A lethal weapon for junta destruction…

Vinaka Aubatinuku-N for this e-link which we’ve printed for everyone’s convenience as it represents excellent food for thought as a means of striking back at the junta during the upcoming delegation visit..
Let’s face it bloggers, there comes a time when we’ll have to move beyond this sphere and take the junta head on, they might have brawns but we have a collectively bigger BRAIN AND INTELLIGENCE in abundance than they have ever contemplated. Let’s put it to good use.
Despite the junta’s media cell is lurking in our shadows 24/7, let’s not be afraid to discuss our strategies out here openly (without getting into too many specifics of course). If they react by producing more stinky promulgations then it will be plain as daylight to the world out there that they’re directly reacting to the what’s being discussed on these anti-junta, anti-coup blogs and that can only be good for us… yes?
So let’s share our thoughts on mobilizing all dissidents regardless of whether the upcoming delegation and overseas media are given the green light to enter our country or not.
Peaceful mass demonstrations against the junta is just plainly INEVITABLE… it’s just a matter of when …
Palestinians using video to shoot back

Palestinians in the West Bank have started arming themselves with a new weapon in their ongoing conflict with Israeli settlers: video cameras…

McClatchy Newspapers

Mideast developments

Cease-fire: Israel and Hamas have agreed to an Egyptian-brokered cease-fire for the Gaza area starting Thursday morning, Egyptian and Hamas officials announced Tuesday. Israeli officials reiterated their position that the government was ready for an Egyptian-brokered deal, which would include easing some of the economic sanctions on Gaza, but said some of the details were still being finalized.Trading fire: On Tuesday, meanwhile, Israel carried out three airstrikes in Gaza against what the military described as “terrorist operatives.” Six Palestinian militants were killed, according to medical officials in Gaza. Later Tuesday night, militants launched up to 10 rockets at Israel. Several fell in open areas around the Israeli border town of Sderot, a military spokeswoman said.

Seattle Times news services

JERUSALEM — Palestinians in the West Bank have started arming themselves with a new weapon in their ongoing conflict with Israeli settlers: video cameras.

Under an innovative program called “Shooting Back,” the Israeli human-rights group B’Tselem has handed out scores of video cameras to Palestinians across the West Bank so they can document attacks and harassment by Israeli settlers.

Last week, Palestinian farmers with a video camera captured one of the most serious incidents so far.

The 69-second video shows four masked men with sticks walking up to a Palestinian farmer and beating him in a field. The Palestinians near Hebron told B’Tselem that an Israeli settler from the area told them to get off the land where they graze their sheep.

After the Palestinians refused and said they had an Israeli court order allowing them to use the land, four masked men returned and beat the farmers.

Hebron remains one of the most volatile Israeli-Palestinian flash points because it is home to some of the most ideological Jewish settlers in the West Bank.

Last year, a 16-year-old Palestinian with a B’Tselem camera captured a video of a Jewish settler in Hebron calling a Palestinian neighbor a whore. The Palestinians who took the video had already encased their home in a self-imposed cage to fend off attacks from Israeli settlers.

At the time, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert called the settler’s actions “evil” and said he was “ashamed.”

Israel vowed to investigate and the settlers said they were going to start carrying around video cameras so they could turn the tables.

As the BBC reports, for now, the “Shooting Back” project is becoming a potent tool for Palestinians by allowing them to document the clashes with settlers that might otherwise have been in dispute.


5 Responses to “A lethal weapon for junta destruction…”

  1. vuki Says:

    Well, isn’t it pathetic that the Children of Mara,Ganilau and Nailatikau, the former respected Fijian Leaders of their times, now turned-out to be the criminals and traitors to their own people? Isn’t it sad that here they are with almost no education,no job, no business, no ideas how to fit into the modern day educated Fijian society; and all they can come up with to do, was to wholesale their people land and freedom, to the highest bidder? Like some bloggers had said previously, these idiots don’t deserve respect from us Fijians! Not until they give respect, only then will you be obliged to give back respect? Remember people i have $10,000.00 to remove any of these idiots including any members of the IG from the face of the planet

  2. Mark Manning Says:

    I’m all for reducing the civil service , starting with Frank and his hangers on !

  3. natewaprince Says:

    MM,does that include the parasite hanging on his left cherry,(aka Kutu)??

  4. Dauvavana Says:

    NP that is part of the appendage bahahahahhaa

    wale ga qo daru ban taki eke

  5. natewaprince Says:

    Kua ni leqa baraca,tavalequ tiko o Kutu.

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