GCC taskforce maintains initial plan

Bloggers, he goes $2 Jo again. Remember one time he said that if the Chiefs do not send in their delegates, then they will go for Plan B, but now he changes his tune again and says there is no Plan B. He admits that the Council and I think he means Task Force can make changes if the Chiefs do not send in their delegates.

Word on the grapevine is that Vore will select ‘his chiefs’ from Provinces which refuse to send in delegates, which if true will only further divide Fijians, making way for the Indians during elections under the new electoral system being proposed.

$2 Jo shows utter disrespect for the late Tui Levuka and Tui Nawaka who have not had their ‘bogi draus’ yet as their respective vanuas are still in mourning, yet he is already telling their people the need to install their substitutes.

It just shows his inferior attitude because he himself is not an installed chief but a wannabe one. He was resoundingly defeated in the vote for Chairmanship of his own Provincial Council, so he is nothing where he came from and being involved in this Task Force and NCBBF are the only means of income.

In many places, installation takes several years eventhough you will have an incumbent recognised as the new leader, so the vanua does not come to a stand still and business continues as usual. Yet,you have $2 Jo urging chiefs to be installed within the time-frame set by the IG, so they could qualify for the new GCC!

SV says it is pathetic, but is appalled to find ‘small chiefs’ trying to get themselves installed in time, like no qare, Filimoni Ralogaivau of Bua, whose own son discredited him and his sisters accused him to the NLC of forcing them to approve of his candidature.

SV poses this thought to you bloggers, if chiefs were to be diametrically opposed to or went against the wishes of the majority of their people on important issues, like this new GCC or People’s Charter, should they be allowed to continue on as a right as chiefs or should their abdicate their position to another or Tokatoka Member who will heed to the wishes of their people?

25 JUN 2008

The team appointed to make changes to Fiji’s Great Council of Chiefs is facing a stiff task of convincing chiefs to join the new-look body.Taskforce Chairman, Ratu Josateki Nawalowalo admitted that the council could make certain changes to their recommendation if the provinces do not submit nominees by next month.

“We are in very difficult position at the moment but we are still liaising with each provincial council on the progress,” Ratu Josateki said.

“I’m sure that chiefs are eager to join the new council but it’s those with political affiliations who are stopping them.”

Ratu Josateki also said each province should have appointed or installed their chiefs since the taskforce would not change its stand on this issue.

“That’s one of the criteria and if the chiefs do not fit in that criteria than they will not be part of this new council,” he said.

“I mean there are chiefs out there who have been installed and are willing to join the council.”

Now that the Tui Levuka Ratu Kolinio Rokotuinaceva and Tui Nawaka Ratu Apisai Naevo have passed away, the two chiefly households will have to consider who the chiefly title will go to.

Ratu Josateki said the responsibility was with provinces to choose their nominees otherwise the council would have to sit with whatever numbers they have.

“It’s up to the chiefs now and whatever they decide it’s up to them but we will go ahead with our plans,” he said.

“For the moment we will stick with our initial plans and there’s no plan B because we are confident that we will be able to sit sometimes next month.”



24 Responses to “GCC taskforce maintains initial plan”

  1. Koya na Man Says:

    It is important to keep the traditional sysytem intact.

    I take us back to the time when the first ropeans landed on our shores and realised that our forefathers had a traditional government system in place.THere was a chief,herald,warriors,priests/advisers e.t.c.,e.t.c…..

    Sir Arthur Gordon was Governor in Macau and when brought into the country advised the colonialists not to interfere with the Matanitu Vanua.Till todate the two Governments continued on their separate paths working in harmony with each other.

    O.K. let us look at how advance we are and how we have been accepting everything through our chief(one voice system/”dua ga na lewa).Imagine if this was not in place during the 1987/2000 coups we would have been like another Zimbabwe/Rwanda.

    The chiefs are the main stay of this country and the small time cons can’t get anywhere as far as the vanua is concerned when this system is intact.Look at the 2001 & 2006 elections results, it speaks louder than what I’am trying to potray here.The chiefs are still in control of the people and this is what Bhainimarama is trying to breakdown here not realising that he is putting generations future in the mist..

  2. Beloloaloa Says:

    OK..Time to take back our country from these indian terrorists

  3. LUVfiji Says:

    And, here we are a chief speaks.. words of wisdom? Charming!

    Lau urged to support interim Government
    25 JUN 2008

    The head of the army’s Third Battalion and Lau chief, Lieutenant Colonel Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara, today urged his province to support the interim Government and the clean-up campaign.

    He said Lau was relatively small in size and would always depend on Government assistance.

    “We will never be free from that, so assist this Government rebuild our nation,” he said.

    Mara, the son of the late Fiji President and paramount chief of Lau Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara, was the chief guest at the opening of the Lau Provincial Council meeting in Nasova, Suva, this morning.

    Speaking in Fijian following the traditional welcome accorded him, Ratu Tevita called on his people to look ahead and support the Government build the country and return to parliamentary democracy.

    “What has happened can never be turned back,” he said referring to the military’s overthrow of the Laisenia Qarase, also a Lauan, and his government on December 5, 2006.

    “We will only get to early election if we all support this (clean-up) campaign to take us there.”

    Mara spoke of the situation in Fiji and how it led to the military’s campaign.

    “It’s been 38 years since Independence and our country is still feeling racial disparity. We can’t seem to unite,” he said.

    “We also see the chiefly system being politically tainted. People do not see the usual picture. We also see many chiefly titles being disputed.

    “The suspension of the Great Council of Chiefs by the interim Government is to help make things better for Fijians in future. That is one of the reasons of the military takeover.”

    Mara explained that the military-led Government was preparing a Charter that would guide future governments.

    He reminisced on the actions taken by his late father by heading the Government when the National Federation Party failed to do so after the 1977 election, assumed the role of interim President following the 1987 coup and resistance of the 2000 coup.

    “Do you stand by watching while your house is on fire?,” Ratu Tevita asked delegates.

    “The late Tui Nayau stepped in to build the nation during these tumultuous times.

    “What about Lau? Shouldn’t we do similarly and help build our nation.”

    The Lau Province is the last of the 14 Fijian Provinces to hold its meeting this year and make known its stand on the interim Government’s two initiatives – the People’s Charter and the reconstitution of the GCC.

    Only Macuata Province has expressed its support while others have either rejected the initiatives or opted to await a court challenge on the GCC suspension.


  4. Keep The Faith Says:

    Sorry Ului — who do you speak for again?

    Oi that’s right! You have the voice of Lau behind you (not).

  5. Pusiloa Says:

    Ului is just speaking on behalf of his family and not Lau…..Vosota kawa ni boci……

  6. Satish Says:

    Mr Ului,
    Who the fuck are u …you no longer the Ratu, you are kaisi who sack the GCC with the point of a gun do you think we will ever forget that…you and Bainimagaitinamuramu will still go to prison just like Mr George Speight and the rest of the boys for tramplimg on our democracy.
    Blog on Ragone

  7. Ratu Says:

    time now to get rid of these clowns!

  8. qioniviti Says:

    SOLIVAKASAMA CREW, $2 Jo has 2 civil court case pending…..bankruptcy case…try to get the information out.

  9. iceman Says:

    Ului luveni boci o iko…Who the heck are you to decide what is best for us Lauans. E dina ni ko turaga ia ko turaga tikoga mai nomu lomani koro mai Tubou.. Sega ni yaco mai vei keimami na nomu lewa bokola o kauta tiko mai qori……

  10. Islander Says:

    When Roko Ului stops going to Hawaii to get a quick fix with married women, or even else where, only then will anything you say have any merit. Other then that, you’re just looking out for your self and nothing more then a scum who is a disgrace to your parents and clan. SHAME ON YOU!

  11. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ KTM, whilst I agree with you that the chiefly system should be maintained, I at the same time question whether it is worth maintaining the system, if they are opposed to their own people’s wishes as SV is questioning?

    SV from my reading is not advocating the abolition of the chiefly system, but rather questions the continuance of one if s/he consistently goes against the express wishes of the majority of his/her people?

    SV I understand is asking in the case of a chief who goes against the majority wishes of their people in matters of national importance like the GCC and People’s Charter, should they retain their chiefly seat or do they make way for either a brother or sister or another member of their Tokatoka to replace them, so the chief can be said to properly reflect the wishes of its people.

    The chiefs are chiefs of the people and without the people, you cannot have any chief.

    Take Lau for example, we have Ului being accorded the chiefly welcome for one ‘uninstalled chief’ which rightly does not belong to him. As a serving Military Officer, he already has a vested interest and tells the people of Lau to support the illegal junta he and his fellow sisters and brothers in law are deeply involved in.

    Koila if you recall in the 1999 General Elections stood in Lau under the VLV banner and was challenged by Viliame Cavubati of SVT. Koila received 3012 votes to Cavubati’s 2816. She won with a margin of 192 and Ratu Mara was actually coordinating the campaign from Lakeba, whilst the sitting President of Fiji!

    He could clearly see the writing on the wall, that his daughter almost lost the elections to a commoner during his lifetime and what would happen when he passed away? FAILURE!

    Qarase on the other hand in the 2006 General Elections won with 4896 votes to the same Viliame Cavubati with only 350 votes, meaning he has the overwhelming support of the people of Lau. Qarase will even beat Ului in a General Elections hands down, going on these Election results.

    So now Ului is seeking to abuse his position of authority and force the Province of Lau to support the GCC & People’s Charter, when in reality is not the majority voice of the people of Lau.

    Ului is not the rightful contender for the position as he has an elder brother plus other eligible members from within their Tokatoka and Mataqali. Former Land Force Commander Meli Saubulinayau is also of the Yavusa Vuanirewa and is much more suitable and popular than Ului, but that is for them to decide.

    However, I tend to support what SV is asking because we are now in modern times and chiefs no longer have absolute rule over us, but rather need our advice and support to remain strong and maybe these are the kinds of chiefs Roko Tui Bau was referring to be relevant today.

    Fijians are facing a series of onslaughts, the likes we have never faced in our lifetime, which are so bold and so open. The chiefs need to be able to withstand them, but with the full or majority support of their vanua and to go against their vanua is ‘treason’ and they should abdicate for a more worthy candidate for the interests of their vanua.

  12. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    BTW, anybody can assist with the civil cases mentioned by qioniviti regarding $2 Jo?

  13. Belijo Says:

    Great article Jese! Yes the Mara children are sitting on past glory of their father. Not one of them deserve paramouncy in the province let alone this damage-control freak. I am all for Meli Saubulinayau a man of principle and godliness.

  14. Keep The Faith Says:

    But who is saying that traditional is better than modern governance? Or that one is better than the other?

    We all know there is a place for both but the parameters for the 2 forms of governance often clash, sending the common folk like us reeling from the tension.

    We only need to look at the House of Lords in the UK (traditional governance) as it is akin to our traditional governance system (and its strictly patriarchal) and how their parameters are set apart from the day-to-day running of the Executive arm of Government.

    Bottom line is we’ll get there (we’re comparing ourselves against much much older democracies). We’re evolving our governance structures and it’s a process BUT the evolution would have happened with or without the coup.

    The people would have demanded clarity in their own time.

  15. Keep The Faith Says:

    Woops, the House of Lords is not patriarchal — sorry!

  16. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    JW good follow up post to SV’s.

    The Bose is ongoing and until it ends one can not assume Lau’s position on the Charter eventhough Roko Ului has expressed his “expected” desire. It is not hard to turn down Roko Ului’s plea for many reasons most prominent of which is that he does not at all hold a candle to his late father.

    Now as far as the Tui Nayau title is concerned – there is no contest. Ratu Finau is it. If anyone else ascends the position it will be on Ratu Finau’s direction.

    Also for those who make an issue of the welcoming ceremony accorded Roko Ului before the Bose .. Fijians begin all occassions with one or two things OR both.

    1) na ka vakavanua – tabua, yaqona, ibe, and such.

    2) na lotu – dua na sere, dua na masu, tiki ni vola tabu, dua tale na sere, dua tale na masu etc.

    It’s not a big deal.

    All Lauan’s know this coup is wrong for the Fijian people. It will be very interesting to see what the outcome will be at the end of the Bose. At least for me. Roko Ului thinks he is talking up a group of idiots in that meeting. Ka mera cakava vosa mai vadodonu. Varaitaka mai na dina dui tu na yalodra. Kua na leve. Truth is on their side.

    Reject the Charter.

  17. Budhau Says:

    JW – good piece, I agree with you that Qarase will beat Ului hands down in Lau, and Naiqama will beat Ganilau – any time.

    So how do you suggest that these two sons of big chiefs with big political ambitions – how do they get into power.

    First they pull a coup, then they stick FICAC on Qarase to try and sideline him and make Naiqama ineligible to contest an election because of his jail sentence.

    And hopefully, with the right combination of Indian votes combined with what they can get by forming some other coalitions with smaller Fijian parties, then can remain in power.

    Isn’t this what this is all about – a intra-Fijian conflict.

    While Qarase might be thinking that racial polarization will be good for his SDL – you might want to watch out for this – those radical nationalists would have a lot of appeal in the Fijian community looking at the current political climate.

  18. Striker Says:

    Practice what you preach. Both Vore and Meli Bainimarama should immediately ensure that this public servant, soldier Ului, gives up the office of Chairman of the Lau Provincial Council. How can a public office holder/soldier do so in Lau when other provinces have been made to comply with the law?

  19. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    @ Striker

    Simple really – we live in a Dictatorship.

    Hence my call earlier in the day –

    1 Bullet to Bainimarama’s head

    1 Bullet to Chaudhry’s head




  20. Striker Says:

    @KB: Yep, that would be quick but rather messy and would lead to unintended consequences. Peace KB, love is more powerful. As for this $2.00 guy, the less said, the better.

  21. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    I used to beleive that Striker. But having given all the benefit of the doubt thus far have proven exactly the steps they are taking now.

    It’s time to play the game according “to their” rules

    They came into existence through the guns

    They have maintained ruling by the guns

    They die by the guns

    1 Snyper who comes home on a visitor permit

    Simple. Quick. Clean.

  22. Mark Manning Says:

    Live by the sword , die by the sword !

  23. natewaprince Says:

    The only reason the $2 fat assed gas bag is urging chiefs to be installed is because the chiefs they have in mind to invite to the GCC have not been installed themselves.

    Sa qai vuvuce ga mai na balui rasona na levu ni kana waca e cakava wavoki tiko.
    Sa vaka tale na baluni duna dau kana da mai na sewerage mai Kinoya.

  24. anon Says:

    KB, me dua talega na bullet ena qavoqavoka nei roko ulukau.

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