Ratu Finau Mara yet to depart for US


Folks, Finau is still here in Fiji after all this time!!! He was not present at the LPC when all his other wannabe siblings were present and SV wonders if something is the matter with him. Remember Finau was the only sibling not present at Ratu Mara’s funeral in Lakeba, which was so noticiable and is a strictly a no-no. Is that why Ului is being groomed in his place instead? Can anyone shed any light of the reason for his delaying his departure?

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Update: 11:15AMFIJI’S ambassador to the United States of America, Ratu Finau Mara has yet to depart for his posting.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs permanent secretary Ross Ligairi said Ratu Finau was still undergoing some internal processes at the ministry.

He said no dates had been finalized for Ratu Finau’s departure.

Ratu Finaus posting was confirmed in April by Mr Ligairi.

His appointment was announced along with Berenado Vunibobo, who was appointed Fiji’s permanent representative to the United Nations in New York.

Ratu Finau will be based at Washingtonand replaces Jesoni Vitusagavulu.

Mr Vunibobo replaces Isikia Savua.

Ratu Finau and Mr Vunibobo have been appointed for three years.


38 Responses to “Ratu Finau Mara yet to depart for US”

  1. Mark Manning Says:

    Seems they may be running out of options because these overseas embassies don’t want fools !

  2. SF-BAY Says:

    Let him come to the US and we will put him a mental hospital for checkup.

  3. LUVfiji Says:

    Up YOURS!

  4. Tuks Says:

    God bless him. I contend that Ratu Finau, for all the Mara children may be the only one who deserve our public sympathy. Such a Chief of true respect, humble, easy going, and free to mingle amongst our own. I do not wish to comment on his current problems but only to say that Ratu Finau is certainly going through a lot of hardships and facing hell in terms of a serious personal identity crisis from within his own family. It is quite clear and public knowledge now that it is his Sisters [Koila and them- using their own husbands- Nailatikau and Ganilau] that has been the driving force behind all the current atttempts to usurp power to sustain their grips for National leadership power till Kingdom come. They continue to leave out Ratu Finau in the cold just as they did during their late father’s funeral. God bless you Ratu Finau. You have done well.

  5. Mark Manning Says:

    It’s at times like this , that the cream floats to the top !
    Remember those who shine through these difficult times , because they should be your leaders when the IG are incarcerated .

  6. Say True! Says:

    Leave Ratu Finau alone please.

  7. Dauvavana Says:

    why leave Finau alone when he continiusly gets poshy jobs frim neumerous government. This is a problem with our leaders. SVT, SDL, now these bunch of crimminals pretending to lead our country as we continiuously give these spoilt brats jobs based on their fathers reputation and legacy. No wonder they are now taking and treating our government as if its their birth right.

    We all know that Ratu Finau is not all well up stairs yet theQarase government still keep him in Foreign Affairs in a top role as Roving Ambassador for the Pacific Islands.

    Then Eveli Ganilua, useless as he, is was given the Chair to the GCC when there are other great chiefs who can do it.

    What else, Naiulukau has been jumping from one cushy job to another as ambassador, as interim Minister in 2000, as speaker and look where he is today. He did not appreciate being given a job as high commissioner to London and turn to sell our rights to the bloody other mob now suprressing us today.

    Ra vicai kecega mai kani cavai na mai tokoni ira tiko when there are young and up coming Fijians with tons of capabilities arouund, have worked hard through university and work their way up the ranks abut ignored by continious governments.

    No wonder this country is going to the dogs when even our on leaders cannot recognise talents and let the cream naturaly rise to the top.

    I hope that after all this mess is cleaned up where as the Taukei Nation can take a better path towards our own self actualisation.


  8. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ Tuks and Stay True let’s look at some facts about Finau:

    1. When Finau was Assistant Minister for Fijian Affairs to Minister Lagisoa Delana during the SVT Government, one of his 1st official duties was to attend the opening of the Nadroga Provincial Council Meeting with the whole Province eagerly awaiting him with full traditional ceremony, but he failed to show up.

    Rabuka and his SVT Government were greatly embarrassed over this grave insult and was forced to send a delegation to seek their forgiveness for Finau’s failure.

    2. When Roving Ambassador during the SDL Government, he failed to turn up to Ratu Mara’s funeral at Tubou.

    3. When Roving Ambassador for the SDL Government, he was supposed to officially visit Tonga and Samoa, which was anticipated. Whilst his staff were all at the Airport, he was still in his Office in Suva. When confronted by PS Ross Ligairi, he told him that he does not want to waste time visiting these small island nations.

    4. Now, with his recent posting to Washington gazetted in April by this illegal junta, he is still undergoing ‘internal processes?. He’s already served in many overseas postings, so what other ‘internal processes’ are there left for him to undergo? Unless it is something else?

    Aren’t these signs of something amiss or someone very stubborn and only wants things done his way?

    For those who know him, say that underneath the easy going countenance, there is a totally different person.

    Finau is paid by the tax payers of Fiji and should be accountable for his delayed departure because the tax payers are paying him for services not yet rendered.

  9. Tuks Says:

    Thanks Jese. The gist of my point above is that [in my opinion] we may be barking up the wrong tree!!. Rather than re- crucifying Ratu Finau, we must wake up to the fact that it was his elder Sisters who must be taken to tasks.For they are the ones who are engineering everything and hiding behind the scenes using their own husbands and manipulating things to in order to have things under control. All arrangements and plan for their marriages amongst themselves was to sustain their family dynasty semed to be coming to naught in recent years and they are now grabbing these favourable environment as a do or die case for their survival.Dauvavana has some strong points on Ratu Finau’s status which was why I did not want to comment on them earlier. The way things are, Ului is the one that their sisters are now using to salvage whatever seemed to be left and in their desperation, they seemed to be clutching on last straws to salvage whatever that is left of their families dynasty. The elder sisters are the real life Jezebels and culprits who are working behind the scenes which needs to be taken to task for their part.

  10. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Ratu Finau is not delaying his departure.

    United States have not accepted this nomination.

    And for good reason — the US will take her qeue from Australia and New Zealand. Has Australia taken on board this administration’s envoy? Has NZ done the same? Someone please update me if I missed those two appointments.

    Also, the mainstream media reporting on this appointment; you may have noticed failed to brief us of the latest from the US Embassy on the matter because that is where the truth will be found so whoever is supplying Fiji Times with the storyline has an agenda.

    Think about it. Why tell a non story.

    But on this issue, whoever it is this Administration puts forward as envoy, I sure hope is permanently revoked by the United States.

  11. FijiGirl Says:

    @ Tuks – I agree with you, I feel more sympathy for Finau than antipathy.

    I would not want to be in his shoes for all the world, and in some ways I think he is our equivalent of Princess Diana, trying to find a niche for himself in post-palace days.

    I do not judge him.

    God bless Fiji

  12. LUVfiji Says:

    The United States Government had accepted Ratu Finau’s nomination as Fiji Ambassador in Washington immediately after a visit here in late February by a senior State Department official.

    His appointment has already been gazetted and was officially announced by the interim government. But I dont see why we have to make an issue about his delayed departure.

    In fact, I view this thread as insensitive and rather tasteless. Sorry folks!

    Come on SV.. surely we dont have to go this low.

  13. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ FijiGirl & LUVfiji,

    may I ask, what makes Finau so special and beyond reproach?

    Remember how Vore criticised Roko Tui Bau, (a much higher chief) for standing up to the illegal regime?

    If his nomination has been accepted by the US in late February and his posting gazetted in April, then I consider it a fair question, why is Finau still in Fiji, when paid to be in Washington furthering Fiji’s interest?

    If it is on medical grounds, then the illegal regime only needs to come out clean, then it would be ‘insensitive’ to comment further.

    But to keep him on the pay roll at taxpayer’s expense is unfair and unconscionable to the masses of unemployed struggling families in Fiji.

    BTW, nobody is entitled to that in Fiji nor does the Constitution or Laws of Fiji make exception for this, unless on medical or some other pressing grounds, which the illegal regime must explain.

    Otherwise, we are only left to draw conclusions from his past non-performances, some of which I have mentioned above.

    As far as the post is concerned, I’m sorry, I disagree, as I don’t find it ‘insensitive.’

  14. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Gazetted by whom?

    This interim administration ?

    Their Gazette is just that – not worth a penny.

    The United States have no business accepting a nomination of this illegal regime.

    Also worthy to ponder is the Malaysian envoy
    Has he departed Fiji Or are they still awaiting approval from Malaysia. And if so, what is the United States business jumping the guns here in support of a dictatorship rule.

    Points do not add up.

    USA should continue to heed our lobby and keep Fiji’s oppressors away from Washington.

  15. Dauvavana Says:

    As I have stated, what makes the Mara’s so special, as well as the Ganilaus and Ratu Etuate’s children so special that we continiously line them up for special roles. Get the best please so we can advance as a nation.

    We all know that Ratu Finau has gone mad. Why can’t you people appreciated that and say it out in the open.

    Sa rauta mada na were ubiubi ni sa da raica vakasigalevu tu oqo ni sa mai biuti kede tu e na dua na vanua ca.

    Dau kauti koya, voreqe kei ira kece e ra leqa ki na valevulavula e yasani ni bulubulu ni kai jaina mai Nauluvatu.

  16. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Whether it is Ratu Finau, Ratu Etuate, or Qalanimaqe

    Keep them away from Washington

    Until a government elected by the people and for the people is firmly in place.

    Only then should Washington consider an appointment worthy of consideration.

  17. Joni Ravi Says:

    Ratu Finau will never depart for the U.S cause he suffers from a deep mental conditions of the brain and has manic depression at times..His medical condition was checked by the U.S embassy n therefore its on hold for the time being. The idiot government have to look for cover ups from the embrassement this man has brought them again. They wanted to use a manic depressive men for the Fiji High Commission cause the interium Pm himself is a lunetic manic depressive men himself.. Kaca gona na masu tiko ena maison temple in Suva.sa qai raica na kena ca? Sins of the fathers is surely at work with this Finau and Bainivuaka himself

  18. Barr Watson Says:

    Joni Ravi;

    Out of curiosity,I thought i heard Lasaro proclaiming /announcing Voreqe’s Methodist membership.

  19. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Manic depression or sins of the past

    Keep their appointments away from Washington until Fiji presents an envoy worthy of consideration

    Such a candidate can only be gotten through an elected government

    Manic dperessions, ills of the brains, sins of the past, sins of their father’s past, sins of their great grandfather’s past, sins of their great great great grandmother’s past can be easily remedied by simply finding another who is not tainted with the litany of ailments. And when they do, and they have had all these months to find their perfect replacement candidate for Ratu Finau but thus far have not succeeded which I doubt is self induced since they (Voreqe) wants nothing more than to be recognised by the world’s super power.. you think he will give up that chance for the sake of protecting Ratu Finau from something or rather superficial as all that? I think not. He would drop Ratu Finau like a hot potatoe to pursue the possibility at rubbing shoulders with the world’s greatest and even more imprtant than that is the chance to take a swipe at his percieved enemies number 1 and 2 Aust and NZ.

    This appointment was never ever given the green light from Washington. It was all a farce including that bogus gazette – their announcement, their gazette, their storylines — all ies to try and garner a perceived illusion of leverage BULL SHIT is all that was and reamains so to this day.


  20. painter Says:

    For as long as Finau holds public office and is paid by the taxpayers of this country, feel free to SCRUTINIZE HIM AWAY PEOPLE!

  21. Loath Coups Says:

    Vakaloloma na vakasama ni tamata! Finau Mara is sick, his eldest son is also sick. Most of the time they are in never never land. The man should be receiving some kind of treatment for his illness.

    His siblings are in denial, they would love for him to be well so he could follow their father’s footsteps, Tui Lau etc etc.

    To bad so sad it is common knowledge that the man is very vague and in another world with the fairies.

  22. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Oilei!! Me sa cegu mada ga na gone ni Valelevu qo au sa kerea!
    If he goes to DC it will bring shame to Fiji and the memory of his dearly departed parents.

    This should all wait till after the elections anyway, du sa cegu taucoko mada ga na “ILLEGAL REGIME”!!

    So much bad publicity for Fiji from within out, its so ironic that good publicity for Fiji has to come from outside of fiji…..the MICROSOFT code and the Aiarse idiot wants to stand on his head & scream “Blue murder” about it!

  23. Say True! Says:

    @ aubatinuku – I have no comments on your 1st paragpah, but your last paragraph is a reflection of the bunch of donkeys that are in the regime. Inexpereinced, no businness acumen, no tact, no diplomacy, in fact they are bullshiting their way through and learning on the job – “de 1st year apprentice” – just an arrogant bunch of dickheads who think they know it all. Microsoft doesn’t give a shit about Fiji, it is insignificant. This was a golden opportunity because of someone who obviously loved Fiji, and saw it’s potential as an exotic location in the South Seas, even as a marketing tool and decided to give its name to “codes” in an upcoming product. This Golden opportunity has been missed by arrogance by small tin pots. And we didn’t even ask them to speak on our behalf. How bloody desparate are they? Bloody idiots. Property Rights! Just like trying to put a 1st year law subject into practice. What do you think, this is a Monopoly Board game. Microsoft employs over 1000 corporate lawyers. Bloody oath, they must be laughing at what a small prick thought was a smart arse move to pull a quick one against them. Can some people think outside the box. You know if the approach was right, rather than the “THREAT” like attitude we are used to from this regime, Fiji could have gained. Gates gives millions to charities all over the world, because he has reached that stage of his life where philanthropy is his main preoccupation to give back to the world what it has done for him, and his is genuine about it (tax rebates aside). For the IGs info he doesn’t even run the company anymore – he concentrates on his charities, and you just fucked the people of Fiji up big time. Ulukaus.
    I echo your comments aubatinuku – “dau sa cegu taucoko mada ga na “ILLEGAL REGIME”!!

  24. Jose Says:

    Ka dina taucoko qori Say True

  25. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Whether or not Bill Gates himself decided to name the code “Fiji” is irrelevant to the possible fact that we should be proud that big giant “Microsoft” picked Fiji out of all the countries in the world as a symbolic gesture of goodwill in celebration of the life of the founder “Bill Gates”, also rightfully marking his departure from his baby that is now all grown and strong.

    Bill & Melinda Gates contribute so much to the world through their foundation. This is my own opinion, I think that they hold Fiji so dear in their hearts that they want to send us the message that out of all this crap we can emerge victors of the dawn of a new era in “Fiji”.

    I don’t know about anyone else but I consider it an honor and if not for anything else, it’s simply a sentimental gesture on their part.


    Vinaka SV for all you have done for Fiji!


  26. aubatinuku-N Says:

    @ Aiarse Khaiyumm – If you want to take on this corporate giant dude, you are on your own!!

  27. anon Says:

    Dauvavana, ka dina taucoko, cava me vunitaki tiko kina ni sa leqa tiko na koro turaga.

  28. Jose Says:

    @ Anon and Daushooting, all the more reason meda lomana. Welcome back Daushooting. Au a sa liaca tiko nomu yali tiko vata kei Adi K, IslandBoy. Au nanuma de dou sa livi talega vataki vore. O Bhudau sa left.

  29. Adi Kaila Says:

    Malo Bula Jose – we had a bit of oga.

    Isa lei – there ain’t gonna be a posting to DC for some.

    Never mind – the LPC has a lot to answer for at the moment. Despite Ratu Finaus illness his siblings are absolutely scared of him. This blatant shove of RU to the forefront is not going to change the fact that the Lauans are pretty well over this family and if there was any iota of respect or sympathy for them – it’s gone well down the sewer.

    This is always so stark and revealing at the Soli Vakavanua where there used to be huge stacks of mats and gatu as gifts of respect – sa warai gonei.The level of respect shown now is usually a huge kasivi aimed towards the vakatuniloa where they sit. Most people can’t even be bothered showing up – the main reason one shows up is to eat some of the yummy vakalolo you can buy there and to catchup with family and friends – We’re all so busy busy busy these days.

    Lau is made up of many many Islands – the latest is the majority are all against RUs illigitimate appointment as they are all wholeheartedly against the ncbbf – the national coupsters bloody big fuckups. koila should’ve realised this when the Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase beat her hands down and Cavubati probably would’ve if Ratu wasn’t right there that the people felt intimidated.

    Dauvanavana is correct in what he has posted – it’s the truth! If people like Sniper didn’t expose the truth here like most of us do then rest would be left in the dark not knowing how damned insidious this family is. Sure we will sympathise with the unwell – but that does not give their family the right to hold this Nation to ransom. Agents provocateur pulling the strings behind the scene – we all bloody well know the moneys all gone and their all desperate to keep up the old lifestyle. Fiji does not belong to the maras, ganilaus or Ratu Tuis offsprings – it’s not their private Island Nation that they can do what they want with. None of them have ever done anything for Fiji or the Fijian people nor have they given anything back. The charity from the Fiji Government has to end sometime. I don’t want to contribute to this familys lifestyle for the rest of my life – do you? Let them use their name and fudged law degrees to make a living.

    Keep up the pressure Sniper – I am with you all the way.

  30. Dauvavana Says:

    Mara means bitter or bad in some western dilect. Need i say more?

  31. peace maker Says:


  32. natewaprince Says:

    This guy is such a hermit.Can someone please tell me a bit about him.Who is he married to ? How many kids does he have? What is he doing at the moment etc?

  33. natewaprince Says:

    Maybe ‘recluse’ is a better term.And where does he live???

  34. Loath Coups Says:

    NP Finau lives in Tamavua in a house given to him by his Daddy!

  35. Ima Says:


    To be precise about the meaning of mara, from where i come from (Nadroga) it means stink(y).

  36. Adi Kaila Says:

    Aule Ima – it’s certainly appropriate.


    Finau is very unwell, he has children with Vitinia Buadromo who takes good care of him. Apparently his mother was always against them marrying, can’t understand why as she is a really wonderful woman, Well bought up and from an upstanding family. They live in Tamavua.

  37. wailei Says:

    @ Ak.. true I think opp. the R.B of Fiji’s house… Yeah, the wife is a very nice lady and the Buadromo women a close knitted. The kids are quite down to earth and are well mannered not like some of the other Mara kids. True also on his mum not approving them because she is a commoner.. kemudou in this day and age! She keeps Rt.Finau well balanced. He used to hang out in Bad Dogs and you can easily talk to him.

  38. Fijigal Says:

    Finau Mara bought his home in Tamavua. His home was not handed to him by his father. He was amongst the many military personnel who bought up previously owned govt houses because the govt then wanted to unload them all. He bought it ‘dirt cheap’ though, if that is your insinuation LoathCoups? He did and so did many others who attended the govt auction for govt owned goods @ that time.

    Finau Mara looked ok to me in Rewa and Nadroga? Why does he have to be sick in the head just because he disagrees with the ‘sibling posse’? Any proof available to validate the ‘sickness’???? or are you who are saying he is, just flaming the kindles?

    Tabani vaqara info rau!

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