Govt writes off Church’s $455,000 debt

Bloggers, is this a sweetner or what?

Does this mean, that the Methodist Church now will back the NCCBF?

01 JUL 2008

Fiji’s interim Government will write-off the $455,000 debt owed by the Methodist Church, Cabinet announced today.

The debt was for the Ministry of Health’s support in the provision of services provided at the Ba Mission Hospital.
Cabinet based its decision on a submission by the interim Health Minister Dr Jiko Luveni.
According to Dr Luveni, the Ba Mission Hospital started operating in 1926 and was initially staffed and managed by Methodist Mission doctors and nurses mainly from Australia.
“Government’s role and involvement at the Ba Mission began in the 1960s and continued to increase from this period onwards as the government hospital at Nailaga was unable to cater for the growing population in Ba.
“With a strong presence and contribution of government at the Ba Mission, the Methodist Church in 1994, entered into an agreement to hand over the management of the hospital to the Ministry of Health, and to provide $35,000 annually to the Ministry for managing the hospital.”
Dr Luveni said the Methodist Church was unable to pay this sum due to the wrong assumption by the church in Fiji that the grant of the Uniting Church in Australia would be forthcoming after the 1994 Memorandum of Agreement with the Ministry of Health.
“By the end 2007, the total debts of the Church amounted to $455,000.”
She said that a subsequent court action by the Government had resulted in the Court ruling in favour of the Government and the Methodist Church instructed to repay the debt.



30 Responses to “Govt writes off Church’s $455,000 debt”

  1. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Wasn’t this announced by bananasinpyjamas about 8 months ago?

  2. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ Ex Fiji Tourist:

    I think at that time, he was demanding the Methodist Church repay the debt, but I maybe wrong.

    However, this move is certainly not out of benevolence, but rather necessity with the hope the Methodist Church will join and support the illegal regime and NCCBF.

    That is my concern.

  3. NobleBannerBlue Says:

    Will this be the 30 pieces of silver?

  4. painter Says:

    C’mon you methodists! Tell the junta where to stick their offer! Didn’t your church fundraise the other year and collected a $1million just from family ‘soli’?? You can easily pay off your own debt.

  5. Dauvavana Says:

    As a Methodist I say stick it up your rear Vore, we are actually doing your job by running a public hospital for the people of Ba.

    The government should be subsidising the operation of this hospital instead of demanding money they spend on it. you blerry Ulukau.

    If they want the money, I say to the Talatalas close down the damn hospital.

  6. TUIBOTO Says:

    love your enemies!!!…they are doing the same…ha ha ha

  7. painter Says:

    Hey boto, that’s what catholic Archiebishop mataca and Father bare-all-his-ass-at-you are doing, selling themselves like there’s no tomorrow!!

  8. vakatakilai Says:

    Things are coming out now. I am sure that some form of a deal will be agreed to between Church and state. With Mataca in there, he will manouver the Methodist around to follow suit what the Catholics are leading out in.

    Once the Methodists are bought out, the other Christian denominations will soon give in too.

    Let’s not be party to these agreements, God has given us our minds to make our own decisions. he has even put his prophecies in the Bible to helps us more in our decisions. He has also given us the freedom of choice which He will not take away from you even though your choice will lead you to hell.

    If He is willing to give us that freedom, let exercise it, let’s not follow our leaders blindly. Respect our chiefs and church leaders. they also have been given that choice, so if they choose to side with the ig, that’s their God-given right and we should respect that.

    However, their choiceis theirs, and that does not mean it is our choice too. God’s gift of freedom is for us individually. So if their decision does not go together with our thinking we have the right to breakaway and say NO.

    God Bless

  9. Islander Says:

    Matthew 16:26 “For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?”

    C’mon now my fellow Methodists, we certainly don’t need the illegal regimes 20 pieces of silver. We are NOT for sale, or do we need to look at changing the churches heirarchy too now?

    Hey Vore, we CANNOT be bought, you and Mataca might have been able to fool and buy some of the leaders, but we the people, the majority are not for sale.

  10. Jose Says:

    a@ Islander say
    “C’mon now my fellow Methodists, we certainly don’t need the illegal regimes 20 pieces of silver. We are NOT for sale, or do we need to look at changing the churches heirarchy too now?”

    Islander, don’t you know that talks are under way for a One World Religion. Go to World Council of Churches or Ecumenical Churches.

  11. LUVfiji Says:

    I think it was the former Health Minister, Dr Mortuary Senilagakali, that called on the Methodist Church to pay its debt on the Ba Hospital.

    Yre quite right Painter.. with all the money collected each year from the soli the Church is still accumulating a huge debt such as this.

    Well thats it for the Methodist Church. Next thing, Waqairatu will be sitting on Mataca’s lap in the ncbbf. Thank God Im not a part of that fold!

  12. Jose Says:

    @ Islander
    Go to this site. There is information there that the WCC is an organization with political entities.

    world council of churches agenda for one world order.

  13. Jose Says:

    “Come out from among them my people and be ye separate…….

  14. Islander Says:

    Jose, oh yes absolutely. One world order coming in to place as we speak, I suppose this is just the rounding up of the island sections of the globe in all that has been taking place in the Pacific in recent years.

    Thanks for the link. Here’s one that I subscribe to, you may find it interesting if you’re not already a subscriber.

    You can also add Oprah to the mix of deceptive “religions” that attract the masses with their psuedo peace/love/etc.

    Thanks again. Blog on!

  15. drifter Says:

    people stop jumping the gun with all this bull…ig realise that methodist church wont pay so they try to make it look as if they r in control with a statement that they r writing offf the debt …i say bullshit….nothing will this ig will do will change the METHODIST OF FIJI AND ROTUMA..

  16. tosotiko Says:

    Actually the SDL government had offered and was in the process of writing off that debt. It realises that it is performing a much needed service to that community which consists mostly of cane farming communities. Then this illegal regime comes into power and strikes off that arrangement demanding the Church pays up.

    Now it’s done an about face hoping to curry favour with the Methodists to push its illegal charter thru. I hope that the Qase Levu and the talatalas see this for what it truly is…a desperate attempt at getting support. The Church elders must show these goons that writing off these debts is what any responsible government should have done anyway and the Church is in no way indebted to them for something they already had from theSDL govt.

  17. Striker Says:

    I believe the Methodists are fairm on the principle of rule of law, respect for the Constitution and election before April 2009. Last time I checked, they were fasting and praying for such principles. Yes, write off is the only way out.

  18. natewaprince Says:

    This was one of the first debts the regime was intent on collecting when the kitty began to dry up.Though they have saved money from cuts they made left ,right and center,this was one debt they realised they would not be able to collect.

    So I suppose it’s a face saving move on the part of the illegal regime.But let’s wait and see.

  19. Jose Says:

    @Islander, here is a line from that website

    “Unbekownst to the majority of people on earth, the creation of such an atmosphere has been well underway for many decades. It is only now, since the quest is virtually achieved, that the planners are going public. This is why organizations like the United Religions can gain so much influence so quickly. This explains why Pope John Paul 11 was willing to declare in 1994 that Muslims also have salvation. (See Catechism of the Catholic Church, pg.242-243) While this declaration is as untrue today as it was a few decades ago, times are different. Today, the declaration are applauded.

    Since the 1950’s, the United Nations, led by its visionary “Prophet”, Robert Muller, has been on a specific and premeditated course to unite the world’s religions. In his book, New Genesis: Shaping a Global Spirituality, Muller does not hide the agenda. He explains how his Catholic upbringing led him to ultimately embrace Bhuddhism, the atheistic religion of UN Secretary General U Thant who was his immediate superior at the UN for many years. Muller calls for a UN-led global government and global religion as mankind’s only hope.

    (didn’t someone say in here that Chaudary has joined an interfaith religious organisation and invited the president (Moon) of that organisation to come to Fiji but a leader of the churches here in Fiji had recognised their teaching as un-christian?) There has got to be a link somewhere.

  20. Frida Says:

    Iagree with Dauvavana – the government of the day must ensure that basic health services are made available to the people as one of its core services. The government is using the property and in basic business, the government should be paying rent/lease to the church. Otheriwse, government should maybe go and find another space for it to be able to offer basic health service to the people of Ba as a right they can claim and should get from government.

  21. Budhau Says:

    Striker wrote, “I believe the Methodists are fairm on the principle of rule of law, respect for the Constitution ……….. Last time I checked, they were fasting and praying for such principles.”

    Striker – you must be joking – the Methodist leadership has been behind all previous coups – this time it ain’t about rule of law and respect for the constitutions that they are fasting about – come on guy – they are fasting because the wrong guys pulled this coup – these Methodist guys would have thrown their weight behind another coup if it was done by the “right” people.

    ..and yes,the writing off of that is loan is surely an attempt to buy off the methodist Church – this IG is no position financially to be writing off such loans – the only reason they are doing this to get the Methodists on thier side – and guess what? This just might work.

  22. Jone Biutiviti Says:

    Oh Baby Budhau is here………….Still thinking like a baby………..I am sure that the leaders of the Methodist Church are not that stupid……..I’m sure that Baby will think them stupid………..Don’t worry Budhau. It is expected of a baby………To think that everybody else is stupid apart from them. Ohhhhh I just feel like pinching your cheeks……….Uuuuhhhhhh, aren’t they cute………….Come to papa, baby……………..You look just like your mother Mere Kuru………..Ohhhh this is goooooooooood!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Budhau Says:

    Yes Jone, the leaders of the methodist Church ain’t stupid – I agree.
    It idiots like you who are stupid – so go ahead, give some more money to the Methodist Church – because you god desperately needs money.

    Jone – you said something about your baby looking like his mother – not you – does the baby really look like the mother, or does he look more like the neighbour.

  24. Groggymaster Says:

    The $35,000 required of the Methodist church was a book entry to start off with. Writing the debt off is another book entry. This is what Chodo is good at – book entries. You know like the “book entry” from Haryana booked at bank in Aus that Chodo was surprised was in his name. Until FIRCA wanted to tax his “book entry” interest.
    Its the same way he’s been managing this country – when it’s over the country will be cashless but in surplus – “book entry” wise.
    Rural development funds have dried up, medical dept is out of drugs, roads cannot be repaired, the bus companies are now required to operate at a loss – but Chodo still believes the country is better off now than during SDL’s administration – . This is all because according to his “book entries” the govt budget is in surplus.

  25. Peace Pipe Says:

    It is govt obligation after all in provison of medical health care to Fiji citizens so what the big hoohah about a debt that shouldn’t have been in the first place. Its just another publicity stunt to twist people minds into thinking otherwise of the hidden agenda of this issue. Lets stay the course and tell our good Methodist friends to stay firm on the rule of law and abide with the constitution.

  26. Jone Biutiviti Says:

    Budhau….tch tch tch cth……such hurt soul……How is it possible for a human soul to be so hurt…poor thing.

    OK. Our God is not in need of money, never…….He owns the whole wide universe because he created it…..Get that into your thick thick dense head for goodness sake……..When I give to him, I don’t expect anything in return….He answers our prayer in his own good time.

    One last thing…… are the baby and who in the whole wide world gave you the idea that you were my baby…….I’d rather go blind……

  27. Budhau Says:

    Jone – I told you I have no soul and if I had one I will sell it.
    You talk about “human soul” – is their any other kind?
    God does not need money – you tell that to them Methodist Church leaders.

    ..and that writing those debt off, the Methodist Church, the $20 million to FHL and in todays news, some landowner types in Vanua Levu want their $100K water bill written off.

  28. natewaprince Says:

    Bud boci.

  29. george of sydney Says:

    Dauvavana and Frida are absolutely correct. Instead of demanding the repayment, the government should support and subsidise the cost of the operation of the hospital. Initially when Dr puppet Jona was the Health Minister, he initiated the move to force the church to repay the money. I believe everyone should appreciate the role of the church as defined in our history of promoting healthy living in Fiji. During those days people look upon church missionaries to provide the health care they need.
    Now politicians are finding it easy to condemn the church and not fully appreciate its contribution to the developments of health, education and other important areas of our life.
    The churches has done a lot for the people but is not publicly announced. Only God knows that. Thats the way it should be. The church is Gods representation in the world. This is the God who created heaven and earth. There are a lot of areas that public funds are proved to be misused by the government to the amount much more than the amount claimed to be owed by the church for a service which by right has to be the responsibility of the government in the first place.
    My advice to the government. WRITE OFF THE DEBT ASAP.

  30. Jone Biutiviti Says:

    Budhau…… you are so uninteresting with your so-called interest with everything that has to do with the Fijian people………Oh but maybe you have not realised that you have sold your soul to the devil…………Thats why you have no soul…………No wonder you don’t believe in God…….Well, let’s just ask God to have pity on your miserable self……..You are a MISERABLE, LONELY, PATHETIC, HURT, ABUSED and just downright USELESS human being…..It is clearly obvious from the way you attacked anything Fijian or rather….. anything…….Oh I get it!!!……..You must really feel threatened by the Fijians eh!!………Well, don’t blame anybody since it was your own fault………

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