It shall be shouted from the roof top

Months ago we published claims of a house bought by Vore at Howell Road and now occupied by son in law Sale Sorovaki and Vore’s daughter Ruby.

The big question was where did the money came from? After all we all know that the vore was one of those sotia no money who does not even have a house title with his name on it. Well fellas here is the latest on Howell Roadgate: 

According to an entry by blogger Natewa Prince:

This was passed on to me by a relative of mine.She said that a reliable source of hers told that she had sighted a documented that revealed some very damaging information on the bi-polar pig

It seems that the pig claimed all leave owed to him over his 35 year career.We can assume that he did not take any leave over that period because the ammount claimed and paid to him totalled 180,000+ dollars.

We can also assume that this is the money used to buy his daughter the home at Howell Rd.

But what we must ask is,

* Was it legal to claim monies for leave untaken over a 35 year period.

* Did he have that much untaken leave to total 180,000+ dollars.

* 180,000+ dollars seems like 35 years service without taking any leave at all

* Which means he has not taken a day of leave in his career.

The source revealed that our globe trotting cock-eyed PolCom is also in the process of doing the same thing.
Kutu,if you have contacts in the right places ,try and get a hold of these documents.

The last line from Natewa Prince was addressed to me but I believe should be meant for all S V Bloggers.


(the irritating itch on Vore’s left Cherry that won’t go away 8) )


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  1. fedup Says:


  2. sakua Says:

    Sa rauta … Voreqe had no monetary input into the purchase of that house! It was all done by the couple, with Sale’s family, the Sorovakis, guaranteeing the loan … and BTW, loan was from Colonial!

    Please stop crucifying these two with these untruths …!!!

  3. aubatinuku-N Says:

    What do the two in question do for a living? Sale and Ruby.

    Being guaranteed a “LOAN” from “COLONIAL” toward a Fj$180,000.00 house in this day and age in Fiji all things considered is a miracle.

    Enlighten us then @ SAKUA – As to what percentage of the downpayment did SALE and RUBY contribute from their personal savings based on their salaries from whatever jobs they hold …….. This is assuming they both have permanent well paying jobs. What with the high interests!!

    @ sakua – This would be your opportunity to 100% prove this to be an “untruth” and soothe the restless beast of the “PUBLIC EYE”!!

    So daddy-O Voreqe Bainimarama had nothing to do with collateral at all huh!!!

    Any Colonial freedom bloggers out there that can verify certain things for us? or should I now use my lifelines in there?

    “wink” “wink”!! 😉

  4. Peace Pipe Says:

    Its no wonder the pig is reluctant to hand back power come March 2009. And he recently said the reason is the cleanup is still going on and will continue till all corruption is clear up. Yeah this seems like an exercise in eternity. Now I think it is more like a coverup for his misdeeds of the past and present. Because if a new govt comes in and carry out an general audit this case would stand out lika a sore thumb. What corruption is chasing after – cant even get a conviction on any to date – he needs not look any futher than into the mirror to find a major corruption snorting back at him.

  5. sakua Says:

    Hey, they both work at Colonial (owned by Commonwealth Bank of Australia).

    Staff benefits are such that their housing entitlements (each one of them) may stand at five times their gross salary; and banks & financial institutions usually charge at a very low rate of about 6% per annum.

    So with a house worth $180k, one/both of them could have been assessed on a salary of about $36k per year to qualify for the loan.

    Simple, simple, simple!!!

  6. LUVfiji Says:

    There is nowhere in this world can one claim unused leave for that length of time. Leave not used is leave lost!

    Wow.. and how time has changed. Corporate policy was at a time where husband and wife CANNOT be employed by the same organisation, enjoying the same staff incentives. Good one Colonial!

    If there was no monetary input from Vore, then investigate the Sorovaki fam. How was it that they were able to guarantee such a loan? Did they mortgage their property for these two’s loan? What is the value of the mortgaged property? Can we know? Sa dua na i lavo levu tiko vei iratou ‘qori. This site had earlier been advised that the subject couple’s vehicle was also guaranteed by the Sorovaki famili.

    mmm.. @ Sakua, I smell something fishyyyyy!

  7. sakua Says:

    There are many married couples @ Colonial. For eg. couple that appear on the dhal advert; Mo Taga & Litia K, to name just a few … I don’t think this is a corporate policy at Colonial!

    You don’t have to be rich to be able to guarantee a loan – just a clean credit record and perhaps, a credit-free home – which is what the Sorovakis have!

    What’s the problem with us … why are we hell bent on defaming this couple with such serious allegations? They are well-educated, hold secure jobs and can afford to meet their repayments … just like other people in Fiji!

    If there was truth to these rumours, it would have made the national news headlines already!

    Common, let’s build not destroy with constructive stuff … let’s not personalise issues, please!

  8. Ispy Says:

    Ok I’d be first to admit that if this information is wrong then its an unfair criticism of Mr and Mrs Sorovaki.

    However, even if they did get their loan on merit, it remains a point of interest that they chose to “apply” for the loan shortly after daddy became illegal PM.

    Opportune timing perhaps?

    Or did they figure, daddy’s repuation as dictator would virtually guarrantee the success of their application.

    Remember, loans are not approved on salary alone.

    A loan of $180k (even if it was to bank employees) is still subject to a satisfactory credit history (did they even have any?) and the actual ability to repay (subject to other necessary expenses).

    Guarrantees are nice but at the end of the day, banks are not in the business of enforcing mortgages or guarrantee contracts. They’re in the business of making money and if you’re a bad credit risk, good salary doesn’t mean jack!

    In any event, more info needed on this one before any further conclusions can be drawn.

  9. Groggymaster Says:

    I agree with Sakua – lets leave family members out of it. Lets just focus purely on VB, Chodo and issues.
    Besides I think it unlikely anyone can claim 35 years of accrued leave – my former employers would have made me forefeit all but the last two years.

  10. Frida Says:

    What do they do at Colonial that justifies the 36K pack? Sakua – so what if it is owned by the Commonwealth bank of Australia. There are people who have been working long at Westtpac and ANZ – who are in the same age group as the two thieves that are not getting that kind of money.

    Anyway, this is one of those opprtune time for people like Sakua and Co to show prove of what they are saying. Even in money making business, when you do not take your leave in the one year periood, you lose it!

  11. Wailei Says:

    Unpaid leave for 35 years? Thats impossible, how about the leaves he took when his kids were born? Unless he is an unfeeling bastard that he did not care? How about the graduation of his kids? A death in the family? Shit thats a loud of shit cow…. Man you talking about Fiji here. He was never sick in his life? De Superhuman…

    As for the loans well, Is there a possibility they might have a joint account to get the loan. But the question is for two people to get that loan what is the guarantee and if none, dont they need a certain % of money for a deposit to get a loan? Cause I dont think Bainiveka would be a good guarantor, Damn his got so many kids to cater for and probably has a history of bad credit. I mean who works for 35 years and cant even buy a house during that period?

    Look all I can comment is, if the two couple did this legally fine.. None of my business and Congrats on the house. Question is:

    But if Daddy paid for it than he needs to be Audited and investigated as he is now a public figure. Just to check if he has not received some kind of extortion money.

  12. aubatinuku-N Says:

    @ Sakua – I tell you where the “simple, simple, simple” is : since you obviously are very close to the dictator/despot family………Tell the bugger to “STEP DOWN” so we can have our rights back throught the power of the vote.

    The Bainimarama family is the most hated family in the history of Fiji, you can defend them all you want it does not change the “FACTS”!!

    Get your ducks all in a row because whether you people like it or not, “guilty by association” is the order of the day, family member or not, you run with wolves, you have it coming!!


  13. Mark Manning Says:

    Maybe , ones the Fijian currency has been devalued enough , I will be able to buy Franks’s daughter’s house back from her , for $50,000 !

  14. Tim Says:

    I seem to remember his being on leave (to visit the rellies at P-Ville NoiNoi, in Wellington) immediately before he decided to go in to the circus business at the expense of the Fiji taxpayer.

  15. Jose Says:

    The rumour that got started in this site was that Bainimarama supposedly bought a house for his daughter and son-in-law at Howell Road for $180,000 in cash from the previous owner. And that the previous owner had said this to someone. Now it’s world and public news that needs answers.

  16. LUVfiji Says:

    @Manning. Please buy her too!

  17. sakua Says:

    Common let’s get out of our subjective analysis … the truth of the matter here is you lot have already drawn conclusion on this matter!

    FYI Frida … the Financial sector pays well!

    And please, let’s get the former owner of Howell Road say this! Jose get him/her to say this … I will believe it when I hear it from him/her!

  18. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    I agree with Sakua,

    since the above rumour of the house is still unsubstantiated, can we please have some credible evidence, otherwise we will be sidetracked and lose credibility.

    As for the ’35 years unpaid leave’ for Vore, I find it very difficult to believe even for Vore to claim, but I would also like more evidence before I give my opinion.

  19. Tim Says:

    @Groggymaster: Agree that family members should be left out of the equation – after all we can’t choose our parents or, often determine the actions of our kids.
    UNLESS that is they (iIG parents and/or kids) decide to insert themselves into the equation – such as by accepting the benefits of their relatives ill-gotten gains for their own use, or such as confusing the fact that sharing blood is no automatic obligation to share ideas).
    Let’s take it all a little further, because……..
    were that the criteria, we’d be somewhat sympathetic to a NaziShameen on the basis she’s bad mouthed her own sister (i.e. acknowledges she’s a mad bitch – which of course she is), yet would never entertain a legal decision that goes against the familiar grain. (She might end up with a mad-bitch on the end of a pistol that persuades her otherwise).
    We know they’re both as mad as hatters, and they both have the wanna-be mummy dysfunction of collecting “bois”. Nazi loiks Gates and Gates knows mummy is Nazi: and Shazi loiks Bubba and Bubba knows mummy is the Pistol Shooter.
    Both the Shameens seem to have failed to realise the ‘minorities’ they collect are capable of being assholes in their own right. – even to the extent it clouds their logic and judgement! That is if logic and impartial judgement was ever their strong point to begin with.
    By which I mean that just because Gates and Bubba i-I-Arse are closet homos doesn’t exclude them from taking responsibility for their actions outside of their sexual preference, and nor is it a reason for a note to the teacher that excludes them from any sort of liability for their actions. Sh*t – I guess the Jocie Scutt – Bless her NAIIVE little soul, and always in close proximity to an asshole should be included amongst their number.

    Whatever good they start out doing, very shortly gets overwhelmed by signing up to the dysfunctinal bullshit of their protoges. (They’re all so comfortable that they’re fighting some sort of battle that is idealistic more than realistic!.
    They’re paternalistic; Colonialistic; Holier-than-Thou; personally dishonest; cowardly; “class-aware” (how’s that for something for the socialist Shaista to have to cope with – cos she KNOWS she’s better than everyone else); and utterly judgmental – and I make that claim knowing full well I, and a majority JUDGE them, but on the basis of their deeds.

    If your a homo, someone with some mental illness, a drug addict, a “know me before you judge me”, an Indo_fijian, an “ethno-Fijian” a woman, a feminist, a child-abusing priest shunted out to whatever was thought to be the “most outer Pacific island of the time”, a Yakabi, a Barr, a pathetic little lawyer with a little-man complex from Christchurch, OR whatever “minority” – it does not excuse you from your responsibilities or excuse you from liability – so when (rather than IF) the shit hits the proverbial, do not have the arrogance to squeal like a PIG who knows no better. Your GUILT precedes you!.

    So yes….Groggy, let’s leave the family out of it all, until such time as they establish their wannabe status in their own right. In Frank’s case, that has well and truely occured. They’re all targets. In Shameen’s case, same goes!.
    In Gates’ case, if the “bois” that benefit from his little pecadilo-I’m-so-influential arrogance cos I’m-holier-than-thou” expect some dort of priviledge – Fuk em. They are recipients of rewards that that they’ve found to be so beneficial.
    No-one should be under any illusion that Frank is anything other than a pathetic, lunatic, mentally ill, coward (and I assert that, not simply on the basis of his actions dince Dec 2006, but also on the basis of those that know him, have “served” with him, and have to suffer him.)
    His family have a right (and possibly a moral obligation to defend him on the basis of love, but nothing other than that). If they seek to back his bullshit – then let them stand to be judged on that basis.
    Same goes for Shaista, Bubba, $2, Teleni. Driti (remember him?) and most of the RFMF “senior management”.
    Actually they should be glad of the travel bans!.
    By all means exclude the family from an automatic association. From where I stand, they all (so far), seem to be lining up for a few short term rewards. In fact some of them even expect that they are somehow due more perks

  20. Ima Says:

    For his unpaid leave (of 35yrs service) to amount to 180K, that’s a load of crap… it is then safe to assume that the navy & military (of Fiji) pays VERY WELL….hmmmm!!

    In the Education dept, one can claim for unpaid leave if one has surpassed 12+yrs of service, but you do not get paid for ALL of it, resulting in just a couple of hundred $$ (am just giving an account of what my Mum got as an example).

  21. tosotiko Says:

    sakua has a point. The same thing some have been pointing out about the FHL Class A shareholders. Now why is sakua so adamant that it applies in this case?

  22. Mark Manning Says:

    India has shown it’s hand regarding the telecom deal and what a hypocrite the AG is trying to protect the name Fiji , what a clown !

  23. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Lol @ MM & LuvFj – $50000, @ first glance it almost looks like MM was offering to buy Ruby for pennies!

    @ tosotiko – Maybe sakua is also enjoying a few perks on the side from this illegal junta through the Bainimarama “COFFERS”????? 😉

  24. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Aiarse Khaiyumm just wants a piece of the Mercer Island Pie!

    Good, positive and free publicity for Fiji courtesy of Microsoft I say, only because Bill & Melinda love Fiji as we all know where they went for their honeymoon.

    They keep track of current world events, so surely they would be aware of whats happenning to the once was paradise of Findia.

  25. Tim Says:

    @ Sukua: A subjective analysis is probably what much of it is, so what of those that have been subjected to it – that’s objective yea?
    Stop the fucking weasel words!
    If it hasn’t dawned on people after 18 plus months that most everything those involved in this iIG – for which they receive an easy living is bullshit – it never will.
    Let’s not complicate the simple. There are enough junta sympathisers trying to do that because their original “high ground” was always based on a foundation of solid bullshit that is so infested with lies and a desire for survival that its all turned to runny stuff.
    We are dealing with opportunistic people who quite simply have a history they’d rather not have to deal with, or to be vetted and judged under the same standards they expect of everyone else.
    They are Mugabe-like bullshit artists – every last one of them.
    They use the excuse of equality and race to further their agenda.
    They use religion rather than faith to further their agenda.
    If you are in any doubt – simply look at their record.
    Things under this junta are fine and dandy, aren’t they?
    Root out corruption, nepotism and bad governance!
    No appointee will benefit…… he list goes on it is so fucking tedious.

    There has been SO MUCh bullshit, the majority of it is buried under its own weight and volume.

    There’s probably one simple question Fijians might ask themselves (mindful of the committments he’s made to everyone to date)
    Has Frank, after more than 18 months, MOVED FIJI Forward?
    mmmm, I think not

  26. Tim Says:

    Why is this implied acceptance of……
    Frank lecturing us on good governance and corruption,
    Shaista lecturing us on Human Rights and prejudice,
    Bubba lecturing us on law,
    Others trying to show us better ways of managing business,
    Chodo being a politician,
    Gates, Shameen (N), and half a dozen others trying to profess some sort of impartiality in their judgements,
    USP academics shoving their thrupence worth in from time to time as though they had some legitimacy over and above the voter.

    It’s all a bit fucked if you think about it.

    I wonder what Ratuva is doing these days – after attempting to put the worlds coups’ into an Excel spreadsheet and categorising them as “successful” or “unsuccessful”; racial or political/scocial/economic or otherwise. I guess he’s busy redifing the terms of reference since Musharef’s success is now nearing a defeat hidden in amongst a waste of 10 years.

    Give me a fukkin break. The only good thing that achieved was a salary that precludes his being dependant on a dysfunctional state (one that needs all the money it can grasp to feed a once proud military, keep ’em sweet so they don’t bash and kill any other poor bugger) – plus which he was tied to the apron strings of a good woman fighting for a cause, and probably has a few book royalties riding on it all.

    I sometimes think there is an easy solution, just as there is in Zimbabwe, but unfortunately it involves bullets, death and violence – the same criteria those we fight seem prepared to use when they’re backed into a corner.

    Still, Frank, Bubba, Chodo, $2, Mana-Mara-grabba, Dirty Driti, would all look better dead than alive, and that Leweni would sure as hell SOUND better dead than alive

  27. Islander Says:

    Little digression. Good on ya Mick!

    Great article.

    The electoral changes proposed by unelected people like Father David Arms are an act of treason, says ousted leader of Opposition Mick Beddoes.
    “These recommendations are not just changes to the electoral system as Father Arms would have us believe,” he said.

    “These are sweeping changes to our constitution that are now being promoted by a self ordained unelected, unrepresentative bunch of individuals, using the act of treason, their compromised principals and sheer arrogance to unilaterally decide what is best for Fiji.”

    He said the recommendations were based on lies, double standards, reneged promises and misguided beliefs.

    “They have become the hallmark of this military junta and their civilian cronies, barristers, solicitors, judges and clergy,” said Mr Beddoes.

    “We must view every decision they make with great suspicion as the initial aims they espouse when promoting a change of some sort, usually turns out to be a decoy, and their real intentions, as we now see with these sweeping constitutional changes, turn out to be something else.”

    Mr Beddoes said some of the recommendations seemed more like moves to support the establishment and consolidation of a new political order to safeguard their own future political supremacy. He said it had nothing to do with a fairer system of voting.

    “This would be virtually impossible to achieve with an elected government and due process, but relatively easy with an illegal regime.

    “ The regime has done little to encourage us to think any other way,” he said.

    “Those of us who support the rule of law and object to military coups as a means of changing our political direction every five years, must now resign ourselves to a much longer struggle ahead before we are able to successfully regain our country from the clutches of the self-serving forces of evil that now control it, masquerading as anticorruption agents of change for the better.”

  28. Budhau Says:

    I did not see NP in this thread – come on you idiots – don’t you know that spreading lies in here only only hurts you cause.

    Like the last time some idiot came up with that story about that pimp hired by the military to go steal laptops from foreigners.

    You first post it someplace else and then SV take up the story and run with it.

    This information has been out there for months with you bugger having all kinds of contact – why did not someone come up with the truth long time – no – because speculating about the money was so much more fun than getting to the truth.

    35 years of vacation pay – Didn’t Bainimarama take a vacation at that Island resort just before Christmas 2005 – the free vacation, may be he should have paid taxes on the value of the free vacation the he received.

  29. Tui Says:

    Ok guys anyone have contacts with the banks to trace the transaction. Otherwise the story about this was that the owner of the property did not accept the cash payment but rather let his lawyers deal with vore. I heard the story of the $180,000 cash from a real estate agent who works for a company that has been in the bussiness for a long time in Fiji.
    NP kerekere, contact taka mada na nodatou contacts in Colonial and see if someone can trace that money. If the contact is credible then this will a bigger story then the 2 mil story about Budhas hero the chodo himself.
    Let’s dig this one out for the world to see. There has never been anything in the mainstream media. Either they know and are too scared to tell. or they just plain lamu sara ga!
    Mesake Koroi should pick this story up and help boost sales for Daily Post. I hear they in dire straits right now. Clean up campaing claims another victim I’m afraid. Staff on half pay and a few already laid off.
    ” Another happy customer”, the pig sighs…..

  30. aubatinuku-N Says:

    If a certain pompous ass was paying attention they would would not question the reference to NP!


    The arrogant head is so high up the pompous ass that it really is hard for it to tell the difference!

  31. Budhau Says:

    Honey, it ain’t about no pompous ass – this is about SV – which over all does a good job – but once in a while they come up with this crap – like what NP was pushing, and then there was that Taukei declaration, and that pimp hire by the military – this kinda crap would be OK buried in some thread in here – but to give these guys their own colunm – that is the problem – and today you have some idiot with the prophesy crap given all kinds of exposure in here.

  32. Jose Says:

    @ Bhudau, every rumour has some basis of truth. Your thieving father makachodo and the $2m he stole from the people and is in the Commonwealth bank account in Aussie land started out as a rumour.

  33. Budhau Says:

    Jose, you are an idiot – “every rumour has some basis for truth” – yeah right, you want me to start a rumour about you.

  34. Jose Says:

    That’s not a rumour just the snake’s son talking shit again.

  35. aubatinuku-N Says:

    This Budhau person is “COCKY” as all get out!!

  36. Monkey Says:

    Tear the sucker down..spread the rumour it will serve its purpose…iig work on rumours and innuendos..send forth the rumours

  37. aubatinuku-N Says:

    I am sorry Budhau, I had no idea your other name was pompous ass!

  38. natewaprince Says:

    Bud you blerry coolie bastard,of course I’m here.After reading the doubt from some bloggers,I asked my relative to confirm from her source about this story.They maintain the story is true.

    Not only that,the ammount he accepted was calculated on his present salary,ie,35 years leave compensated at his current salary level.

  39. Budhau Says:

    NP – so you want to apologize to the young couple – Bainimarama’s daughter and the son-in-law, for spreading all kinds of rumours about how they bought their house.

    You don’t punish the children for the sins of their father.
    ..and that 35 years of vacation pay is a bunch of crap – that you and you relatives are pushing in here.

    you have a good day
    this is yours truly
    the coolie bastard

  40. Mark Manning Says:

    you couldn’t pay me enough to want to even consider buy shamimi !

  41. IslandBoy Says:

    Ni Sa Bula – Ruby & Sale can well afford the house with their staff loan entitlement and FNPF transfers. This brings the loan element well within their combined earnings.

    A clue for the curious though – How did FB acquire ownership of the tract of land in Nadi and Nailuva Road?

  42. IslandBoy Says:

    @Tim – FYI, the kids are quiet lethal in the workplace, with loud show-off pronouncements and public displays of petty power.

    Every second sentence starts with, “……and Daddy said blah blah blah and Daddy said s/he better watch out and Daddy said keep it up and I’ll have him/her running laps up at the camp in the middle of the night.”

    As such I completely agree with you – the preciousl little martinets make themselves targets as they wallow in and proclaim their newfound corrupt power. But then the Mara kids used to do this all the time.

  43. painter Says:

    Don’t know any of those little piglets but am not surprised at all to hear their constant pain-in-the-ass squealing ‘dadi tis dadi tat’ … what a pathetic tragic lot! Isn’t it disgusting and so damn shallow that they can’t see beyond their ugly snouts?!

  44. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ IslandBoy,

    my tau, I was getting lost without you. Nice to have you back and your inside information.

  45. Mark Manning Says:

    I was trying to make the point that your dollar will be worth very little soon and because there are no jobs in Fiji , frank’s daughter will be forced to sell their property to survive the economic disaster about to hit Fiji . i know it’s a Ruby , I’m not that silly !

  46. Jose Says:

    Hello IslandBoy. Great to have you back. Was missing your posts and the rest of the gang.

  47. aubatinuku-N Says:

    “smiles” @ Mark – You’re alright mate!
    I was just trying to make light of this very irritating situation!
    I love reading your posts, you’re a gem on these blogsites!
    Good on ya!

  48. anon Says:

    If Sale & Ruby truly owned the house, how come daddy fairy was in charge of everything else… the sotia to do all the painting jobs inside the house, sasamaki around the compound, 2 truck loads from Vinod Patel to furnish the house, not long ago Ruby goes to her parents house to shop for groceries (FOC)…..the DW 041 is guaranteed by Sale’s mother (loan with Colonial).. We know the story from the horse’s mouth, Sale was in germany when he was recalled to sign up some bulshit paper with Colonial…cover up. Not long ago they were renting somewhere in Vatuwaqa and had to move back to Sale’s sista’s house to rent cos they could not afford rent in Vatuwaqa….Sakua must be Ruby’s sista in from NZ….waiting to take up a manager’s post too with Colonial I hear…

  49. anon Says:

    Meanwhile heard that Ruby got an ear bashing from a workmate… the job with Colonial on merit NOT!!! Wanted to bad mouth Qarase @ Colonial and ended up in tears cos the team in COlonial likes her, NOT!!!! Missed few days of work after the episode. Got told off including her Ratu from Qarase reli….ha! ha!

  50. Dauvavana Says:

    someone once told me that Ruby once applied for a job at the Fiji Human Rights Commission but the Shyster thought she’s mentally challenged like her Daddy and did not give her a job.

    I wonder how the Shsyter knew Daddy was mentally challenged, was it through pillow talk????

    Ummmmmmm curiouser and curiouser 8)

  51. natewaprince Says:

    Pillow talk dina,o rau a speak in tongues tiko,tongue to tongue, hahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Oilei NP – Au sa noqu cakacaka tu la qo na dredre kaikaila ni u baci vakawilika tu na nomuni vi yatuvosa taucoko!

    Sa lasa dina!! Thanks for making my day, I have laughed enough to keep me going for quite some time! 🙂

    Bless your heart my friend!

  53. Kosakosa Says:

    Anon sounds so familiar … i think she works at Colonial – the big mouth LK? Sa laurai ga ma na jealousy big time! Sa ni voli vale mada … vacava, na nomuni motoka – voli talega mai Colonial? What makes you people different then?

    The thing about such postings are the personalisation of these issues? How are we contributing to making a better life for us … this resistance movement through blogging is not working!

  54. Kosakosa Says:

    Congrats to ruby’s sis from NZ for the management job at Colonial! Must irk some real slackers at CNB – who seems to do fuck all in the big city!

    You go girl!

  55. sebaci Says:

    KAILA … now now, come on annon … reveal more?

  56. anon Says:

    @kosakosa….cala nomu tirivu lewa, I don’t who the hell LK is and sorry fulori I don’t work for Colonial, remember hia in Fiji everybody knows everybody’s business….esp the bainivuaka’s famili, yes litiana the slut from NZ i hia must be visiting some old timers like she always does, just like mama and aunty. What’s with the bitterness with COlonial staff…99.9% probably couldn’t stand ruby….except for a few BARA!!

  57. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Qori kina!! Vinaka anon – Rabacaki koya!!

  58. Kudos to Natewa Prince and his Sources « Soli Vakasama Says:

    […] you can re-read it again and all comments on this link […]

  59. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Litiana the slut and Bernie the beeatch!!
    What evil spawned these monsteros??

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