Fiji PM casts further poll doubt

Bloggers, here is Vore doing what he does best. Saying one thing to international leaders and something different to his troops. No one is serious about Elections being the solution to all of Fiji’s problems, but everyone accepts it is the voice of the people. Telling the Working Group it is pulling out because of Australia and NZ’s stance, then telling his men, that until the Clean Up Campaign is complete and corruption eradicated, there will be no Elections, shows the shallowness of this man.

Make no mistake bloggers, Vore will not hold General Elections because of his treasonous actions and those supporting him as well. SV asks, what should be done? Do we wait for Vore to make statements and then react to counter his moves or do we become proactive and force the illegal regime to react to situations it never anticipated?

Fiji’s interim Prime Minister has once again cast doubt over the likely date for a general election.Addressing soldiers in Fijian at the 3FIR parade at Albert Park in Suva this morning, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama said a general election would only be confirmed once the purpose of the clean-up campaign – to completely eradicate corruption – is achieved.

Bainimarama said some politicians were trying to dictate when the election should be held.

He told members of the 3FIR, who marched through Queen Elizabeth Drive this morning for Infantry Day celebrations, that there was still a lot of work in terms of electoral reforms and pending investigations that needed to be completed before an election could take place.

He said comments by some politicians that an election would be solution to all Fiji’s problems was only a political view and that soldiers should be careful that they are not influenced by the views and agenda of politicians.

On the progress of the clean-up campaign, Bainimarama called on the soldiers to be aware of the daily events and happenings around them.

He urged them to also assist as much as they could in the campaign by ridding corruption in their communities and villages.

After his address, Bainimarama departed for the National Council for Building a Better Fiji meeting held at the Police Academy in Nasova.



11 Responses to “Fiji PM casts further poll doubt”

  1. Striker Says:

    It’s only to be expected. If this guy Bainimarama is genuine, he would have honored his committments to the international community and elections would have been held next March. But that is a forlorn hope after the agreement at Wellington in December 2006, only to be trashed by his executing the coup 2 days later. It would be insane to expect him to honor his committments. He is a liar, and dishonorable man! Any reasonable future strategy should be based this premise.

  2. Save the Sheep Says:

    Just a touch up to the overall ‘brainwashing’ of the RFMF.

    Dont expect help from your Military cousins and brothers folks, their Military family overrides their traditional ties.

    Stop entertaining them at home and let them know how it feels to be treated the way they treat the general public.

    RFMF…. RIP

  3. Satish Says:

    magaitinamu Bainivore o vakaisini cei luveni caiti tamamu drau veicai keinomu brother koya ps tiko ni Fijian Affairs e na yaco mai nomu siga

  4. EnufDictatorship Says:



  5. Keep The Faith Says:


    …a more peaceful approach would be to have a ring-tone downloadable from here of a song that TOTALLY emulates the BS that the IIG is pushing…I’m thinking “Lies” by Black-eyed Peas.

    So whenever anyone related to the IIG hear a ring-tone (thats a perfectly legitimate RIGHT unlikely to “incite” compared to Ra’Chaud’s stunt) they are reminded (and of course everyone else in the vicinity of the chiming phones) that we KNOW they are full of Lies.

    Its a start. Judging by the full-force early morning march with guns (loaded or otherwise I don’t think anyone of us want to find out) this am….the Green Goons are ready & waiting for the slightest WHIFF of an uprising.

    Let’s be smart and safe 😉

  6. natewaprince Says:

    Corruption my ass,na corruption levu ga e tiko mai na keba.Why doesn’t he tell the people what happened to the regimental fund.

    On the same note,why doesn’t he tell the country how he came to have $185,000 cash handy to buy his daughter a home in Howell Rd.Because if he doesn’t,then I’ll tell them where he got the money from very soon.

  7. natewaprince Says:

    Ra baci tauri dakai tu nikua o ira na sotia macawa.Tamani de-stress exercise vaka i vua bogi nikua mai na keba.

    Sa baci mavoa na cebo nei Avenai,hahhahaha !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. hopefiji Says:

    natewaprice…the media know this, but will not print it becos they want proof and someone on record to be interviewed. what happened to the 3 man inquiry set up by the militray council to look into these allegations against Baini????. Have not heard anything more…can u enlighten us about this.

  9. Mark Manning Says:

    The time is coming !

  10. Wailei Says:

    As i have stated before in previous blogs… The Elections is not going to be held next year…Kemuni… they r just fooling everyone…. Sources believe its going to be 2011 as previously stated the first time when voraki opened his mouth after the take over.

  11. Frida Says:

    Bainmarama saying some politicians are trying to dictate when the next election would be. First of all he must remeber that “the personal is politics” and one does not have to be a “politician” to want an election. As a simple citizen of this country paying my dues even to an illegal regime – I want an election NOW! The quicker the better – if he keeps to his promise, all will be well.

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