Lau supports GCC, People’s Charter

Bloggers, it is now official that Lau has endorsed both the GCC and People’s Charter. It was expected, given the way Ului cowardly barred many delegates and candidates from attending and contesting the position of Chairman. This short term gain will definitely lose him support in the long run.

You will recall, that it was the late Ratu Mara who influenced the chiefs during a GCC Meeting to form a Fijian Party to ensure that Fijians voted together, so we don’t get a repeat of the 1987 General Election, resulting in the formation of the SVT Party endorsed by the GCC.

What happened after that? Ro Lala contested the position for President of the SVT, expecting all candidates to withdraw. This would have given the Mara Family total power as Ratu Mara was then President.

Unfortunately, Rabuka didn’t play according to their rules and stood against Ro Lala and won by an overwhelming victory as President of SVT.

This was not forgotten, but then what happened? Kamikamica broke away and revived the Fijian Association Party and guess who also joined him??? None other than Finau Mara. He beat Filipe Bole for the Lau Communal seat in 1994. Koila won this seat in 1999 with only 192 votes against Cavubati and then Qarase won it with an overwhelming victory in 2006 against the same Cavubati by a much larger margin, than even Finau Mara over Filipe Bole.

The point SV raises here bloggers is the Mara clan are so power hungry that they will revert to any possible means to retain power. Ului’s using underhand tactics has been deployed by the late Ratu Mara so many times before, that it is no longer surprising for ‘what monkey sees, monkey do.’

Another interesting point bloggers, is Ratu Mara influencing the GCC to form the SVT Party.

Another interesting point bloggers, it was Ro Lala who recommended to the GCC, that Rabuka be made a Life Member of the GCC.

Bainimarama’s trying to change the rules of the GCC to ensure that remain apolitical is premised on the claim that it only became political during Qarase’s reign is unsubstantiated because its very clear now, that it began way back then by our founding fathers whose children (Mara, Ganilau & Nailatikau) are still very much involved in the illegal junta today.

Your comments?

26 JUN 2008

The Lau Provincial Council has supported the new promulgation of the Great Council of Chiefs and the proposed People’s Charter.Newly elected council chairman, Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba confirmed this during a press conference in Nasova today.

“We just cannot sit and do nothing so we have taken necessary steps and supported this good cause.”

“It’s the chiefs of the province who have decided to support the interim government, so it is their prerogative.”

“I personally don’t see anything wrong with this and we want change to take place so I think this is a positive move.”

He also urged the people of Lau to support the interim government and not be influenced by negative comments from critics.

Ratu Tevita said the reason he contested the chairmanship was because he wanted to carry out his traditional role and serve his people.

“I have an obligation to serve my people and this is how I can reach out to my people.”

He added that the reason the media was barred from the meeting is because certain issues that were discussed was not for public consumption.



34 Responses to “Lau supports GCC, People’s Charter”

  1. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Do Fijians want these people to ‘run’ their country?

    A human rights organisation based in Delhi says almost 7,500 people have died in custody in India over the past five years.

    The Asian Centre for Human Rights says many of the dead were victims of torture.

    The centre’s director, Suhas Chagma has criticised the Government for failing to pursue criminal cases against those responsible for the deaths.

    “It takes about 25 to 30 years to prosecute somebody and by that time many of the accused are dead, possibly the relatives filed a complaint about that,” he said.

    “There’s a culture of impunity which is given by the government of India and I think this is the single most important factor which is encouraging torture.”

  2. soro Says:

    Phooey .. “my people” my arse. It is well obvious that the bullying, intimidations and threats have worked … but explain why the Ono people walked out ? Good on Ono !

    And the fact that the Lau people was not represented well. Many people locked out. What a kind of forum is that ?

    Crap of the highest order.

    Everything is for public consumption these days esp when credibiltiy and transparency is the order of the day.

  3. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Do Fijians want these people to run Air Pac?

    AN Air India flight headed for Mumbai overshot its destination and was halfway to Goa before its dozing pilots were woken from a deep slumber by air traffic control.

    The high-altitude nap took place approximately two weeks ago, the Times of India reported today.

    Some 100 passengers were on board the state-run flight that originated from Dubai and flew to the western Indian city of Jaipur before heading south to Mumbai when both pilots fell asleep, a source told the paper.

    “After operating an overnight flight, fatigue levels peak – and so the pilots dozed off after taking off from Jaipur,” the source, who was not identified in the report, said.

    The plane flew to Mumbai on autopilot, but when air traffic there tried to help the aircraft land, the plane ignored their instructions and carried on at full speed towards Goa.

    “It was only after the aircraft reached Mumbai airspace that air traffic control realised it was not responding to any instructions and was carrying on its own course,” the source said.

    “The aircraft should have begun its descent about 100 miles (160km) from Mumbai, but here it was still at cruising altitude. We checked for hijack.”

    Finally air traffic control buzzed the cockpit and woke up the pilots, who turned the plane around, the report said.

    When contacted by the newspaper, Air India said it was gathering information on the incident.

    The manager of Mumbai’s airport insisted the aircraft had suffered a “communications failure” and that no napping had taken place.

    But sources told the daily that authorities were trying to hush up the matter.

    Indian papers reported this week that a flight operated by private airline Jetlite to the central Indian city of Patna was grounded after the pilot was found to be drunk.

  4. soro Says:

    Air Dozy

  5. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    This is the most sensible statement by a Fijian leader for 20 months.

    Have a good read and think where you would like Fiji to go in the future.

    Bloggers, it is time to join Mick and start a revolution against these tyrants.

    “Ousted former opposition leader Mick Beddoes feels that the proposed changes to the electoral system is a move to support the establishment and consolidation of a new ‘political order’ to safeguard the future of the interim Government.

    Mr Beddoes said the change is to safeguard the future of ‘political supremacy’ then it is to do with a fairer system of voting.

    He said the recommendations made by the National Council of Building a Better Fiji were not just changes to the electoral system as Father David Arms had put it but sweeping changes to Fijis Constitution.

    “Based on the litany of lies, double standards, reneged promises and misguided beliefs that has become the hallmark of this military junta and their civilian cronies, barristers, solicitors, judges and clergy, we must view every decision they make with great suspicion as the initial aim they espouse when promoting a change of some sort, usually turns out to be a decoy, and their real intentions, as we now see with these sweeping constitutional changes, turns out to be something else,” he said.

    “This would be virtually impossible to achieve with an elected government and due process, but relatively easy with an illegal regime.

    “The Regime has done little to encourage us to think any other way.”

    Mr Beddoes said the time has come for those of us in opposition to issue an ultimatum to the interim Government.

    “If they want an ‘inclusive political solution’ and support for some of their proposed reforms, so that we can jointly agree to a legally binding way forward, then they must start to honour some of their own undertakings and conclude the elections by March 2009 and return Fiji to Parliamentary Democracy,” he said.”

  6. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Have a read of this statement made on TV and gauge the intelligence of this turkey.

    “An interim minister believes armed violence affects more than 80-percent of the population in the Pacific.

    Ratu Epeli Nailatikau was reacting to a Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat statement that said armed violence wasn’t that prevalent in the region.””

    Where was this fool when his interim comrades were beating and murdering innocent people?

  7. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Well, Ului’s selfish greed will be his undoing.

    Isn’t he too implicated as well in the human right abuses inflicted upon those innocent citizens tortured and assaulted at QEB?

    Our actions follow us to our graves they say, but according to the informative commentary by SV above, it further proves our actions continue to haunt and accuse us from our graves.

    It will be interesting to see what will unfold from the LPC saga. Anare Jale and Sakiusa Raivoce are persons who will not take it lying down and Jale has already indicated possible legal action.

    I had mentioned in a previous post, that Raivoce was Eveli Ganilau’s Personal Staff Officer, when he was Commander. Now for Raivoce to agree to second Jale’s nomination for Chairmanship of LPC and to reject both the GCC and People’s Charter shows great discord within the LPC.

    Jale and Raivoce’s sacking on the day of the Meeting clearly shows Ului was not the popular choice and most likely knew he would have lost the election, if Anare Jale was allowed to contest the Chairmanship.

    Fijian Affairs PS Meli Bainimarama, in a statement today said that he did not order their sacking or being barred from the LPC, so the million dollar question is who ordered their sacking or being barred?

    The facts all point to Ului. He must clear himself and explain to all Lauans, why some delegates were prevented from the Meeting & re-open the voting.

    This is the 1st LPC that I am aware of, where delegates have been turned back and refused entry!

    It must be alarming for Ului, who took it for granted that his name alone would clinch the Chairmanship of the LPC.

    Little did he realise that his actions together with Ateca, Koila & both Eveli’s in supporting and most likely being involved in the unlawful removal of Laisenia Qarase from government resulted in a major back lash from the Lauans causing them to revolt.

    Lauans, like all other Provinces all venerate fairness, ‘valavala vaka dodonu kei na valavala vaka savasava.’ Qarase was well known and respected within Lau, for what he’s done for villages and Tikina’s throughout Lau, including his own Tikina Mualevu and his village Mavana.

    His being treated unfairly was certainly not condoned by the great majority of Lauans and I believe, this sediment would have applied to anyone else in power, whether Fijian or Indian, if they had been removed like Qarase.

    After the coup has settled, Ului, Ateca and Koila will be left to face the wrath of the Lauan people and it will take enormous courage and an abundance of humility to heal the vanua, regain the confidence and trust of those whom they have ostracised in their selfish quest for this temporary gain. Now, this will take much more than vulo’s of tabuas.

    If not, the Vuanirewa will forever lose their ascendancy within Lau because the Lauans subservience is voluntary. It can be withheld and diverted to someone else they respect and know will look after their interests.

    To prove my point, I give you Enele Maa’fu.

  8. Mark Manning Says:

    Why not just dismantle the chiefly system all together and only have general elections like australia ?

  9. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Easier said than done MM.

    Furthermore, Australia is different to Fiji and different rules apply to different situations. Trying to make Fiji like Australia will just not work.

    Look at the Assimilation Policy in Australia between White and Black Australia. Has it worked? NO.

    The current Intervention Policy in the NT is further proof of the deep chasm between White and Black Australia, yet they are both in one Continent.

    Now imagine if you will MM, Fiji is in a totally different geographical region altogether?

    Need I say more.

  10. EnufDictatorship Says:

    Our chiefly system and all the other traditional systems we have in place is part of our identity and what sets us apart from other cultures and traditions (although we do share similarities and differences in the sense of these systems).

    It shouldn\’t be abolished BUT reviewed and reorganised. That is, ONLY CHIEFS WHO HAVE PROVEN THIER WORTH SHOULD BE SUPPORTED. Otherwise, go and plant your own \”loga ni tavioka!\”

    How sad it is for the common Lauans who have to live with this good-for-nothing chief.

    Go Ono!

  11. painter Says:

    “I have an obligation to serve my people and this is how I can reach out to my people.” – wow! the quote of the year that sums up this sorry excuse for a man! What a nutcase!

  12. Jose Says:

    @ ex Fiji Tourist who said
    “Do Fijians want these people to ‘run’ their country?”

    What we the Indigenous Fijians in Fiji don’t want is the law of the human rights itself.
    This law at the end of the day is going to resist your every movement and take away from you everything you own. This law is going to destroy your every God given right. This law was created to eradicate Protestantism from the face of the earth. This is the law of men and its strange wind of doctrine. There is a big difference between what is LEGAL and what is RIGHT. Just because the courts say its legal, does not make it RIGHT. The Ten Commandments is Righteousness. This is the Law that God had set for men to keep throughout their generation. The Law by which we will be judged. Jesus says “if you love me, keep my Commandments.”
    Ecclesiastes 12 says at the end of the chapter”This is the whole duty of man.”

  13. iceman Says:

    IF TOU WANT TO SERVE YOUR PEOPLE…RESIGN FROM THE MILITARY AND COME BACK TO THE DELANIYAVU FOOL!!!!!!. Who you trying to hoodwink here asshole????.. O iko na tamata o sega ni dodonu mo turaga mo liutaki Lau…Tamata ravarava!!!!! sega na nomu tamata baleta o sa rui tamata viavialevu……

  14. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Lau does not support GCC, People’s charter.

  15. Joshus Says:

    Well folks , that reference to the ppl of Lau as “MY People” by Ului reveals the very dictatorial/dominant/proud heart [dokadoka and viavialevu] character that has may have been part of the Secret and hidden self of Mara children which could also be true for the Ganilau and Nailatikau clans. It is sad but as rightly observed by Jese [10.59] above, these events could result in their own undoing as they could very well be adding fuel to the fire [of hatred from their own people] in terms of whatever respect to their Chiefly status that must now be left amongst the ppl of Lau Province . We could all be living witnesses to the exposure of these naked truths as they continue with their drama!!. Bainimarama’s Cleansing Campaign has really taking effect now as all are being publicly exposed.. -Sa qai matata tikoga mai na nodratou cakacaka ni veivakasavasavataki ka ni sa tekivu me ceburaki ga mai dla ni vale na veika ka dau vunitaki tu e loma ni vale.. Sa na qai kacabote ka basika ga mai na dina ena kena gauna … We keep blogging Ragone.

  16. aubatinuku-N Says:

    If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves, pray, seek my face and turn from their wicked ways I will hear them from heaven and heal their land 2 Chronicles 7:14

  17. anon Says:

    “To serve my people” nomu sona ga, cici levu.

  18. Islander Says:

    This whole meeting was a farce. Lau does NOT support GCC changes nor does it support the ILLEGAL Charter. MOREOVER, it does NOT support Ului, and I’m sorry you viavialevu fool, we are NOT “your people.” You have NO people, your only followers are those you have manipulated.

    It is OBVIOUS that you muscled your way to the Chairmanship, but that will be very very short lived.

    Ma’afu descendant!

  19. Belijo Says:

    Ului, WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! It’s not Lau that has accepted the GCC Report. The minority people of Lau who are easy prey to the likings like you have accepted the GCC report. The Ono people have spoken through their actions and so many others who were not invited nor allowed into the Lau Provincial meeting. De nei Ta na matabose!!!! Beware Ului and all the Mara clan your days are numbered! Take a look at your family first and deal with that foremost before you deal with Lau.
    Read Exodus 15:26 – The Lord said ” if you listen carefully to the voice of The LORD your GOD and do what is right in HIS eyes, if you pay attention to HIS commands and keep all HIS decress, I will not bring on you any of the diseases I brought on the Egyptians, for I am tHE LORD who heals”
    I suggest you heed God’s warning. Look at what’s happening to your own family. First look at your sisters, disobedient to God and overuling their husbands or divorcing and stealing other women’s husbands,there’s been a death in the family and more is to come if you do not heed the WORD of the LORD. Look at your children, nieces and nephews, they have been overpowered academically and psychologically etc. by children of lesser status than yours. Do you know why? Because the children of the lesser statues come from families that lived honest, humble and a life of struggle. The Bible will never be wrong, “The first shall be last and the last shall be first.” IF only the Mara family can adhere to these Godly principles then and only then can Launs can rise to embrace your leadership.

  20. Mark Manning Says:

    I believe that in recent history in Fiji , the GCC has been used by traitors , as an excuse to overthrow the Elected Government , for their own financial gain and notoriety .
    If the GCC were dismantled and land ownership made available to all citizens of Fiji and compensation paid over time to the present land owners , then maybe things might improve for all Fijians . As I’ve often said , Fiji was originally uninhabited , as was the whole of the Earth’s surface , and that the rules by which Fijians now Govern themselves , were man made !
    Consequently , man , can dismantle those rules and make new ones .
    This has to happen as time has passed and situations have changed .
    The questions is though , I would suggest , is how will those rules be changed , to what extent and who will authorise who to make those changes on behalf of Fijians ?
    It’s a very difficult task indeed , but to continue on the way Fijian society is , is a recipe for disaster . In my view .
    I hope that Fijians can come to some understanding amongst themselves , for your Children and Grandchildren’s sakes , if not for the current Citizens of Fiji . But it starts with the arrest and conviction and trial of all involved in this and previous coups . You can’t build a house on sand , and that , I believe , is why Fijians can’t resolve the issues . It is a revolving door of deceit which keeps this coup culture going . As for Fiji’s geographical outlay , I don’t understand what that has to do with it . No titles means you are all governed by the same law , and that the interpretation of that Law will be up to the Courts . Provided those Court are represented honestly , there shouldn’t be a problem .
    In Australia , it’s difficult indeed , as in Fiji , as the Aboriginals want autonomy , yet don’t seem to have agreement amongst themselves as there are many more tribes or clans than Fiji . I don’t really understand what assimilation is , in real terms ! How can an Aboriginal become a European , it’s a stupid concept to start with ! We should have a policy of recognition of our differences and a mutual respect of each others cultures and points of view . I personally believe that Aboriginal culture and language , should be taught in our Schools .
    But I digress , Fiji has a unique situation , times have changed , recent history suggests that it will be repeated unless something major is done !
    What that is to be , who knows !
    It’s truly a matter for Fijians , I think the youth should decide , as it’s their future . This current generation needs to step back as they’ve lost the right to dictate to the next generation , how they will live their lives .

  21. natewaprince Says:

    Don’t go there MM.As far as land and the GCC is concerned,I feel it is inappropriate for you to make these insensitive comments because it is something we Fijians hold very close to our hearts.

    It is this land and GCC issue that this regime is attacking that has agitated the Fijians in the first place.

    No offence meant mate.

  22. natewaprince Says:

    Meanwhile ,on the radio yesterday,Rishi Ram said that they would have to look into the issue of holding dual office in regards to Roko Ului.
    No update so far.

  23. Mark Manning Says:

    no offence taken and i didn’t mean any offence either , but although i partially understand the Fijians point of view and probably even agree with it to an extent , i just can’t see peace unless some major issues are resolved . you , your children and grandchildren , deserve a stable environment now and into the future . something new has to be done . perhaps just jailing the traitors and getting rid of the army , is the best solution at the moment . the matter of land may well stay as it is and the chiefly system may continue , who knows , it’s a matter for the Fijians , not me , an outsider .

  24. LUVfiji Says:

    Oooilei.. e caka tale tiko vei cei na ka ‘qo?

    Rishi Ram will be looking until kingdom come. If only he can show us that he is good enough for that office in knowing the damned Staff Regs of the Civil Service like the back of his ugly hand; that their stand on the issue be instantaneous. There goes the famous saying again “we’re looking into it”.

    Maybe RokoUlui stepped in only for this meeting to secure Lau’s support for the Charter and vanish – Mission accomplished! Then Anare Jale will be allowed in to take over the Council and do the clean-up?? Who knows?

  25. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ LUVFiji,

    Ului, if he a holder of a Public Office, by virtue of being an Officer of the RFMF, then I believe he is not eligible for the position of Chairman of the LPC and his appointment unlawful.

    Something tells me it’ll end up like Koila’s appointment as Chairman of the Constitutional Boundaries Commission, which she was disqualified to hold because she had been a serving Member of Parliament within the disqualification period, resulting in her resignation within a few days.

    It would be highly embarrassing and loss of face, if Ului had to do the same and Anare Jale elected. I can imagine Ului strangling whomever advised him to stand, if he was indeed not eligible!

    Rishi’s comment that ‘we’re looking into it’ is so lame, if the law if clear, but it just goes to show the illegal junta’s mentality in using the law to chastise those critical of them, yet trampling on the same when they want their objectives achieved.

    Isn’t this abuse of the law or what?

  26. Wailei Says:

    MM Said:

    “If the GCC were dismantled and land ownership made available to all citizens of Fiji and compensation paid over time to the present land owners , then maybe things might improve for all Fijians.”

    The thing is your point of view is through the eyes of an Economist/Westerner. Not through the eyes of an indigenous person, whose being is his/her Vanua. Vanua not only means land it is the people and every organic matter that lives in it. This is where a persons mana (being) comes from. This is dear to our hearts. It has history, it has meaning to us. A landless Fijian is like a plant with not roots.

    I mean i get your point, it would benefit us economically. But you must also look at the population size.. In previous years we were less in Population size that is: many died of foreign diseases like measles etc., now we are growing in numbers. The next generation of indigenous Fijians will be more educated, with fresh ideas and will know what they can do with their Land that would benefit the whole mataqali and their families. The indigenous population will grow and those land that belong to them will benefit them.

    The thing is when a population grows, land will become less. So, my kids and their kids will certainly need my portion of land to farm or build a resort if they want to.

  27. Ima Says:

    @ JW

    I agree with your views on Ului’s chairmanship of the LPC and the way he went about attaining it… and reading the news item from the Fiji Sun has given me some grey matter exercise… Ponder on the final paragraph to answer your question on Rishi’s ‘looking into it’

    It’s my traditional role, says chief


    Newly appointed Lau provincial council chairman Lieutenant- Colonel Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba has urged those who criticised his appointment to challenge it.
    At a press conference yesterday the military officer and Lau chief told reporters he was well aware of regulations regarding serving civil servants taking up public office.

    “I’m well aware of that (regulations), I understand the regulations very well. If I thought I wasn’t eligible, I wouldn’t have stood. So anyone’s free to challenge it (his appointment),” said Ratu Tevita.

    He said his traditional role as a chief of the province surpassed that of his profession as a soldier.

    “I don’t see myself as a military officer leading the province of Lau, I’m looking at myself in my traditional role,” he said.

    Questions were raised after his appointment on him taking up the provincial council chairmanship when he was a civil servant.

    While some senior government officials revealed that the issue would need legal clarification, former military officer Sakiusa Raivoce said even as a soldier Ratu Tevita was paid by the State as a civil servant.

    Former chief executive officer in the Prime Minister’s office Joji Kotobalavu said Ratu Tevita’s case was special as he is a chief in his own right.

    Public Service Commission chairman Rishi Ram said the military doesn’t adhere to PSC regulations as they had their own set of rules to follow.

  28. Fiji Democracy Now Says:

    @ SV and all bloggers. Great discussion going on here. For the record, the following is what we posted on the same subject in the Fiji Times online:

    The declaration yesterday by Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara that the province of Lau had thrown its support behind the NCBBF rings as falsely as his claim that his election as Provincial Council Chairman the previous day was not rigged.

    As the majority of thinking people in Fiji know, the only person Colonel Mara is fooling is himself.

    His transparent rigging of his election as Chairman and his use of manipulated regulations and police officers to stop potential challengers entering the meeting will go down as Fiji’s Day of Dirty Politics.

    It also sends a clear message to the people of Fiji that this is the only way the military- backed regime knows how to operate.

    Dirty tricks and dirty politics are the regime’s calling card.

    Over the past 18 months the regime has managed to cripple our economy. At the same time, powerful regime figures such as Mahendra Chauhry have consistently played the race card in their efforts to create uncertainty, dissension and confusion.

    Now Colonel Mara has shown us that the regime is out to cripple Fiji’s society and institutions in order to gain the political control it needs to cling to the power it gained through the December 2006 Coup.

    Let there be no doubt, the “Mugabeisation” of Fiji is well under way.

  29. Navosavakadua Says:

    No-one is fooled. We all know what the people of Lau think on the GCC and the charter. The illegal regime holds power by force alone, so who do they think they are fooling. Not the people, not the Forum Working Group and not the EU. They are fooling only themselves.
    This kind of phony Provincial Council decision diverts their minds from the thought that will be lurking in the back of their minds until the whole house of cards collapses – they are going to prison for these crimes.

  30. Ispy Says:

    Everytime this interim administration does something illegal, they claim its based on some genuinely honourable or noble intention.

    When they carried out the 2006 coup, they said it was to avoid in-fighting amongst the Fijian people over the Qoliqoli Bill.

    When they removed prominent figures in government, statutory bodies and government owned companies, they said it was to weed out corruption.

    When they replaced those figures with their own friends and relatives, they said it was to ensure that their mission is completed.

    When they established the NCBBF and promoted a hugely unpopular charter, they said it was promote a multicultural Fiji.

    When they removed the GCC and revised its role and function, they said it was ensure long term peace and stability.

    When they increased the military budget to surpass the health and education budget, they said solders are the last basitan of law or order (so they need to eat first).

    When they changed the electoral system and threatend to ban SDL from the next elections, they said was to bring an end to the coup culutre.

    It seems that the members and supporters of this interim administration honestly believe that nobility of intention (however misguided) justifies everything, even breaking the law.

    They would do well to remember the words of Dr Samuel Johnson – “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

  31. lauan boy Says:

    this aresehople mara boy has been a pain in the arse for while…he has the guns the soldiers to protect him and a sniper outside his house every evening @tamavua….yet he is afraid…..levuni boci. u’ll pay u arsehole.

    vaqa koro tiko….o na mate … nomu kawa na yavu mai vaka na sovu.

    sonalevu o iko Roko Ului.

  32. iceman Says:

    When this dude was saying that Anare Jale was a commoner, Tevita Ului you should be reminded that without the people there are no chiefs…. Agree 100% with you lauan boy..As a kai Lau, it hurts me to see this man trying to dictate what is right for every Lauan…. Kevaka o turaga dina, mo yalo malua, vakarorogo vei ira na tamata o tukuna tiko ni o liutaki ira tiko. Keimami sega ni mai sotia me keimami ciqoma tiko nomu order!!!..
    Keimami sa vuli and mind you Tevita Ului,,, we are better educated than you and the rest of your brothers and sisters.. Kua tiko na vosa vakaviavia levu tiko…….

  33. Mark Manning Says:

    I wonder if the regime is using the tactic of divide and conquer . Perhaps they have promised concessions to those provinces supporting the charter , in return for their support .
    But the regime’s real tactic , may be to turn one province against the other in order that they remain the dominant power in this struggle for freedom etc. It’s an old army tactic and a Government tactic used on the unions .
    As they say , united we stand , divided we fall !
    So don’t fall for it , stay strong and support each other through this difficult period .

  34. Jose Says:

    It’s Freemasonry

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