Shaista says no comments on newspaper report

Bloggers, here is big mouth refusing to make any comments on her claim of NZ’s Green interfering politically in Fiji’s crisis. Shaista may have evidence to back up her claim, but it is her constant justifying the illegal regime that is astounding, especially for someone professionally qualified.
What this means is this coup has brought out the best and worst of many of us. Some have sacrificed their professional ethics to be caught up in the race war or allowed personal vendetta to cloud their professional independence. To say that neither Evan Hunter or Russell Hunter’s human rights were abused when they were evicted from Fiji boggles the imagination of someone supposedly upholding human rights in Fiji!
Shaista’s stance is a clear indicator to the international community of how much Fiji values human rights!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


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Fiji Human Rights Commission chairperson Doctor Shaista Shameem has opted not to comment on a newspaper report that claims she has evidence of a New Zealand diplomat interfering with Fiji’s internal affairs.

The report quoted her as saying New Zealand’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs deputy secretary Michael Green was involved in a conspiracy to cripple the administration of justice in Fiji.

When asked whether she made the statements Shameem neither agreed nor denied, saying all she did was respond to a request from former opposition leader Mick Beddoes to investigate the matter.

She says the FHRC had done all they could and the report had been passed on to the rightful authorities to conduct further investigations.

The report in the Sunday Star Times went on to quote Shameem as saying the deportation of Evan Hannah and Russell Hunter was in Fiji’s national security interest.

Shameem refrained from making any further comments on the issue saying the person to speak to was Mick Beddoes as investigations were yet to be completed.

However when contacted last night Beddoes said he was surprised at the outcome of the investigation because his request was essentially to investigate whether or not the rights of both Australians were violated upon being deported.

He says the results of the investigation were totally unrelated to his questions.

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  1. Striker Says:

    The only thing that’s in Fiji’s national security interest right now is the removal of this dictatorial military regime and the instigation of criminal proceedings against the coup perpetrators and their supporters like this big mouth Sthaita.

  2. Panther Says:

    That’s all of it right there Striker. Great post!

  3. hopefiji Says:

    what is of concern here is the violation of electronic information systems by this called Human Rights defender. She had no qualms using and probably encouraging the militray to unlawfully hack into people’s work and personal emails. This will certainly alarm the business community in Fiji, knowing that their emails could be compromised.

    She defends her actions and the actions of the regime by hiding behindthe excuss of national security…what a lot of shit!.

    I was very entertained reading the stupidity of this woman and her carhots..imagine the junta judges have her as their sole defender….LOL!!! such credibility and lordlie we are all shaking in our boots!!!

    The fact that she has focussed the almost entire report on the judiciary, show that they are damn scared that the local and international pressure n the junta judges are working!!!.

  4. Tim Says:

    Says it all really. She’s as see through as she is plastic

  5. Keep The Faith Says:

    Brill article Tim thanks for posting link up. Michael hits the nail on the head as per usual.

    As I said before, let’s keep her churning out her pathetic reports because more than anything they’re entertaining and more importantly add more screws to her hand-cuffs 😉

  6. natewaprince Says:

    So what is she now,Fiji’s version of the FBI or what??Who has the power to disband the FHRC ? Since the body isn’t doing it’s job,then it might as well be dismantled,the same way the pig is dismantling Fijian institutions.

    Sa dua na ka na blerry mimi qase mata va sona qo.

  7. tim Says:

    I’m wondering whether any journalist in the Fijian mainstream media has ever bothered to ask the plastic pistol shooter what is it that she sees her role – both as ombudsman and advocate for human rights.
    And since 2006, how does she reconcile her decisions with her record.
    Or doesn’t she have the guts and the courage of her convictions to front up.

    Never mind – she should be assured her record will bew remembered.
    Same goes for all of them really, but especially those that profess to have a little intelligence.

  8. ketchup Says:

    In the report she has even recommended that Victor Lal be prosecuted on his arrival in Fiji for allegedly bringing the judiciary into contempt – she is gunning for everyone the miliatry and chodo have singled out for punishment

  9. blogtracker Says:

    In case:

    Report on Shameem’s report

    June 23, 2008

    By Michael Field

    Fiji’s military appointed Ombudsman Shaista Shameem has written a report on the “circumstances and facts” involving the deportation of Fiji Times publisher Evan Hannah and Fiji Sun publisher Russell Hunter.

    As this analysis is being written her report has still not been published.
    The version I’ve obtained has gone out to the parties and may yet be modified. This review is based in part on the hope that she might see the error of her ways.

    It runs to 41 pages. It does not have any footnotes or appendices so, for the most part, one is obliged to guess at where she got her material. Much of it, however, is obtained from illegally intercepted emails. No evidence of interception warrants is provided so, while Shameem is also the chairman of the Fiji Human Rights Commission, it is clear she has no respect for the law.

    Page 1 of her report.

    This notes the complaint by Leader of the Opposition Mick Beddoes, seeking an investigation into the two men’s deportation.

    Page 2

    She says that as Ombudsman she is not authorised to investigate. But she goes on to say she has the second hat, her constitutional authority with FHRC.

    Page 3

    She is keen to investigate, speaking of herself in the third person: “instead it decided to inquire generally into this matter of its own initiative given the public and international interest in the removals of both Hunter and Hannah.”

    Page 4

    Section 30 of the Constitution is quoted, the one on freedom of speech and expression.

    Page 5

    Now it gets interesting.

    “The Commission undertook preliminary investigations by interviewing the relevant Interim Government Ministers as well as other State agencies on the circumstances and facts surrounding the removal of Mr Hannah and Mr Hunter. These investigations elicited documents and correspondence relevant to the issue.”

    She does not name the ministers or departments she spoke to, and as the report moves on, she does not even bother to say what the documents and correspondence is. Her report contains no lists ­ contrast that with the even more weird report her commission produced on Fiji media. Even I was quoted in that one ­ albeit incorrectly.

    Page 6

    She relates the “material facts” noting the deportation of Hunter on February 26 and Hannah on May 2. No reference is made to the fact that Air Pacific refused to fly Hannah and that he was instead forced onto Korean Airlines. Nor is there any mention of the High Court injunction issued preventing his deportation, which the military ignored.

    Thus Shameem’s version of “material facts”, even at this early stage, is at complete odds with what happened.

    Then she goes on again: “Documentary evidence relating to the removals of Hunter and Hannah was then provided to the Commission. The Commission subsequently undertook follow-up investigations with other state agencies and was provided with additional evidence. The Commission also obtained secondary evidence through its own sources.”

    So what is this secondary evidence; we are never told. It is clear however it is gossip and hearsay. It is also illegally gained material. Shameem broke Fiji law.

    Page 7

    At 3.4.2 she provides the closest she comes to any kind of list.

    ³”Documents were provided to the Commission by the Interim Prime Minister, the Interim Minister of Defence, National Security and Immigration, and the Interim Attorney-General and Minister of Justice. Additional evidence was provided by other sources.”

    In other words; stolen emails.

    Happily she proves it immediately by beginning to quote from the email correspondence between Russell Hunter in Suva and Victor Lal in London in February. As if to prove she has the emails, she provides the email addresses.

    The method by which she obtained the emails is not given.

    Now it is known that even at the time the emails were written they came into the public domain by other means. They were, however, unquestionably stolen. Shameem is a receiver of stolen property.

    Victor Lal’s email makes an interesting reference to splits between the judges, with Jitoko and Jiten refusing to share tea with Gates, Nazhat Shameem and Byrne. One could have expected, at this point, that Shameem would disclose a conflict of interest; she is defending her sister. Except only insiders would know that.

    What Victor Lal says apparently takes on sinister meaning to Shameem. But Hunter’s emails show it is not at all. He says “We weren¹t planning a revolution against the judiciary.”

    Page 8

    Some more emails about the Fiji Sun. Shameem is irritated that although Hunter has been deported, he still runs the newspaper. Some background on Hunter is given over how he had been with the Fiji Times and had been told to leave in 1999 but was still there.

    A new email thread is begun, between one John Cameron and a partner of law firm Munro Leys, Florence Fenton.

    Page 9.

    At this point Hunter and Hannah more or less disappear from the report; Shameem is on her Holy Crusade to who knows where.

    The couple’s email makes a joke about Justice Jocelynne Scutt, a minor Australian figure on the Fiji court. A “scut” it seems, is a short erect tail, drawing the comment from Cameron: “and a sure indicator of the proximity of arse-holes”.

    The message is forwarded onto lawyer Graham Leung and to one Wame Baravilala who, zealous Shameem tells us, is Fenton’s spouse. In ways that Shameem does not tell her readers, this Scut email also reached the eyes of Attorney-General Aiyaz Saiyed-Khaiyum. And he ran over and gave it to Scutt herself.

    Unbelieveably she was so offended she wrote to the United Nations secretary general to complain. It is hard to credit ­ but perhaps understandable given the small puddle they occupy ­ that this woman would think her daily troubles, with a bout of name calling, would interest the UN Secretary General. World poverty, Dafur, food shortages, global warming, oh, and a blubbering judge in, where, Fiji? Right.

    Page 10

    The reason why poor busy Mr Ban Ki-moon has been bothered by the whinging Australian is revealed; turns out Baravilala forwarded the Scut email from a United Nations Population Fund email.

    Shameem has exposed a great crime. But wait. The UN put the plight of millions on hold for a nanosecond to reply to the petulant judge; it basically told her to get lost. Baravilala made the point that he had not asked for the email in the first place, did not find it funny and did not send it on to anybody else.

    Shameem is outraged at the UN’s lax reply: “The UNFPA response to Justice Scutt’s complaint would not have alleviated her distress. There appeared to be not alternative remedy that Justice Scutt could have pursued in relation to the objectionable email.”

    She could have wiped her eyes and hardened up, perhaps.

    Page 11

    Shameem takes aim at Leung saying he “was the recipient of a number of relevant emails during February and March 2008.”

    All right, why bother repeating; but, for the record, how would she know? Unless she was reading his email, of course.

    Leung got an email from a judge of the Supreme Court of Victoria, Murray Kellam. Shameem looked him up on Wikipedia (and why is an apparently educated lawyer using Wikipedia?) and found he was holder of the Order of Australia.

    Kellam told Leung (in a private email exchange) that an article he was
    planning to write about the judiciary in Fiji was “pretty punchy but not defamatory….”

    Page 12

    Leung also sends an email to Emelita Wilson who is married to Matt Wilson, a public relations man in Suva. In the private email he tells Matt that he wants his planned article strengthened so he could try to get it into the
    Fiji Times.

    In case you do not get it, sledge hammer Shameem tells her readers that this is evidence that Leung was writing an article for the Fiji Times.

    Hannah comes back into the report for a moment.

    Shameem links those emails Saiyed-Khaiyum “inviting” Hannah into his office for a discussion.

    She says: “What the article said and whether it was actually published has not been verified. ”

    Perhaps Wikipedia didn’t tell her.

    So we get told all kind of trivial detail but when it comes to materially important parts, linked to the complain, Shameem hasn’t got a clue?

    Page 13

    Enter Ange Heffernan of the Pacific Centre for Public Integrity and, it seems, a client of John Cameron.

    Remember to follow this carefully, for there is plotting afoot here.

    Cameron wrote the Scut Joke.

    Heffernan emails Leung to find out what bar Judge John Byrne belong to. She says: “I’ve just had enough of these creeps!”

    She sent a similar letter, but this time about Scutt, to lawyer Laurel Vaurasi.

    Page 14

    Heffernan’s letter of complaint to the Victorian Legal Services Commissioner in Melbourne.

    It was public at the times, so chances are Shameem did not need military help to obtain it.

    Page 15

    Shameem: “The Heffernan letter, parts of which are quoted above, is somewhat long-winded, repetitive and ungrammatical…”

    Pots calling kettles names, and cavewomen throwing glasses comes to mind.

    She says Heffernan was complaining about things on one hand and on the other, had joined the military’s body to set up a charter.

    “This type of political legerdemain and machination … is clearly unacceptable….”

    So is removing a government at the point of a gun.

    Shemeem hits pay dirt now.

    “On March 12th the web was spun wider still, implicating the New Zealand Government.”

    New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs deputy secretary Michael Green, she says, emailed Leung “discussing the main legal issues in the Qarase constitutional case and giving legal opinions on an important element of the case.”

    Breathlessly Shameem reveals Green is still with the ministry (perhaps she checked with Wikipedia again) despite (why despite?) being declared persona non grata in Fiji. Since when did Fiji’s fatwas cut any ice in Wellington?

    This was evidence, she says, that he was still interfering in Fiji affairs.

    She notes that at this point the lawyers complained publicly their emails were being hacked. Shameem does not deny this to be so. Indeed, she does the opposite.

    Page 16

    She justifies it.

    “Unsavoury email correspondence about the judiciary and individual judges involve lawyers, UN agencies and an NGO, and attacks on the judiciary through formal letters and derogatory media statements and articles, were taking place during the Qarase case…. New Zealand Government’s Green by email also directly offered a legal opinion in support of the application in the Laisenia Qarase case.”

    So, you were reading private emails. But that’s okay, ends justify means, right? And what are the ends?

    She says the conspiracy continued. Bring back John Cameron. He wrote an article in the Fiji Times questioning the right of judges to sit in Fiji.

    Intones Shameem: “Cameron’s Fiji Times article carried a number of serious errors of law.”

    She does not say what they are.

    “Cameron had come full circle, from expressing personal vituperative remarks against a fellow Australian, and a female colleague, in February, to
    publicly laying down a formal blueprint, somewhat resembling a “final solution” for dealing with the judiciary, by the end of April.”

    Wonder who it was that was the first person to ever file an affidavit in evidence against a fellow judge? Ah, I remember now. Nazhat Shemeem.

  10. NobleBannerBlue Says:

    well like they say a little knowlegde is a dangerous thing – esp apt when describing this commissioner for the military’s rights..

    gosh she is so consistent and virile in defending the military that she cant see the wood for the trees… personal email correspondence obtained unlawfully would never be admissible as evidence – but in her and the IG’s kangaroo court anything goes

  11. Tim Says:

    I sure as hell hope she keeps it up. Every utterance she makes shows the world what a total fcukwit she actually is.
    What really is rich is that while the junta moan like bubbas about how mean OZ and NZ are being to them, they are so arrogant as to assume that they should determine Green’s future for him and not the NZ Government. They should know that should he present his credentials anywhere else in the world, they’d be well received. Get off the grass Shaista!

  12. Groggymaster Says:

    So many trees had to be cut down for bull shit!!!.

  13. Mark Manning Says:

    She looks like a bloke !

  14. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Never mind o Shaista riva

    Just kill Bainimarama and Chaudhry

    And the country will return to normal

    1 bullet to each head

    Simple, Easy, and above all Clean.

  15. natewaprince Says:

    Well it looks like the pot smoking really has frazzled her brains.She protects this illegal regime at every turn,as if it were her baby.

    Come to think of it,maybe Chodo had roped her in from the very beginning to protect the legitimacy of the FLP led coup.

    Reminds me of a certain blogger on this site who will turn livid every time the snakes name is mentioned.

  16. blogtracker Says:


    Report on Shameem’s report

    Page 17

    Just to recap; Shameem has produced a few emails she gained in a highly doubtful way. These she has strung together to produce, in her words, a web. One doubts that even a Fiji court would find much of a conspiracy.

    She marches on though with this piece of meatball surgery: “It is the Commission’s firm view that the nexus between interference with the administration of justice and the firm of Munro Leys will need further investigation by the relevant authorities.”

    This piece of potty thought is like saying that Shameem gets emails from Nigerian rich widows offering shares of money to her, so Interpol must investigate her.

    She has an ace up her sleeve. She quotes another Commission report, drawn up from the deep shaft it fell through with its credibility to claim that Richard Naidu had a conflict of interest over Duavata Initiative Company out of the SDL.

    In a town the size of Suva, there really is not a lot of space for top-flight lawyer law firms and so what might be seen as conflict of interest probably does occur. You just have to rely on the credibility and honesty of people who would not steal other people’s emails…. Oh, and in a town the size of Suva, there is only enough space for One Village Idiot. The position is filled.
    This one returns to Scutt and Heffernan. It is all such a meaningless ramble that one has to struggle to get to the point, which seems to be that the Fiji Law Society is really not very good and that the country needs a Bar Association.

    Democracy might be nice too.

    Shameem then notes that on May 3 the Fiji Times had an article written Australian Justice Robert French who also serves on the Fiji Supreme Court. She says, with tremendous insight, that the article must have been “in the pipeline” while Evan Hannah was being removed from Fiji the day before. Her Waikato University degree is good!

    “The article expressed his concern, albeit with considerable jurisprudential vagueness, about the ‘implicit bargain’ that judges appointed by the ‘interim government’ now had with that government.”

    Hardly seems vague at all.

    Page 18

    Again, Shameem says the article has “some serious mistakes in the law”. She says he does not know about the different types of judges in Fiji and that he misunderstood the legal principle in the Qarase case.

    Shameem actually pushed her way into the Qarase case to make a submission. The transcript is elsewhere on this site (Transcripts) and what is plain from it is that her presence there was both puzzling to the judges sitting on the case, and downright unhelpful.

    When it comes to legal principle, I would go with the judge.

    She wants French removed from the Fiji Supreme Court.

    Like a very bad smell, Shameem returns to that poor woman from Australia, Scutt. Others, she says, joined the harassment, including Shamima Ali of the Women’s Crisis Centre.

    Scutt, “in her personal capacity”, was invited to speak at conferences in London and Athens. Ali and Heffernan did not like this and so attacked her for being un-representative of Fiji women.

    Seems reasonable. It is not really a battle of any great worth. Hard to see what it has got to do with Shameem other than to note that NGOs and women in Suva have been scrapping about freebies to conferences since Noah found a way to go.

    Page 19

    More about the fight over Scutt and her junket to London.

    None of it is of any relevance to the complaint. Shameem’s Holy Crusade begins to resemble Don Quixote’s horse ride. Amusing, but pointless.

    Page 20

    More of Scutt.

    “Even though Heffernan and Ali were factually wrong on the appointment of Justice Scutt (she was appointed by His Excellency the President and not by ‘a military-led Government’ as they claimed) the media published their statements anyway.”

    Excuse me. President Iloilo makes no appointments off his own bat. He takes advise. And in Suva these days there is only one source of advice. Frank.

    Oh, and by the way, I was outside Government House when the soldiers went in with their guns and actually removed the Great Man. And then they put Humpty back together again.

    Shameem might believe in the Tooth Fairy; most adults do not.

    Page 21

    Scutt and the conference drags on. Just give the woman a plane ticket. She might right into somebody who will listen to her whining and whimpering.

    Shameem reaches a towering height of sheer absurdity though when she dismisses the idea democracy idealism might be behind the NGO opposition to Scutt’s trip.

    She writes this: “It is doubtful whether the particular individuals involved in such harassment are sufficiently up to speed with new definitions and manifestations of ‘democracy’ in the ‘developing’ world.”

    Right. I know where she got that line. Not from Wikipedia this time. No, it is from Robert Mugabe.

    Wait though, she writes next: “But there appears to be more to it than that.”

    At 4.1 she links Mick Beddoes’ complaint to the Albert Einstein Institution (for easier reference, lets just call it “Al’s Place”) in Washington.

    One suggests a good cup of coffee before proceeding. The new web, or is it a web upon a web, requires total alertness.

    Page 22

    Like some rookie cop from a B-Grade movie, Shameem now sets out to tell us that at 1.46 pm on Wednesday December 6 UNICEF’s Mereia Carling got an email from Jamila Raqib from Al’s Place. Carling, it seems, had never heard of Raqib or Al’s Place. And the email went to a few places with Fiji connections. It provided its multiple readers with a link to a publication called “The Anti-Coup” which provided advise on stopping a coup.

    Ahhh. Yes. I remember what I was doing at 1.46pm on that Wednesday. I was watching armed soldiers take over the Fiji Parliament.

    Note to self: Write to Shameem and tell her about that. Might have human rights implications.

    Carling, who is the daughter of overthrown Foreign Minister Kaliopate Tavola, waited nearly a full 24 hours before on passing the email at 12.55 pm to a whole host of people.

    Shameem provides us all with their emails. Buried in the vast list is this name and email address: “Shaista Shameem”. And others like the Aids Taskforce, Fiji-I-Care, Wadan Narsey and Tara Chetty. Real radicals that lot.

    Carling provided a cover note saying that the most successful defence against a coup was “non-cooperation and defiance within the attacked country.”

    Sounds a bit like Mahatma Gandhi. I remember Shameem, in a newspaper feature years ago, holding a cat, claiming her father had something to do with him. Arrest him.

    Page 23

    Wikipedia is in action again.

    She has researched Al’s Place and comes up with the conclusion that it is suspect and claims it is really a front for the US Defence Intelligence Agency and the Central Intelligence Agency. Wikipedia led Shameem to Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez who claimed Al’s Place tried to overthrow him.

    Page 24

    The thin threads are drawn together: “The Institution’s association with individuals from the United States’ DIA and reportedly also CIA, and the circulation of its documents among the United Nations staff and NGOs in Fiji, gives the Commission cause for serious concern.”

    A fit of Shameem jealous creeps in here and she notes that two people who received directions from Al’s Place got US Government awards, Shamima Ali and Virisila Buadromo.

    In other words, Shameem did not get one.

    “The relentless assault on the judiciary of Fiji, which continued as this Report was being finalized, has all the hallmarks of an Albert Einstein Institution ‘grand strategy’ for ‘coups’.”

    Must have got this wrong: I could swear it was the military that were running the coup, right?

    Al’s Place says you have to ensure complete collapse of the institutions of the government.

    All right. We need to recharge the coffee and summarise at this point.

    We have, it seems, some emails (not many) containing impolite references to a solitary judge. Bad taste, perhaps, conspiracy, no. But now we throw into the conspiracy this new email from Al’s Place. One solitary email sent to everybody – including Shameem. I have heard about circumstantial evidence, strands making up ropes and all that; but so far, this does not add up to much more that Scutt’s tear soaked tissues.

    Shameem’s report than wanders further into the world of Heffernan’s legal case and the well-known battle in the court. I do not mean to make light of it, but the truth is it has absolutely nothing to do with the core complaint. Shameem is in a sandbox fight of no relevance.

    Page 25

    On it goes. Nothingness. How much did the poor Fijian taxpayer cough up for all this?

    Page 26

    A bit more of it, reaching to a grand, strained and constipated outcome: “Clearly non-lawyers were also involved in the conspiracy.”

    Among them, she says, is Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi.

    “The blueprint for bringing the judiciary to its knees appeared to have been sourced from the Albert Einstein Institution and was disseminated to the NGOs listed in the email message of Mereia Carling of UNICEF.”

    That’s it!? A grand conspiratorial web is extrapolated out from a solitary email. Shameem didn’t even have to steal that one; it was sent to her.

    Some conspiracy.

    Page 27

    Shameem launches war on NGOs, questioning their company set ups. Its not explained what this has to do with the deportation of two newspaper publishers. Nothing at all actually, but she is on a roll.

    Page 28

    Seems that people working in one NGO in Suva might also have a connection with another NGO. Some might call that good citizenship and public spiritedness. Shameem sees only evil and darkness.

    She calls for them to all be audited and public accounts presented. She does not seem to understand what the “n” in NGO means.

    Page 29

    A bit more of Heffernan. Now we all know Ange can be a bit earnest and trying, and when she’s off on global warming its often time to remember that other appointment, but this is a vast waste of money. Nothing to do with anything.

    Mugabe comes back; Shameem sees in the funding of NGOs from aboard some grand conspiracy to take over Fiji.

    Note to somebody: Pick up her medication next time in Suva.

    Page 30

    Shameem reaches the grand point:

    “To summarize the investigation section of the report, clearly, the threat to the administration of justice in Fiji is real and of grave concern. The threat comes from two Australian judges, Justices Kellam and French, and an Australian lawyer, John Cameron. It implicates local lawyers, Florence Fenton, and Graham Leung and firms Munro Leys and Howards, and other members of the Fiji Law Society as well. NGOs headed by Heffernan, Ali and Buadromo, as well as three UN staff, Jalal, Baravilala and Carling are also directly and indirectly implicated in this web of conspiracy to bring the justice machinery to its knees.”

    Only somebody who is quite deluded, indeed perfectly mad, could reach that conclusion from the “evidence” she has presented.

    She goes on to say the blueprint from Al’s Place might well mention “non-violent warfare” but says, darkly but without a single reference to back it up, “may include violent engagements as well.”

    It doesn’t at all. But one can be sure that sentence will be highlighted in a PowerPoint made up by the Dark Forces for Major Drummer to present to Frank – for one can be sure he would not read the report itself.

    Violent engagements. Make if bold, red. Frank will get very excited. Take him back to the glory days of running down the bank, away from the shooting, at QE Barracks that day.

    Finally, we are back to the Fiji Times and Fiji Sun. Remember them?

    Shameem demands that “unless immediately and urgently curbed” these newspapers and Fijilive will threaten the safety and security of the people of Fiji.

    She must have missed the half hour session Human Rights 101 when she was an undergrad at Waikato.

    Page 31

    Hunter and Hannah come back into the report. It’s a long discussion about their rights against national security.

    Page 32

    Assorted precedents quoted, provided by Google this time. Some relevant, others a stretch.

    Page 33

    More of the same.

    Page 34

    Quotes bits of Fiji constitution and law. Presumably, found them in a dusty book somewhere down the back of the filing cabinet.

    Page 35

    Kind of tries to focus it all into Hunter and Hannah. Not quite there yet though.

    Page 36

    More Heffernan and Cameron (he of the Scut email). Pointless drivel.

    Page 37

    “The commission has found that a clear case of contempt exists….”

    Well, hardly.

    But we are at the conclusion. She says so, although in the same confused language she says Heffernan uses. It was okay to deport the two men, she says. That’s a surprise, not.

    “The preliminary investigations show that the two newspapers employing the publishers were involved with their lawyers and NGOs in deliberately undermining the judiciary at various times between December 5th 2006 and June 2008.”

    That date again. December 5. The one in which armed soldiers deliberately undermined everything.

    Page 38

    She points to the specific words in the email that were designed to tarnish the reputation of the judiciary. These have to be thunderous, conspiratorial words, utterances of grand significance. The killer email was from Victor Lal to Hunter. Drum roll please ….

    “Justice Jitoko and Jiten (who no longer have tea with the other judges) are with me, and now Gates, Naz and Byrne have sunk further into the trap by their own leaks.”

    The Cup of Tea Conspiracy. There. We have it. Plod Shameem has cracked open the case.

    She wants Lal charged with contempt when he arrives back in Fiji.

    The Times case revolves around the Scut email. Let us pause here and remember where the email came from. Oh and not that no credible court in the world would allow its admission as evidence given the illicit fashion in which it was obtained.

    She gets back to Al’s Place, saying it is of specific concern.

    Page 39

    “Thus the commission finds no substance in the allegations that the rights of Hannah and Hunter were breached. On the contrary, their removals appear to have been long overdue.”

    Frank and the Drum player will like that one. PowerPoint it.

    She grandly announces recommendations “with public safety in mind”

    Wonder where public safety was in find when armed soldiers went around Suva during the coup.

    Page 40 and 41

    She provides 14 recommendations.

    Some of them are funny. She wants the owners of the Fiji Times put in the dock for contempt of court.


    “Call one Rupert Murdoch… Mr Murdoch… Mr Murdoch you here?”

    She demands Australia, New Zealand and the United States to apologise to Fiji.

    Note again to someone: Hurry up with the medication.

    There is an attack on NGOs wanting their tax status reviewed. No taxation without representation.

    Google that.

    My favourite though is saved for last.

    “That Fiji’s security services investigate the links between the Albert Einstein Institution and NGOs in Fiji post-December 2006.”

    Grand Imperial Commodore Teleni could not investigate his own belly button. And Shameem wants to march him off to Washington…

    The show report is a sad farce.

    I am possibly the only human being to have attempted to take it seriously.

    We await the real Human Rights report on Fiji.

  17. NobleBannerBlue Says:

    Brilliant article… to sum up her report “…pointless drivel!”.

  18. Budhau Says:

    Hey Dr. Lal, this ain’t you here as Blogtracker, is it?
    You don’t have anything better to do – none of those tacky articles in the Sun.

  19. aubatinuku-N Says:

    It is very obvious that Budhau has a “PERSONAL ISSUE” with Victor Lal!
    Bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch ALL DAY EVERYDAY is all you do Budhau!!

  20. hopefiji Says:

    that trashy report is such a blast,…my whole office was so entertained with Mike’s analysis of it!!!. way to go Mike Field…more please!!.

  21. Wailei Says:

    Yadoh! She has smoked so much co.. that she has hallucinated and cant tell the difference between fact and fiction. Bera tale na FBI, SAS, Mossad, KGB, CIA, AIO, MI5 and the SIS…Kumudou, sa yawa saraga o nei datou Dosi…

  22. NobleBannerBlue Says:

    She must be sharing her stash with Aiyaz – with him wanting to contact Microsoft!… He should be proud that the next Vista is codenamed Fiji- imagine the worldwide reach and publicity it would generate for our small dot in the ocean!.. but knowing this IIG and their power hungry, money grabbing ways…

  23. Budhau Says:

    NobleBannerBlue – yeap, we should should be proud that Microsoft wants to name a product Fiji – we only have problem when those Indian buggers try and name their University the University of Fiji.

  24. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Budhau you silly ass!! Microsoft is known to codename its products prior to public release and once that happens it simply becomes mainstream and no big deal, really!!
    Aiarse is just trying to cash in on it! Unless he wants to take Bill Gates to court……What a laugh!!

    Just chillax all! This’ll all pass in no time.

  25. Keep The Faith Says:

    What’s more I-yarse (as usual) thinks he has a clue and wants to take Microsoft to task when all they’re doing is naming the CODE for the windows media upgrade.

    Microsoft would never market any other name but theirs and I think they’re big enough to know something about Intellectual Property. Sheeesh!!

  26. Budhau Says:

    Yes aubatinuku-N this was know months ago – the name Fiji. I am sure that if SDL was in power, they woul dalso have looked at the legal aspect of this.

    My point was that you buggers now don’t give a crap when microsoft tries to use the name Fiji – but what happens when some Indian guys try and name a University after the country.

  27. Keep The Faith Says:

    How many people actually go to Uni of Fiji Budhau compared to USP? And what can people do as this university had the backing of all labour folk plus the IIG?

    The way its going if Bole has his way and brings in ANOTHER national university, Uni of Fiji and that national uni will be fighting for the same pool of enrolments, but the quality of their product will be sooooooooo ho-hum compared to USP.

    If I-yarse had a clue he would have let Microsoft use the word Fiji for anything but free PR which the country really needs.

  28. angie Says:

    I may not have a doctorate Llike Shyster and may not have perfect grammer, but at least I know that removing an elected government at the point of a gun is unlawful and morally wrong no matter what the justification. The learned DR (sic) perhaps needs to go back to law school for a refresher course.

    By the way…..Mike Field summarised her latest report perfectly – plain and simple trash..written by a seriously deluded, morally defunct person. I strongly advise the woman to get some help….if she is no doubt reading this.

  29. angie Says:

    and by the way…try and get me for defamation !!

  30. aubatinuku-N Says:

    The University of the South Pacific is more than enough for us, we certainly don’t need a bogus Fiji University!

  31. natewaprince Says:

    angie,is that really you?

  32. Dauvavana Says:

    NP kua ni baci via want to lucky, au se fix tiko vakailiu eke 🙂

    Drau fire ga kei Budhau bahahahahaha

  33. angie Says:

    NP…yes it is..LOL……welei lunatic needs to be booted out from where she is, actually all of them. I find it interesting that she’s now become the defender of the junta judges…seems like a few home truths have hit the mark…so hence the squarming up at the court complex in Suva!!. Well like we’ve always maintained….can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen!!

  34. natewaprince Says:

    Dauvavana,drau pamu.

    O angie me wilika mada na noqu comment me baleti koya on a post about her some days ago.

    Shooter,kua mada na je tiko.

  35. painter Says:

    Welcome aboard Angie! Good to hear from you.

    NP – vacava mada mo varaitaka talega mai na yacamuni DINA me vaka sa tu go na marama totoka qo o Angie. Kusa gonei… e sa bau sava mada mai vavinaka mai na matamudrau keu dauvavana ena mataka ni kua se warai??

  36. natewaprince Says:

    She knows.

  37. painter Says:

    yawwwwwnn @ prince charming..

  38. natewaprince Says:

    Get some sleep painter,sa tagi oti na matai ni toa.

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