Electoral Roll a Must – says who!!!!

Bloggers read the comments of the NCBBF and Qarase and decide for yourselves which you prefer. Ayass say’s now the ‘NCBBF will take it to the people’ and their views taken into account!!! SV asks how can the people’s view be taken into account when it was never asked for in the first place!!! Classical example of the horse before the cart. All illegal and unconstitutional intrusions should be resisted because once you acquiesces to it, you condone the coup and absolve them of treason!! We should not be blackmailed to vote, by adopting these unconstitutional measures and absolve these fools! What say you ragone?

Publish date/time: 24/06/2008 [17:05]

Changes are welcome but as long as these are done through a parliamentary and democratic process and within the ambits of the constitution.

These are the words of leader of the SDL party and ousted Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase who reiterated they do will not agree with anything outside of the constitution.

Fiji Labour Party President Jokapeci Koroi declined to comment as she is part of the National Council for Building a Better Fiji.

Publish date/time: 24/06/2008 [17:10]

The National Council for Building a Better Fiji (NCBBF) has resolved that electoral reform is a must for Fiji before the country goes to the polls.
Following their two day meeting, the NCBBF today announced major recommendations to the current Electoral Act including a change in the current Alternative Voting System.
Several recommendations have been made, including the complete abolishment of the communal representation system as provided for under the constitution and the Electoral Act 1998, and to replace this with the use of a common roll for all future elections.
It has also been recommended that the electoral voting system as provided for under the constitution and Electoral Act be reformed, to enable the adoption of a proportional representation system and that the Open List System be strongly recommended as the preferred electoral system in the public consultations on electoral reform. The NCBBF has also recommended after receiving a report from one of its working groups, that these proposed electoral reforms be implemented before the next elections.
The National Council has also resolved, that the voting age be reduced from 21 to 18 years, the abolition of compulsory voting and that the specific anti-discrimination measures, be incorporated into Fiji’s electoral laws to ensure no person is discriminated against by political parties on the grounds of race, religion, gender or circumstance.
The NCBBF has also recommended the removal of the mandatory power sharing arrangement, as provided under subsections 99(5) to (9) of the constitution and due consideration to be given to provide for the formation of a truly representative cabinet.
Section 99(5) to (9) of the constitution deals with the establishing of the cabinet and criteria set out for the political parties who can qualify for cabinet seats.
While speaking in a press conference after the NCBBF decided on these recommendations this afternoon, Co-Chair of the Council, Archbishop Petero Mataca said the changes are necessary for the benefit of Fiji.
When questioned by Fijivillage on the stance of the NCBBF on political parties like the SDL, NFP and United Peoples Party, that the electoral system should not be changed and all these reforms will be unconstitutional as they have to go through parliament, the Interim Attorney General said this will not stop the NCBBF from moving ahead.
He said those matters can be discussed at the upcoming political forum.
Interim Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said these recommendations to reform the electoral system will now be taken back to the people, their views will be taken into account and then a report on the recommended changes will be tabled in the proposed political forum.
The Co-Chairs, Interim Prime Minister Commodore Frank Bainimarama and Archbishop Mataca are expected to send the recommended electoral changes to the leaders of all political parties later today. The political forum will either be held in July or August. The final decision will be made when Commonwealth representative Sir Paul Reeves arrives in the country early next month.



20 Responses to “Electoral Roll a Must – says who!!!!”

  1. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    My question is what guarantee is there that even if ‘Electoral Reforms’ are agreed to that free and fair elections will take place? Bainimarama told his men during the Infantry Parade yesterday, that until corruption has been totally eradicated and their Clean Up Campaign complete, only then will Elections proceed.

    So why even bother considering the Reforms, when he already putting further obstacles even before there is public consultations? The IG as usual are sending different signals giving them options to retract later on.

    My advise, be cautious and not gullible.

  2. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    Bainimarama and Chaudhry — I hate these two

    Dua me vamatei rau.

    One bullet to the head – quick and clean.

  3. EnufDictatorship Says:

    And Vore really thinks that Sir Reeves will condone these \”spacey electoral reform ideas\” of theirs when the forum gets to meet.

    And it is not until next month that Sir Reevse will be in. Jeezzz Louise…..tamani tatadra tu qo o Vore…ragone..time to MARCH!!!!!

    C\’mon Qarase..take the lead! You are on the right track..just take it step further and MARCH PEACEFULLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYY

  4. EnufDictatorship Says:

    Oh..and all these to-ing and froing from illegals to the people and back to the illegals will take how long? Procrastinating big time bcos they are just blockheads who are INEFFICIENT AND INEFFECTIVE. PERIOD!

  5. Jean d’Ark Says:

    Jese – that is the real problem with this Regime, and the real risk of engaging with them ie. endlessly “moving goalposts”!

    They are so fond of using propaganda manipulation to get what they want that you never really know what you’re dealing with. And of course their stated aims of electoral reform or whatever else are not their REAL aims!

    So we can fully expect some new, weird and wonderful ultimatum to materialize as soon as the electoral one is “resolved”, and for which they again hold the nation and the elections to ransom to get what they want regarding that too! And so on, and so forth!

    And that is the real danger for us because Fiji’s problem is not “moving forward” for the sake of it – our problem is how to do that without the specter of the coup culture hanging over our collective national future for evermore!

    Because that is certainly what we face if these traitors are ever able to worm their way off the resolve of the local, regional and the international communities to get Fiji back to Constitutional and democratic rule! In so doing, the military would have created a blueprint of how to invent an entirely arbitrary, insincere and selfish rationale for staging a coup, and still have a PROVEN method for getting away with it!

    So no – as far as this latest coup is concerned, it’s this far and no further!

  6. Striker Says:

    After committing treason against the legally elected government, this IG says we should respect the rule of law; and now they are recommending electoral reforms. Change must come, but within the will of the people and according to the rule of law. The only way of tapping into the will of the people and of observing the rule of law is to recall Parliament to deliberate on and vote on this matter. Otherwise, all those in the NCBBF will also commit treason.

  7. natewaprince Says:

    The NCBBF has put all these recommendations forward,but there is only one way they can put it into effect,and that is through parliament.

    So they might as well stop beating around the bush,abrogate the constitution,or do whatever they want to do to get it done.It’s all illegal anyway.

  8. Peace Pipe Says:

    I am just dumbfounded by the antics of the supid pig. He is now adamant that elections will not held as promised. Reasons for the delay as he puts it are cleanup not complete, charter to be in place, electoral reforms must also be implemented 1st etc. But we know the real reasons are that he wants to remain in power to complete his “cleanup” of the national treasury, get an absolution through the charter and gerrymander the election so that they can come back to power “legally”.

  9. natewaprince Says:

    FDB boss Tukana Bavoro sent on leave again when he turned up for work.Looks like that’s it for another Fijian institution.

  10. Budhau Says:

    If they will not agree to anything outside the constitution then we have two choices. FB give in and the constitution goes.

    You take your pick.

    Striker – “after committing treason…they are now recommending electoral reforms”…..remember the 1990 constitution – how many seats did they recommend back then.

    NP – that abrogating the constitution – that probably looks more and more attractive to FB now – start of with a clean slate.

    JW – there are no guarantees – election or no election, of someone pulling another coup if they are not happy with the election results. However, what are the alternative now.

  11. Ratu Says:

    Where is the MARCH, the PROTEST, of Mickey Mouse Beddoes?

    We’re WAITING, Beddoes. Lead the way.

  12. Wailei Says:

    On a totally different note: Re Rajen.

    I saw a preview regarding Rajen on Tv 1. Was he really saying that Indians should stand up and fight in order to become 1st class citizens/ to stand up for their rights? Stating that 84% Indo-Fijians support the coup? Thats alot of Indo Fijians if going by the 2007 census.


  13. Keep The Faith Says:

    Did this story make any waves in the local media?


  14. soro Says:

    @ Wailei kerekere mo tukuna mai how do we record snippets va qo ?

  15. Budhau Says:

    Wailei – if Rajend did say that 84% of the Indo-Fijians support this coup – that number might have more to do with the FLP Indian votes in the last election.

    I do not think that all FLP supporters support the coup, and then there is the NFP that is opposed to the coup, the Fiji Muslim League, the Arya Samaj group is not very supportive, the Girmit Center folks are split.

    Lot of Indian realize that racial polarization is not good for the them or the country – they would rather the Indians sat on the sidelines and let FB and Nailatikau fight it out with the other side, this wasn’t their fight.

    As for fighting for their rights and not being a second class citizen of Fiji – that I think is a genuine concern. Why should they not have equal rights.

  16. Striker Says:

    @Budhau: The law must be seen to operate on a level playing field. Remember the long prison sentences of the 2000 coup perpetrators? That’s why these treasonous people in the IG, and their supporters will have to face the consequences and be subjected to criminal proceedings for treason. That’s what we mean by “the long hands of the law.”

  17. Budhau Says:

    Striker – I agree with you – coup perpetrators must go to jail – all of them.
    I think the government should look how they can legally lift the amnesty off of Rabuka and put his away for life.

    If they cannot do that – then I am sure that before Bainimarama, Chaudary and company leave office – they will also get an airtight amnesty, just like Rabuka, and no one could legally touch them.

    Your “long hand of the law” remark – they were not long enough for Rabuka, in Chile’s Pinochet’s case they figured out how to get to him despite his amnesty and that some of his illegal acts were not covered by the amnesty – now, how about we get our in-house legal guy look at this and see if we can get something on Rabuka.
    And how can we get those guys that Qarase let go – back in jail to serve their time.

  18. Wailei Says:

    @ Soro raica click the left button of your mouse so you can click on : copy link location and from there open your video programme (movie player on PC) than open one of the headings that could be movie, Edit etc., look for “open Location” once you click on that, than paste the above link in there and you could watch it.

    @ Budhau… Yes, quite true, however, the harmful insinuation he has done was to generalise that “Indians” back the coup.

    As for your statement on:

    “As for fighting for their rights and not being a second class citizen of Fiji – that I think is a genuine concern. Why should they not have equal rights.”

    I strongly concur with you, that Indo-Fijians should have equal rights (everyone should have equal rights), that they suffered, women were torture and raped by their colonial masters (Girmit days), It was quite inhuman and the struggles that they had to endure. (pers comm, by an indo fijian uncle who married an aunt of mine)

    As a Fijian, I have to protect my heritage, my land (which is only how many meters deep, because after that the Government of Fiji owns it) for my kids and their kids. So will you with your heritage, the struggles that your forefathers had to endure etc., It is an Academics Wet dream to think that two majority races can have equal rights. In reality we can never be, at some stage it can be written in black and white that all races to be treated the same. However, you can never change a person’s mentality whatever race they may be.

    All Im saying, Yes, Indo Fijians can fight for equal rights…. How about the women who have also been fighting for the same thing. There is only a handful of women who are in senior management in Fiji, Politics etc., The interesting thing is: How about the ordinary working woman who has the same position as a guy, both a married and yet she gets less. I personally know this as it was one of my colleagues. The thing is on paper it says “equal opportunities for all” in reality that paper is just used for wiping a baby’s bottom.

  19. Mark Manning Says:

    Let’s turn that island Speight was on , into the museum and stuff Chaudhry , Frank , Rabuka and all involved in the IG . $5 admission , proceeds to those families whose loved ones have been murdered throughout the last four coups !

  20. Soul of Fiji Says:

    We have stated before on this blog that this coup is not Fijian vs Indians or Fijians vs Fijians (as Budhau tried to present this earlier F vs F).

    This coup is about self preservation (Pig), power hungry (Choro), Wannabees (Evelis) the genuine law breaker (Aiyaaz, Choro, Pig & piglets) and the masters of the law (Shameem & Gates).

    Shameem and Gates were responsible for putting the 2000 coupsters in jail and I thought we were heading in the right direction. Then suddenly the legal eagles could not find anything wrong with Rabuka???? fishy?.

    Yes fishy! cause they were already planning the next coup and how they could get away with it….starting with letting Rabuka get away with treason. Don’t forget about the group that were calling themselves the “European Parliament Think Tank” – this is the Choro puppet group, the plan they presented covered everything that has been done upto now.

    On F vs F and using Indians argument is very lame indeed and I see this as the Exit_Strategy by the brains and it will leave the Pig and his piglets holding the baby.

    The brains behind the coup are basically Choro and his puppets, joined by other lawbreakers Aiyaz, the know it all Shameem sisters and the ever changing colour chameleon Gates – from putting coupsters in jail to be coupster no. 1 recruit.

    As descendants of Girmit, one would expect them to fully understand and sympathise with the fear the indegenous community has regarding their rights. Thus this talk from Choro junior for the Indians to fight for their right is….he is grooming himself to succeed his father and use this fear tactic that Choro senior has done successfully to ensure his political survival.

    When Jai Ram Reddy was trying to meet the Fijian leaders midway, Choro used this opportunity to pull the Indian voters to FLP with fear campaign that almost destroyed the NFP (a true democratic party). Choro junior is now trying to maintain the choro legacy by using the same tactic his father used successfully.

    So to all the people of Fiji and bloggers beware of divide and rule, fear campaign, the truth behind the coups and not the cloak about cleaning corruption from those wannabee corrupt coupsters.

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