Commission draws up boundaries map



Bloggers, this is taken from the Fiji Sun regarding the Commission. Remember this Commission did not have a Fijian sitting on it, which was queried by Joji Kotobalavu on the basis with racial tension very high, it did not look right and their decision will always be suspect. Read Suresh Chandra’s comments that it will be ‘up to the public to decide’ whether they endorse their new proposed boundaries or reject it. Is he for real? The public will have no input because they will bamboozleforward with their reforms.

Remember this same Commission at one time before the NCBBF claimed the Electoral system maybe in breach of Anti Discrimination Conventions? SV asks, show us the money? Where is the proof? Did the Commission seek confirmation from any International Body or are they all part of a concentrated effort to impose illegal changes to the laws and Constitution of Fiji without a lawful Parliament on the pretext of fulfilling International Conventions? QARAUNA RAGONE!!

A final boundaries map for public consumption is being analysed and finalised by the Constituency Boundaries Commission as part of its election preparation.

Constituency Boundaries Commission chairman and Suva based lawyer, Suresh Chandra said the CBC would send out copies to the public in the next week for their judgement.

“It’ll be up to them (the public) whether they approve of the copy or reject it and sufficient time will be given for them to lodge a complaint or to query the decision taken by the CBC,” said Mr Chandra.

He said the CBC had already considered making changes to the boundaries because of the change in voter population.

“We looked at the different boundaries and made calculations and to some extent changes will be made with comparison to voter population,” said Mr Chandra.

“We have to average the boundaries with the number of constituencies.”

Meanwhile the Electoral Commission will wait for the new Supervisor of Elections, Felicity Heffernan, to take up office before making any further decisions on the election process.

Chairman M.K. Sahu Khan said the Commission was continuing on with its work but further discussion on the matter would have to wait until the election chief returned from New Zealand.

“Any decisions regarding the elections have been put on hold until the new Supervisor of Elections takes up office which isn’t until July 5,” said Mr Sahu Khan.


9 Responses to “Commission draws up boundaries map”

  1. Striker Says:

    No worries if the changes to boundaries are made within the 1997 Constitution. But how do you legitimise any cahnges? Recall Parliament?

  2. Keep The Faith Says:

    This process is what is otherwise known as gerrymandering.

  3. NobleBannerBlue Says:

    There has been a mass resignation of all directors serving as Fijian Holdings Limited representatives on the boards of its 12 subsidiaries and six associate companies.

    In a statement today, FHL chairman Isoa Kaloumaira said the FHL board in its meeting in Friday June 20 accepted the resignation of all the directors.

    He said this was subject to the outgoing boards meeting to confirm minutes, deal with matters arising and the boards endorsing the appointment of new board members made by the new board of FHL.

    “The board has subsequently made nominations for FHL representatives on these boards.

    “The appointments will be confirmed once the nominations have been confirmed by the individuals concerned, which is particularly sensitive for external, non-executive directors,” he said.

    The FHL 2007 annual report (ending June 30) shows that the FHL subsidiaries include Blue Lagoon Cruises Holdings Ltd (100 per cent shareholding); Fijian Holdings Trust Management Ltd (100 per cent); Fijian Holdings Securities Ltd (100 per cent); Fijian Property Trust Company Ltd (89.7 per cent); Merchant Finance and Investment Company Ltd (80 per cent); Clariti South Pacific Limited (60 per cent); Fiji Industries Ltd (50.1 per cent); Basic Industries Ltd (51.1 per cent).

    Associate and other companies include: Fijian Holdings Property Trust Fund (79.5 per cent); Minjesk Investment Company Ltd (37.5 per cent); Golden Manufacturers Limited (30 per cent); Fosters Group Pacific Limited ( 28.9 per cent); Marsh Fiji Ltd (25 per cent); Fijian Holdings Unit Trust (13 per cent); Sun (Fiji) News Ltd (100 per cent preference shares); New World Limited (15.0) per cent); Goodman Fielder (Fiji) Limited (10 per cent ordinary, 50 per cent preference); Asian Paints (South Pacific) Limited (8.9 per cent); Fiji Sugar Corporation (8.8 per cent), ATH (0.2 per cent).


  4. Bulmark Says:

    Sa na qai cemuri keda ga i waitui o ira na kai dia kei ira na nodra i lawalawa…well peaceful protest tiko ga ragone.

  5. Peace Pipe Says:

    I am not being racial but can’t help noticing that most of the top electoral positions and committee members are non-Fijian. What input has the Fijian got in this election process – zero. So this is where the charter farter is being put into practice on the issue of being non-racial. We are not allowed to view it this way or we will be guilty of being racist if we do.

    I am wondering who could scrutinise the map and make some analysis of it to see if there are any anomalies or possible rigging in the exercise.

    Another question is whether the work of the boundaries buggers are in vain seeing that the pig is not willing to hand in power anytime soon, as he had promised the world. Will they go through another round of drawing boundaries again for the new system. Had enough of this shit man. Somebody do something.

  6. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    It is very noticeable that no Fijian was involved the Commission and SV is correct that Joji Kotobalavu raised his concern. Koila was appointed Chairman, but was forced to resign after her unsuitability was exposed in the media. She does not have the brains anyway and would have been swayed by Khan or the other Member and would have only been dead wood.

    I only hope that there is no serious backlash because it is only natural for Fijians to feel being deprived of their birthright in their own country.

  7. Keep The Faith Says:

    Yes Ma’chaud is a vile indian bastard but we have some really inspiring indian personalities equally committed to the cause to return this country to democratic rule such as Richard Naidu, Shamima Ali, Attar Singh, Sadhna Sen and the NFP folk.

    Whatever happens folks — stem the backlash in whatever way that you can.

  8. natewaprince Says:

    It is no secret that the boundaries will be drawn up under strict supervision from Chodo and his FLP cohorts.Only when we have seen and read the results will it become apparent how they plan to take advantage of it in the next elections.

  9. wolfinsheepskin Says:

    Keep the King of Kings at the center of our struggle. Let God be our Commander in Chief.

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