Govt unhappy with EU meeting list

Bloggers, the illegal junta is not happy with some of the persons on the EU List!! So what’s new!! The EU are not dumb to let them fill in a blank cheque. They must be squirming and will want to bring in other lawyers, as if numbers will make a difference. It is not quantity, but quality the EU is after and SV thinks it will really be funny, if Chodo Jnr fights to get included.

SV, in line with the NCBBF’s recommendation that we be all called ‘Fijians’ strongly recommends that CHODO JNR be included in the EU List on behalf of the IG? What do you think ragone? 

01 JUL 2008

Fiji’s interim Government has reservations on certain people who are scheduled to meet with a European Union Expert mission that has arrived for consultations on the rule of law in Fiji.

The three-member team is expected to meet the interim Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum tomorrow morning as their first meeting.

The list of persons to meet the delegation include: Solicitor-General Christopher Pryde; Director of Public Prosecution Josaia Naigulevu; Public Service Commission chairman Rishi Ram; former AG Qoriniasi Bale; Constitutional lawyer Jon Apted; Fiji Human Rights Commission chairperson Dr Shaista Shameem; human rights activist Virisila Buadromo; Fiji Law Society president Isireli Fa, former Law Society president Grahamme Leung; former Vice President Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi; Suva lawyer Richard Naidu; suspended Chief Justice Daniel Fatiaki; Transparency International chairperson Suliana Siwatibau; human rights lawyer Imrana Jalal; Pacific Concerns Resource Centre’s Ema Tagicakibau; former President of the Court of Appeal Sir Moti Tikaram; former Resident Judge of Appeal Michael Scott; High Court judge Justice Nazhat Shameem; and Police Commissioner Esala Teleni.

Sayed-Khaiyum said the terms of reference (TOR) was the commitments given to EU under the Cotonou article number 96 concerning rule of law.

He told journalists at a press conference today that the visit was part of the EU Consultation to assess the rule of law situation on the Pacific island nation.

“We, of course, welcome the team. Most of the persons that have been listed are either litigants or representatives of litigants in current court matters before the Courts, even in the constitutional form or other form of redress and invariably against the State,” Sayed-Khaiyum said.    

“We do not have any issues with them meeting up with these persons but we believe that for an independent inquiry to be conducted, they need to meet persons who may be lawyers or representatives of litigants or litigants themselves on the other side to get a balance. This current list is not balanced,” he said.

Sayed-Khaiyum reiterated that the interim Government does not have a problem with the EU’s mission to meet various people in Fiji reasoning “we believe it will be good and very healthy”.

He however, said: “It’s just that we have an issue if a whole range of people are left…there are lots of other lawyers, senior lawyers who practice in Fiji and who can give their views but they are not reflected in this list”.

Sayed-Khaiyum said he was informed and assured that the list could be expanded and that further names could be added.

“So, like I said we welcome this visit by this mission and we hope that the list of persons they will meet in order to get a fair and accurate assessment of the rule of law in Fiji will be expanded,” he said.

The meetings are scheduled to begin on July 2 and conclude on July 15.



19 Responses to “Govt unhappy with EU meeting list”

  1. wailei Says:

    Good to see some of the die hard activist in there as well! YaDoh! Chodo Jnr is just a nobody.. Just go to hell mada. And stop crying for a lollipop you spoilt little brat you… You were not invited..

    I wish a was a fly in the wall for this meeting just to listen in!

  2. Bebenibogi Says:

    What a splendid and balanced list. If one was confident about their case to be put forward, I wouldn’t be whining. Unless there is fear of it bringing to light some incompetence and inconsistencies.
    @ Wailei – I agree, no lollipop for Chodo Jnr.

  3. newsfiji Says:

    Chodo Jnr can go to Haryana for his meeting their with Daddy dearest in tow..

  4. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    I disagree and would very much Chodo Jnr meet the EU as well, so they can see for themselves just what an idiot he is.

    I think the IR will never allow him to meet with them, because he will spill the beans or whatever else is left between his ears and expose them.

  5. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Did anybody note that the illegal cj gates is not on the list.

    I wonder why?

    You can just imagine their questions to this poor idiot.

    ” Why did you decide to join this illegal junta?’

    ” What monetary reward were you offered for taking up an illegal role.”

    ” Is it chaudopu$$ or hairyarse who appoints the new biased judges?’

  6. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    hairyarse might also like to invite back to Fiji all the expatriate judges who left Fiji because of the illegality and illogical behaviour of the jaundiced junta.

    I am sure that they would have some wonderful stories to tell the EU.

  7. painter Says:

    I think it’s a fairly well-balanced list, gives me hope that a couple of my favorite people are in there, minus we-all-know-who!

  8. Dauvavana Says:

    Yes put in the loose canon chodo junior to make him feel important but little soes he knwo what an idiot he is

  9. IslandBoy Says:

    I would have liked to see Shamima Ali, Ropate Qalo and Wadan Narsey on that list.

  10. Striker Says:

    The only unbalanced list of people I know are those running the IG and the goons who executed and supported the coup!

  11. soro Says:

    Hear hear Striker !!!

    Not only is the iIG Unbalanced , it is positively unhinged, nutso, batty, cuckoo and totally loopy ! Woilei , reminds me of their bosso !


  12. natewaprince Says:

    Nice list indeed.No wonder our ‘handsome’ AG has reservations.

    Tabaki toka ena TV o slack Arse na yakavi.So serious and business- like as if the universe revolved around him,blerry qauri bastard.

  13. Frida Says:

    What is this slack arse worried about of the people on the list? The way he was talking on TV – just shows how stupid he is – consulting the paper in front of him every minute. He might be worried that teleni, rishi ram and pryde are not good representatives of the illegal regime.

    No way – Chodo junior is a snake just like his father. never ever give him a chance for an audience with such experts. One can never tell which way his head will be coming out.

    If anyone on the list is reading this – one thing I would like to say: hold on to the purse strings until the election is done and a new government is in place.

  14. Peace Pipe Says:

    Its a good list of people for the meeting but my question is what happens after that. I know for sure there will lots of negatives for the illegal ig and heaps of positives for the anti ig. So what is the EU gonna do with the views that they collect from these meetings. The EU can’t demand that they return the govt to the rightful leaders can they? Anyone can see that the ig is illegal and so are all the newly created institutions and appointed personnel that come under it including the judiciary that was appointed after the coup. I am saying this because we had a UN visit last year but no report on the outcome of that visit was forthcoming. I know they will apply verbal and economical pressure but this ig is thick skinned they won’t even budge from their ill conceived position. Pretending to be smart ass iAG is a dumbass.

    First issue to raise with the delegation is when will the high court puppets make a ruling on Qarase’s court case. This is the ultimate travesty of justice in Fiji to date and is enough to form a final decision on the absence in the rule of law in Fiji.

  15. Groggymaster Says:

    Isn’t it great that the IG_AG thinks the EU list of people to interview is unbalanced and unfair.
    The IG undesireables are necessary so that the EU reps don’t come to the conclusion that all of Fiji’s bods are in the less than 75 IQ score range.
    Fatiaki, R Naidu, S Siwatibau actually counters the idiots on the IG side like C-eye Teleni, shaista Shameem, and heaven forbid the ethnical-ly (not racist) rabid R Chaudury. (I love the new term – who invented it? Ohh yes the delainabua green goons!!!!!!!)

  16. FijiGirl Says:

    They HAVE to meet Mick Beddoes!

    Mick – we know you read this blog – get yourself on that list!!

    God bless Fiji

  17. george of sydney Says:

    Aiarse is scared and very scared. Take you theory and concern and do the right thing. Shove it up your ar………

  18. Keep The Faith Says:

    Oilei bring out the violins for I-yarse. Just keep whinging because its gonna get you everywhere (not).

    The noose is tightening pretty boy.

    New Pressure On The Fiji Junta

    * July 3rd, 2008
    * Posted by Lee Duffield

    COMMENTARY: Things may be beginning to move quickly in the international campaign to get Fiji back to democratic government, though the military leader, Frank Bainimarama (picture), has continued to resist change.

    He has been able to negotiate the appointment of an Acting High Commissioner in Canberra, announced this week, but continues to face increasingly strong demands from outside partners, especially Australia and the European Union.


    The Australian Foreign Minister, Stephen Smith, said on Monday that an acting High Commissioner and a Consul general for Sydney had been agreed to, following the appointment of a Supervisor of Elections in Fiji.

    However the Minister was critical Commodore Bainimarama’s suspension of a consultation process with the Pacific Forum countries, and equivocation over a commitment to move towards elections by March next year.

    He has spoken of holding off those elections until a proposed “People’s Charter” was set up, with also delays for changes in the electoral system.

    “An election cannot be conditional upon progress on a political dialogue or other processes”, said Mr Smith.

    “Holding an election by March 2009 was Commodore Bainimarama’s faithful and unconditional commitment to Pacific leaders in October 2007.

    “Australia continues to urge him to honour that commitment.”


    The Commodore has been spoken to in the same terms by a senior European Union official, the Development Commissioner, Louis Michel.

    EUAustralia understands they met during the Food and Agriculture Organisation summit at Rome, early last month, and a reminder was issued, that the military government had given undertakings on the return to democracy, during a period of dialogue.

    The EU has invoked the possibility of cutting money for development cooperation, if military rule continues in the Pacific Islands country.


    It has conducted its talks with Fiji within the format of its Cotonou agreement involving countries from Africa, the Caribbean and Pacific Regions (ACP).

    EU officials and observers at Brussels have said that process, as an open forum, puts telling pressure on countries that fail in a commitment to democracy or human rights; and that it has been more effective with Fiji than current efforts by Australia or New Zealand.

    For its part the Australian government has been calling on the good offices of government leaders in Papua New Guinea and Tonga.


    The EU’s stance has become firmer now at the bi-lateral level, with the direct initiative by Commissioner Michel.

    He is said to have responded to arguments by the military commander that “good governance” was more important than aid, by telling him that would be left to his judgment, but the reason for any aid cuts would be made public – with imaginable political impacts within Fiji.

    Mr Michel also dismissed criticism by Commodore Bainimarama of the deposed, elected Fiji Prime Minister, Laisenia Qarase, as justification for his coup d’etat; he said it was not for the armed forces to judge whether that government had been abusing its power.

    Mr Qarase had been legitimately elected; the Bainimarama regime, the current interim government, was not legitimate, and was seen that way throughout the world.

    Like the Australian Minister, the European Commissioner said the military government had one option, to honour the commitment it made to hold free elections.


    Dressing-down of military usurpers by democratic leaders, and withholding of recognition, itself usually cannot force them out of power, but that, combined with money, or withdrawal of money, might.

    The European Union has been preparing to squeeze revenues for Fiji, by blocking compensation payments to the country, for a reduction of prices paid for its prime export product, sugar, under the ACP agreement.

    Ministers form the interim government have been urgently arguing against that measure, but may have to face up to it sooner rather than later if they back away from going to the people, in internationally sanctioned elections.

    The Bainimarama coup d’etat, the third in Fiji since 1980, took place in December 2006.


    Full text of the media release from Stephen Smith, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Canberra, 30.6.08:

    Government Agrees to Acting High Commissioner for Fiji

    The Australian Government has today notified the Fiji Interim Government of its agreement to the appointment of an Acting High Commissioner in Canberra and a Consul-General in Sydney.

    The appointment is designed to improve diplomatic communication between Australia and Fiji and follows on from the recall, by the Interim Government of Fiji, of its previous High Commissioner from Australia in July 2007.

    The Government welcomes the recent appointment of a Supervisor of Elections by the Fiji Interim Government. This was an undertaking given to the Pacific Island Forum Foreign Ministers meeting in Auckland in March this year. The Government has previously indicated to Fiji that progress on this front would be a consideration in the appointment of an Acting High Commissioner.

    In coming to this decision very serious consideration has been placed on to the views of Prime Minister Somare of Papua New Guinea and Prime Minister Sevele of Tonga, senior statesmen in the Pacific and friends of both Australia and Fiji.

    Despite these positive developments, the Government remains very concerned about the situation in Fiji and recent statements by Commodore Bainimarama.

    This includes indications from Commodore Bainimarama that an election will not take place until the regime’s People’s Charter is in place and that an election could be delayed by his plans to change Fiji’s electoral system.

    The Government is also disappointed that Bainimarama has decided to suspend the Interim Government’s engagement in the Forum-Fiji Joint Working Group.

    A further death threat delivered to our High Commission in Suva is another disturbing development. We have again urged the Fiji Interim Government to agree to our request for the deployment of unarmed Australia Federal Police personnel to provide close personal protection and for additional security protection from the Fiji police.

    Australia, with its Forum partners, remains committed to assisting Fiji to return to democracy and the rule of law by means of a democratic election by March 2009.

    Australia recognises that, in addition to an election, a political dialogue, without any preconditions, is vital to address Fiji’s long-term issues and encourage lasting national reconciliation and stability.

    Australia welcomed the fact that Commodore Bainimarama held meetings with ousted Prime Minister Qarase on 19 May and 17 June. Australia urges all Fiji’s leaders to engage in a constructive dialogue on their country’s future.

    However, an election cannot be conditional upon progress on a political dialogue or other processes. Holding an election by March 2009 was Commodore Bainimarama’s faithful and unconditional commitment to Pacific leaders in October 2007.

    Australia continues to urge him to honour that commitment.

  19. natewaprince Says:

    Nice reading KTF.

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