List C

Recently I stumble across some false accusation by Budhau and also on local media by Akuila Yabaki on a so called list of Taukei Lawyers that advised Qarase after the coup of 2000. In it, they were trying to paint our regular contributor Tui Savu as one of those in the list. In other words they were trying to portray Tui as a hypocrite who supported the 2000 coup but not the 2006.

Well for those of you pursuing that course of action, I just want to state that there is a third list, known as the truth by the majority of citizens of our beloved country and it’s call List C. Those Taukei Lawyer that did not back the coup of 2000 and also 1987 and now 2006 made it on List C.

List C:

Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi

Tupou Draunidalo

Tui Savu.

and many faceless ones that are against the coup in the background.




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  1. natewaprince Says:

    There’s another list. It contains the names of wannabe lawyers who have nothing better to do than rant and rave and basically make a niusance of themselves.I call it List D.

    Three names that appear on it are:

    * Slack Arse Khaiyum (aka handsome cici piqi)

    * Junior Snake (aka gata leka koya kaca toka na yadrena)

    * Budhaus Bocikulinas (aka the pest)

  2. bigtest Says:

    also G.P. Lala, author of 2006 general election report

  3. Ispy Says:

    GP Lala is the brother in law of Judge Pathik.

    He alsothe real brother of Padam Lala (new Indian director of Fijian Holdings).

    GP Lala was close friend of Rt Mara and is therefore close to Mara children.

    Old politics… new players!

  4. Tim Says:

    cici piqi was just bleating the “neo-colonialism” routine again on Radio New Zealand.
    To my mind, none of them can adequately explain why they are not comfortable with travel bans, which they were warned of before they began the pantomime, cos it smacks of neo-colonialism, yet they’re overwhelmed with joy at Indian, Chinese or any other imperialism.
    Their latest tactic is to try a divide and rule tactic between OZ/NZ and the E.U / other Pac Forum members.
    Nor have they explained why they need to travel in order the fulfill the obligations they promised everyone.

  5. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    The word around Australian foreign affairs in Canberra on the weekend is that Aust and NZ next week will propose a RAMSI style intervention in Fiji.

    The word is that they don’t want Fiji to continue on the same path to ruin as Zimbabwe.

    If this is true, then it should be an interesting meeting of foreign affairs ministers [plus an illegal one] in Fiji next month.

    I wonder how the military ‘strongman’ will react when he is told that he has ruined Fiji and he needs help?

  6. Tim Says:

    He’ll react by saying “ya jus dunn unna Stan”.

  7. Lau Lass Says:

    The Lala Bros. own Lotus Garments, that supplied the $3. mil supplies to the army, aopproved by Telenitoa. Whether the order was really worth that amount ?????? Maybe Telenitoa got a slice of that $3 mill. ?????

  8. Koya na Man Says:

    I hope guys that good sense will prevail on this issue,as lawyers you might not be able to turn your back when approached for advise.

    For e.g. a Doctor will still have to treat a criminal the same way he treats the others, they can’t offer any less.A technical issue indeed when handle with enthusiasm might cause biasness and seen to be more one sided rather then to manouver within the frame work of the law.

    Regardless of which side a lawyer takes they should refrain from letting their emotions overtake them in any given situation.

  9. LUVfiji Says:

    @ exFT. That is great news, if it is true. We need intervention now more than ever before.

    As for Zimbabwe, they have another 5 disastrous years with Mugabe now “sworn” in for a further term as president. Sure, we dont want to go down that path. And I would think Aust and NZ have every right to be concerned with the amount of aid they have poured in towards our development.

    Again I say, I hope it is true! Dou ia mai!

  10. Budhau Says:

    Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi had a great career, an independent thinker, little to do with politics.
    Tupou Draunidalo’s background shows that besides being a political activist and good lawyer, she never had anything to do with the SDL.

    Now, Kutu are you trying to put Tui Savu in that same league. BTW, does Savu deny any connections with the SDL in the past?

    All I did was take issue with the “clean hands” argument that Tui Savu put forward – and in relation to that I questioned whether Qarase had “clean hands” to go to court and asked for justice – that same court that had ruled that the Qarase interim government was unconstitutional and that reinstated the 1997 constitution.

    Qarase thumbed his nose at the court’s decision back then, why should we expect anything different from this interim government.

    How come Mr. Savu conveniently failed to address this issue when he presented his “clean hands” argument.
    Can this C list be independently verified or is this something that one of you came up with.

    Savu seems to be very vocal about the rule of law and all that – is there any reason why he may not have been that vocal back then.

    These are legitimate questions.

  11. Wailei! Says:

    @ Ex F.Tourist.. could the below be it?

    How stupid can the military be: If you threaten a representative of like the High Commissioner, they are basically threatening the Australian Government and its people!

    From Fiji Live

    Third death threat, envoy overseas
    30 JUN 2008
    Australian High Commissioner James Batley left for Australia last Saturday after he received a third death threat letter the previous day.

    Police Director Operations SSP Waisea Tabakau told Fijilive that Batley’s departure had nothing to do with the threat because he had been planning the trip for a while.

    He said police were investigating the threat.

    SSP Tabakau said the letter has the same content as the two previous ones and this time it has been sent by post.

    He said the matter had been taken care of and could not reveal when Batley would return from his trip.

    Police are yet to solve the two earlier death threats Batley received.

  12. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Wailei, maybe.

    I am sure that foreign affairs minister Smith would want to hear from James Batley over coffee to hear the exact nature of the stupidity of the jaundiced junta.

    He would want to find out all of the details of the excesses of bananasinpyjamas that Batley would not be able to send by normal mail or email.

    Smith would also want to find out about bananasinpyjamas’ madness so that he can be prepared for when he has to meet him.

  13. Ablaze Says:

    If we had these people governing the nation, OH WHAT A WONDERFUL PEACEFUL PLACE FIJI WOULD ONCE AGAIN BECOME.


  14. Dauvavana Says:

    Ghandoodhau you questios will be answered when you’re man enough like Tui to reveal your true identity

  15. Mark Manning Says:

    When good men do nothing , evil succeeds !
    But the people on the C list , are the good men who have done something and more power to them for that !
    I’m starting a “p” list of my own and Frank is the 1st. one on my list . The “p” stands for poo !

  16. Budhau Says:

    Duana – you idiot – the questions have nothing do with me – If idiots like you have asked those same questions back then – you won’t be in this shit today – and if you don’t get this thru your thick head soon, you would be paying the price for this for generations – you dumbass.

    Qarase now want this court to declare what Bainimarama did is unconstitutional – the same court had earlier declared that Qarase’s interim government was unconstitutional.

    BTW – regardless of what the court says – the problem ain’t gonna be solved.

    Duana – you seem be one of the dumbest regulars in here – why did you get one of those FAB scholarships through connections.

  17. tim Says:

    @ EFT – you got it. Coffee and bikkies. last time I suggested something similar, this poster called Budhau said something about highly qualified advisors keeping them informed. Trouble is he misinterpreted my intent entirely. There is a difference from taking advice from those in the “club”, those “on the ground”, and indeed from those actually experiencing hardship. But rest assured, they’ve all got Frank’s number – which is what he doesn’t like very much.
    By the way – it took me a while to figure out who the hell this “Stan” fella Frank keeps talking about was. As in “you jus dunn unna Stan”. I must be one of those Australian and New Zealand neo-colonialists. Frank’s Stan is of course “Fiji-Stan”, of Paki, Uzbeki, Afgani, and Kyrziki fame.

  18. Dauvavana Says:

    Gandoodhau you idiot

    did you get one of those Government scholarship from Multi Ethnic s through bribery or you mother opened her leg to George Shiu Raj

    Yu the one that started the List A, List B so answer the f^%&king question and be a man not a dog

  19. Budhau Says:

    No Duana – I never got a scholarship – I just took a student loan and never paid it back – too much competition from good students and Indians (muslims) with SDL connections.

    So Duana – how come you are such no school idiot – anyone with half brain could get a scholarship –

  20. Dauvavana Says:

    So Gandoodhau is not only a prick but a thief to who got a government loan and never paid it back

    So was George Shiu Raj a good f%&^k or not??? What did your mama think?

  21. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ Budhau,

    you absconded?

  22. Dauvavana Says:

    Yes Nikhil Singh absconded to australia without paying his student loan

    and see how he generalises on muslims.

    Gandoohau does that include the Ahmadiyas?

  23. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ Dauvanavana, I reiterate what I said before in the blog ‘Let’s just do it’ about Budhau’s symptoms:

    ‘Dauvanavana, as for your question (JW what is the medical diagnostic term for a smallish peniled, mentally challenged, attention seeking, dilusionary creep?), the symptoms you mention is quite common. For instance, it is rampant in Zimbabwe, Thailand, Pakistan, China, etc.

    I seriously hope Dauvanavana, you weren’t implying Budhau’s got it?

    Because if you are, then Budhau, I accept your rejecting my free medical assistance because if Dauvanavana is correct, that your condition is much more serious than what I thought.

    BTW Dauvanavana, the symptoms you mention are quite contagious and I have it on good authority, it is also rampant in Fiji.

    This virus can only be passed through sexual intercourse, very much like the Aids virus, although the HIV strand can also be passed through blood transfusion, but not the one you mention.

    The virus, for some unknown reason does not enter the bloodstream, like all other virus known to medicine, but survives only on the infected persons sexual organs and is passed during penetration.

    However, the one positive thing in Fiji my peers tell me Dauvanavana, is that at this time it is still localised, namely at the QEB in Nabua and within the illegal junta.

    Thank goodness for that because Fiji simply certainly cannot afford another epidemic in light of our current political and economic climate.’

  24. Budhau Says:

    JW – as for the creative writing, very phunny – but don’t quit your day job yet, the medically related one.

    As for your “the symptoms you mention are quite contagious ” – I thought you were in medical field.

    JW – with all you medical expertise, you might want to check Rambo (Mr Chairman – he might have been the one that infected that group also – them big Kahuna group) for that virus that you have been talking about – I think he is the one that introduced it to the country – and can it spread through public toilets in golf courses.

    Yeah man – I never pay back my student loan – very, very bad – BTW, go check and see how many of those Fijian elite who take out a student loan – or for that matter, any other loan and never pay back.

    Got you guys going in circles.
    JW can you ask your lawyer buddy when the statute of limitation runs out on student loans (breach of contract) – so I can then plan a trip back to Fiji.
    I could use the argument “yes I owed the money but the statute of limitation ran out.”

    Just like “yes the coup was unconstitutional but necessity doctrine applies.

    Duana – you still an idiot.

  25. tosotiko Says:

    Oh correct me if I am wrong but I thought that after the ruling on Qarase’s Interim government, the option was given to reinstate the Labour government by the President but Chaudhary opted for elections.

    It is not nice to deliberately misconstrue facts to spread false information.
    Infact it is immoral, if you ask me. Let’s continue to blog inorder to establish the truth from the myriads of half-truths, white lies etc, etc that are doing rounds in our country.

  26. Dauvavana Says:

    Gandooodhau you are in idiot and a good one at that

  27. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ Budhau,

    since I’ve accepted your rejection of my free medical assistance, I really don’t know who else would want to extend any assistance to you, now that you have publicly admitted to absconding to repay your student loan.

    Sorry, man but you will have to find a lawyer and pay for that advise.

  28. Jamesa Says:

    @ everyone

    Don’t bait the Budhau or it will continue on and on about nothing – then it drags you into doing it and then everyone has to read it.

    Tosotiko makes a very valid point – and something that needs to be addressed by the ‘Gandooodhau’ (I do like that name).

    @ Budhau

    You accuse the past government of hypocrisy. You have also (wilfully?) misconstrued the findings of the High Court of Fiji in that matter.

    How do you explain the level of international condemnation for the current government’s actions and stance?

    I also note that the Military Regime has wilfully ignored the findings of the High court and the lower courts on at least two occasions that I can think of off the top of my head – notwithstanding the fact that they have corrupted the judiciary and executive, appointed their own family, appointed their friends and appointed their own staff (military officers no less!) to positions of power at their own choosing and without any consideration for law or due process.

    Hypocrisy may be argued ad infinitum by the opponents of the elected Qarase Government.

    However, there is no sound evidence for the allegations of ‘corruption’ nor for the offences that those appointed are to face charges for.

    Hypocrisy is the watchcry of this Military Regime. Corruption is what they are – their ‘clean up campaign’ need go no further than their own tents and barrack latrines.


  29. Mossad Says:

    @ Budhau, if your talking about the Chandrika Prasad case, we all know what transpired after that. Qarase advised the President of the outcome and was ordered to recall the Choro govt……However, Choro anticipating a vote of no confidence on the resumption of parliament prefered to take his chances on an election which he LOST fair and square……So cut the BS……Qarase did comply, but Choro choose the election……….

  30. natewaprince Says:

    O Duana ga ,o Budd.Bogi nikua mo drau ‘make-up’ mada kerekere.Duana,nanuma tiko na nomu vosa ni bubului vei talatala.

  31. Dauvavana Says:

    nP drau fire kei Butt

  32. painter Says:

    Agree with Jamesa. Let’s not dwell too long on distractions that only serve to keep us contained us within the cyberspace.

    I want all this blogging that we’ve been at for almost 2 years now, to manifest in a more tangible way(s) and that would be much more effective in hastening the destruction of the military junta.

    I guess everyone is in agreement with peaceful, public demonstrations so let’s discuss that more. We could write to credible and outspoken leaders like Mick Beddoes, Pramod Rae, Rt Joni, Tupou Draunidalo, Tupeni Baba, NGO leaders Shamima Ali and Virisila Buadromo, etc and legit PM Qarase who can rally his party and supporters in no time by just taking that step forward.

    99% of planet earth inhabitants want the military junta gone but they’re waiting for us here in Fiji to take that 1st step and create the conditions for them to step in and help us. I’m sick and tired of dealing with these thieves/murderers.. but I’m still short of blasting their faces off at point- blank! So… ??

  33. D.list Says:

    How about a d list for freedom bloggers to declare death sentence (Fatwa) on all thugs and their supporters in the Illegal Interim Regime.

  34. Budhau Says:

    After the court had declared the Qarase government unconstitutional – the right thing for the President and for Qarase to do was to return the Chaudary government to power. If there was any internal conflict within the FLP, and there sure was, let Chaudary face a vote of no-confidence and bring down the FLP government constitutionally.
    But no – Qarase, the president and the Fijian leadership were more concerned about how to keep out Chaudary.
    They started of with Baba and the idea of a government of National Unity – but the rebels within the FLP could not take out Chaudary.
    The unconstitutional President – by this time within 15 days had the GCC reappoint him to get around the constitutional issue.
    After totally frustration Chaudary – not installing the FLP government – and attempting to get a FLP – where non FLP would have supported Baba – Chaudary, only then offered the president the dissolution of parliament.

    The parliament was dissolved to calm down the Fijians and keep Chaudary out. .

    When the parliament was dissolved why wasn’t Chaudary given the post of “caretaker” PM until elections. The president made Qarase the caretaker PM – from the Interim PM – thus giving Qarase the advantage of incumbency.
    After the Chandrika Prasad case had declared the Qarase government unconstitutional – they should have just reinstated the Chaudary/FLP government. If there was a split in the FLP – let them have a vote in parliament, and the President could have then called for an election.

    BTW – on a side not – our boy Savu is complaining about how long it is taking the court to make a decision on this case this time – did he complain when Qarase was in power and the court took so much time to decide on the Chandrika Prasad Case.

    Mossad – get your facts right.

  35. Jone Biutiviti Says:

    Bhudhau, you piece of insignificant poo. Get you own blogsite and start shouting from there. At least Tui Savu is showing on this blog who he really is while you are hiding behind a name as stupid as it sounds. Why? Are you so tainted yourself, you fear of being publicly criticized? Or by revealing your true identity will render all your arguments as stupid as they already are? Get real woman!!!!!! BTW even calling you a woman brings disrepute to the female species of the human race.

    You are really having a good time trembling on Tui Savu’s good name. Reveal yourself and we will tremble on your very being, insignificant bastard.

  36. Budhau Says:

    Jone Biutiviti – you idiot – how many times do I have to tell you that is does not matter who I am – and if you feel good about calling me “a piece of insignificant poo”, that is perfectly fine with me. Anyway, while statements like that does not say much about me – it definitely says a lot about you.

    getting back to the issue – do you now understand when and why Chaduary had asked President Iloilo and the reasons why he did it.

    BTW – Jone was you said, I am someone insignificant – since you sound so macho why don’t you go do your “trembling” on some significant folks like FB and the IG – that will really prove to us that you do have the balls.

    Now, next time may be Tui Savu would write a good piece in here – and BTW there is a lot that can be said about this illegal, illegitimate regime – it is just that you guys need to find some folks who can make better arguments.

    Folks shouldn’t come up with some silly ass argument as why the court is taking so long to decide – for that one just has to look at the Chandrika Prasad case and figure out that that case also took almost as long.

    People who post in here are not the issue (generally speaking), it is what they have to say – you want to take issue with that.

  37. natewaprince Says:

    Hmmmmmmmmmmm………………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!,sala kuta.

  38. Dauvavana Says:

    nP so nomu chnace saraga qo fire taki koya 🙂

  39. Jone Biutiviti Says:

    No no no no no Bhudhau!!!!!!………You just don’t get it. Gosh you are so thick……..We don’t need your bullshit comments…….We just need your true identity, you coward………Want to be taken seriously, tell us who you really are and be a man for a change…….You sound like a person with a wounded soul……….God have mercy on your poor soul!!!!!!!!!!………..No matter how hard you try to justify your comments and your stupid ideas, if you don’t tell us who you really are like what Tui Savu is doing (God bless his soul), we will just play soccer with you here. That is not hard since you want to comment on everything that is posted here………You must be very well informed but then again…….budhaaaaaaaaaaaaa……do we look impressed? Compared to Tui Savu, you are a faggot…….oh but then it will be an insult to the faggots for you to be classed as them….You low down scum!!!!!!!!!!

  40. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Budhau – You must know what a Bihar is then!!

    Below are excerpts from a Jihad website.

    Volleti dont worry India is not the only country with Hindu majority.
    Nepal,Fiji,Trinidad,Guyana,Suriname,Mauritius are also Hindu majority countries…. 🙂
    Posted by: Vikrant_Camberleykar at July 3, 2005 11:13 AM
    Vikrant_Camberleykar suggests Indian textbooks are dhimmitudinally redacted. I would think the Hindu nationalists would very noisily object to this.
    He elsewhere comments:
    Nepal,Fiji,Trinidad,Guyana,Suriname,Mauritius are also Hindu majority countries…. :).
    In the case of Fiji, the native Polynesians rose up and denied the now-majority immigrant population of Hindus their political rights (and the Hindus were in fact planning on depriving the Fijians of their traditional rights). This is a messy leftover of British colonialism, where they imported cheap Indian labor.
    Posted by: Loxias at July 3, 2005 3:00 PM

  41. natewaprince Says:

    Wailei o Duana.Bud ,what’s a ”duana”???????????????????

  42. Budhau Says:

    Jone Biutivit – you are an idiot – it is the message and not the messenger, you dumbass.

    “Compared with Tui Savu” I am a faggot. what kinda comarison is that you idiot – beside being a racist, do you have something against gay people.

    a-N – “what a Bihar” – I think you mean a Behari – a person from Bihar.
    Listen a-N you find all kinda crap on the internet.

    NP – it is “sala Kutta” with two “t”s

    hey Jone – this is your “a piece of insignificant poo”, the “low down scum” – such name calling and all that – I think people usually give up such behavior at around 12 or so.

    BTW – why do you want God to have mercy on my soul – does that make you feel good when you say such things.
    Listen dude – there ain’t no God, and I have no soul – comprende.

  43. Soul of Fiji Says:

    People you can’t win any arguement with an IDIOT because he will beat you with experience (experience as an idiot)

  44. Adi Kaila Says:

    sa bai manumanu soni mai okoya. qori e baleta ni sa yavu nona boci ena vakatavevelo vakalialia dou cakava tiko.

    cheap thrills tiko vua!

  45. wailei Says:

    hahahaha.. @! Ak Ouch!

  46. XY546 Says:

    You said:”Listen dude – there ain’t no God, and I have no soul .”
    Yes you’re an ape conceived in a hurry out of sodomy…..

  47. Jone Biutiviti Says:

    Oh well, Bhudhau…….When you say there is no God, I think I will rest my case here…….You see, you should thank our God that things are as they are now……….We True Native Fijians have changed quite alot (in fact, much much more than any civilized people of those times would have thought) from our cannibalism days. It was due to our change in Gods……From the pagan Gods to our loving Christian God………Thanks to him, we are now a very hopitable, friendly, enduring and kind people…..Thanks to him, we are no longer a bloodthirsty, cannibalistic race that would dearly love to feast on every one of your kind living in Fiji Bhudhau……..It was our hospitability that enabled your race to remain in Fiji at the end of the girmit era. If it wasn’t for the God we chose to worship, even if your forefathers were given the choice to stay in Fiji, they would not remain just for a day because our forefathers would have made it their business to have a huge solevu with all the meat readily available…….uuuugggghhh……Imagine the taste………..We have seen the light Bhudhau…….Try and make it your business to see it too. Maybe it will heal your wounded soul………Yes Budhau, you really do have a soul……..I will always ask my God to ask your God to bless your soul.

    Oh and BTW, it is still the messenger, not the message……..My God, you are so thick!!!!!!!!!!! Honestly!!!!!!………..Anyway, you are just a Baby…..Oh there, you pooed again….Bad Baby.

  48. Budhau Says:

    Jone Biutiviti – you try and figure out the logic of this:

    You say that “you should thank our God that things are as they are now..”

    Whats this with “our God” crap – so you think we have different Gods – your God and my God. And then there was those Gods that you guys had before you converted to Christianity, then there is my neighbour who prays to “Baba Po Sey Thee” and thinks he is god.

    Man we have all kinds of Gods.

    So Jone – are you talking about gods or religions? – because I thought that there was only one God.

    Hey dude, if you want to believe that there is some invisible man in the sky watching everything you do, every minute of every day – that is your problem .and according to the Methodist Church – that dude in the sky needs money.

    And if you make one wrong move, you will burn in some place created by Him – with fire and smoke and all kinda crap.

    I actually tried believing in that – and then saw the light, but unlike you I said holy shit – this world is really fucked up, and if this is what God does – I am not impressed.

    You see Jone – I don’t give a shit about God – and I think God doesn’t give a shit about me either (or for that matter I don’t think she gives a shit about you too).

    Just in case you get pissed off about what I just said – “Well, it’s God’s will.” So if gods gonna do what he is gonna do – why should I bother with God.

    So Jone how about this – you pray to your God to strike Budhau dead!

    OK I am waiting

    See? Nothing happened.

    (Oh and BTW your last remark – “Oh there, you pooed again….Bad Baby.” -my little nephew – all he knows is moo and poo – and he is a great baby. You see Jone first try an figure things about this world.)

  49. Wailei Says:

    Budhau have you watched: ‘Zeitgeist? lol..

  50. Dauvavana Says:

    Why do you people bother with Nikhil Singh Gandoodhau the biggest arsehole living in Australia and working at $18 an hour as a arse sniffer in Redfern

  51. Jone Biutiviti Says:

    Oh!!! there you go again with your confused self Budhau…..Which God are you actually serving since you don’t believe in God………My goodness, you ARE confused!!!!!!…….Man this is not good…….You see, I believe there is a living God. You admitted that when you say that there is only one God…..You see, unconsciously, deep within your unbelieving soul, you know and believe that there is a God……A one true God, the creator of the universe and everything in it….That is the true Christian God……And this God really cares not only for me but for your sorry soul too……God makes me to be able to accept everything that comes my way, God or bad, because everything that happens in this world is God’s plan and it has a reason. Not your reason and not my reason but Gods reason……That is why I am able to accept everything you are throwing in my way and don’t get pissed. And for you to tell me to pray to God to strike you dead…..Oh man you ARE confused and thick……My God loves your poor soul and even if I pray to him to strike you dead, he will never do it because you are as avluable to him as his many angels……Think about it Budhau…….Why do you think we are a very accomodating people. Because our God, the true God is a very accomodating God.

    OK Budhau…one thing I’m not getting here…..How can you have a nephew and know how it is a great baby when you are still a baby yourself? You ARE confused……….TAVALE LEVU!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Budhau Says:

    Jone Biutiviti – You idiot. So lets see who is confused.

    You first argument should be “there is but one God”.

    All you religious idiots should take that stand first – that their is one God and that god our is THE god. None of this crap about Christian God, Hindu God or Muslim God.

    ..and that living God that you believe in – that is Me, and if you want to send me some money directly, and not through the methodist Church – I can give you my bank account number in Sydney.

    Don’t give me that crap about God cares about you and me – may she should care about those kids in Dafur or something – you are I are OK.

    Finally Jone – maybe you should have gone to school.

    Here is your homework for today. You wrote, “OK Budhau…one thing I’m not getting here…..How can you have a nephew and know how it is a great baby when you are still a baby yourself? You ARE confused……….TAVALE LEVU!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    Lets see if you can figure this one out, “Can a baby have a nephew.”

  53. Dauvavana Says:

    NP sa rairai baci nomudrau gauna beka ni destress kei Gandoodhau 🙂 🙂

  54. natewaprince Says:


  55. Jone Biutiviti Says:

    Budhau………………going, going, going, gone…………You are gone Budhau…………….You are GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……………1 + 1 = ?…………..Get my point? Of course not…………..I got you there and you didn’t even know it……..You were raving like a mad man back there……Man!!!!!!!! You are confused to the point of insanity……….You got blinded by your hate and it is obvious……..All the time I thought I was talking with an adult…But the last line there really took the cake………I really think that you have lost it…………You see, it’s a mind game and you lost really bad………….Anyway bye bye Baby….See you next time.

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