People need to work together: Urai

Bloggers,this is another spin from the coup supporters. Urai now calls for people to work together to assist the illegal regime, so they will be no more coups! Who is he bullshitting? This FLP stalwart has sold his soul for this short time in the sun, but the majority will not be fooled. Unfortunately, the majority are suffering while Urai sits on the FNPF Board and other lucrative posts, while they wallow in their misery.Coups will always happen, so long as those lusting for power takes control through illegal means and are not confronted or held accountable. Therefore people, amending the Constitution is an exercise in futility unless everyone agrees to abide by it and are condemned for disobeying it!!!
Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Fiji Trades Union Congress President Daniel Urai says people need to work together if the election deadline of March 2009 is going to be achieved.

Urai says the FTUC believes general elections should only be held after processes leading up to the elections are completed. He says despite the work involved in the election process, the Interim Government has set a date and the best thing to do is work towards it.

“Now everyone wants an election, you also must remember we had what two three coups in this country and it is no point running into an election just to have another feeble a year or two later, so it also make sense for these issues to be addressed prior to have an election we want an election and once we have an election there will be no more feeble on whoever, which other government that is appointed to take this country forward”


15 Responses to “People need to work together: Urai”

  1. Tomasi Says:

    Hail Caesar – the TRINITY

    The Holy Trinity – Bainimarama, Chaudhry, and Ganilau.

  2. Dauvavana Says:

    Fire taki iko madaga o Caesar you blerry maga cici

  3. Jose Says:

    Tomasi, what do you know of Herbert Armstrong?

  4. natewaprince Says:

    What kind of name is ‘Urai’ anyway? blerry boci.As long as there are guns and as long as we have an army,there will be coups.You can raise one of the big cats as a pet and feed it cooked food,but once it tastes blood and fresh meat for the first time,it will always want more.

    There are only two sure ways to avoid a coup.You either dismantle the military,which I don’t see happening in the near future,or the second option which cannot fail.And that is for one of our really big brothers to bring a huge naval force uninvited onto our shores and keep these qauri goons in line.

    O ira na i lala FLP qo mera qarauni iratou vinaka tiko.Ni sa laurai na qito ca ena veidigidigi,sa na tekivu moku sara ga o ira na kaidia era bukana tiko na ca qo.

  5. LUVfiji Says:

    Mutterings by this new comer, a Johnny come latey, further confirms Ganilua’s direct involvement in the 5/12 takeover; judging from the composition of his holy trinity.

    Vinaka Tomasi, but please tell us something we dont already know!

  6. LUVfiji Says:

    Do we have a background on this Daniel Urai? Besides being the Urai the unionist, Urai the former Labour MP, and Urai the opportunist.

    What are his qualifications? Where did he work, if he ever was employed? And what the f*%^ makes him think he can be a leader of this nation? And more importantly, where is he from? Ke i Taukei, evei na nona koro?

    All I can see is a dumbell! Can some one, please correct me here..

  7. anon Says:

    Kai Solomone na bastard, use to work for FEA, Lautoka.

  8. Ispy Says:


    Holy Trinity?

    Bainimarama, Chaudhry and Eveli… more likely to be the AXIS OF EVIL.

  9. Striker Says:

    @ IPSY: My feelings exactly. How can we play together when the refs keep moving the goal posts? Replace the refs with others who will play to the rules!

  10. Groggymaster Says:

    Having executed a coup to end all coups, the Idiota Generis (IG) now wants everyone to work together with them. How wonderful. During the tenure of the last elected government they choose not to work together. Idiota Generis!!!!. (Latin for race of idiots)

  11. Peace Pipe Says:

    Urai is just a beneficiary of the coup and therefore is singing the same song as his other comrades in arms. He can sing all he likes but he still won’t change the stand we are taking which the only way to go and that is the rule of law and the constitution. He even sounds threatening by saying if we work together we will rid ourselves of the coup.

    I hate to say but we are now sounding like a broken record in saying that the coup only happens with a rouge military and an equally reckless military leader who has no respect for the rule of law. We know the solution to the coup but do not have the might to deal with it. They are just kidding if they say a piece of paper with some structured wordings on it (charter farter) will get rid of coup in the future. It is just a distraction to win over support for their escape plan.

  12. Dauniwalesi2 Says:

    Have you read “mystery of the ages” by Herbert Armstrong..
    Philadelphia Church Senior Pastor

  13. painter Says:

    Yup! the rhetorics of all that is ‘good and great’ for our country are fast and flowing from the mouths of these treasonous criminals. No one with a bit of common sense would dispute these ideals that you now conveniently mouth off.

    But you see, it’s just this little matter, of trying to cover up what basically comes down to RAW POWER GRABBING IN ORDER TO EVADE THE LONG ARM OF THE LAW!!!

    To all of you in the military junta who read this blog, from the Pig to his legal advisors and hangers-on, read my lips : “It’s not over till we say its over! You can paint these ideals over your criminal acts and deeds all you want, ena kena levu sara, but when the time comes (and u bet it will!), we will strip you naked, down to the essence of your deeds, TREASONOUS CRIMINALS!!”

  14. Jose Says:

    @ Dauniwalesi2
    Yes, I have including America in Prophecy. Have a lot of his materials. None beats Ellen White though.My favourites. Some of her books “Desire of Ages, The Great Controversy, Patriarchs and Prophets, Spirit of Prophesy, Steps to Christ.” Amazing reading.

  15. Jose Says:

    @ Dauniwalesi2
    In the middle of reading one of Armstrongs hardcover on the Trinity.Can’t think of the name right now as I left it at home. I will get home later this afternoon then let you know what the title is. I’ve always believed in the Trinity. The Shrek crapping on about it, have decided to check it out for myself, you know, “Study to find yourself approved as God’s ………..”

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