Another Cut and Paste Google Wikepedia from Shyster


Discussions in the last few days have again centred around out crazy illegal pot smoking Ombudsman otherwise known as the Shyster. She has continued her drama queen antics with the release of a report justifying why the illegal interim government deported publishers Hannah and Hunter.

While it’s not worth the paper it was printed on, we have posted it above for you to have a read and judge for yourself.

And just in case you want some critcal review, there is none more qualified to do so then Michael Field and you can entertain your self with the work of his mighty pen on this link:


19 Responses to “Another Cut and Paste Google Wikepedia from Shyster”

  1. natewaprince Says:

    So much better reading Michael Fields critical review of the pot smoking apologist.She obviously was on a very long high,considering the long winded report which had absolutely nothing to do what Mick Beddoes requested.

    It just reinforces my earlier comment that she was roped in by the usurpers from the very first day to give a positive and legal spin on the coup.

  2. natewaprince Says:

    Before I forget,o Avenai e dua tale ga na nona metali ena Skanaivalu memorial parade day.E a soli vua na nona muaimuri na Fiji Military Medal.The citation read,”For service beyond the call of duty.”

    Qai la’i pini taka o ga Vore ena yakavi ya gauna rau de-stress tiko kina,pini taki sara ga na vanua ya,wailei!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Indigenous Says:

    This might interest you guys.

    If the FHL is heavily supervised by various regulations why the fuck is their a need to change the board and executives, and then Air Pacific I don’t really know what “DA” they will cook up this time to paint on Air Pacific’s Board and Executive to have them removed. This self righteous bastard and they can’t even audit the Regimental Funds and Mataivalu Savings at the RFMF. WHAT HYPOCRITES!

    “Fijian Holdings Limited (FHL) group general manager Sereana Qoro has assured there is no political interference in the dealings of the locally-owned investment company because it is heavily regulated.

    Qoro said the operations of FHL operated under very strict guidelines as a publicly listed company and operated in accordance to rules and regulations governed by the South Pacific Stock Exchange (SPSE), Capital Markets Development Authority (CMDA) and the Reserve Bank of Fiji (RBF)”.

    She said there was no chance for political interference because the company had to comply with other requirements of other regulatory bodies.

    Questions were raised on just how independent the operations of Fijian Holdings would be after sudden changes were made by the interim Government on the board of the investment company with no consultation with the shareholders, in particular Class A shareholders.

    “FHL is a publicly listed company so there is no chance for political interference. We operate with very strict rules and guidelines that dictate how we operate,” Qoro told Fijilive.

    “The protection of shareholders at FHL is paramount. FHL’s operations are heavily supervised (by the SPSE, CMDA and RBF) as a publicly-listed company for the protection of shareholders,” she explained.

    “If there is some fear out there in the public, there’s no ground for that because the people (appointed) in the board are not new. The chairman for instance (Isoa Kaloumaira) has been there for the last nine years,” she said.

    Qoro revealed to Fijilive that she is part of FHL’s succession plan, a strategic plan that has her on the top of the list as a contender for the group general manager’s position at FHL.

    Qoro manages two fairly large subsidiaries of FHL – Fiji Industries Ltd (cement factory in Lami) and Basic Industries Ltd, which includes Hume Industries in Lami and Standard Concrete Industries.

    FHL owns 50.1 per cent of Fiji Industries Ltd and 51.1 per cent of Basic Industries Ltd.

    “So these appointments, including my appointment is strategic in a way in that recruitments are done within FHL for that very reason,” she said.

    “So, as you can see, we can’t unilaterally do anything. These companies have its own articles of association, their own rules.”

    As for the appointment of the new Merchant Finance and Investment Company, Qoro said” We’re going into the market for a replacement and we will be engaging KPMG (chartered accountants) for that”.

    “As I have said earlier, there will be no change in our strategic direction with the change in our management and the growth we have achieved in the lat 24 years, we’re moving forward to ensure we grow that even more into the future,” she said.

  4. angie Says:

    very good piece by Mike folks read it with a cup of tea and have a blast!!!!
    One for you Mike – will pop in and see you for a good laugh when I am next in Auckland!!

  5. Keep The Faith Says:

    Sit DOWN Sereana and get a fcukin’ clue woman!

  6. soro Says:

    Just skimmed the Marijuana Report. What a load of CROCK !

    Michael Field is right on the money. Not only is she quite mad , she has condoned the use of illegal activities used to steal other’s private property, and has justified it.

    Fcken stupid bitch!

  7. FijiGirl Says:

    Bula – sorry to digress off-topic, but here’s 2 diff stories from sources that I think the SV community may find interesting.

    40 – 50 Chinese workers flew into the country on Monday 23 June via Seoul. They had with them a document from the Fiji Embassy in Beijing instructing Immigration officials to grant them unlimited stay in the country despite having no return ticket. According to immigration staff, they are in the country to build the new Chinese Embassy complex in Suva. So the Chinese are doing here exactly what they do in Africa – take our resources, and yes, pay for them – but refuse to contribute to our economy by using our labour, unlike the US Embassy project in Tamavua.

    Chodo instructed for Fiji government property in New York, prime real estate, to be sold and the money to be repatriated to Fiji. Instead of letting out the building, which is in a MEGA area, and collecting rents for revenue, he preferred to kill the goose that laid a daily golden egg. Chodo continues to raid the nations’ piggy-banks to keep himself and his goons in clover, while the common people (especially cane farmers) starve.

    Where is the rage? Come on people, let’s protest!

    God bless Fiji

  8. aubatinuku-N Says:

    @ FijiGirl – If this is true not that I doubt you my friend then it just adds to the very long list of reasons why we must have elections asap and just get rid of Chaudhary & Bainimarama & their whole entourage!

    How much lower can these people go???

  9. natewaprince Says:

    FijiGirl,I hope those 40-50 Chinese workers are not all women.

    Immigration should check that document for authenticity,nothing is beyond those triads.

  10. Okaraik!! Says:

    The sun has set on the US Empire…if nothing is done..the US will collapse soon…engineered ofcourse… the new world powers will be India and China in this century…poerhaps the shift in iIG alliance…its a socialist agenda …

  11. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Well Shiasta is just making a fool of herself.

    The amazing thing about lies and once you perpetuate it, it takes on a life of its own and sets down preconceived conclusions. It forces one to continue adding more lies to fit these preconcieved conclusions, without realising just how absurd your lines of reasoning have become.

    It has become blurred because one now gets into the realm of fiction, like Shiasta’s Report, which is plainly absurd for all to see, exclduing her and those like minded.

    Truth is absolute in whatever religion you may profess, since it is universal. I am confident that everyone reading this Report, irrespective of their religious background will shake their head and wonder, how stupid she has become, inspite of all her professional qualifications!

  12. Anne Says:

    Shyster Shameen meets Robert Mugabe in hell. He tells her what a tough guy he was, one man one vote, one time. I rigged elections to stay in power, I intimidated my opponents, I was defiant against the US, the Brits and everyone else. I tortured and murdered my own people just to stay in power until god removed me and sent me to hell. What qualifies you to be here, Shyster? Well Robert, I sucked Banimaramas dick til his eyes popped out, then I smoked a truckload of dope and wrote a couple of reports that made half the Fijian population laugh so hard that they dropped dead.

  13. Mark Manning Says:

    The blind leading the blind !

  14. tim Says:

    Careful Anne! You might offend her, and Jocelyn – they’re both such champions of the underdog after all. (Gates and iI-Arse are minorities -“don’tcha know”)
    The African neighbours sucked Mugabe’s dick for damn near a decade until they realised something tasted pretty foul. Thankfully Fiji’s neighbours have come to recognise a stench a damn sight sooner, but still not soon enough.

  15. yanu Says:

    this woman shyster should be fucked hard, i want to root her hard if given her pussy

  16. LUVfiji Says:

    oh ykkk! why would you want to do that? sugar with spice.. it aint nice!

  17. Jose Says:

    @yanu desperate tiko iko

  18. aubatinuku-N Says:

    @ yanu- I agree with LuvFiji….oh ykkk!! But HEY man, whatever ROCKS your boat I guess!!

    Don’t say you were’nt warned you might be turned off instead of on for anything to happen….lol!!!

  19. FijiGirl Says:

    @ NP – no, they were definitely men – the hookers to service them will no doubt arrive later…

    God bless Fiji

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