Interim Attorney General puts Mircosoft on Notice!!!!!

Bloggers, Bill Gates and Microsoft should take heed because Ayarse has not put them on Notice! The SV Teams is really concerned that Microsoft may not be able to withstand the legal onslaught of our legal eagles like: Ayarse, Pryde, Aziz, Mataitoga, Shameems x 2, Scutt, Gates, Pathick, Byrnes, etc.
SV foresees Microsoft settling out of court for billions because it will not be able to stand up to their legal experience and skills. You just need to look at Ayarse’s new look pictured below to see how serious they are taking it and hoping the world media will stoop down on Fiji and get their story.
Bloggers, any advice for poor dear Microsoft?

Monday, June 30, 2008


Interim Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum has put Microsoft Corporation on notice over the use of the word ‘Fiji’ in a new operating system. Taken from / By: File Photo

Interim Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum has put Microsoft Corporation on notice over the use of the word ‘Fiji’ in a new operating system.
In a letter to Microsoft owner Bill Gates, Sayed-Khaiyum says government asserts its absolute ownership over the use of the word ‘Fiji’ and reserves all its rights under all relevant laws to protect and defend the use of the word ‘Fiji.’

He says government unreservedly objects to the use of the word ‘Fiji’ and he has instructed Microsoft to immediately cease and desist with any use of the word ‘Fiji’ in relation to its products now or in the future.

Sayed-Khaiyum adds not withstanding government’s objection and without prejudice to any of its rights government is prepared to enter into talks with Microsoft Corporation on the issue.

Fiji Broadcasting Corporation



41 Responses to “Interim Attorney General puts Mircosoft on Notice!!!!!”

  1. Wailei! Says:

    Oilei, They just want the money the blerry broke government. I find it cool that Microsoft even thought of using the name Fiji it would be good for Fiji especially, with the promotion of the name.

    What legal eagle?(Hell Microsoft could have used Tahiti or some other place names). They got the money, power and politicians to back them up. With their high powered attorneys if they wanted TOO. We just nearly killed ourselves laughing with this news. How stupid can one be.. Which would mean any English Noun like Rewa “Rice”, Milk etc., should sue the Fiji Government for using such words by any Western Country.

  2. Say True! Says:

    Oh No please dont Ayrse – they’ll be no case to answer and if they counter sue they’ll bankrupt Fiji. Their profits (after tax) alone is more than the entire Fiji Budget. And they only have about 1000 corporate lawyers. Please all Fiji IG lawyers to repeat 1st year law. Smartarse – try to pull a quick one on them and they’ll fuck you up big time. Fukin dickheads. Arrogant tinpots. You will pay you pricks. Fiji just lost a Golden opportunity. Bloody bunch of 1st year apprentices – learning on the job. Fuck off and leave the country alone. NP – any space in the middle of Natewa Bay, under a concrete slab, with a monument coming out of the water in the IGs memory for later.

  3. Wailei! Says:

    Say True.. Amen to that!

  4. aubatinuku-N Says:

    We don’t have the $$ needed to sue the corporate giant!
    Just let it slide, let it slide!!

  5. Tebara Says:

    Laughable bunch of NUMBSKULLS !!

    Hello Operator … Alpha Lima Alpha Lima … Please take India and its subjects home to roost for surely Fiji is not their point of origin … OVER …!!

  6. Wailei! Says:

    hahaha@ Tebara.. You Funny… 🙂

  7. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Maybe they used ‘Fiji’ as a code when developing new software because, like windows, Fiji is unstable, keeps crashing and has to re-started frequently.

  8. buna Says:

    wailei ko tu na ka yaga me ra cakava eke ra laki qisoraka na bure ni vi e na ka sega na betena vei ira kei keda.
    Thanks SV team for keeping us posted, it’s no mean feat and you guys do a great job.

  9. natewaprince Says:

    What a bunch of dickheads.Yeah,the govt may have absolute ownership of the name ”Fiji”,but not this illegal regime,blerry bocis.

    Our slack arse AG is a big f****n joke,tamata cici piqi,(kila ga o Vore)

    Say True,it’s an insult to the marine life in the bay to expect them to feed on such trash.And we don’t want to pollute our waters with this junk.

    Better to take them to the new dump in Naboro for recycling.The pig could be recycled back into a bedpan. Khaiyum could come back as a condom for our Korean fishermen.Shyster could come back as an adult diaper and the two Evelis can become toilet paper.

  10. Save the Sheep Says:

    Microsoft should be ashamed of themselves for doing something that could only help raise further the profile of Fiji.

    They should have known that these idiots wouldn’t appreciate it and try their extraordinary legal logic on them.

    Shame on Microsoft for their lack of for-thought.

    I am sure that their legal teams are all a quiver at the thought of the challenge of Fiji Interim Legal Force. Now I am sure this probably also led to Bill Gates early retirement and will probably ensure that Fiji gets none of the Billions that he is throwing around for philanthropic benefit…

  11. IslandBoy Says:

    Hi Guys – I’m with my relative aubatinuku-N on this one, lets just let it slide, let this puppy go.

    If you want to engage Aiyarse in a discussion of his true value on the international stage you are assuming he has a sense of humility and a sense of proportion to realise the less than zero effect of his actions on Microsoft.

    He just doesn’t have that kind of a teachable spirit, so lets move on.

  12. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Microsoft was lucky they dropped the ‘Fiji’, otherwise, we would have been shamed to extinction, with our super lawyers showing absolutely nothing, being supported by the likes of Budhau and gang.

    Iso sara!

  13. Groggymaster Says:

    Not having contributed in any significant way to development of next generation MS platform, (other than rampant piracy thereof) we should be happy that MS wants to name the platform after Fiji. Perhaps because there are some attributes (we’re only speculating here) like blue skies, clean beaches, friendliness of fiji people that they want to associate with the marketing of the new platform. Which is wonderful for us from a publicity point of view, at no cost, unless of course the new platform turns out to be a dud.
    The AG should only ask that MS assure the Fiji Govt that the new platform does not embarass them and us, and does not denigrate the name Fiji in anyway, in the material it contains etc. And this in exchange that the MS platform contains FVB advertising material for say the next few years!!!.
    The IG AG wants to pursue MS – MS stood up to the US regulators (unbundling of products in the MS Windows suite), stood up to the EU regulators over anti-competitive behavior – and succeeded in substantially getting its way – albeit at a cost of several hundred million US$’s. Financials per Qtr 1 to 31 Mar 08 shows Revenues Qtr 1 2008 US$58b; Net profit avail for dist US$16.42b. The cost to MS corp getting it’s way is modest in terms of its profitability.
    We want to pick a fight with MS Corp ? There legal fees will probably be paid out of their petty cash!!!!.
    Our legal fees could cost us our entire foreign reserves.
    What an imbecile!!!!

  14. Mark Manning Says:

    What a wolly this man is !
    So now he maintains he’s worried about the Laws of the land , yet he’s part of an illegal junta himself and just doesn’t have any authority what so ever to speak on behalf of Fiji !
    He should change his name to Mr Kerr , Wayne Kerr .

  15. Jose Says:

    @ Save the sheep
    He just might give them the money to get out of the financial rut they taken us to.
    Bill Gates is freemason.

  16. Budhau Says:

    Yeah, it is fine for Microsoft to use the Fiji name – but whats up with those Indian buggers trying to call their university the University of FIJI.

    We can’t have that , can we?

  17. Jose Says:

    I don’t think its a coincidence Gates wanted to use the Fiji name since Fiji is in their sight as their next target. Has been for years only bringing it to fruition now. Just giving Fiji the ready exposure to the world as another country conqured for the Order. We will have a democracy alright. There’s no doubt about. But Fiji will be owned by the Order. Forget about the Vore and the Criminals. They are just a means to an end and they don’t even know it.

  18. 46664 Says:

    On Sunday,6.29.2008 my family and I drove by Bill Gates home on the Bellevue waterfront outside Seattle and we drove to downtown Bellevue the home of Microsoft. Having had a look at that, it is certainly (or was) an honor that Microsoft even thought of using Fiji as an internal codeword within their production team. I would have told them “have it” . And for some folks to even dig into it and try to ask Microsoft to stop using the name Fiji is crazy. And what’s even more silly is the fact that the interim AG, got wind of it from some news agency in NZ and without clarifying it with Microsoft first, decided to release a press statement on the matter. I am sure if he had asked Microsoft first and would have found out that it was only an internal codeword, then it would have been ok. But when you approach one of the biggest company in the world and try and “slam” them with news you found out fom “off the cuff” sources….you look silly. BTW Bill and Melinda Gates had their honeymoon in Fiji many years ago after they married in Tahiti.

  19. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Where in the world is this University of Fiji located Budhau? In Ba?
    I checked out the website and believe me I did not see a single Fijian, Indo-Fijian or any Fiji looking student in their ads.

    Its all bogus isnt it?

  20. Budhau Says:

    Yeap the University of Fiji is Bogus – does not exist – BTW rememeber to get rid of those two Univ.of Fiji guys – the current head of FIT and the USP VC as soon as Qarase gets back into power.

    Chaudary was the mastermind behind this coup.

    Saddam was behind the 9/11 attack.

    There is $6 billion on its way (for free) to set up a Fijian bank.

    and there is all those Indians abroad – who have already chartered flights to be in Fiji for the next general election.

    You know a-N, what can you believe and what is bogus – BTW any news on those war clubs in the museum in Suva – have they stated to act up yet.

    BTW – how come you were driving around Bill Gates house – he is no relative of judge Gates is he and you tell that 46664 that Bill Gates got married in Hawaii and not in Tahiti – and it is true that he was in Fiji for honeymoon.

  21. Keep The Faith Says:

    Bill Gates’ knees are shaking so much, he decided to will all his money to charity and not his kids because he didn’t want them to bear the costs of all the intense wrangling from this case because he just KNEW that he was up against the legal eagles of the world (not).

  22. natewaprince Says:

    Bud boci boi.

  23. Budhau Says:

    NP – you have a nice day too – Mr. Co-editor.

  24. tosotiko Says:

    Ha! Ha! Ha!

  25. tosotiko Says:

    Sorry NP That laugh was for the article…not the previous post.

  26. Ispy Says:

    Aiyaz is a small shop with a big sign.

    Microsoft lawyers were laughing for days over Aiyaz’s “threat”.

    Bill Gates makes US$1m per hour or about US$300 per second. Which means that if, on his way into the office, should he see a $1000 bill on the ground, it’s just not worth his time to bend over and pick it up. He would make more just heading off to work (assuming it takes him 4 seconds to bend down and pick up the bill).

    Bill Gates simply has no time for people like Aiyaz. End of story.

  27. 46664 Says:

    Small Correction
    Bill and Melinda Gates married at the Manele Bay Hotel in the island of Lanai, Hawaii on January 1st,1994.
    They then spent their honeymoon at Wakaya, Fiji Islands

  28. Puf-Military Says:

    I know Bill Gates will be quaking in his boots when he hears about our mighty iAG’s stern warning. After all iAG is an internationally reputed legal eagle who has been scouring the globe more then Colummbus and Marco Polo on his fact finding/PR crusades.

    His last words referring to Govt’s willingness to enter into talks with Gates over the issue is his dignified way of pursuing more money and frequent flyer points. Maybe some rupees too for broke budhau

  29. Mark Manning Says:

    It’s like david and goliath !

  30. bakewa Says:

    If u can’t beat them …coconut wireless them!! ha ha ha


    Last year Fiji Democracy Now made an award for the Clown of the
    Year. Amid tight competition, Shyster came in first. It seems she can
    expect stiff competition from Eye Arse in 2008. The clip you took
    from Radio Fiji was probably written personally by his brother.
    (Really, could he trust such a big story to anyone else?)

    To accompany the web version of the story there is a picture of Eye
    Arse, without glasses, so we can all see how handsome he thinks he

    I nearly died of laughter when the Fijilive report quickly busted this
    non-story, explaining that the name Fiji was a project name, with
    nothing to do with marketing. Microsoft executives who saw the letter
    must be killing themselves laughing at the jumped up Illegal Attorney
    General who wrote a letter to “put them on notice”.

    It seems the theft and plunder the regime have been carrying out
    without resistance from the unarmed population of Fiji has given them
    grand ideas. As Fijilive put it: “Sayed-Kaiyum’s letter to Gates said
    the regime “asserts its absolute ownership over the use of the word
    ‘Fiji’.” Who will they be seeking to charge next for the use of the word?

  32. Wailei Says:

    @ Corruption Fighter…. The next one is the French perfume called “Fidji” by Guy Laroche in 1966….

  33. Frida Says:

    By the way – who are they asserting it for? Not the people of Fiji especially the itaukeis of Fiji. this man can go jump and no body would miss him from the face of the earth. He is so full of himself – bloody wife beater.

  34. Soul of Fiji Says:

    The word Fiji was not even from anyone in Fiji but from a Captain naming the isle, and it is a name only.

    But what makes the name?, it is the natural beauty, the people’s character, their customs, their ways, their smiles, their friendlyness, warmness, genuineness, etc..etc…the way the world should be?

    NOT ANY MORE….if these idiots continue to rule Fiji.

  35. Soul of Fiji Says:

    Another question….why so many people are trying to take the name Fiji or anything Fijian-ness. Example wanting to be called Fijian etc….then wanting to destroy anything that makes Fiji great.

    There must be something special about the name? let me guese, then who makes the name special? its people? ….the friendly and nice people makes Fiji….not the wannabees…..not the illegals.

  36. Budhau Says:

    Isn’t Fiji a Tongan corruption of the Fijian name “Viti”, and you guys lached on to it just like all those colonialist creation that now pass for “Fijian institution”

    I think you guys should be campaigning to change the word Fiji to Viti. for that friendly nice people – have you ever visited the Fiji Museum.

  37. Soul of Fiji Says:

    Still friendly enough to let you in Budhau…and Fiji was named by a Captain of a ship. Do some history and find out who is the Captain.

    And to add further information on Viti, the word Viti is fijian equivalent word for Fiji. Fiji came from the Europeans like some Fijian words… are a direct translation of its English equivalent.

  38. natewaprince Says:

    Bud boci.

  39. Budhau Says:

    NP – you have good evening, or is it morning where you are. I got head home.

  40. Adi Kaila Says:

    looks like Fiji may miss out on much needed largesse from Bill and Melinda Gates thanks to that fugly goog khaiyum or dou kubu the philistine.

    we can see what a bloody fool he is from how the Nation has deteriorated since 6.12.06 – that’s the problem with these people with no history – they want the rest of Fiji and especially the Fijian Race to be non entities like them – IT’S NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN!

    We Fijians know how to treat those who ‘rise above their station’ so to speak – we just don’t have any respect for them – the very thing they crave.

    $50 ep tried this in Taveuni – look where that got him and now he has this shameful nickname to live down. Not only that – he needs to pay his debts or does he think he can get away with it like his father.

    Same with $2 jo or should we call him ‘eviction king’ how many times has he been evicted because he doesn’t pay his rent – levula na vosa – mai yaso!

    Just to let you all know Bill and Melinda actually holidayed in Fiji quite a few times because they love it here. Too bad Fiji will probably not benefit from their philanthropy.

  41. Peace Pipe Says:

    I am bloody fed up of seeing and hearing this pathetic insignificant idiotic criminal iAG on TV and radio appearing very frequent as of late. And of course spouting utter nonsense as usual. Maybe he thinks he could pull off a major coup on Microsoft by suing and getting huge compensation for using the name Fiji. Idiot.

    The latest from this assinine arse is his moaning and complaining like a neglected frustrated wife about the people the EU delegates are meeting in the legal fraternity in Fiji. He doesn’t want them to meet certain people as their case is before the courts and would prejudice the delegates opinion. What a dolt.

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