Burning house analogy – a closer look

Bloggers, since there is a lot of interest regarding Ului’s appointment as Chairman of the Lau Provincial Council, we want to reprint a letter from lawyer, Tui Savu who wrote a letter published in Fiji under ‘Burning House Analogy’, which is exactly on point.

SV thought it relevant to reprint this letter because Ului also uses the ‘burning house anaolgy’ to justify his stand to encourage Lau to support the illegal regime. Please read both articles and then give your opinions.

Lau urged to support interim Government
25 JUN 2008

The head of the army’s Third Battalion and Lau chief, Lieutenant Colonel Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara, today urged his province to support the interim Government and the clean-up campaign.

He said Lau was relatively small in size and would always depend on Government assistance.

“We will never be free from that, so assist this Government rebuild our nation,” he said.

Mara, the son of the late Fiji President and paramount chief of Lau Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara, was the chief guest at the opening of the Lau Provincial Council meeting in Nasova, Suva, this morning.

Speaking in Fijian following the traditional welcome accorded him, Ratu Tevita called on his people to look ahead and support the Government build the country and return to parliamentary democracy.

“What has happened can never be turned back,” he said referring to the military’s overthrow of the Laisenia Qarase, also a Lauan, and his government on December 5, 2006.

“We will only get to early election if we all support this (clean-up) campaign to take us there.”

Mara spoke of the situation in Fiji and how it led to the military’s campaign.

“It’s been 38 years since Independence and our country is still feeling racial disparity. We can’t seem to unite,” he said.

“We also see the chiefly system being politically tainted. People do not see the usual picture. We also see many chiefly titles being disputed.

“The suspension of the Great Council of Chiefs by the interim Government is to help make things better for Fijians in future. That is one of the reasons of the military takeover.”

Mara explained that the military-led Government was preparing a Charter that would guide future governments.

He reminisced on the actions taken by his late father by heading the Government when the National Federation Party failed to do so after the 1977 election, assumed the role of interim President following the 1987 coup and resistance of the 2000 coup.

“Do you stand by watching while your house is on fire?,” Ratu Tevita asked delegates.

“The late Tui Nayau stepped in to build the nation during these tumultuous times.

“What about Lau? Shouldn’t we do similarly and help build our nation.”

The Lau Province is the last of the 14 Fijian Provinces to hold its meeting this year and make known its stand on the interim Government’s two initiatives – the People’s Charter and the reconstitution of the GCC.

Only Macuata Province has expressed its support while others have either rejected the initiatives or opted to await a court challenge on the GCC suspension.


Burning House Analogy

14 April 2008

The analogy sought as justification: ‘seeking to help put down the fire from a burning house rather then standing idly by and watching it raze to the ground’, has been used several times over the years to justify ones involvement in an interim government or organ after a military coup, which must be scrutinised on its own merit.

It was used by the late Ratu Mara to justify his involvement as head of the interim government after the 1987 Rabuka coup, Minister Ganilau in taking up his appointment as Fijian Affairs Minister after the 2006 Bainimarama coup, Pramesh Chand to justify his appointment as PS in the interim PM’s Office and now Josefa Serulagilagi to justify his involvement in the Charter Group, during the Charter debate.


They maybe others claiming the same, which I am unaware of, but the same principles, applies to them as well.


After closely scrutinising this analogy, serious fundamental flaws become apparent, that needs to be addressed to ascertain whether the analogy is properly justified in each instance.


The analogies of the ‘burning house’ in all instances refer to the adverse political, social and economical effects upon the nation of Fiji as a whole, as distinct from the unlawful act of the forceful removal of the lawful Government of the day.


When political, social or economical turmoil unravel the coup perpetrator’s objectives, they approach certain persons or groups viewed by the community as neutral and above politics to assist them steer Fiji away from imminent destruction caused by their coup.


It has nothing whatsoever to do with the legality of the forceful removal of the government of the day.


Now, to correctly use this analogy to justify ones involvement in the interim government or Charter Group, one must first ‘come with clean hands’.


In other words, one must not have been involved either directly or indirectly or supported or was indifferent or silently acquiesced to the illegal removal of the Bavadra or Qarase Government, which resulted in the ‘burning house’ or imminent destruction of Fiji.


If one was involved either directly or indirectly, supported or was indifferent or silently acquiesced to the illegal removal of either of these Governments, then one could be guilty of arson (treason) or by association at the very least and cannot legally or morally rely upon this analogy to justify their involvement.


Granted, there would be some who may genuinely risk their lives in helping put down the flames of the burning house, but they would be clearly visible for all to see.


Unfortunately, there has been none to date or if there were any, they have faded into the background and become barely visible.


Tui Savu.

Townsville QLD.




40 Responses to “Burning house analogy – a closer look”

  1. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Well Bloggers, I fully endorse Tui Savu’s analogy of the burning house and Ului, both Eveli’s, Koila, Ateca, Vore, Chodo, etc cannot rely on this analogy because they all caused the fire in the first place.

    I said in my previous post that Anare Jale and Sakiusa Raivoce were both from Lau Mata-ni-Siga who were barred, but the Fiji One National News pasted below shows that delegates also from Vanua Balavu and Yasayasa Moala were also barred, who were delegates from Lau tagane and Lau Qio. So Ului and his cronies must have been very scared indeed.

    Who then did elect Ului? Either way, you can be assured that this will not go away quitely and Ului’s Chairmanship is doomed from the very beginning.

    The Lauans have spoken!

    Malo vaka levu a vaka drakai!

    One National News

    Delegates barred from provincial meeting
    25 Jun 2008 01:51:55

    A candidate who was to contest for the post of chairman for the Lau Provincial Council today had his membership terminated hours before the election took place.

    Former Public Service Commission, C-E-O Anare Jale was to have stood against Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara.

    Not only Jale – but several other delegates who claimed they had a right to attend the meeting were denied entry into the venue at the Police Academy.

    Former Public Service Commission Chief Executive Officer Anare Jale and Businessman Sakiusa Raivoce had their membership of the Lau provincial council terminated this morning.

    They’re both from Ono-i-Lau and claim they were endorsed by their Vanua.

    Their termination letters were handed to them, just minutes after the official opening ceremony at the Police Academy this morning.

    Jale also showed us the confirmation letter from the Indigenous Affairs ministry endorsing he’s appointment from his Tikina.

    We asked Jale whether his termination was related to him contesting the Provincial Chairmans’ post.

    The other member who lost his seat was Sakiusa Raivoce today was suppose to be his first council meeting he replaced Air Fiji boss Sialeni Vuataki.

    At the main gates, many were turned away by police officers who were guarding the entrance to the meeting hall.

    Police officers were advising people here, that only those with valid passes were to be allowed in.

    One of those locked out, was Peni Fatafehi.

    Others not allowed in were these turaga ni koros’ who came from Moala.

    The Indigenous Affairs Ministry is expected to release a statement soon on why there were restrictions at the Lau provincial council meeting this morning.

  2. Indigenous Says:

    Sa qai matata tiko ga mai na mata ni meke oqo. So who is for the VP position now.

  3. Indigenous Says:

    What has this arrogant, self righteous wanna be paramount self installed lamu sona hiding behind a military bunch of no school gun toting idiots done for Fiji?

    Can somebody tell me where does this person get off with his formal bullshit, I mean look at him on TV being so regal wanna be, de Queen of England.

  4. Indigenous Says:

    They should just put one DAI for him like they were showing on MAI TV tonight with Manoa Rasigatale. Me coko kina e dua na vuaka.

  5. Soul of Fiji Says:

    Right on the nail again Tui, this house on fire…..moving Fiji forward….all devised to fool the people of Fiji and International Countries as to who started the fire or who moved Fiji backward.

  6. Groggymaster Says:

    Putting the pawns into place. First “disqualify” all other eligible candidates, purge the likely dissenting voters, then “vote” for the only candidate allowed to stand. Hmmmm…. sounds like Putin’s Russia.

    Is this the plan for the General Elections ???

    The purge has already begun – GCC, NLTB, Fijian Holdings, …..

  7. Dauvavana Says:

    A tamatamani arson rau. Sa qai dua na veivakaloboci levu sa mai yaco oqo e na bose ni Yasana o Lau. With all due respect and as a non Lauan I have always admired the almost absolute controll Ratu KKT Mara ahd on his relm. However, I cannot say much about his sibblings and what they have just done now.

  8. Save the Sheep Says:

    “Evil Prevails when good men do nothing” seems most appropriate to this debate. (thanks MM).

    History is full of the ‘House on Fire’ excuse. The landmark trials of the 20th century that tested this rationale to the limit were of course the Nuremburg War Crime trials post world war II and in particular the trial of the Judiciary that was found guilty, despite the Defence most ardent argument that the Judiciary of Nazi Germany were bound by the mandate of the Government of the day to sentence 6 million Jews to death in the most hideous of circumstances.

    The court ruled that as men of conscience, they were duty bound not to support such hideous policies even if they were written into the Law of the time.

    OK, Fiji is no Nazi Germany YET. But the seeds have been sown and to ignore them will lead to horrible consequences for everyone.

    Soldiers, Leaders, men of all walks of life have a choice. Sometimes the choice is contrary to the prevailing tides but they nevertheless have a choice.

    To all the members of the Military Council and the Interim Government.

    You are no more, no less than treasonous dogs and you are guilty. You all have a moral duty to evaluate your place in the things happening in Fiji today and if you choose to abuse process so blatantly then weather you are an I.G. Minister or a simple foot soldier you are either guilty directly of treason or at the very least an accessory after the fact.

    Good men have left the Military and opted not to support this Government. These men are the brave souls and remain innocent.

    Ului has been quoted as saying on numerous occasions that…. “If the 80% (Fijians that don’t support this coup) dont support us, then we will remove the 80%” – Shades of Nazi Germany yes? He in particular has demonstrated all of the traits of a dangerous Dictator, the latest illustration being the Mugabe like exclusion of key political opponents from the Lau Provincial Meeting.

    The ‘House on Fire’ argument, holds no water. Evil does indeed prevail when good men do nothing.

  9. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Ului’s strong arm tactics reveals the character of this man. He has no integrity and will never earn the respect of many Lauans. His barring village elders who were the stronghold of his father, will now lash at at him, his brother and sisters.

    As a school friend used to say: YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED.

    The paste below is the latest and goodnight ragone:

    Lau council coup: members ejected
    25 JUN 2008

    Former chief executive of the Public Service Commission Anare Jale and businessman Sakiusa Raivoce were both booted out of the Lau Provincial Council meeting today.

    The two men who are both from Ono-i-Lau were given letters today indicating that the provincial council will not accept their presence in the meeting.

    Jale told reporters that he was surprised at the action taken by the council and did not understand why he was voted out.

    Both men were left standing outside the locked gates of the meeting venue at the Police Academy in Nasova along with other elders from Lau who claimed right to be at the meeting.

    Meanwhile, Jale said he was chosen to represent his people and was shocked that the council has taken this stand.

    “Here we received a letter from the provincial council lawyers saying that we are no longer part of the council but we were voted in by the people of Lau.”

    Jale said this stand by the council could have been related to his contesting the council chairman’s position.

    The commander of the Fiji military’s third infantry regiment, Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara was appointed chairman of the council, displacing Ratu Josefa Basulu.

    Basulu has been appointed deputy chairman.


  10. Budhau Says:

    I like Savu’s law school reasoning – that “clean hands” argument – So you learned that in your law 101 class about courts of law and courts of equity – how one has to come with clean hands in the court of equity.

    Let us see how clean yours and Qarase’s hands are.

    You go around asking for justice – When you write in this blog that the courts must decide in favor of Qarase in the lawsuit regarding the constitutionality of the military’s action. What did you do when this same court had declared the Qarase Interim government unconstitutional and restored the1997 constitution some years back?
    Did you or Qarase support the court’s decision back then – and if not, how can you claim to have “clean hands”.

    Were you someone who was just on the sidelines back then?

    Indigenous lawyers back then, Bale, Vakalalabure, Matebalavu and others who were advising Qarase on how to get around the court’s decision. Were you, as an indigenous lawyer in Fiji, involved with advising Qarase, and what was your advice? Were you involved in the SDL back then? Since you so proudly state in this blog who you are, maybe we should also know where you are coming from.

    This clean hands argument is a good one but I guess there aren’t many folks in Fijian politics today who have clean hands.
    Take my advice, Savu, with your qualification and all that, you stick to arguing that law – those statutes and rules in the books. When it comes to things like justice and fairplay and what is right and wrong – you might want to stay out of it, unless you have “clean hands”. Otherwise leave these moral authority and ethical standard issues to those who really have clean hands.

    And one more thing – I don’t you are qualified to do a psycho-analysis of Bainimarama, even if it was true that Bainimarama had mental health problems and you knew this, disclosing that in a blog site like this has some invasion of privacy issues.

  11. tuivanua Says:

    I wonder who is behind that magaitinana roko uluikalala.

    JW do you know who?

    Kua mada na vosavosa vaka vuku sona levu.

  12. timat Says:

    caiti tamana this guy…no values

  13. soro Says:

    Brown nose Basuslu is right behind Ului. His is titled only Tui Mavana but he is sited in Mualevu, and he has no moral jurisdiction to speak on behalf of any of the people from Vanuabalavu.

  14. Ablaze Says:

    What do you expect? Mara used the burning house analogy! Like father, like son.

    Say no more the very person we all looked up to backed Rabuka, the downfall of the nation! That first coup.

    Nothing can be done, they have the guns and like Hannah said;


    Just lets blog on and wait, it won’t last forever!

  15. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ Budhau,

    I’ve asked you many times, if you can freely criticise Tui Savu here in this blog site, then why can’t you openly do it in the Daily Papers in Fiji using your real name?

    I am confident he knows what he’s writing about and I can’t imagine him writing about something, then unnecessarily exposing himself to criticism, like you are now doing.

    Like I also told you once before, he must know whether some of his family and extended family members are being harassed by pro-coup supporters and we donlt know whether he has been pressured by some family members to stop writing from Australia, but he keeps on writing, which must be commended.

    BTW Budhau, many of my friends (worldwide) have been following Tui Savu’s writing over the years and we regularly discuss it amongst ourselves. If he has been consistent on one thing, it is the rule of law.

    His writing against Bainimarama preceded the 2006 coup when he was warning Bainimarama that he was stepping over the line, by openly criticising the Qarase Government.

    FYI, Budhau, Tui Savu was the 1st person with the courage to call President Iloilo ‘incompetent’ in the Fiji Daily Papers, which was picked up too by Lawyer Tevita Fa. This too was months before the coup.

    He also labeled Bainimarama as suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder because of his irrational behaviour. I note that you question him on his qualification to give such an opinion.

    You will also recall Budhau, that it was Tui Savu who was the 1st person to publicly link ‘Chodo’s’ name to the tax evasion Victor Lal had exposed in the Fiji Sun and raised the profile of blog sites in mainstream media.

    Interestingly, SV first published Tui Savu’s article, which was followed by Fiji Times a few days later and within the same week, Fiji Times publicly exposed Chodo’s name, which is now all history.

    Budhau, he is ‘no Johnny come lately’ like some of us to the political crisis in Fiji and credit must be given when due.

    So, why not take up the challenge and openly criticise him the Daily Papers in Fiji using your real name?

    At least that way, you will find out for yourself whether your criticism has any merit and whether you stand on the same pedal stool.

    What do you say?

  16. soro Says:

    Vinak JW – well said

  17. Belijo Says:

    To all you Launs who got kicked out of the meeting, do not worry for the marjority of Launs who weren’t invited (couldn’t be bothered too) are there invisibly behind you all the way. First of all what has Lau done for the marority of Launs in Fiji? Nothing! Not a single cent, time or thought has the province given, only a name and a root for which each Laun is entitled to. Secondly, it’s ironic that Roko Ului states,” what has happened can never be turned back”. I challenge you that yes it can be changed back. All you have to do is return to democracy and all else will be well. Thirdly, Roko Ului says that we’ll only get an early election if we support this (clean up) campaign. Is this a threat? Sounds to me it’s a threat. It’s funny that you threaten people by disallowing them to the provincial meeting because you yourself feel threatened. Threat normally comes when you feel threatened. My advise is don’t threaten the silent majority of Launs because we are a force to reckon with in future. Lastly, Roko Ului mentions that racial parity has never been solved. What was the late Tui Nayau doing whilst in power? Wasn’t he doing just this? Me thinks, your statement is contradicting your great man’s integrity, though you have in a very subtle way. Problem is whether you know what you’re saying. Seems to me Roko Ului is as fickle as fiddle.

  18. Mark Manning Says:

    More like a burning mimi !

  19. natewaprince Says:

    Anare Jale was confident that 10 of the 13 tikinas’ were going to back him in the election for the chairman.

    Na politiki ga e tiko vei iratou na wekaqu Tovata.Sa malo eh????

  20. Tebara Says:


    Blerry bunch of humbugz .. tok about transparency when they are hiding their azzez behind the gun wielding idiots and baton ruting varkerz ..!

  21. Tebara Says:

    @Budhau .. U big time farkwit.

    Dont question Tuis analogies. At least hes MAN enough to print his name on all posting. Unlike you .. having nothing better to do then nitpick on various posting using a BUTTHOLE pseudo name… horning in your views thats only fit to be shoved into the Piggys back hole.

  22. Tebara Says:

    Ohhh BTW … Tui’s posting is posted on national papers and the likes for all to see .. IA IA !!

  23. Navosavakadua Says:

    It is fitting that the Little Mara quotes the words of his father about not
    standing by when your house is on fire. Everything he has ever achieved is a result of his father’s efforts, not his.

    Another difference between father and son is that we can all see the
    matches bulging in his pocket and the empty drum in his hand, while
    his father made sure Rabuka carried the can and was seen to throw
    the match.

    Is Roko Ului dumb? Fijian voters have had their say about him in the past and we all know what they thought. Is there really any doubt what they will say in the future? If he’s not dumb, he is desperate, desperate to hang to the privilege he has known all his life and done absolutely nothing to merit.

    Is he going to have the Police posted outside every Provincial Council
    meeting? Like everything this Illegal Regime does, this step is a desperate attempt to hang on to the loot they have stolen. It just digs them in deeper and adds to the price they will eventually pay.

  24. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ Budhau, a friend of mine emailed me this question:

    ‘Budhau seems to know Tui Savu from the way he writes and it’s quite obvious he’s envious of him.’

    My friend also sent me this article that Tui Savu wrote in the Daily Post answering the same question to posed about whether he was one of the indigenous lawyers advising Qarase.

    As stated before Budhau, Tui Savu writes publicly, is challenged and answers his critics. Why can’t you?

    I note Budhau, that you wrote ‘Were you, as an indigenous lawyer in Fiji, advising Qarase, and what was your advise?’ You presumption that all indigenous lawyers backed Qarase or the SDL or involved themselves in giving advise is wrong and you should retract your question.

    Well, hear it from Tui Savu himself and hopefully this will shut you up.


    Savu’s response – 17-Jun-2008


    E RAKAI in DP 13/06/08, asked me: “Did Tui Savu belong to Group ‘A’ or Group ‘B’? I have a list of these two groups of lawyers and he is on the list of Group ‘B’.

    Is this correct Mr Savu? Group ‘A’ advice was accepted – appointment of Tevita Momoedonu as Prime Minister for one day just to advise for a General Election. Group ‘B’ leader, Vakalalabure went to the BLV meeting and urged it to abrogate the Constitution”.

    He quoted me hoping to show my inconsistency: “I have maintained all along that the only means to permanently erase the coup culture in Fiji is to hold people accountable for their illegal actions and to bring them to justice, but I stand to be corrected”.

    It seems too much of a coincidence that Reverend Akuila Yabaki also asked the same (DP 10/03/07) and I quote: “In hindsight there is a telling inconsistency here that Tui Savu needs to explain to readers of this column”.

    “Wasn’t he involved in the two Fijian lawyers groups (led by Qoriniasi Bale) in March 2001 that was tasked with advising the Qarase Interim Government on how it could save itself from the Court of Appeal ruling that his Interim Government was illegal?”

    I have said it before and will say it for the last time and for the benefit of E Rakai and any other interested parties, I was not involved or a member of either Group ‘A’ or Group ‘B’ at any time and challenge the authenticity of this List.

    I stand by what I said regarding the only way to permanently erase the coup culture in Fiji, which is to make the coup perpetrators accountable for their illegal actions, and in this I remain steadfast.

    Tui Savu, Townsville, QLD.

    Copyright © 2007, Fiji Daily Post

  25. Leve davo Says:

    E da sa madua mai vei ira nai lala ulu lala, kapalala…well what else can we say, everything will come to an end someday and then the repercusions of their actions will follow their kawa….NP maqa a leqa, sa volea ni maua a raisi….

  26. Budhau Says:

    JW – for the smart guy that you are – some of your logic does not make sense.
    So if I openly criticize him in a Fijian Newspaper, how could I then find out out if my criticism has merits or not. Won’t we be having the same discussion there – beside someone trying to burn down my villa in Nadi..

    You wrote about Tui, that “he is ‘no Johnny come lately’ like some of us to the political crisis” – I totally agree with you – that is why I was asking Tui that besides telling us who he is, he should also tell us where he is coming from.

    You wrote about “He also labeled Bainimarama as suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder because of his irrational behaviour”
    Now this I think is silly. First, a lawyer guy like Tui, should not be talking like an idiot trying to do diagnose Bainimarama’s of some mental illness.
    Secondly, a lawyer like Savu knows that even if he knew that Bainimarama has the PTSD, it would be wrong for him to reveal that in a forum such as this, this is invasion of privacy.

    When Tui started writing about Bainimarama is immaterial – if Tui is a SDL guy, then one would expect him to write anti-Bainimarama stuff – this thing between Qarase and FB had been going on long before the coup.

    Calling President Iloilo ‘incompetent’ in the Fiji Daily Papers – what is courage gotta do with this – referring to the president in such a manner does not prove anything about the President, but it sure says a lot about Tui – and what is the courage part in there, I think that is stupid.

    On a side note – this guy calls the President incompetent, some incompetent elected by the GCC, yesterday someone in here called Ganilau a dumbass – a dumbass who was elected as the chairman of GCC – and then there is Rabuka- another GCC chair – How come these GCC guys go around electing all kinda dumbass incompetent folks – did they nominate some dumbasses in the senate also.

    You said something about Tui “has been consistent on one thing, it is the rule of law.”
    So what did Tui have to say about Qarase and that judgment declaring his government unconstitutional and the court that restored the 1997 constitution. I know he has denied being part of group of attorneys advising Qarase – fine – but what exactly was he doing back then – did he come out as vocally as now about the rule of law – I don’t remember seeing his pieces in the newspapers back then.
    BTW – I still did not get an answer to that “clean hands” question – does Qarase, who refused to abide by the decision of the courts back then, does he have clean hands to go ask the same court for justice now.
    ..and a follow up – what was our boy Savu doing back then, did he learn to write recently.

    Finally here is what Tui wrote, “..one must not have been involved either directly or indirectly or supported or was indifferent or silently acquiesced to the illegal removal of” a government – did he remain silent back then, or did he have more to do with things.

  27. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ Budhau,

    don’t shoot the messenger, shoot Tui Savu.

    Criticize him publicly like you do in this blog on the condition that you send a copy to SV..

    SV however will only post your letter, once you show proof to SV that it has been published by one of the daily papers in Fiji. That means SV will post your published article.

    We then will await Tui Savu’s response.

    This is only fair Budhau because no one except Tui Savu can respond to your criticism and we would like to find out as well.

    Now that seems a fair challenge to me?

    What do you say Budhau?

  28. Budhau Says:

    Tui is not a messenger – he has placed himself into this debate – and what he is doing is an investment for his future – not courage.

    JW – this blog is public – ain’t it.

    Listen JW – no one tells what to do. The only reason I respond to Tui stuff is because it is posted in here – the day they stop doing it, I won’t be writing about what tui has to say.

    Now if you or Tui chose to use other media, that is you guys choice – and JW, I don’t think you will get me sucked into something that I chose not to do.

    I don’t see you point – If Tui wants to respond to what I have said, that is fine – if he chooses not to, that is OK also. I do not understand what is this about me – as the lawyer boy would say – who I am is immaterial.

    BTW – I am not shooting the messenger – it is just that sometimes either I don not get you – or you do not make any sense – like now.

    You said something about no one can respond to my criticism but Tui – how about you – do you think that Qarase who refused to abide by the decision of this court when it declared his government unconstitutional and restored the 1997 constitution – now the same guy, Qarase, goes to the same court seeking justice. Does Qarase have “clean hands”
    What do you think?
    Now, number 2 – what was tui doing back when Qarase was doing his unconstitutional stuff – DO YOU think that if Savu wants to talk about the rule of law – and he thinks that people should not stay quiet about it – why did I not here from Tui in the local newspapers back then – may be there is a legitimate explanation for it – Now that, may be he can explain.

    If anyone has got any issues with what I said – why would it make any difference if I a put a Kumar or something after the Budhau.

  29. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ Budhau – chicken.

  30. Budhau Says:

    I told – that “be a man” argument don’t work – and usually the people that I associate with – friends, associates, business partners etc – No one ever comes across anyone that goes around with that “be a man” argument or you chicken.

    BTW – that is probably the difference between you and I – I would usually walk away from a fight – call me chicken you you want – and I won’t argue with you about you and Tui as “being a man”.
    I usually like to “stick it to the man” though

  31. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Point taken.

  32. Budhau Says:

    Good nite, You da man!

  33. Wailei Says:

    Rt.Ulukau ga… Never heard of him till the 2006 take over. What has he done for Fiji. KANA BUTA GA!

  34. Tui Says:

    There is a marked difference between Budha and Tui Savu. Tui has got the guts to put his real identity in our dailies. Budha will spend the rest of his life “kicking ass” in cyberspace!

  35. Jose Says:

    @ It turns him on and gets off on it.

  36. Budhau Says:

    Yes Tui

    You are right – I think in real fight you most likely would be able to kick my ass.

    However, I am probably better looking, better educated, and wealthier you.

    This thing with you Fijians about guts – very interesting.

    Sometimes it looks like that the Fijians think of themselves as the most Macho of all people. You should be tough like a Fijian – right?

    Like how the Vunibalu had the Tui Nayau killed by those guys form Ono – very macho.
    Like those rebels with guns that overthrew Chaudary’s guns – and broke a couple of his ribs.
    Like Kutu said yesterday (jokingly) that he would never walk away from a good street fight.
    and then there are the war heroes.
    Our soldiers are the best in the world.
    How about the fight they had at QEB in 2000 – real Macho, right? Now it is time for the main show to begin.

    So here is friendly piece of advise – you guys better try to contain this machoism – because it will blow into your face. Where I live, physical prowess is not very romantic – because someone will blow your head off if you make a wrong move.

  37. Jose Says:

    HANDS OFF OUR NAME – Fiji Tells Microsoft

    FIJI’S military government has written to the software giant Microsoft demanding the company not use their country name in any of its products.

    Fiji’s interim attorney-general Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum today released a letter sent to Microsoft’s co-founder Bill Gates yesterday, after media reports the software company may call its yet-to-be-released software “Windows Fiji”.

    “As a sovereign state the government asserts its absolute ownership over the use of the word ‘Fiji’ and reserves all its rights under all relevant laws to protect and defend the use of the word ‘Fiji’,” the lhe letter says.

    “Microsoft Corporation is hereby instructed to immediately cease and desist with any use of the word ‘Fiji’ in relation to any of its products now or in the future,” it says.

    But Microsoft’s Ben Green told Fairfax media the name “Fiji” was an internal working code name for the Windows Media Center TV software package.

    “(It) is not intended to be used in an external marketing context,” he said.

    According to reports, Mr Gates is expected to step down today as Microsoft chairman, a company he co-founded in 1975.

  38. Jose Says:

    An unsuccessful nominee for the provincial Fijian council of Lau says no part of Fiji will be joining Tonga as reported by some sections of the media.
    Fijian Region, Not Seceding, says council nominee
    ABC Radio Australia
    Anare Jale is a former head of the Public Service Commission; he was nominated to represent the people of Ono-I-Lau, on the provincial council, but had his nomination rejected.

    Mr Jale says his nomination was rejected because he lives in urban Fiji, rather than in Lau.

    He says the rejection angered people from Ono-I-Lau, who decided to form their own council, and called their decision “going to Tonga”.

    Mr Jale told Radio Australia’s Pacific Beat that this doesn’t mean they are seceding from Fiji.

    “When Ono people talk about going to Tonga, this is a saying in Ono because we are the nearest to Tonga, we are nearer Tonga, than to Suva,” he said.

    “So when they say we are going to Tonga it means that we are breaking away on our own, so it was not breaking away from Fiji, we are saying we are not going to be part of the province of Lau.”

  39. Jose Says:

    Fiji judge says anti-corruption body doesn’t have prosecution powers
    Updated Fri Jun 27, 2008 5:33pm AEST

    Attempts by the newly formed anti-graft body in Fiji to crackdown on corruption have suffered a setback.

    A high court judge has told the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption that it does not have the powers to prosecute offenders.

    Our correspondent in Fiji, Samisoni Pareti, says Judge Nazhat Shameem gave the orders when he quashed corruption charges brought by the commission against a senior Fiji government official, Inoke Devo.

    Mr Devo, as the then commissioner central, was charged with abuse of office by the commission.

    However, Judge Shameem says until the court rules on the legality of the military led government, the commission, as a creature of the interim government, does not have the powers to prosecute people.

    It will have to go through the office of the director of public prosecutions for now.

    The judge’s ruling is also expected to affect all other cases being brought by the anti-corruption commission included that involving ousted prime minister, Laisenia Qarase.

  40. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ Budhau,

    without wanting to flog a dead horse, you warning sounds like Vore and his Military goons at QEB. Only ‘macho’ with the gun, otherwise just plain ‘nacho.’

    ‘So here is friendly piece of advise – you guys better try to contain this machoism – because it will blow into your face. Where I live, physical prowess is not very romantic – because someone will blow your head off if you make a wrong move.’

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