My apologies for writing in caps but I wanted to shout the reasons so they got into the green goons thick heads.

  28. ex Fiji Tourist Says:


    Maybe if you went outside the building where the meeting took place, you would find hairyarse’ list in the rubbish bin.

  29. LUVfiji Says:

    @Naita IB – I look forward to chapter 2 of the tale tomorrow ?!

  30. LUVfiji Says:

    @Glawyer. LOL !

    It looks as if Vore has just figured out that there indeed a word such as ‘regime’. Maybe this time next year he will have just discovered its ruddy meaning.

  31. Shri Says:

    Obama – Dumb Racist

    Anna Dunham’s parents weren’t happy with her marriage to Barack Hussein Obama, Sr., but Hussein Onyango Obama, Barack Sr.’s father was furious.

    He wrote the Dunhams “this long, nasty letter saying that he didn’t approve of the marriage,” Obama recounted his mother telling him in “Dreams.” “He didn’t want the Obama blood sullied by a white woman.”

  32. LUVfiji Says:

    BTW Dear folks.. did I hear right ?

    On Fiji One News this evening.. a tealady/cleaner has been removed from the iIPMs office for EAVESDROPPING ! Uwaisaka.. na cava tale sa vo vei iratou na i lala ‘qo? Earlier in the week in was a Permanent Secretary; no one is spared – hell no!

    Hip.. Hip.. Hoooooray!

  33. Tomasi Says:

    Exactly, Shri.

    No room for RACISTS and QARASISTS, in Fiji or the world.

  34. Groggymaster Says:

    @Shiri & @ tomasi – you’re rght no racists – only ethnicists!!!1

  35. Tomasi Says:

    Still better, “culturists” or “culturalists”!!!

  36. Tomasi Says:

    better still & better yet –

    “culturists” or “culturalists”!!!

  37. Peace Pipe Says:

    What a load of crap. Just a media publicity exercise to bullshit the people. We dont need lessons from military for ethical living or ethnical values. They would be the last people I would take these advice from. They are just downright criminals and coup mongers.

    I just had a moment of amusement when I read the part they said of racial discrimination. Look at themselves first 95% Fijians in the army and they try to preach about racial discrimination. I even think there is no obvious discrimination as the Indians are living well above the standards of the Fijians. They keep saying racial discrimination and never offer concrete evidence to sufficiently justify their claims. They are looking at the issue from one angle only. What about looking at it from the other angle as well. Thats the whole trouble when they just speak out and never listen.

  38. qilaqila Says:

    I think I am a Christian and I don’t think its wrong and evil or sinful to be proud of my race! Call me racist or what, I was born a Fijian, kai viti, and that is what I will be for life, and bloody damn proud of it! This RFMF medial cell writer can’t even write nor present his arguments logically. The “racial issue never evolved” from the colonial days, race began when God in his infinite wisdom created us differently, as black and as white. So accept it. Kai viti & bloody proud of it!

  39. Wailei Says:

    Yadoh! @ qilaqila

  40. George of Sydney Says:

    In the book “Politics of Illusion” written by Derrick Scar about the political stuation in Fiji, he mentioned this very important question.
    I believe all this coup except the latest was done to ensure supremacy to the fijian race which should be understandable and acceptable.
    Provided that the electoral process defined under the constitution gurantees majority representation of the indigenious fijian in parliarment say 60-40, their will always be element of insecurity inthem and for that the end of the coup culture cant be guaranteed.
    The only thing that scares me and I hope that this interim illegals must remember is that if the right and sense of ownership of this country is taken away from the indigenious community smartly and forcefully with trying to legtislate this changes by taking advantage of the current political situation, it might instigate and provote violence in the community.
    The interim government should consult the fijian community and always respect their wishes and decision. Like what we have been witnessing so far in their response made by the authoratative body such as GCC and the Provincial Councils on the Charter, this interim government continues to force their ideas to the President and the decision makers to approve them. When it is not done, they remove them.
    If the communal roll is removed, I would still bet my whole dollar that it will not remove the perception of people to vote on racial lines. Are ve going to define in the constitution that there will be only 2 candidates (1 per each major race to compete in each constitutiency)? The fear that always exist was that if plenty fijians candidates and they split the votes of the fijians, the indian candidate will win. Since there is no gurantee sitting for the native fijians to gurantee their supremacy in their land and country, the eradication of possible violence and long term instability should be expected.

  41. Fijian Says:

  42. Glawyer Says:

    Regarding the use of the work ‘regime’ by Aus foreign minister…read Fiji Time editorial…..starts of with interim gov, then junta then regime…fortuntately they won’t be getting a bugler on their board else we wont’ be seeing any more of those words…alas poor Fiji Sun.

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