Colonel Mara elected Lau chairman

Bloggers, well Ului Mara has been elected Lau Chairman. He is a Colonel in the Military. SV asks what has happened to Vore’s claim that none of my officers will benefit from the coup. He is not eligible to be a member of the GCC because he is ‘uninstalled’. Is this his way of usurping the position of Tui Nayau away from his older brother to be in the new GCC?
SV lamanets the many qualified people of Lau who could have done a better job for the whole Province and not be scarified on the alter of selfish personal ambitions. Do you think Ului is good for Lau?
Wednesday, June 25, 2008


The son of late President Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara has been elected the Chairman of the Lau Provincial Council.

Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara was elected this morning when the Meeting got underway at the Nasova Police Academy.

Tui Mavana Ratu Josefa Basulu has been elected as his Deputy.

The two will serve for a term of three years.

Ratu Tevita in his opening speech stressed the province will always need the help of government.

He said it is only right that they support the work of government and work toward building a better FIJI.

The GCC task team and the Peoples charter team will both present their reports to the council this afternoon.

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  1. Belijo Says:

    DDay for Lau!

  2. Maqa a Leqa Says:

    Can a Govt employee be elected as Chairman of a Province? Ului is a public officer being a military officer or are there different rules for different people?

    Can somebody enlighten us on the civl service regulations regarding Govt workers?

  3. Budhau Says:

    They do have a fairly democratic process of electing chairman of Provincial Councils, don’t they?

    ,,,and some just tried to tell me that there are no Pro-Coup Fijians who are “anybody”.

  4. LUVfiji Says:

    Yre not wrong there MaL.

    As a public officer, he is not eligible to hold such a position. Lets wait n see if someone can come up with the Civil Service regs . But then again, what the heck, do they care?

    I only wish his older brother would awaken from his deep slumber and take up the reigns for Lau. With younger brother taking charge at a time such as this, it just makes the entire province pro-military.. pro Vore.. pro Chodo.

    Well.. I guess it aint my business, ha?

  5. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ Budhau, you don’t understand Lau.

    I quote what I said in an earlier blog:

    “Take Lau for example, we have Ului being accorded the chiefly welcome for one ‘uninstalled chief’ which rightly does not belong to him. As a serving Military Officer, he already has a vested interest and tells the people of Lau to support the illegal junta he and his fellow sisters and brothers in law are deeply involved in.

    Koila if you recall in the 1999 General Elections stood in Lau under the VLV banner and was challenged by Viliame Cavubati of SVT. Koila received 3012 votes to Cavubati’s 2816. She won with a margin of 192 and Ratu Mara was actually coordinating the campaign from Lakeba, whilst the sitting President of Fiji!

    He could clearly see the writing on the wall, that his daughter almost lost the elections to a commoner during his lifetime and what would happen when he passed away? FAILURE!

    Qarase on the other hand in the 2006 General Elections won with 4896 votes to the same Viliame Cavubati with only 350 votes, meaning he has the overwhelming support of the people of Lau. Qarase will even beat Ului in a General Elections hands down, going on these Election results.

    So now Ului is seeking to abuse his position of authority and force the Province of Lau to support the GCC & People’s Charter, when in reality is not the majority voice of the people of Lau.

    Ului is not the rightful contender for the position as he has an elder brother plus other eligible members from within their Tokatoka and Mataqali. Former Land Force Commander Meli Saubulinayau is also of the Yavusa Vuanirewa and is much more suitable and popular than Ului, but that is for them to decide.”

    As I said before Budhau, you don’t understand Lau because the silent majority are totally against it. Ului is known only through his parents reputation, but not through personal achievements. Amongst the younger Lauan generations, he is nothing because he has not achieved anything for himself that is worthy of attention.

    I stand by what I said above, if Ului stood against Qarase in the upcoming elections in Lau, he would lose. I am even willing to place a wager on it. Would you Budhau?

  6. Belijo Says:

    Jese, your atatement is the absolute truth. Ului cannot stand a chance against Qarase. Nowhere near the ousted PM! Ului stands in the only arena that can give him prominence and so he’ll be there until the younger generation of Launs boot him out.

  7. Budhau Says:

    JW – Yes, I do not understand Lau, not as good as many of you do.
    However, my poin twas very simple – that if they have a transparent, democratic process of electing their chairman – and Ului gets elected – I do not see a problem with that – that does not require any indepth understanding.

    As for that other “pro-coup comment – it was’t you – it was Jean who had said that.

    As for Qarase winning against Ului – I agree and I have said so somewhere else on this blog.

  8. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ Budhau,

    please read my post properly. I don’t plagiarise anyone’s comments without proper recognition. The quote I quoted from is my own post under the Blog ‘GCC Taskforce maintains initial plan.’

    Please take back your uncalled for comments above, that it wasn’t mine.

  9. soro Says:

    Ului is nothing but a bully and a coward. Sorry Fulori ! No one has any respect for him. He has absolutely ZERO mana and no thinking brain.

    People just tolerate him because of the late Tui Nayau but even Rt Mara as I knew him would be tossing and turning in his grave to see the legacy that Ului has brought to this land – moce Jo.

  10. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Fiji is led by the dictator and his circle of buddies. The dictator who lies everyday to the nation. Makes up rules to suit him and his group of close friends everyday. THERE WILL not be an election in March 2009 nor 2019.

    Solution is :

    1 bullet to Bai’s head

    1 bullet to Mahendra’s head

    Quick. Simple. Clean.

  11. Budhau Says:

    JW – you again misunderstood me – I am not accusing you of anything.

    So let us take this step by step – to clear up this misunderstanding.

    I agree with you my understanding of Lau is nowhere close to yours – I AGREE.

    All I said was if the election was fair and free and they have a democratic method of electing the chairman – where is the problem – that is ALL.

    Neither did I accuse you of plagiarism.

    I made a comment that some in here had told me earlier that the Pro-Coup side has no Fijian that is “anybody”. I did not say that you made that comment – it was actually Jean who had said something to that effect.

    I actually agree with you that Qarase will win hands down, and futher, I believe that Naiqama will Ganilau any day.

    That actually supports my earlier argument that Mara/Ganilau family had realized that they cannot get into power by constitutional means – that is why they are the ones who pulled the coup – Not Chaudary.

    This also supports my theory that this is a Intra-Fijian conflict – Mara/Ganila (Tovata) and Lady Lala Mara being from Burebasaga – back then they were in power and Kubuna was out in the cold. Since 2000 it has been the Kubuna crowd trying to get in.

    As for power from the barrel of the gun – that we learned from Ratu Seru Cakobau – and all his descendent’s – Cakobau, Nailatikau, Ganilau and Mara – they are ones fighting this out.

    What exactly was my “uncalled for comments” – if I said anything that was inapropriate – I take it back – but please point it out to me.

  12. Ispy Says:

    I didn’t even know Roko Ului was a contender for Provincil Council Chairman in Lau.

    In any event, if the Lau Provincial Council can’t even oppose his nomination for chairmanship, they’re certainly not going to be able to stop him from making his personal opinion the (perceived) opinion of the Lau Provincial Council, and by extension the opinion of all the people of Lau.

  13. Keep The Faith Says:

    Ului was given it because Bavulu lobbied for him. He’s Ului’s lap-dog I’m told.

    Shame on Mavana! Isn’t that Qarase’s village?

  14. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    @Ispy Se bera valevu tiko koratou. No one has the guts to stand up and speak the truth as it needs to be heard inside that meeting. No one wants to take responsibility by standing up for truth and justice; no matter the cost.


  15. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    @ KTF good point

    The question is only being raised now because it is Bainimarama and cohorts


    Ordinarily there is no question that Roko Ului should take Chairmanship

  16. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ Budhau,

    just so we are in the clear. I thought you saying ‘pro-coup comment wasn’t me but Jean’ was referring to my quote.

    It seems there may have been some misunderstanding too on my part.

    Thanks for the clarification.

    Blog on ragone!

  17. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Back to my previous points

    Dictators do nothing but tell lies to fit their agendas. They are interested in one thing and 1 thing only — themselves.

    The solution is starring at us

    1 bullet to Bainimarama’s head

    1 Bullet to Chaudhry’s head

    Simple. Quick. Clean.

  18. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ KTF,

    Bavulu is the Sau mai Mualevu and also Tui Mavana. His village though is Mualevu. Qarase hails from Mavana. Filipe Bole is Bavulu’s nephew or his vasu and therefore has a lot of influence on the Sau.

    Bole could not stand the sight of Qarase being PM because he is from a lesser village and that is why he refused the position of Fiji’s Ambassador to the UN when offered by Qarase.

    Needless to say, the Mara children too could not stand the sight of Qarase being PM, especially the level of support he got from the Lauan electorate.

  19. Budhau Says:

    This is what had happened.
    Jean, in response to my Fijian versus Fijian comment responded that there was no significant Fijian on the Pro-coup side. Thus her argument was how could this be Fijian versus Fijian.

    My point was that the Tovata chief majority is on the coup side, and others.

    So in my response to the Ului election I said that some one had said that to me – that there was no significant Fijians on the pro-coup side – that someone was Jean.

    While whatever you say about Ului may be true – at least him and other sons of chiefs – are prominent Fijians on the pro-coup side – and some of these guys are bright and intelligent.

    Just imagine if five years ago I would have called Epeli Ganilau a dumbass in a forum such as these – how would these guys have defended Ganilau back then – with his background in the military, his education and all that – nothing has changed has it – he is still the same guy.

  20. Ispy Says:

    @Budhau. Yes you right. Eveli is still the same dumb ass he was 5 years ago…

  21. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ Budhau,

    I further reiterate what I too had previously stated. It is not Fijians vs Fijians, but rather a handful of desperate Fijians (Ganilau, Nailatikau, Mara & cronies. Vore is only the ‘point man’) plus Chodo, FLP and other opportunists from other races as well.

    It is these people who are greedy for power and have held the country to ransom.

    So, it is a handful of Fijians with the support of Chodo and other opportunists against the rest of Fiji and both these groups are trying to use the race card to incite trouble and deflect attention away from their illegal actions.

    Keep focused ragone!

  22. Budhau Says:

    You can call him a dumbass now, I bet you woul dnot have said the same when he was the head of GCC – and if he was a dumbass chair of the GCC, what does that say about the GC.
    Just imagine if I said that, all you buggers would be jumping on my ass – for putting one of the chiefs – how educated he was, his military background and all that.

    So you see how people switch sides on some arguments – we had a Dumbass Chair of the GCC, and before that we had coup maker, who should have been jail, the chair of GCC – what does that say about the GCC.

    Now yesterday they were all saying that the Provincial Council is the voice of the people,, so if the Provincial Councils are opposed to the IG, so are the people.

    Now tomorrow if Ului, on behalf of the Provincial Council endorses the actions of the IG – what are these guys gonna say.

    I remember when the Provincial councils endorsed the last constitution – and later Chauday won – those same bugger came back and said that the Fijian people never had a say in the constitution – so what if the Provincial Councils endorsed it.

  23. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    BTW, Ganilau was never known to have brains. He only became Commander because of his status, as George Konrote was much more senior and more qualified to him, but he was contended with the position of Chief of Staff.

    The compromise was making him the 1st Fiji Military Officer to be Commander of an UNFIL Battalion and he was promoted to Major General.

    FYI, Ganilau was also responsible for recommending the appointment of Bainimarama as Commander, over and above the many other qualified senior officers.

    A man’s wisdom is manifested in their fruits of their choices and Bainimarama was Ganilau’s choice!

  24. Budhau Says:

    JW – you said “Ganilau, Nailatikau, Mara & cronies” – have you noticed that they are all descendants of Ratu Seru Cakobau – two on the maternal side and one on the paternal side.

    The three families on on one side – and the other Cakobau clan (paternal side) on the other side.

    Seriously – that is what counts – do you think any one of these guys give a crap about the Fijian commoner – except their votes, if there was an election

    I agree that Bainimarama is a “point man” just like Speight was and so was Rabuka. The chiefs were always behind these power grabs.

    Chaudary jumped on the bandwagon – he has his ambitions – but he is not the king maker, or the man behind the coup. remember he supported Rabuka against Kamakamica and he supposedly negotiated with the Matinitu Vanua guys after that election.

    So let us call it what this is – the big chiefs – all descendants of Ratu Seru Cakobau are having it out – just like in the good old days.

  25. Ispy Says:

    @ Budhau don’t try to be clever.

    Just because I think Eveli is a dumbass doesn’t imply that GCC is a dumbass institution.

    Th appointment of the Chairmanship to the GCC is more matter of vanua politics than grey matter. Although, I might add there have been many outstanding former GCC Chairmans who were both suitable vanua candidates and intelligent (and visionary) in the their own right.

    Unfortunately, Eveli is not one of them.

    That was my point… and my only point!

    Your insinuations are mischevious and reveal your inner hatred of the Fijian people and their traditional institutions.

  26. Budhau Says:

    Ipsy – you said that Ganilau was a dumbass now and 5years ago.
    The GCC elected Ganilau (the dumbass) as their Chairperson.
    Now you go figure – whether it is vanua politics or whateve, he is still the dumbass chairperson of the GCC – and Qarase did not like the dumbass, he kicked him out – now what happened to the Vanua politics then.

    I see that you avoided on the Rabuka being appointed the chairman the national hero, lifetime membership in the GCC.

    With a history like that – no wonder someone told them to do drink homebrew under a mango tree. Now does that reveal my inner hatred of the Fijian people – or does that drive home a point – that for the GCC to keep its respect, it should star acting like the body that it is made out to be.

    BTW – it was you who called Ganilau a dumbass – I think he is sharp and intelligent, a descendant of Ratu Seru Cakobau cannot be a dumbass – I think it is you who has inner hatred for the Fijian people,, calling such a big chief a dumbass.

  27. Jean d’Ark Says:


    You run a one-man-one-vote Pepsi taste test election now with communal seats, and you’ll see what miniscule support the Regime has on the ground amongst Fijians!

    Ra’Chaud has boasted how 84% of Indians support the coup, but the percentage of Fijians against it is even higher – and growing! And you talk to the grass roots Lauans and see how much they appreciate all the unnecessary hardship foisted on them by this idiotic Regime!

    The problem with the LPC is they are all lamu of Uluikau! They were lamu of Ratu Mara’s mana, and now they’re lamu of his son’s psychotic bullying! So all that proves is that Fijians are just like Indians or any other race – some of them are cowards!

    But that’s why we have private ballots to decide elections – so that people can express their own views regardless of anything else. Just like they can here on the blogs! Half a mil on SV far, far out-hits the lame and forlorn military sites, or VTS’s still-born cyber-soapbox!

  28. Ispy Says:

    Struck a raw nerve there didn’t I?

    Related to Eveli are we?

    Okay Budhau let me break it down for you in plan and simple English.

    Eveli was never known fro his brains. He acquired his position as Commander and then GCC Chairman through his family connections.

    He would never have been appoitned to these positions on merit.

    Just because he is a decendant of the late Ratu Seru Cakobau, we can’t call him what he is?

    And yes, I really do think you are a racist asshole pretending to anti-coup!

  29. Budhau Says:

    I agree with you – one man one vote favors the Fijians, they will get proportionately more Fijians in parliament – but that does not mean the Chiefs will win.

    Look at the example that someone in here have the other day – how Ratu Sir George Cakobau was defeated by a commoner Captain Maitoga (NFP) in an national seat in Gainilau’s own district.

    That is where why the chiefs fear it – while a Fijian would be winning the seat – it would take away control from the chiefs.

    You talk about the Fijian percentages – you are right IF the Fijians stick together. I see the natinalists splitting votes with more moderate parties like SDL – so there goes your 85% plus.

    I am not talking about the grassroots lauans – My point is that the Provincial Councils do not speak for the grassroots – be it Ului or any one else from some other Provincial Council.

    You are right – Fijians end up voting for people for the wrong reasons – one of these days they will figure it out that you don’t vote for someone that screws you.

    the half a mil, that ain’t half a mil people – it the same idiots over and over – that is where they get the count – but you gotta give it to SV, they seem to be more popular than the rest – but do they really make a difference.

  30. Budhau Says:

    Correction – it was Sir Edward versus Captain Maitonga.

  31. Budhau Says:

    Ipsy – you can think whatever you want about me – but I still think that Ganilau – is a sharp guy – just because you guys don’t agree with someone does not make them an idiot or bi-polar or homosexual or whatever.
    So all these guys Chaudary, Nailatikau Ganilau, Bainimarama, Qarase, Rabuka and the rest – they are all relatively sharp, intelligent people – we can agree or disagree with their politics.

  32. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    @ Jese

    One minor correction :

    Mara’s were okay with Qarase until LQ started teaming up with the 2000 coup makers. Also LQ went further and fired Ganilau and then demoted Nailatikau.

    Mara children hold their own among the Lau people regardless who is Prime Minister (from Lau) because the people willl not have it any other way. There is no contest in the particular category. When the Yaqona is served in Lau — a Lau gathering — anywhere in Fiji and around the world. The Mara children will drink first even if the Prime Minister LQ is present. If the PM is chief guest ; then the Mara children know and we know to make sure they are not within the vicinity where Yaqona is served. It is an incorrect assumption that a commoner with a lofty title can upstage the Mara children AMONG the people of Lau. LQ will be the first to say so. He has no reason to say anything contrary to the truth.

    Now does that mean that they are to be excused for taking part in this coup? Absolutely not. Roko Ului, Ganilau, Nailatikau, should all face the consequences of usurping this government in the courts. I have no qualms seeing all of these people serve jail time.

    On that score, Qarase is above them all. For LQ is endowed with Ethics, Moral, Virtues. My chiefs am sad to admit are morally bankrupt.

    LQ is not a military man. Neither was The late Tui Nayau a military man. Both are /were upstanding when compared to

    the military affiliated Roko Ului, Ganilau, Nailatikau, Bainimarama. I have a low opinion of these characters and am sure millions share my views. They are dictatorial, bully, swindle, manipulative, corrupt, words they utter have zero values and A man is only as good as his words.

  33. KaiFiji Says:

    na politiki cava tu qo e Viti na politiki levu ga sa qai kune qo ena LPC. Vei selekavataki ga vaka yanuyanu vata kei na koro vata. Au sega ni kila o ira qo era dau soqo vata ena gauna e caka kina e dua na soqo ni nodra koro. I dont know how they can stand each other when that happens let alone Fiji is such a small place. hey how come that guy is not the New Chairman of the LPC??? Please Lau come to your senses and vote for someone who can steer you best . I know Lau has more wiser leaders with an example being Qarase. I tell you Qarase is the best PM Fiji ever had. Kamisese Mara do not even come closer to Qarase’s leadership as he is the man of vision not only for the Fijians but to the nation as a whole. By the way I am vasu i Lau and I just hate to death why Lauans do backstab each other. Imagine Lauans were the front runners in the overthrow of another Lauan Qarase.namely Leweni, Maras, Bavulu se o cei qori and more and more..Please Lau My vasus need a better change not later but now..

  34. Ispy Says:

    @Budhau. We agree to diagree.

    But I still can’t believe you honestly believe Bainimarama is “relatively sharp and intelligent”.

  35. Budhau Says:

    For Bainimara – to survive for this long, do away with Mara, appoint Qarase, pull this coup,, become the commander in the first place – I think the man has to be sharp and intelligent – sometimes bright and intelligent people chose not to do the right thing, but that is another story.

  36. Linus Says:

    Just read this piece of rubbish from iarse.. on the FBCL web site:-

    Interim Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum says holding an election is just one way Fiji can achieve democracy.

    Sayed-Khaiyum made the comment in response to calls from Australia and New Zealand for Fiji to quickly return to democracy by holding elections within the March 2009 timetable promised by the interim government.

    He says elections are important – but not the only part of a democratic society.

    “You need to have democratic institutions. Institutions that allow people of Fiji to have access to information to be able to exercise their freewill – to be able to re-course should they feel aggrieved – freedom of information etc. There are various facets of democracy. Elections is only part of it.”

    Hey dumbass.. We had all those institutions before you and the other pigs destroyed it all. Even the Elections were democratic by definition.. just not your type of democratic..!!!

  37. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    They know the truth – but among the majority

    No one has the guts to stand up tall and bravely state the truth and carry the cross for having done so…

    Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi talked about this shortcoming two weeks ago that is present not only in Lau but all over Fiji. That no one is willing to take responsibility.

    Think about it.

    It takes a lot of courage to rally for the justice; in the face of Dictatorship rule laced with guns. There are but a handful who are endowed. Yet they have not been pushed hard enough to warrant coming out of their shell and taking that righteous stance here and now.

    For Lau to deliver the true reflection of her people’s wishes requires one person who is willing to step to the plate and Lead. There isn’t any.


  38. LUVfiji Says:

    Great reading, guys. Blog tiko ragone!


  39. Ispy Says:

    Being appointed Commander was an unprecedented mistake. It came as a complete suprise to everyone, especially him!

    He consolidated his position in the military because rules through FEAR and no one in the camp is allowed to say anything bad about him.

    He applied the same tactics to the general civillian population afterthe coup, buts its not working out as well as he had planned. Duh!

    BTW Its not difficult to pull off a coup if you’re the only one with the guns. The big suprise is how he’s managed to stay alive all this time.

  40. george of sydney Says:

    All the time that I have lived, I had always admire the people of Lau for the plenty obstacles, struggle they they always go through for themselves to archive something in life. Most of them had to come and stay with relatives or at the mercy of or other Viti Levu residents to attend school and live in Viti Levu. I always remember that because I had attended high school and University back then with lots of them. I believe it is that sense of perseverances and struggle they experienced that had had been their source of maturity, strength and wisdom that you wont be surprised that most of the highest qualified academics, professionals and leaders today originate from this great province.
    Lau should be thankful to the Tui Lau Rt Sukuna for he had all the visions and plans for a Lau and Fiji full of life, opportunity and hope for its generations.Maybe that was the reason he send Rt Mara to study in Oxford.

    It should be thankful to Rt Mara for putting a lot of Rt Sukuna’s vision into reality. Most of the development of infrastructures were done in the Rt Mara era.
    They should also be considered lucky to have the intelligence, skill and ability of people like Qarase who had been the backbone of a lot of things done in Lau during Rt Mara’s term and during his time as PM of Fiji.
    Keitou sa na tokitaki koya i Tailevu ke dou sa sega ni vinakati koya mai Mavana kei Lau. OOPs kua tale, de qai koya na Vore.
    But folkes, the question I want to ask is “What has this Roko Ului done to the Lau people compared to Qarase and a lot of other successful Lauans.
    What was on his mind when the our greatest fijian institution such as the GCC had been dismantled and humiliated. I believe the souls of this great stateman of ours is wathing with a lot of pain when he sees that all his visions has now being dismantled.
    My only advice to Ului is not to force anything or any issue on people to please the Interim Pm or anybody. True chiefs do not allow themselves to be dictated in their decision. Their decision is based on the advise of those of his councilors which should reflect the view of the majority. Because in the end, they are the ones to do the work or implement the decision.
    When you observe the way Qarase maneuvered his way up to finally hold several top position in govt and statuatory bodies, most of his appointment was endorsed with the support of Rt Mara.
    Rt Mara sees in Qarase something special that it is unfortunate that Ului at the moment chose to ignore. He may be the son of the high chief, but he is not different from any other chiefs in that he has to earn the respect of the people. Remember, RESPECT IS NOT BOUGHT BY THE POWER OF YOUR STRENGTH OR GUN, IT HAS TO BE EARNED ND YOU HAVE GOT TO SWEAT FOR IT. Basically,not on Dads reputations.
    My last advice to this young man. In you term as Chairman of the LPC, -remember it is not a garland to fancy your way around.
    -it is the only way the collective views of the people of the province will be known and therefore an open discussion is essential. Don’t guide the discussion towards your motives and do not at anytime try to influence the decision of the majority.
    -Lastly, if you feel that you are an obstacle to free and open discussion and they are agreeing with everything you are saying without any opposing views presented for discussion. Get out for you are restricting their freedom of expression and for that an unfavorable decision could be made.

    I trust that the Lau Province will always continue to provide the right direction for Fiji for it is our land of the rising sun and was originally the land where the Gods spiritual power physically(Christianity) enter the nation. May the will of god prevails.

  41. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Correction: should read ‘fight for justice’

    Clarify : For Lau to reflect the true reflections of the majority’s views “regarding this regime’s Charter”

  42. morisey Says:

    did anyone read the news item either FBCL or Fijilive where people complained that entry to the Lau Council meeting was strictly controlled by the ‘police’ at nasova – only those with permits were allowed entry.

    So you can guess how “democratic” the election of the little shithead really was. Eg was there even a vote? or was it just bavulu announcing that he was stepping aside for Ululala?

  43. Budhau Says:

    Katalina – good piece on the Lauans.

    Ipsy – On Bainimaram
    In 2000 Bainimarama stood his ground and did not go in to support the coup – those Bauans never forgave him for that.
    Look at Bainimarama’s history – When appointed in 1999, he was the not so experienced, very professional soldier – not the type that would pull a coup, not a political type, like Rabuka. Not such a significant person, brought in by Ganilau. Some senior officers who were passed over for the post had their own agenda’s, they never liked him– and we all hoped that this guy will end this coup culture.
    Then they tried to pull that mutiny on Bainimarama, Rabuka got involved as the “negotiator”. The rank and file was very much behind Bainimarama during that mutiny, because he was respected and was popular. (your “rule through fear argument” does not apply) – the army guys from all sides were coming in to support Bainimarama during that mutiny. Rabuka was ready to take over, Seniloli was standing by if the rebels took over. Bainimarama got tough when the senior officer became a threat to him – these officer who had their own political agenda – that is when he got rid of these guys, and put some junior officers on the fast track – these are the guys who are standing behind him today.
    Then it was Qarase who joined the coup perpetrators, going easy on the coup investigations, releasing people from jail and all that. Working with the Matanitu Vanua to try and get amnesty for Speight, Making Adi Saumanunu a minister for nothing. All of this pushed Bainimarama completely in the Mara/Ganilau camp. Bainimarama realized who is on his side. Nailatikau/Ganilau used Bainimarama to push their own agenda – the rest is history.
    So once again – this was Fijians fighting Fijians, the Indians were on the sidelines.

  44. Wailei Says:

    You know guys, I always find Budhau’s comments amusing he either plays Devils advocate or sometimes his comments appears neutral. I must admit some of his comments i tend to agree on especially when he hits the nail with his analytical skills. And than there are those times when he talks crap (in previous topics that is..)

    I think SV, that Budhau bring’s spice into this blog site. Apart from catching up on all the whispers here. He is a great contributor and at the sametime a great shit stirrer! lol.. Also, he gives a balance to the blog discussion, which sometimes can be quite heated! Isnt it great to have a Democracy!!!

    Vinaka SV, Natewa, Ispy, Jean, KB and all the regular contributors and even though it pains me to say…. Vinaka Budhau!!

  45. Jose Says:

    @ Bhudau says:
    You must be a top idiot to think this.

    “For Bainimara – to survive for this long, do away with Mara, appoint Qarase, pull this coup, become the commander in the first place – I think the man has to be sharp and intelligent”.

    This was not done by merit you ignorant idiot you, but by the gun with direct planning and instructions from the UN with compliments from Rome. This is a One World Order Agenda. What other clever idea to do it then another coup is not suprising in coup- coup land.

  46. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ KB, I agree to disagree with you on the issue of the Mara children.

    What confuses me though is when you consider Ratu Mara’s interview with Richard Broadbridge. He said that Eveli Ganilau was present with Bainimarama and company when he was asked to step aside on the Naval vessel. He knew very well what Bainimarama was going to ask Ratu Mara to do because he would have been in on it, so why didn’t he stop him?

    Secondly, Ratu Mara told (cursed) Bainimarama in front of Eveli Ganilau and company, ‘that you will never form a government.’ Why is Eveli Ganilau still taking part in Bainimarama’s government together with Eveli Nailatikau, supported by Koila, Ateca & Ului?

    Their very actions and support contradict their own father’s curse!

  47. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Lau Council Coup : Members ejected.

    Ono- I Lau representatives and other elders locked out of gate at the LPC meeting in Nasova’s Police Headquarters.

    I know Anare Jale from Ono I Lau as the one speaking out to Fijilive. Anare is a learned individual. Highly qualified and articulate in these forums. They received letters from the LPC that they were barred from the meeting. Anara alludes to his interest in contesting the Chairmanship Post as primary motive to exclude him.

    Dictatorship streaks rearing its ugly head even here at the Provincial level.

    A crying shame indeed for the People of Lau. These people should not use the name of the district to promote their ills. Basulu or Bavulu is assistant chairman.


    Will be interesting to know reps from which other islands were barred from attending. There is zero credibility in this LPC forum. It is a joke.

  48. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:


    Lack of leadership.

    Self centeredness.

  49. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Isn’t this green goon mara the same one who personally took part in the beatings and murders back in 2006/ 7?

    If it is, what a great ‘leader’, NOT!

  50. Dauvavana Says:


    why you ask? Well somebody has to pay for the bills. This children of Mara have been so cursed they cannot get off the gravy train.

    If you think the children are bad, you should see how the grandchildren are performing. No job no school na cava me da kaya.

  51. Wailei Says:

    @ Dauvana.. hahaha.. ka dina! AS a particular friend of mine always say:

    They attended “Turners and Corners University” aka “Caqe pepa” what a waste! That is compared to parents who have struggled to get their kids through University and have now got good jobs!

  52. Jose Says:

    All the peoples, some of you are beginning to become too nice here. First steps to compromise and liumuri.

    Ratu Ului said:
    “He said it is only right that they support the work of government and work toward building a better FIJI.”

    Too right they should support the government. The problem with that is, we DO NOT have a government. All we have is a bunch of illegals and criminals running the show with guns over an unarmed nation.

  53. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Jese, the traditional position of our Valelevu is one that is separate from politics.

    Politics — will take Qarase (e.g.) to all of Lau as chief guest but that does not mean that Qarase gets to drink 1st cup in the Lau gatherings where any of our Valelevu kids is present. Hence their removal from such vicinity where a commoner is being served 1st cup. … regardless of title. Prime Minister or President, when Lau gathers and Yaqona is served — Our Valelevu drink 1st. And that is what I referenced that the people will not do away with. There is no contest in the traditional role because the people want it. Qarase is learned and knows well of his place in relation to Valelevu.

    People are also aware of who can lead them better at the Political level. And Qarase gets their vote.

    It is unclear what the vote counts will be in Lau if Qarase were to stand against Ratu Finau. Remember, Political. Not traditional.

    My disappointments with our chiefly children is the fact that they lack the backbone to fight fairly, work hard, sweat, and go after political leadership in the country through the Polls.

    Both Ratu Finau and Adi Koila qualify and have the training. All they have left is to muster the courage, put the paddle to the mettle and go get it. But instead they choose to follow what every looser of the past have done and go get it using the guns. We were victims of such actions. Where is the lesson ? To have learned is to refrain from and fight the onset of another coup.

    Same applies to the Chaudhry’s

    That they got up and took part in coups speaks to shallow and hollow character.

    Remember they can be all that and even serve jail time but they are still chiefs; as prisioners they still will drink the 1st cup when Lau gathers. If Roko Ului is serving his jail term ( i suspect he will be sometime in the future) and Qarase visits prison the Wardens will see to it that Roko Ului is locked in his cell while Qarase is accorded traditional ceremony. Funny, strange, or weired but that is our reality.

  54. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Well KB, if Anare Jale was indeed barred from attending the LPC, then at least it shows there are some Lauans with the mettle to stand up to Ului and his cronies.

    You are correct, Anare is very qualified and has a proven record better than any of the Mara children.

    Another point of interest KB is that Anare is from Lau Mata-ni-Siga, which is taukata to Lakeba, but he is willing to stand up to Ului. They must have been pretty scared of him to prevent him from entering because he would have spoken his mind.

    It could have been very embarrassing for Ului and those wanting to prop them up, despite their treasonous actions.

  55. Mark Manning Says:

    MM for President , vote for me and receive a free toaster and Volkswagon . Electricity and roads will be supplied once my new residence is built !

  56. Peace Pipe Says:

    A mini coup in the LPC from one whose got hands on experience, Ului-kau himself. Forced himself into the chair by intimidation and manipulation. Lau is now in the wrong hands and will be branded as one of the provinces which join the renegades of Rotuma and which other ones were they. Was it Serua and Macuata?

    I have never seen anything like this. Why hold at the Police compound? Why bar other members from participating? It seems like some have learnt a lot from Mr Mugabe himself on how to bulldoze oneself to power.

  57. Wailei Says:

    Isa vei kemudou na To, sa vaka lololma dina o keda! Kemudou a dua a tovo ca a caka vei iratou mai na yasayasa i ra. (mai moala)

  58. Wailei Says:

    Hehehehe@ Peace Pipe, The must be a book about “Mini Coups for Dummy”. Only in Fiji!

  59. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Another Rep barred from entering the LPC Meeting. It is getting more interesting because Raivoce also come from Lau Mata-ni-Siga and was Eveli Ganilau’s Private Staff Officer when he was Commander.

    This is from FijiLive:

    Oneata Rep Out of Lau Meeting
    Publish date/time: 25/06/2008 [17:56]

    The representative for the Tikina of Oneata in the Lau group, Colonel Sakiusa Raivoce is disappointed to find out at the first meeting today that he had been sacked and would not be allowed in the meeting.

    Raivoce claims that he had been sacked because he did not agree with People’s Charter and the present leadership.

    Raivoce was nominated by the Tikina of Oneata as their rep for this year’s meeting.

  60. Mark Manning Says:

    What power do they have except that which you allow them ?
    Passive resistance , make fools of these fools . Stop working , stop interacting and stop contact with relatives in the military .
    Give to Ceaser that which is Ceaser’s !

  61. Adi Kaila Says:

    I disagree with KB as there are many Lauans willing to oppose the Maras and stand up to be counted – Well it has been revealed that they were the ones barred from the soqo.

    Times have changed considerably and although we may have high regard for our Turagas – when they are ill equipped to lead and continue to to push their ill conceived agenda – noone will go anywhere near them or vote for them at that.

    The life of the serf no longer exists as far as I’m concerned and if anyone wants to be treated that way – well that’s their friggin’ problem.

    We have enough ‘oga’ within our immediate families.

    It’s a bloody shame when that Bavulu and the rest of the tabetabe crowd can’t shift their innate jealousy that a commoner can actually lead Fiji forward. It’s true Boles recalcitrance is something to behold – ca gona na dau valavala ca vaka tevoro – jadhu vakaitamera is a happenin’ in Mualevu – reputation is well known. If they’d quit the tunnel vision we could all move forward. But they have their own selfish agendas and Fuck the rest of us!

    That’s all I have to say because I am really fed up with this whole bullshit.

  62. Soul of Fiji Says:

    What we are seeing here folks is what this IG wanted to do in the election, thats the main reason they wanted to have the farter in first before the election.

    A practice election has been done, the farter will stop all contenders from standing in the election….quoting the farter as the constitution to stop all opponents from contesting the election.

    What we can do as a country is to boycott the election…as you know it will be a repeat of the above in Lau Provincial Council.

    Be prepared!!! if this lot can get away with all this while they are illegal, just imagine what they can get away with once they have rigged the election with the farter and rule this country.

  63. LUVfiji Says:

    @AdiK – yep.. that’s right. We are sick n tired of this mess. But, please dont give up! Na qaiqai balavu eda qaiva tiko ‘qo.

  64. natewaprince Says:

    Very true SoF,we see the pigs election tactics quite clearly at the LPC meeting.For best results,ban your opponents from contesting.Identical to what Mugabe is about to do at the run-off elections.

    Well Lau,if chose him,then you deserve him.

  65. LUVfiji Says:

    NP – whats the latest with yr piece of info? Or did I miss the post?

    And you are exactly right, if Lau has chosen him to lead, then they deserve him. vinaka.

  66. tuivanua Says:

    Me rau veivutu i cici mada ga ko Roko ulukau kei ratu bavulu, maga i tinadarau.

    Sa rui sivia na viavialevu kei na vei beci.


  67. anon Says:

    Very true AK.

  68. Tui Says:

    Isa dou vosata na noqu tau na ka sa mai yaco. Kua ni leqa, ko Qarase e qaravi Jiova tiko ga, ko ului, vore, bavulu kei rau na eveli sa qai kilai qo ni ra sa qaravi tevoro tiko. Qo na ka dina kemudou na noqu tau. Dou vakacegu ka laiva vei koya na Daunilewa levu me qai nona na veivakarautaki. Ena na qai reveal taki koya mai na tevoro me vaka na tamata, ia e na dua sara na vanua vakaloloma eratou na tini kina nai lawalawa qo kei iratou na nodratou kawa!
    Ni vakacegu na wekaqu mai Lau, kakua so na loma ocaoca!

  69. Jose Says:

    Tui could you please elaborate on your statement?

    “ko ului, vore, bavulu kei rau na eveli sa qai kilai qo ni ra sa qaravi tevoro tiko. Qo na ka dina kemudou na noqu tau.”

    Thanking you.

  70. Peace Pipe Says:

    Lau has been stigmatised by the new chairman as being the second province to accept the charter farter apart from Rotuma. I wonder what would the response have been if normal democratic process were followed. Rt Mara may have been honorable and revered by his people through his wisdom and leadership. But his children all lack the same credentials and are no longer looked upon as honorable chiefs. Be interesting if we had a snap election to test their real support.

    This is what these ig thugs are all afraid of. They would all lose out miserably. Thats why they dont want elections.

  71. Okaraik!! Says:

    Well its abnormal times…thats the sign of things to come & agree with the comments above…they are playing smarter and outplaying their opponents everytime in my opinion. The signs are there for everyone to see…think outside the box, outmanouvre your opponents, and win..that’s waht counts…you see problem with Fijians now they are still playing by the same old rules…iIG has not done that and that’s their edge..they are winning all the time…the charter and their agenda..they will win if opponents still play by the same rules…SDL still putting the same line up, and the same approach and the same mesaage and the same old same old…Fijians still palying the same game etc.. when they change the rules you are stuck.. so people… the bottom line is to win this round no matter what it takes or else we are loosers with our well defined old rules…its like real politik of Bismark…what happens in the LPC ..all in the game?????think mada people…

  72. soro Says:

    Okaraiki – this is not a &*(^*&@n game.

    Why should we play “games” with these usurpers?

    Why should we stoop to their level of arseholeness ?

    What is so “smart” about NOT LISTENING to the word “NO” ? What part of N-O don’t you understand ?

    Same old same old that you talk about is people sticking to their guns, people just being truthful about the illegality of this regime. Sure SDL and Beddoes sound like broken records, but it is because these people need to be reminded over and over again that they have committed TREASON and any amount of justification of this shit is not going to be accepted by the people.

    May I suggest that if you are such a Machiavellian, why don’t you go for it and show us how to do it ?

  73. tosotiko Says:

    Interesting how ‘democratic’ the elections were. The fact that reps elected by their tikinas were locked out speaks volumes about the real state of mind of these coup instigators. Looks like they are really worried and they know that the people are not hookwinked by their bullshit.

    You are right Wailei – Budhau is so enjoying the democratic principles we bloggers hold on to right here on our blog. But his kind do not extend the same courtesy to those who oppose them – as we have seen with the LPC.

    But now Budhau is changing tactic – he wants us to believe what he is pushing out to us that Bainimarama, Roko Ului, the two Epelis etc are the planners of the coup. We know that they are just followers in this sorry saga and they are probably regretting it but they are too deep in this shit to get out without getting some sort of penalty they rightfully deserve.
    They were taken in by the same mixed up analysis dished out to them by Chaudharys, Shameems, Samys, Yabakis, Arms, Barrs, Tevis – the same way Budhau is trying to convince us and move our attention away from the real perpetrators of this coup.

  74. Tui Says:

    Jose o vore e sa kilai tiko na nona qaravi tevoro. During the recent trip to Naitasiri, he let talatala Waisale to drink the first cup even though it was meant for the chief guest, which was the IPM. Why did he pass it to the talatala? I have never seen a yaqona vakaturaga being given to the person next to the big chief or chief guest. It would be different if he knew beforehand. That talatala came back suffering with stomach pains and died the next day. E ratou kanaka na noda mai Naitasiri ni kida na tevoro e qarava tiko na vore, ka solia kina na matai ni bilo vei talatala Waisale.
    Also when we look at vore’s behavior, it seems like he is not afraid to go against the chiefs. His father is well known in Kiuva as a dauvadraunikau. The vore is known also to have gone to Ra to request the Fijian priests there to cure him of the kalounidraki sickness that has been affecting him. Ask the gentleman that speaks on Viti FM on the Fijian programs on Wednesdays to tell you in private. Vore promised him riches if he cured him. I haven’t heard this guy on radio lately. He is a member of the SDA church.
    Anyway I was just pissed off in the morning and called the others as devil worshippers too. Io na tamata lotu dina va Karisito e sega ni cakava tiko na lasu, na butako kei na laba me vaka eratou sa coka tu kina na turaga au a kaya tiko mai cake. Ni o sa tokona tiko na matanitu qo o sa tokona tiko na vakavuvuli ni spirit cala nei Setani. Sa sega saraga ni dua na tovo vakalou dau loloma eratou vakaraitaka! Sa laurai ga vei iratou na loma ca na vuvu kei na yalo ni dau laba. Oqo e wili talega kina o iaratou o Mataca kei Father Arms kei ira na talai ni kalou lasulasu, era sa oliva dau kata, ia era sa dara tiko na sulu ni lami!
    Mo kakua ni vakacalai.

  75. natewaprince Says:

    LUVfiji, e tiko sara i liu under ”From the good book”.

  76. Fiji Democracy Now Says:

    Whether the “election” of Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara (Colonel Mara) as chair of the Lau Provincial Council yesterday was a free and fair ballot, or whether it was rigged, is the first of many questions that need to be asked.

    Judging by the way various people were barred from attending, the use of Fiji Police officers and the throwing out of the media, it would appear Colonel Mara has taken a leaf out of the Robert Mugabe election handbook.

    A strong indicator of foul play is the fact Colonel Mara got the police to escort the media out from the meeting even though they had earlier been invited.

    Did Colonel Mara think this would prevent journalists from reporting the fact that businessman Sakiusa Raivoce and former chief executive of the Public Service Commission Anare Jale were barred from the meeting?

    Coincidentally,Jalewas planning to stand for the Chairman’s position that Colonel Mara now claims.

    But how can Colonel Mara as a serving officer in the RFMF (a government employee) be eligible to stand for public office in the first place?

    And does Colonel Mara himself satisfy the same tikina residential criteria used to prevent his political opponents, Raivoce and Jale, from having their vote at the meeting or standing for election as Chairman?

    The conduct and outcomes of yesterday’s meeting not only tells us very clearly that we no longer live in an open and democratic society.

    It also tells us that our current illegal and secretive military-backed regime will
    stoop as low as its needs to in onter to force its agenda onto we the people.

  77. Okaraik!! Says:

    The rules of the game has changed since dec 2006…that’s what people have to take into accpount…. my comment was aimed at helping people to think of options…as for me showing you how to do it…that will come when all is done…

  78. aubatinuku-N Says:

    What the heck!! Na cava sa yaco tiko qo man!!
    Sa qai ca tale o ratou mai Lau……”For the Charter”?? But is was inevitable, what now?

    Katalina Balawanilotu!! Whats going on here my friend?

  79. Jose Says:

    @ a-N
    I’m not suprised. Majority of Lauans are patriotics. As Lina had clearly explained, there are 2 different issues, politics and tradition. When it comes to tradition, the Mara children hold their own as their status is no contest because that’s the way Lauans want it and they are loyal to the chiefly family. The loyalty of the majority of Lauans is a force in it self to be reckoned with when it comes to their turaga.

  80. Jose Says:

    @ Tui
    Thank you for that. But there’s much more then the local.

    Time to stake out the Freemasonry Lodge behind the government building in Suva. The little gloomy grey building sitting between the govt building and the American and British embassies. Notice the compass and the upside down square at the door. This is one of their symbols. A scret place of devil worship. They believe in Satan and worship him according ly as unto their god. Not surprising it is located close to these embassies.
    Jesus our Lord says”I have done nothing in secret”. But these people are heavily cloaked in secrecy.

  81. LUVfiji Says:

    Another location of secrecy for freemason is the cript at Valevatu! Oh so I hear! A cript serving dual, or rather, contradicting purpose!

    God save this Land!

  82. Islander Says:

    More like a Coup d’tat is what took place in the LPC. Shame!

  83. Islander Says:

    Not to mention major division within the family clan.

  84. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ Jose, I beg to differ with your opinion of the Mara children holding their own within the whole of Lau.

    For instance, I have been using some old names like ‘Lau Mata-ni-Siga, Lau Tagane & Lau Qio’ in some of my postings to distinguish the different traditional compositions that make up modern Lau, expecting someone to question me on these names.

    I did not make them up, but are old names. If you read old history books on Fiji, you will find these names describing, what we now call, ‘Yasayasa Moala, Mualevu (although Lau Tagane referred to the whole of Vanua Balavu) and Lakeba kei na kena taukata.’

    BTW, in these old history book, Lau Qio or Yasayasa Moala was included within the Lomai Viti Group and Lau Tagane or Vanua Balavu was part of Cakaudrove. Tui Nayau only ruled the remainder, which was Lau Mata-ni-Siga and it never extended to either Lau Qio or Lau Tagane.

    This is only a recent phenomena.

    Remember Tui Lau originated with Maa’fu during the Tovata Confederacy talks and was supposed to end with him, but the late Turaga Talai was bestowed it and then later on Ratu Mara.

    That is why, when there are strong disagreements or rumblings within Lau, you will hear people from either Lau Tagane or Lau Qio, speak out and say they don’t recognise the authority of Tui Nayau.

    Anare Jale and Sakiusa Raivoce’s wanting to challenge Ului for the post of Chairmanship you have interpreted as political, trying to distinguish it from the traditional, but both these men come from Lau Mata-ni-Siga, who traditionally come under Tui Nayau.

    In this day and age, distinguishing between the traditional and political sometimes have become blurred. Take for example, if a commoner, qualified and self sufficient challenged his chief and won with an overwhelming majority and his supporters acknowledge him rather their chief, what happens? The demise of the chief and after 1-2 generations, a new chief recognised and installed.

    The title ‘Sau kei Lau’ is a hotly disputed one because the Tui Nayau is not recognised as the overlord of Lau. This title originated with Ratu Mara and never existed before.

    Some say the only legitimate Sau in Lau is the Sau from Totoya or Roko Sau, who comes from a higher pedigree than the Tui Nayau. The Sau from Mualevu originates from the Sau mai Vuna, as Vanua Balavu used to be part of Cakaudrove, until Maa’fu’s time.

    It took a strong leader like Ratu Mara PLUS the VOLUNTARY subservience of the other Chiefs, Saus, Tuis to strengthen his and establish his rule, however the same cannot be said for Uli, Finau, Ateca and Koila.

    Therefore Jose, talking about Lau and thinking the Mara children as the rightful overlords is not only over simplistic, but it also shows a lack of understanding and appreciation of Lau’s rich history.

  85. aubatinuku-N Says:

    I hate to say this but I is a good thing that Ratu Joji is not among the siblings anymore, he was always very different!

  86. LUVfiji Says:

    @a-N. Ka dina saraga. Wasnt he just a darling? I dont think younger brother would have had a chance to shine at all, if Ratu Joji was still around. Na ka ni leqa drau sa mai ia tu kina ‘qo. And they better be quick to go on damage control before another district follows Ono.

  87. roko peni Says:

    just like budhau said, its descented cakobau are fight its other!! on this..lm from the lau and we just looking for a leader to take us forward, meaning in business..if only this chiefs stop what there doing and think for about the people..the world has moved forward..fijians are looking for a leader!!

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