Parliament Recall Possible

Bloggers,as Mick Beddoes had said in one his recent statements, that Vore only meets with Qarase on the eve of some important Meeting Vore has to attend. With Foreign Ministers Peters of NZ and Stephen of Oz about to visit Fiji, Hairy Arse is feeding the frenzy by saying the illegal junta has 3 options in passing through the recommendations of the NCBBF, one of which is the recalling of Parliament.
Isn’t the illegal junta subordinate to the President Iloilo? Meaning it is Iloilo who make this important call and not the junta, alas it’s obvious Iloilo is on their beck and call.
What happens if Parliament is recalled and it refuses to pass these approved measures? It will give the illegal junta the excuse it wants so Iloilo can dissolve Parliament on grounds of ‘necessity’, appoint the NCCBF as the ‘Constituency Assembly’ which in turn recommends these same unlawful resolutions to Iloilo who then decrees them into law.
SV cautions Parliamentarians to begin thinking seriously of their role and not become putty in the hands of the illegal junta.
Saturday, June 28, 2008


The chair of the Pacific Islands Forum’s Joint Working Group with Fiji says the interim Government has signaled it might recall parliament to change the electoral system, according to a report on PACNEWS.

The group had been aiming to help Fiji back to democracy and had met 30 times since late last year but last week Fiji withdrew in protest at New Zealand’s and Australia’s policy.

Pac news reports say the Group’s Chair PNG High Commissioner to Fiji Peter Eafeare said they have achieved a lot and want to stay engaged.

He is quoted as saying Interim Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum had told the Working Group last week the People’s Charter had to be complete and electoral reforms put in place ahead of a poll.

Eafeare says he interim government has also indicated how it might have the changes put in place.

He says one way is to recall Parliament while the other is to, by decree, make amendments through promulgation. The third is to convert the National Council for Building a Better Fiji into a Constituency Assembly that would then adopt resolutions which would go directly to the President.

Interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama has complained about Australia and New Zealand’s refusal to recognize his regime the ongoing travel bans and the failure of the Joint Working Group to appreciate the efforts his administration was making. 


10 Responses to “Parliament Recall Possible”

  1. Mark Manning Says:

    I think Australia and New Zealand should extend their sanctions on the regime , that the Untied Nations should return all peace keeping forces to Fiji and that Inter-pole should issue warrants for the arrest of all those involved in the coup and responsible for Human Rights violations within Fiji . The European Union should with hold all funding until the Government is re-instated . The President of Fiji should retire after this and the GCC reconvene to re elect a President and Vice President , then warrants issued for the arrest of all involved in the coup , including those judges who have accepted appointments under the regime .

  2. Say True! Says:

    If this is true – Parliament to be – then that is a way forward for Fiji. Let the elected reps thrash things out with the IG in open debates. This is what should have happened instead of bloody coups.

  3. Peace Pipe Says:

    This puny little prick of an illegal wannabe AG arse is also a smart ass giving all these options of passing the electoral reforms. He should have just offered the one and only legit one which is to recall parliament to do the job. No he goes on and outlines others in the form of decree and NCBBF so and so.

    This joker is an ouright failure and yet he is driving the high office of the law of the land and fumbling at every step of the way.

    BTW there was an interesting letter to the editor in todays FT from a Dalip Kumar who wrote about MAI TV and one of its reporter namely Stanley Simpson who had an interview with the iag arse himself. In the interview he called the arse Attorney General and did not use the word interim. Similarly he refered to the pig as PM and not iPM. What it implies is that the TV is supportive of the IG or is a State run TV. We all know that Richard and Stanley are renown ig sapotas.

  4. FijiGirl Says:

    Given how this illegal regime sabotaged the Lau Provincial Council meeting and rigged the vote so that their favoured candidate was uncontested, I find it hard to believe that they will reconvene Parliament WITHOUT some kind of shenanigans going on in the background – or even in the foreground!

    If they DO reconvene Parliament, who out wants to join me in a protest outside the premises?

    God bless Fiji

  5. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    If they reconvene parliament, it means that all of these illegal gallahs will have to step down from their illegal roles as they have no part to play in parliament.

    The real PM has to be reinstated.

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see the first law passed by a proper parliament as a bill to arrest the cowardly coupsters.

  6. Sparrrr Says:

    No…Should not recall parliament as an easy way out for these buggers. Voters should demand full reinstatement of the last parliament…for their full terms and effects for it and not to allow these terrorists to use it as a weapon means for their escape. No way. Its not going to be easy for this country but people must try and find a way to get these people accountable for breaking the law and be responsible for their actions. Thats the way other.. President should instead recall Bainimarama & co. back, Commander asnd teleni to step down from military,..Set up a civilian caretaker govt…get into election ASAP and let the rule of law and democracy prevail….& also, why go back to something they had despised and overthrown….we will be fools if we let them have the easy way out…Thas far as I cm concerned, there’s only one way from here for this iIG …they step down, iIG steps aside as the commander, let the previous parliament continue…

  7. tim Says:

    When’s Frank going to grow one of those Hitler/Mugabe-Mo’s? Then all he’d have to worry about is whether his ass looked to fat in his whites – but then i-I-Arse can advise him on that.
    Everyone knows he’s as genuine as a chinese made Rolex.
    As Mark says, there needs to be more (and smarter) sanctions.
    Why is travel so important to these f*ckwits anyway? Can’t they cope? How is it that an inability to travel to or from OZ or NZ, or transit those countries sufficient to disrupt their keeping to the committments thay made?
    My advice to Oz and NZ is to start looking at financial transactions aided and abetted by their own institutions. Do it now before we end up with a Zimbabwean Tesco/Barclays Bank debacle.
    F*ck ’em! If they’re genuine, then the assistance offered so far is sufficient to allow (indeed assist) them to abide by the committments made to the Forum, the Commonwealth, the MSG, and any number of other talk-fests they delivered their pre-reheasered lines to.
    Nothing wrong with a blockade either. Otherwise don’t bleat to electorates in future with cudda shudda wudda bullshit.

  8. Groggymaster Says:

    Aiyaz Khaiyum looked smug pontificating on electoral reforms being promulgated by the IG. Did anyone elect him ?
    Further, the recently appointed Supervisor of elections, according to the IG, does have relevant qualificatons and experience, however very little experience at all in the SoE role.
    How did we get from dissing a local, qualified & experienced SoE for a foreigner ?

  9. natewaprince Says:

    Wishful thinking if you ask me.

  10. George of Sydney Says:

    I can still remember Qarase recommended this as a solution during one of his interview. This was in his view the only way Australia, US and NZ will ease the trade ban and other restriction on Fiji. This was during the time when the status of the economy of our country was starting to deteriorate and peoplle are starting to suffer. Reduction in pay, Trade Ban by Aust,NZ and USA, high cost of living, uncertain future and others.
    Qarase recommended that parliament be recalled to sit and pass as a motion its resolution. The President then appoint the Interim Government to take us to the election. This in some way would legalise the status of the authority of the Interim government and the trade links with our trade counterparts would be restored. On a positive note, this he believe will avoid our economy to suffer like as it is happening now.
    Do You know what Bainimarama’s response to this solution ?

    But now looks like the dog is going to return to his SPEW.
    (Lesu tale na koli ki na nona lua)
    The above episode clearly fully justify the difference in qualities and potential this two leaders possess.
    – One has a formal postgraduate qualification in Commerce and Business Mangmt. One with Army management.
    -One was a head of dept(PS Finance) before and CEO of a companies and one doesnt have any business experience and depends on the advice of a snake and an arse to make important decision.
    -One has humbleness, humility and respect and the other chose to continue to publicly criticise very important institutions such as GCC, Methodist Church, Trade Unions. Overseas Missions and others.

    Let me remind you Cowboy Frank, I am glad that you and others after a long time now realise that the political resolve essential to restore our nation will depend on the elected government. So I believe that from here, the Commander and the army should swallow their pride and apologise to our constitutionally elected and the people of Fiji for the suffering they had to endure that was created by the coup.

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