Vote Voreqe for PM

A top of the morning to fellow bloggers on this miserable Monday Morning in our sunny hell hole Feejee.

I have been contemplating long and hard why our little arsehole in the naval white so desperately wants to hang on to the PM’s role. A role he does not have the mental capacity, emotional strength, work experience, educational level and moral fortitude to have. But the damn fisherman is so desperate to hold onto it and has been dragging and pulling us all through the last 19 month to toe his line that we must as well give up and let him have it. For life even. However, Vore can’t have his cake and eat it too eh? If he wants to be our PM for life, I have listed some little precondition that he must abide by and then we can leave him alone to lead us until kingdom come.


Here goes arsehole, we will let you be PM if:

  • An independent state commission with power to prosecute is set up to investigate:
    • the background regarding the building of your father’s house in Qiuva Village, how was it approved as a cyclone relief house, and who approved it;
    • the background regarding the building of your elder brother Meli Bainimara’s house in Qiuva Village, what Government Resources was used, how did this particular house qualified to be build by the Department of Rural Housing and Rural Rehabilitation using materials and labour earmarked for the building of schools and village halls in rural areas
  • In the Republic of Fiji Military Forces, that an independent State Commission be set up with the powers to lay charges, prosecute to investigate unhindered and resourced with forensic accountants:
    • The Soldier’s Regimental Fund since the appointment of Eveli Ganilau as Commander till today;
    • The Telsat Satelite Fund and the way it was handled by those that administered it;
    • The uniforms purchased from the Lala owned Lotus Garment ($3 million) which was approved for payment by Esala Teleni with less than half of what was ordered under the issued LPO was delivered;
    • The reason behind Esala Teleni approving the said $3 million LPO when he did not have the authority to do so and the reasons behind him making such a reckless decision;
    • The use of a Military Renault in Eveli Ganilau’s dalo and yaqona plantation in Taveuni full time and then its used to transport people to church on Sunday resulting in an accident ending up in death which resulted in the Government paying out millions of dollars in claims;
    • The investigation on who ordered the torture and death of the CRW soldiers after the November 2000 uprising in QEB;
    • The investigation on who were involved in ordering and excuting the arrest and murder of Nimilote Verebasaga of Nakaulevu, Nakelo, Tailevu;
    • The investigation on who were involved in the arrest and murder of Rabaka after being tortured and Black Rock in Nadi
    • The torture of human rights and anti coup advocates on Christmas Eve 2006 and who humiliated trade unionist
  • In the Interim Government:
    • The set up of an independent tribunal to hear the case of unfair dismisal of all CEOs sacked by the Interim Government after the coup;
    • The set up of an independent tribunal to review the reaons behind the unfair victimisation of former Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase where he is being singled out and not paid his priveleges and dues as a former Prime Minister and a former member of Parliament while the rest of those sitting members of the 2006 parliament are receiving parliamentary pensions and living former Prime Ministers are receiving the priveleges that comes with being a former holder of that high office;
    • The set up of an independent tribunal to determine the allegation and go through the evidence against interim Finance Minister Mahendra Chaudary regarding the $2 million funds from Haryana State in India and his false declartion of income to the Inland Revenue Department of FIRCA and with unhindered power of investigation and power to prosecute if it find that tax laws have been vilated;
  • That the entire military ne redused to 500 soldiers
  • That the Ratu Mara. Ratu Tuivanuavou, and Ratu Ganilau’s descendents are removed from any official positions where they are right now based on their dead father’s reputaion and legacy and if considered for any role it shall be on merit;
  • That the police force be increased to 5,000 and hae a foreign poice commissioner for the next twenty years
  • That are new law be introduced that anybody that tries to instigate a coup in the future will be hanged in a state sponsored public execution
  • That you can only be PM for life if you start your own political party and run in an election organised by the UN

Please add on if I may have missed something.


11 Responses to “Vote Voreqe for PM”

  1. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Yadra vinaka SV.

    The illegal junta is really something.

    They even have the balls to change Fiji’s time to go faster by more than 1/2 hour without even informing its citizens!

    Must take off my hat to Vore because no one saw this coming.

  2. solivakasama Says:

    I had to post it before goin to bed.

    Na cakacka nimataka 🙂

  3. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Vinaka SV,

    I was getting worried, Vore was being over creative.

    Sweet dreams.

  4. yvsd100 Says:

    IShud also investigate the coup of 2000, and how far Voreqe is clean, the abrogation of 1997 constitution in 2000, by Voreqe, the coup and treasonous actibvities of threatening to overthrow and the over throw of an elected gov from 2001 to 2006, investigate the abuse of government funds from Dec. 2006 up to now, beneficiaries of this coup and who got what….

  5. Jose Says:

    We don’t want an election set up by the UN. They’ll sell us all to the devil. We will becomne a demonic nation. I’m sure we have more then enough well educated Indigenous brains to set up the elections and run the country the way Fiji wants it.Why are we so dependent on aliens?

  6. natewaprince Says:

    Let the bugger be PM for life,as long as PM stands for Puaka Magaitinana.

  7. natewaprince Says:

    Painter,au a la’i lotu ena siga va’rauwai.SDA to the bone.

  8. Wailei! Says:

    Throw in Treason.

  9. Mark Manning Says:

    Frank looks Divine in his Uniforms : ———-

  10. newsfiji Says:

    Good work SV! Congrats! Really a big fan of your list!

  11. mara pulling Says:

    […] little arsehole in the naval white so desperately wants to hang on to the PM??s role. A role he do Schiavocampo – Nightly News with Brian Williams- msnbc.comBiography of mara Schiavocampo, NBC […]

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