Electoral system undemocratic: NCBBF

Well Bloggers, just as we indicated in our previous blog about the Electoral Boundaries Commission, now we have it from the NCBBF –  our Electoral system is undemocratic! So what’s new we ask! When the SVT-NFP Coalition lost the General Elections to the FLP in 1999, there was no complaint or allegations of the Electoral system being undemocratic by SVT or NFP, let alone the FLP, so after losing twice to the SDL, Chodo and cronies are seeking to better their chances in the next elections by changing the Electoral system.

Chodo has never forgiven Qarase for beating him twice, especially since Qarase was a political novice compared to him. The removal of communal seats will take away the advantage Fijians previously had and it will also mean the demise of the minority groups because they will not be able to compete with the Fijian and Indian parties, but will be forced to be subordinate to either group to be represented.

The communal seats, despite promoting votes along racial lines, at least guaranteed ethic representations in Parliament, which will now be removed under the ‘1 man 1 vote system’ being promoted by the NCBBF. So which system is more democratic or fair?

What guarantee is there that under the ‘1 man 1 vote system’ voting along racial lines will cease? Nothing whatsoever. Indians will still vote for Indians and Fijians will still vote for Fijians irrespective of the Electoral System in place, so their claim it is undemocratic and unfair is unsubstantiated and will not address the concern they claim this new system will resolve.

SV challenges its bloggers, Vore and almost everyone accepts that Elections will not solve Fiji’s deep rooted problems, but accepts it is the voice of the people. Having said that, then why proceed with these changes at all without Parliament?

SV believes Chodo is trying to change the ground rules for elections in the hope of beating Qarase in the next General Elections and then push through legislation with their numbers in Parliament to regularise all their illegal actions. Any comments?

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Update: 3:45PM The National Council for Building a Better Fiji will now take a nationwide consultation on why changes to Fiji’s electoral system is necessary calling the current electoral system is undemocratic.

Proposing a change to Fijis electoral voting system, in a communiqu released today, the Council during its consultation process will be recommending to the people to replace the current Alternative Vote (AV) electoral by a system based on proportional representation and providing for the Open List voting system.

The Council believes that the current system fails to adequately address representation for certain groups like women and small minorities.

In a statement NCBBF said:”The communal representation and voting has contributed to ethnic division and entrenched based politics, which has been detrimental to the national development. That the electoral system is too complex and is a hindrance to the conduct of a free and fair poll.”

The Council has also agreed that the proposed new system be implementated before conducting the next general election.

End of story


41 Responses to “Electoral system undemocratic: NCBBF”

  1. Maqa a Leqa Says:

    As long as there are people like Mai Chodo, Vayeshboci, Jokapeci Karokaro, Lavenia Paidar, etc, etc, people will continue to vote along racial lines because they cannot trust these kind of people.

    Anybody can see from what Mai Chodo says almost everyday that he is deeply racist and will continue to be so until the day he dies.

    You can change the electoral system or whatever but race is a fact of life. One is of Fijian descent and the other is of Indian descent. And there are others of various descent. They will remain this way until the end of this world.

  2. Bulmark Says:

    When those in office attempt to change the electoral system blinded by their greedy intentions, we get the exact opposite of the intended result..because they forget that the voters always think like voters ..voters think the way voters think ….not according to what the usurpers think…last time it happened in 1999 and yes that led to the coup which Chodo was outed. Those in the iIG have not learnt any lesson from history..and it is bound to be repeated if they go ahead with their plans…

  3. Fiji Democracy Now Says:

    To the crew at Solivakasama, on the verge of achieving 500,000 hits, please accept our heartiest congratulations. It’s a magnificent effort!

    But it’s not just the numbers that tell the story. Your ability to focus on the
    main game and provide a digest of material relevant to bringing Fiji back to democracy is a source of inspiration and hope to so many as they watch our beautiful country being flushed down the gurgler by Chodopu$$ and

    The high calibre of thought and comment by regular bloggers (EnufDictatorship, FijiGirl, Island Boy, NobleBannerBlue et al) is also down to you.

    You are helping to bring out the best in those who believe in non-violent
    means to restore parliamentary democracy and the rule of law.

    Three cheers for Solivakasama!

    The Team at FDN

  4. Budhau Says:

    SV wrote, “Indians will still vote for Indians and Fijians will still vote for Fijians irrespective of the Electoral System in place”

    Hey, if that is the case – Fijians make up 57% of the population, Indians at less than 40% and declining – they vote along racial lines – then the Fijian wins every time – you do the math.

    I guess it ain’t that simple, is it.

    This is what they are afraid of – Qarase and company get the NFP support (about 15%) Indian, Mara/Ganilau get FLP support about 85% Indian vote. With that kinda split – they Indian still can’t do shit unless the Mara/Ganilau crowd can get some significant Fijian votes – say 25% or more.

    That is where the fear is – those chiefs will get defeated in the elections.

    It is not Chodo who is trying to change the ground rules – it is very likely that Chodo is at the end of his political career – it is the Epeli boys who can’t seem to get their political career going – and they are trying to change the ground rules so that they can get into power.

    As Jean put it the other – with some moderate Fijian leaders sidelined – those nationalists idiots will fight amongst themselves and Mara/Ganilau and associates will be able to secure sufficient Fijian votes to form a government – specially if they work with Chaudary-friendly Fijian party from the west.

    Sort of like the replay of how Kamikamica and Rabuka went at each other some years back and Reddy supporting one side and Chaudary on the other.

    This is a Fijian versus Fijian fight – the Indians are just being used.

  5. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Budhau, I disagree with you, that it is about Fijians vs Fijians, but more correctly, a few Fijians (Mara, Ganilau & Nailatikau) and other opportunists (Chodo and cronies) greed & lust for power over the rest of Fiji.

    BTW, it seems contradictory, for the NCBBF on one hand to say the Electoral system is ‘undemocratic’ then seek to amend it via ‘undemocratic means’, hoping the end result is a democratic ‘electoral system?’

    @ FDN, I concur with your congratulations for the SV Team on about to reach the 500,000 hit mark. Keep up the good work SV.

  6. Mossad Says:

    SV has a point, there is a real threat. I absolutely disagree with Budhau. Its all part of the conspiracy. Choro needs to decimate the Fijian political structure. The current voting structure and Indo Fijian population counts against Choro. So to rectify this he implements via the NCBBF and other avenues his plans. Firstly the suggestion for dual citizenship. Secondly the one man one vote facade……..this is only part of the plan, the rest is being unveiled.


  7. Peace Pipe Says:

    Yes Chodo has seen it and so has Ganilua that they have no chance in the world of winning the elections. So? They enforce, illegally, a new system that would enhance these losers chances. Yes Chodo lost twice and will never win again ever under the 1997 system.

    So if he thinks there was rigging in the last elections why dont we have the next one under the same 1997 voting system with greater and tighter scrutiny to allay any doubt of the integrity of the ballot. Now that SDL cannot be involved in any possible vote rigging since they are not in power to be able to do so lets have the elections under the 1997 system and prove it without a doubt if the last result was thru rigging. No he wont accept that since all he has been saying were all lies about vote rigging in the last elections.

    But I just in the news the bloody stupid pig saying that elections will only take place after they clean up corruption. 18 months on they still haven’t made any prosecution on corruption by the SDL except for some civil servants whose cases are still ongoing. How much longer would it take? 10 years? The idiot is taking us on a fairy tale trip just to satisfy his devious objectives. And the fools in the military can’t see the lies the pig is spouting.

  8. Save the Sheep Says:

    I agree with your point S.V. but add also the changes to the Electoral boundaries that will certainly put the Fijian Advantage in numbers to rest by creating seats that are 90% or more Fijian thus leaving many more seats with a small but effective majority for Indian voters and there you have a free and fair election that will guarantee Chodo gets his way.

    The Spin that comes out from the NCBBF and the IG and its supporters is so terrible but it is working, have no doubt about that.

    Fijian Voters will be disenfranchised in the next election. If not the case, the FLP wont let it happen….

  9. Keep The Faith Says:

    The IIG think they have all their bases covered don’t they?

    They’ve got the latest demographic stats, they’re attempting to gerrymander the boundaries and now they think they can change the electoral process.

    It’s all unconstitutional as we all know (and we don’t need to waste any more money on getting a Gates/Shameem verdict).

    The key thing they forget is that just as election results tell a story, so too does election INACTION.

    That is, if the people know (as we can already see now) that the cards are intentionally being stacked a certain way, we can of course start a campaign to boycott the elections which tells a far more convincing story to the world.

    Take your pick IIG — elections our way or your way.

  10. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ STS, the ‘one man-one vote’ system favours the Fijians now because we have the numerical superiority, but the IG is also talking about recognising dual-citizenship.

    What happens if the IG approves dual-citizenship, amend the Electoral Act and change the eligibility for voting, enabling new dual citizens to vote in any Elections?

    It is highly likely that the Indians will have numerical superiority and Fijians become a minority again within their own country.

    Now that’s depressing!

  11. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    BTW, they are already looking at lowering the voting age to 18. Anybody has the latest stats about age groups according to ethnicity?

    Guess who is in control of the Bureau of Stats?

  12. Mark Manning Says:

    A good slogan for driving too fast ,
    Better to arrive late than DEAD on time !

  13. Keep The Faith Says:

    Provisional stats from 2007 census available here: http://www.statsfiji.gov.fj/Fiji%20Facts%20%20Figures%20As%20At%20Jul%2007.pdf

  14. Keep The Faith Says:

    Sorry…more provisional in-depth stats here:

    2007 Popn census by Province

    2007 Popn census – Households of Urban Areas

    2007 Popn census – Popn by Urban Areas

  15. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Vinaka KTF, almost typed in KFC!

  16. Keep The Faith Says:


  17. Mark Manning Says:

    get your mind off food and back to blogging !

  18. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Sorry MM, my mind strayed a bit, but now with a full tummy am ready to tango until we reach the 1m hit mark.

  19. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Undemocratic aye

    Try this one for size :

    1 bullet to Bainiamarama’s head

    1 bullet to Chaudhry’s head.

    Keeping it simple.

    It’s Quick.

    And Clean.

  20. natewaprince Says:

    The snake is depending on the Fijian votes being split among the numerous Fijian parties (as in the past),and hope that the FLP support remains intact.That ,plus the redrawing of the bounderies is supposed to give them the advantage they seek.

    Coming back to the dual citizenship issue,it is possible that it can be applied for and granted through the mail without the applicant coming over to Fiji personally.

    In this scenario,hundreds of thousands of indians living abroad would automatically become voters,probably the majority being FLP supporters.So it is no coincidence that this issue came up just before the upcoming elections.

    If this regime can change the electoral system illegally to suit their cause,then there is no doubt that they can change the dual citizenship laws to give them an even bigger advantage in the elections.

    Tukuna ga o Mugabe,”Only God can remove me as President”

    Yeah,and a bullet too.Se va ivei Katlina?????????????????????

  21. Budhau Says:

    Good Ideal Katalina – however, where do you think the 3rd , 4th and 5th bullets are gonna go.

    This ain’t gonna be neither quick nor clean – this will start a cycle of violence that your grandchildren will be dealing with – you idiot.

    JW – no I don’t have any statistic about ethnicity – but a good guess would be that since the Fijian population is increasing faster then the Indians – even when you factor in migration, the Fijians would still have a higher birth rate and therefore, a larger under 18 population.
    This ain’t about race – I think the the chances of the younger generation getting away from the old traditional – vote for chief, regardless.
    I don’t think you have to worry about that dual citizenship – that is for wealthy Indo’s who want to have a retirement home in Fiji – not significant – besides I think what they were talking about is not dual-citizenship but permanent residency.

    JW – this struggle has always been Fijian versus Fijian, the 1987, 2000 and 2006 coup.

    SV – and that Indians will vote for Indian argument – go look at the statistics about how the Indian Alliance (arya Samajis and the Fijii Muslim League) were behind the alliance. The Mara/Ganilau are trying to do the same this time with the Indians – except with different Indian group.

    Politically, it is the nationalist elements that will get the most political mileage out this on the Fijian side – the Indians, reacting to this will support the Chaudary crowd in larger numbers. That is where the Mara/Ganilau crowd will succeed – because the Nationalist will not be united.

    Most independent analysis have shown that a one-man-one-vote will favour the Fijians – as far as number in parliament is concerned – that does nto necessarily mean that the Chiefs will win.

    It is not choro who is destroying the Fijian political structure – it is the Mara/Ganilau coalition – how else can Ganilau win an election against Lalabalavu – unless you disqualify him from running.

    Guess who wants to be the next PM of Fiji – and no it ain’t Chaudary.

  22. Jean d’Ark Says:

    Takes one to know one – it is the NCBBF itself which is undemocratic!

    Some of their ideas are fair enough, others are innocuous! But none of that means anything outside the law and outside the informed and voluntary participation of more than half the Fiji electorate. All they are doing is sowing real grievances that will rise up to “bite” the nation again at some future juncture!

    Budhau – this can’t be a Fijian vs. Fijian dispute since there are NO Fijians worth speaking about on the pro-coup side of it! Who ever heard of people getting into a dispute when there was no-one on the other side of it? So go stuff those FLP myths in your pipe and smoke ‘em lewa, because nobody’s buying ‘em here!

  23. Peace Pipe Says:

    Heard Lorini Teve ops sorry Tevi on the radio this morning saying there was overwhelming support from villages they visited for the electoral reforms. They must be undergoing some sort of training in the NCBBF to lie and deceive proficiently as all in the council are doing just that when they make a public statement. What bullshit is she trying to sell since it contradicts what had been happening i.e. overwhelming rejection of the charter. These viruses ought to be destroyed or they will destroy us.

  24. Keep The Faith Says:

    I don’t buy into this Fijian vs Fijian debate. There is a rift however between a very FEW Fijians (Ganilau/Mara/Nawalowalo/Mataca/Tabakaucoro/Vakatale/Bole/Ganilau/Waradi et al) against the rest but the lack of engagement from the majority of Fijians into the “Charter Charade” is as clear an indication as any about what they feel.

    Boycott the Elections its that simple…the media will pick up on the lack of participation and beam that to the world and we can fundraise (I hope) to make sure that people pay the $50 fine for exercising their democratic right NOT to vote BEFORE elections.

    At the end of the day, if the election results do not have the participation of the majority it tells the world (that is, those whose money we sorely need) that we didn’t, never did & never will agree with the coup or the fcuked-up attempts at trying to be democratic (by their stacking the election outcomes).

  25. Budhau Says:

    This is a Fijian versus Fijian conflict – so stop the crap about figuring out who is the best to deal with the “Indian threat”:

    This is about the unfinished business from the 2000 coup.
    This is the same fight – as it was before – Bauans on one side – remember how the plan was to put in Seniloli as president and Adi Litia as PM – sort of the Matanitu Vanua. That plot failed because Bainimarama did not back the Kubuna bloc and from then onwards – the Kubuna bloc wanted Bainimarama out – thus the mutiny.

    The coup investigations, those chiefs being jailed, Qarase releasing folks from jail – this was all about the same fight.

    Qarase, who was appointed by Bainimarama, later joined the “enemy” – that is why FB is so pissed off at Qarase. So the Mara/Ganilau bloc steps in, with the military – they pull a coup.

    Now the Fijians will fight among themselves – making a case as to who is the best to stand up against the “Indian threat”’ – while the Mara/Ganilau faction hope to come out on top by joining with the Indians to get the required votes.

    Yes, the FLP and Chaudary, for the opportunist that he is, joined the coup after the fact – and Mara/Ganilau crowed made a calculated move to get the Indians on their side rather than sitting on the sidelines as they did in 1987 and 2000.

    Jean – so there is no Fijians on the pro-coup side – for starters, how about the military – 98% Fijian, Nailatikau, bigtime Fijian chief, former head of the army, in the running for the Vunivalu title, blah, blah, then there is Ganilau – former head of GCC, former military commander and all that – the whole Mara/Ganilau family on one side and the Cakobau family on the other – and you telling me that this is not a Fijian conflict.

    The question is – who will the Fijian people go with – that still remains to be see depending on how many political parties do we get come election time.

  26. Striker Says:

    The NCBBF’s intention to hold nation-wide consultation on changes to the electoral system is a good move as long as “consultation” means just that; any changes should be done within the law and the Constitution which means that Parliament must ratify and approve. So, legally, there can be no election under the proposed changes to the voting system, unless Parliament first approves of the proposed changes.

  27. FijiGirl Says:

    Hello, Kettle?
    This is the Pot.
    You’re Black.

    God bless Fiji

  28. Budhau Says:

    Nice one FijiGirl – after pulling all kinds of coups in the past, now these same buggers are complaining about this one.

    Or to put it another way – Karma: the belief that what goes around comes around.

  29. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:


    then please expalin Roko Tui Bau. He was lawfully elected VP by the GCC, but Bainimarama forced his resignation. How does he fit into this Bauan or Kubuna plot you claim?

  30. Keep The Faith Says:

    Since Budhau is such an political expert, then perhaps he can grace us with her/his perspectives of who he thinks Fijians will support in the next elections.

    Any bets he’ll say SDL — to which I can safely say that he needs another vocation.

  31. aubatinuku-N Says:

    @ Budhau – Your “This is a Fijian versus Fijian conflict” comment is equally as weak and shallow as you the likes of you.

    That my dear is how Chaudhary & his sidekick of a son play their cards just to keep the smokescreen going long enough to fool people into voting for your hero in a bottle!!

    You people are GOING DOWN!! Bigtime!!

    The only reason why you are trying to be inciteful is because you know that your genocide idea cannot work period so you try to make it look like IT IS FIJIAN AGAINST FIJIAN when we all know what the TRUTH really is.

    The truth is that there are us genuine Fijians and then there are the Fijians who have lined their pockets with “BLOOD MONEY” to sell their country, their fellow contrymen, their land, their heritage to India & China.

    So hah!!

    Take your “This is a Fijian versus Fijian conflict” comment and shove it where the sun dont shine.

    You dont fool me for a nanosecond!! You landless HUSTLER!!

  32. Budhau Says:

    Aubatinuku-N – my argument may be weak, but you haven’t provided any arguments at all.

    So it is not between the Mara/Ganilau boys and the Cakobau family – each trying to get on that gravy.

    ..as for shoving things “where the sun don’t shine” – I think they have been doing that to your people for very long time – and all you guys are saying is “please not too hard”.

    Why can’t you fools get it – there there would have been a fight in Fiji, even if there wasn’t a single Indian around – they fought before the Indian or the White man arrived, and that fight continues.

    Keep the Faith – with the polarization that we have – all we need is some Ethno-nationalist idiot – like a modern day Buta – to come around and there goes your Fijian vote – remember how Buta almost brought down the Alliance government.

    SDL – knowing that racial polarization will help them – will go extremely anti -Indian – offering itself as an alternative to the Ethno-Nationalists as the best party to deal with the “Indian threat”, then there is your Matanitu Vanua crowd.

    The Mara/Ganilau boys goal is to sneak in there with enough votes, combined with the Indian votes to form the government.

    JW – you are smart guy, why don’t you answer your own question.

    This is a Fijian versus Fijian struggle – the Mara/Ganilau boys want to get back into power – as their families were in the good old days – they could nto do it with the New Alliance. The Cakobau family wants its turn on the gravy train as they tried to grab power 2000. In 1987, Rabuka told us who sent him in there to pull the coup – with all those folks with bigtime loans and the pending FLP investigation.

    So none of these coups were about the indigenous interest and all that crap. It has always been a power grab – and this time Chaudary decided that he and the Indians ain’t gonna be sitting on the sidelines so jumped into this.

  33. aubatinuku-N Says:

    I said “comment” not “arguement”……I know you always look for squabbles! Why should I give you the satisfaction!

    My above post is merely an observation, thank you very much!

  34. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Budhau, thanks for the compliment, but I don’t know the answer according to your Bauan or Kubuna plot.

    Pray tell?

  35. aubatinuku-N Says:

    @ Mahend & Rajend Chaudhary

    Budhau –

    We’ll just put in a request to Great Britain to commission a newer, bigger “LEONIDAS” to ship every one of you back to your “motherland”!!

    You want land! Lets first see if you can swim worth crap in your own “self loathing”!!

  36. Budhau Says:

    aubatinuku-N – real mad this time.
    So why don’t you inform the the International community of your plans for the bigger “Leonidas” – next time when you are asking them to support Democracy in Fiji.

    I have always told you idiots – this ain’t about Democracy – you just hate Indians – and you can’t stand it that SOME decided to support the coupsters. A coup would have been fine if one of your cousins had pulled it – that way we could have put all them Indians on the boat.

  37. Budhau Says:

    JW – you fillin any blanks in this piece below.

    Ratu Seru Cakobau was the first Fijian to realize that power comes from the barrel of the gun – his descendents Cakobau, Nailatikau, Ganilau and Mara families – they haven’t forgotten that lesson.

    Mara and Ganilau from Tovata, Lady Lala from Burebasaga – they have been in power – that leaves out Kubuna, who have been out there in the cold for a very long time. ( Qarase making Saumanunu the Minister of Paper Clips – that does not count)

    It is the Rewa/Tailevu/Naitasiri crowd who were behind the 2000 coup and who are making the most noise right now. (BTW I know the Frank is from Tailevu)

    JW – of course there are going to be folks in each camp who do not fit this model – but overall that is where the struggle is – a Intra-Fijian conflict.

    In 1987 it was a bunch of loser Alliance Fijians who wanted to get back into power because they had lost an election. In 2000 it was a bunch of loser Kubuna people who wanted political power, who could not have done it by constitutional means. In 2006, it is the Mara/Ganilau folks who want power, because they also could not do it through elections.

    Bauans have been waiting for their turn for a very long time – they almost made it in 2000. Don’t expect them to give it up easily this time around – things are looking really good for them now.

    So you see know how this is a Fijian versus Fijian fight.

    You must have heard that Bauan saying ,”Well, that’s Bauan politics for you.” – Backstabbing, double-crossing, speaking with a forked tongue, lying and posturing – we see it all in today’s politics.

  38. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Bhudhau you idiot everyone knows the 3rd, 4th, 5th, bullets you reference are for you – simple, quick and clean.

  39. Striker Says:

    @Budhau: Why are you at pains to argue this is a Fijian vs Fijian fight? To most Fijians, this is a Fijian vs Chaudhary/Bainimarama/Mara/Nailatikau/Ganilau fight. And sorry Budh, you and your hero chor Chodo have completely misread and miscalculated. Are you afraid of the consequences? Is that why you are arguing so fervently this is a Fijian vs Fijian fight?

  40. Ispy Says:

    Budhau is trying very hard to make this appear like a Fijian vs Fijian fight.

    Sorry Bhudau but 83% of the Fijians (and thanks to Bainimarama and Chaudry – that number has grown a little more since the coup) are in agreement that this is this a fight between 480,000 disgruntled Fijians vs 3000 military and about 200,000 Indians (or maybe even less than that as not all Indians support Chaudarama).

  41. natewaprince Says:

    It may Fijian vs Fijian,but the first casualty will be the snake himself.

    Of with it’s head,chop chop.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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