“Unbridled opportunism is the major catalyst for coup culture in Fiji”

Thanks to Bloggertracker  for bringing to our attention this excellent piece from Victor Lal courtesy of yesterday’s edition of the Fiji Sun.  It’s well worth the read bloggers, an excellent food for thought.

How about that John Sami..?? The SV team challenges you to take a long moment to look deep within yourself… or even in the mirror perhaps… and convert your charter farter budget into the establishment of a coup museum for our beloved Fiji. A coup museum would certainly be far more effective in breaking Fiji’s coup cycle than pushing your utopia fantasy through some charter.

It’s time that we look hard and long at our demons (and ourselves) and say : NEVER AGAIN!!! 

Hands up (after me) any volunteers to help run the Fiji Coup Museum!


It’s time for $2.4m coup museum

6/19/2008, Fiji Sun


The interim Prime Minister Commodore Frank Bainimarama was reported as saying that he was really interested in finding out when the Australian High Commission staff would be leaving the commission complex because he was trying to find an alternative site for the museum, presumably to relocate the historical Fiji Museum.

Although it would be sad to see the High Commission complex become vacant, but if it did before the next general election, the complex should be immediately transformed into a $2.4million “coup museum”, a museum that is really needed to remind and educate us of the opportunistic and destructive power of the coup culture in Fiji, and of the various personalities and institutions who have made it possible for the continuation of that coup culture in the country.

Maybe, the Interim Government should acquire a complex as soon as possible for a new permanent coup museum, instead of wasting the taxpayers $2.4million on building a better Fiji which sounds attractive on paper but will not achieve its desired purpose.

It would be really worthwile to have a museum on the 1987, 2000 and 2006 coups – a self reflective mirror for the present and succeeding generations, even if those involved in the various coups might feel that the museum could turn out to be a “name and shame” outfit of their own roles in the coup culture.

The coup museum will be better than even a truth and reconciliation commission, which is generally a novel experiment in healing the wounds of a fractured nation but it is not a permanent reminder of the destructive impact of coups on the country, and its citizens.

The proposed museum, I believe, will have a far greater impact on transforming Fiji and the attitude of the Fiji Islanders to coups and coup personalities than all the projects and publications put together that might flow from the deliberations of the National Council for the Building of a Better Fiji and the so-called Peoples Charter, which is itself a by-product of the 2006 coup.

The coups are like a newly built factory, which creates jobs, but where no tests are required as long as one is willing to shamelessly fly the flag on behalf of the coup leaders, and to shove down the nation’s throat their own manifestoes, agendas and visions of Fiji. Some of yesteryear peoples who might have been running in their cheap “Made in China” pyjamas, suddenly find themselves being driven around in Pajeros, flying around the world to attend global meetings, or ending up as ambassadors and high commissioners around the world’s capitals..

Why is there a coup culture in Fiji? Unbridled opportunism is the major catalyst for coup culture in Fiji.

People are willing to sacrifice ideals and principles, and have no qualm or guilt in taking up jobs of their fellow citizens, many unceremoniously thrown out by coup makers and supporters.

Every coup has produced a new crop of the so-called “saviours of the nation” – and in the process the coup culture is repeated over and over in Fiji. These “coup riders”, who do not have to have their CVs vetted by the general public, end up in the “driving seat”, claiming to have a dream to build a better Fiji but in reality are lost in a delusion.

Whatever reasons are or had been advanced in the execution of the coups in Fiji, there is no denying the enormous damage the coups have inflicted on the nation, individuals, institutions, and the economy, just to mention a few examples.

The museum could contain all the three constitutions: 1970, 1990 and 1997 Constitutions. It should have the takeover speeches of Mr Rabuka, George Speight and Commodore Frank Bainimarma. It will enable the citizens to judge for themselves the character and intention of these three figures.

Here is one item for the museum, as recorded by Hansard reporter Serei Moucavu on 19 May 2000, when “strangers” walked into Parliament, while Mr Chaudhry’s deputy prime minister Dr Tupeni Baba was speaking.

“At this point (10:45 a.m.) several heavily-armed strangers (one wearing balaclava) stormed into the Chambers and jumped over the Bar shouting: “Sit down, sit still and remain calm!”). As the Hansard reports:

MR SPEAKER (Standing up) What is this?

STRANGER NO 1 This is a civil coup. Hold tight, nobody move!


STRANGER NO 1 This is a civil coup by the people, the taukei people and we ask you to please retire to your chamber right now, Mr. Speaker. Please co-operate so nobody will get hurt.

STRANGER NO 2 Tose ike; o iko toso mai ike! (Move here; you, move here!) (Speaking to the other strangers) Dua me toso mai ike. Dua me tu mai kea. Totolo! (One to move here, one to stand over there. Quickly!)

STRANGER NO 1 Hold your seats.

STRANGER NO 2 Dabe! Dabe I keri! (Sit! Sit there!)

MR. SPEAKER (Still standing) Na cava: what is this?

STRANGER NO. 1 This is a civil coup, with arms and ammunition, by the people and for the people. Please just tell them not to get up!

MR. SPEAKER It is an illegal act, you know that!

STRANGER NO. 1 Mr Speaker, please, we do not want anybody to get hurt. Please do not make things difficult for us or I will be forced to use this (brandishing a gun). Would the Members of the Opposition leave the Chamber with the Speaker.

MR. SPEAKER (Still standing, and pointing a finger at Stranger No. 1) If you have to shoot anyone in this House, you shoot me first!

HON. RATU I. KUBUABOLA (opposition leader). (Still seated) No, we will not leave without our Speaker! (At this point, Stranger No. 2, fires two shots towards the ceiling of the Chamber)

(Mr. Speaker leaves the Chamber with the Leader of the Opposition and Opposition Members. All the doors to the Chamber are immediately closed and guarded by the armed strangers. Government Members and six Parliamentary staff remaining in the Chamber)

“The House was unceremoniously adjourned at 10.55 a.m.,” the Hansard records.

The museum could also contain quotable quotes, which would allow the public to judge for themselves the sincerity of all those who are claiming to be working in the best interest of the nation.

There are some who have been arguing that death should mean death for the treasonists.

And here is a quotable quote from Justice Michael Scott, who sentenced George Speight on 18 February 2002: “George Speight, the sentence of the court upon you is that you be taken from this place to a lawful prison and thence to a place of execution and that you there suffer death by hanging and may the Lord have mercy upon your soul.”

Within hours, Mr Speight’s sentence was commuted to life in prison. Besides the photos and pronouncements of the key personalities and political parties, the museum could contain manifestoes of the various political parties and many other exhibits et etc, as the museum proposal is under discussion.

In any case, the NCBBF can continue its work in cyberspace, as its website is up and running ( I strongly recommend that it set up a monitor to record the number of hits it is getting a day, to gauge the nation’s support for its projects, instead of wasting its time bashing the media).

The NCBBF does not need the $2.4 funding and a secretariat to map out the future roadmap for Fiji, nor pay John Samy $12,000 a month (what a school teacher gets in a whole year) or $100 to those attending its meetings.

All these monies could be used to bring school children, their parents and the teachers, and the people of Fiji (and tourists) for educational tour of the coup museum, instead of spending it on administrative and office expenses of TASS, salaries for mainly the local staff and a few consultants, advertising and public relations, consultation, feedback and community outreach activities, and administrative and organisational costs for the meetings of the NCBBF, the 3 NTTs and the 9 Working Groups (WGs).

So, please, give the $2.4million to us instead, to set up the coup museum, which will be a first of its kind in the world. The museum could be administered by “The Coup Foundation of Fiji”, with possibly the father of the coups, Sitiveni Rabuka, as its patron, if he agrees to serve on the board.

George Speight could be included once he has served his time, and as for Commodore Frank Bainimarama, we will have to wait until his own fate is decided in the foreseeable future, although he and his Ministers claim to have obtained immunity from the President.

However, we must ensure that no one is paid to set up the museum, or afterwards, for I am sure that those who love and deeply care for their “coup coup land”, would be willing to come forward as volunteers and run the museum free of charge, bringing their own roti and curry from home for lunch.

For I have never understood how could anyone in post-coup Fiji claim that he or she has joined the interim regime to move the country forward, and yet put a price tag for their services, and that includes the interim Cabinet administrators, styled “Ministers”, as if their services are indispensable. Its utter nonsense.

There is convincing evidence that the Peoples Charter for Change had been drawn up in New Zealand and transported to Fiji to be rubber-stamped by the interim regime. According to John Samy, in January 2007 he and one Francis Narayan travelled to Wellington, at their own initiative and expense, to meet senior officials in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to express their concerns about New Zealand’s not only hard, but hardening stance towards Fiji.

“We felt that New Zealand and indeed Australia and the international community should look at ways and means to assist Fiji deal with its fundamental problems, rather than to isolate it.

Towards the end of February last year, when the Interim Government was working on its Road Map for the restoration of democracy, I was contacted by Minister Chaudhry. It was then, and remains now, my clear understanding that the invitation for my involvement originated from the Prime Minister; that Minister Chaudhry contacted me only upon the express request of the Prime Minister.”

Curiously, I was flipping through some old e-mails from my regular contacts in New Zealand and came across a few relating to John Samy and the Peoples Charter.

At the time the e-mails were sent to me, there was hardly any discussion and dissent on the Peoples Charter, so the sections on Mr Samy and the Charter had escaped my scrutiny.

Since then, I have been able to establish that Mr Samy and Mr Narayan had met up with a NZ Labour MP and had discussed the proposed Peoples Charter. One e-mailer had claimed that Mr Samy had circulated the draft charter to some of them, telling in May last year that he was doing “this for the Military Government of Fiji”.

The e-mailer alleged that Mr Samy told them that he would eventually head the charter task force.

“He even told us that we could go to Fiji together and earn expatriate salaries while working for charter task force”.

The e-mailer claimed: “The advertisement later in Fiji for the head of task force was a farce, as it was a foregone conclusion that the job was already earmarked for the architect of charter (John). John and Francis Narayan went around to some Parliamentarians in New Zealand urging them to support Frank Bainimarama and the Charter. John boasted to one of the NZ Labour MPs that he has a direct line to Frank Bainimarama and he can talk to him any time he wants. The Labour MP later told me in disgust what John and Francis told him.”

Another e-mailer notified me in June 2007, “John Samy has helped draw up a concept of building a better Fiji. But they cannot do so by ignoring SDL and Qarase, as they represent a large chunk of Fijian voters. There still appears to be feeling of vindictiveness against SDL and this may not be fruitful- it will cause resentment and possibility of violence.

What is worrying is that all those people in top positions who have lost their gravy train will not be sitting idle, as history has told us in 1987 and 2000.”

In May 2001, Jone Dakuvula, then with CCF, responding to my attack on the CCF, had concluded a lengthy opinion as follows: “I am confident that his (chairman of the Indian summit, Dr Biman Prasad) will be preferred by those who support CCF to that of someone (i.e. ME) who has been away from this country for many years.”

I wonder if that also applies to his new boss at NCBBF, John Samy, who left Fiji after the 1987 coups. I suggest that those drafting the Peoples Charter should close shop and turn their charter into a political manifesto, and fight the general election – contesting seats from provinces which have voted against the Peoples Charter.

And the $2.4million is handed over to The Coup Foundation of Fiji for the proposed coup museum, which will be a lasting moument.

The views expressed are those of Victor Lal and not that of the Fiji Sun. -email: vloxford@gmail.com.


30 Responses to ““Unbridled opportunism is the major catalyst for coup culture in Fiji””

  1. Mark Manning Says:

    Make the prison the museum with Frank , Speight and Rabuka the only prisoners in it !

  2. Mark Manning Says:

    Make Army base the museum as it won’t be needed soon ! But have Frank , Speight and Rabuka stuffed as museum pieces , well and truly stuffed !

  3. Tuks Says:

    Great article Victor….it is but unfortunate, these opportunists do not know any idea of shame and will never bother about attempts by right thinking people to teach them the right way. People like John Samy whose main motive is to milk the cow whilst it still exists will go all the way come hale, gale or storm – by hook or by crook to fulfill their personal agenda out of all the current situation.

  4. EnufDictatorship Says:

    Always wonderful to read the various angles Victor Lal takes to bring to update us on all the dalliances of stupid people who have had a part in past and current coups and…
    although I agree that we do have a coup history, I do not see it fitting that a coup
    museum is a good idea to moot because I for now really detest that part of our history, for me it is best forgotten.

    But if it had to, I agree with Mark Manning that the army base at Delainabua be used as a museum as it will become part and parcel of the exhibits.

    What a waste to use a complex like the Australian High Commission, for goodness sake.

    And as for John Samy..is he still getting paid $12,000 a month? Where do these illegals get their money from????

    Jeeezz when they get taken to court after all this is over, they should pay frm their pockets all these monies they have wasted for nothing!

  5. natewaprince Says:

    Item attracting most attention in this museum will be the pigs soiled sapo he was wearing when he dashed through the casava patch at camp in 2000.

    The bodies of John Sami and Francis Narayan are to be stuffed and displayed in a compromising position,similar to the position usually done by the pig and Avenai during their de-stressing sessions.

  6. Tim Says:

    Ah gawd – she’s at it again! : http://www.stuff.co.nz/4592575a12.html
    What she really dislikes is that many have sprung her agenda.

  7. Striker Says:

    If John Samy had told the NZ Labour MPs the charter was “for the military govt.” then this fella John Samy is a lying bastard when he claims it to be the “people’s charter.” Nothing new by the way, that’s the nature of the man, he had lied by claiming the Fijian community in NZ had supported the charter when the Fijian community had never heard of it, he had lied when he stated that the charter had not been written; now we know from VL that is not so. Lying is bad enough; lying with all the altruistic talk of building a better Fiji for the sake of getting expatriate salaries is defrauding the state and the people. It is treason folks and these guys deserve to be imprisoned for life!

  8. Keep The Faith Says:

    sorry to digress….but bloggers make your interventions on this “assessment” through the various foreign affairs ministers in the region


  9. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Thanks for the link to Michel Field’s article about the mad shyster.

    The final few sentences sum it all up.

    “Her Commission reports, including an attack earlier this year on the news media, have little credibility outside the military regime.
    Her sister, Justice Nazhat Shameem, headed a group soon after the coup that removed the Chief Justice, indigenous Justice Daniel Fatiaki.
    A spokesman for Foreign Minister Winston Peters, said it was of “grave concern” that Shameem and the military were using what appeared to be hacked private emails.”

  10. Belijo Says:

    You’re spot on. The coup museum will be a perfect residence for those already gone ‘kuku’ i.e. IG etc.

  11. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    MM, surely you have room for chodopu$$ in your coup history museum?

  12. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Actually, I have just read NP’s comment on another article where he suggest that hairyarse and pryde be jailed for taking an illegal oath.

    Why not set up a prison as the coup museum?

    It could be open to visitors from 9 to 5 each day for a small fee. Visitors could walk past the cells and hurl abuse, etc at the coupsters through the bars.

    For a larger fee, a nominated coupster could be brought out and placed in the stocks in the courtyard where you could throw rotten vegetables or excrement at the miscreant.

    For a larger fee, the nominated coupster could be placed naked in the stocks at night and the visitor could do whatever they wanted with the traitor.

    SV could continue on blogging and run a betting shop on which coupster would get the most number of night time visits.

    My money would be on bananasinpyjamas.

  13. Budhau Says:

    So this Victor Lal dude seems to be running out of steam – come on you guys in the civil service, please send Victor some more stuff – for the investigative journalism work.

    The dude has oxford even in his gmail address. BTW – if this Victor Lal had not had that falling apart with Chaudary sometime back – how many of you think he would also be in Fiji now making that expat salary.

    Tuks wrote, “…these opportunists do not know any idea of shame and will never bother about attempts by right thinking people to teach them the right way.”
    Hey Tuks – that Victor boy was writing about all the coups not only this one – I am sure you don’t have any heroes involved in the other coups.

    So what have you right thinking done to teach Rabuka and the rest the right way – or was it more important to spring Speight out of jail.

  14. Striker Says:

    @Budhau:Those are big ifs! The truth is Victor Lal has stood firm for law & order and democracy. Not like some fraudsters like you and your hero Chaudary who have amassed wealth from their public office while denying assistance to the people! And you dare to talk about right thinking?

  15. soro Says:

    And when you walk past the smelly one’s cell , everyone is to be given oxygen masks for the massive pong that it emits every time without fail ….

  16. bigtest Says:

    You dinking fool – Victor Lal’s article was talking about all the coups and not only the recent one – he wrote a general article – again, I think if he wanted to, Victor Lal could have long ago joined administration etc – he will come back soon with more on your crook hero – he has only touched on the Cyclone Ami funds, which your crook collected worldwide – we r yet to be treated to what the crook did with the millions – I think Victor was specific – re the abuse of $2,4million and made the suggestion, you dinking fool – I suggest all those evidence that Victor published in the Fiji SUN should be included in the musuem

  17. Corruption Fighter Says:

    Early action is needed to secure the rights to any Shyster exhibits. We can anticipate strong competition for all her stuff from international museums. Her contributions have set benchmarks for what ever genre they belong to. Ail the voodoo and blackmagic museums will be vying for anything they can their hands on. The legal hall of shame can rightly seek custody of most of her reports. Her brain could be claimed by a cannabis museum. A stuffed
    Shyster, would of course be the real prize, and museums of horror would fight to the death for such an exhibit.

  18. Tuks Says:

    Budhau, we all know one thing for sure. Chaudhry is your hero and you have never denied that in this blog..

  19. Budhau Says:

    Bigtest you idiot – I already said that “that Victor boy was writing about all the coups not only this one.” – so what have you been drinking.

    Tuks – I think I have told you many time before – this ain’t about me – me confirming or denying something has nothing to do with anything in here.

    I rather than talk about my heroes, or my race or religion etc – why don’t we discuss relevant issues.

    Or we can be like Corruption Figter – with a name like that, he is talking about some museum crap, like our good buddy Victor – while we are on this person thingie – what kinda name is Victor for some Indian dude.

    BTW – I am planning to get a new gmail account – bkstanford@gmail.com.

  20. aubatinuku-N Says:


  21. Tebara Says:

    Baci levu jiko na gusui matanida kavu … Me vamacala tu la mai va ya dodo yani i qavotana na dakai chichi nei Vore … bahahahaha!!

  22. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Na cava mada e cicivi tiko i Madarasi??
    E sa sigai mai na i lavo, vuka i macawa na i sau ni valawa vata na vi ka qima e ratu se visivisivi vuka wavoki ga o ratou na i lala macawa qo!! Na cakacaka mada me caka vakadodonu!

  23. natewaprince Says:

    Na boci nei Budhau me qai maroroi tale ga ena lomani museum ya.

    Do you agree Buddy??????????????????????

  24. bigtest Says:

    Budhau go and get some simple lessons in setting up mail accounts – I suspect Victor’s e-mail address was a hit and miss combination – ending with what he has given – budhau be MAN enough you poof, and give your own e-mail address as Victor has been doing in all his writings, and has been writing under his own name – why didnt you comment when he was using the yahoo account, I think, which was hacked on the orders of your choro hero to get Hunter deported – yes, I agree with u that u did mention that Victor was writing on all coups – his was just a suggestion, and now we bloggers have come up with all sorts of exhibits – budhau, be man enough like Victor and give your real address so that when the coup musuem is set up your own a*** is put up there for all to see the shit you have been pouring out in favour of your crook hero

  25. namecall Says:

    What the hell does it matter that Victor has a name Victor – I think it means WINNER in English, so shut up you loser and piss off to India or better from this site

  26. Budhau Says:

    Bigtest, Blogtracker or whatever name you write under – you sure you ain’t the Lal dude yourself.

    So you wrote, “Budhau go and get some simple lessons in setting up mail accounts – I suspect Victor’s e-mail address was a hit and miss combination”

    You can’t be that stupid – vloxford@gmail.com. V for Victor, L for Lal and Oxford – since he really wants every one to know that he is soooo well educated – So where in there do you see this “hit and miss combination”

    You then wrote “budhau be MAN enough you poof, and give your own e-mail address as Victor has been doing in all his writings..”
    You dumbass – I can also go get a yahoo address write now and put it under my name also – what there there to be MAN about that.

    Why can’t you dumbass folks under stand – that people who write under their names in here, Victor Lal, Tui Savu and the rest – they are making an investment in the future – when the SDL or some other Fijian party comes into power, and they soon will – these guys will get the payback. It is not about being a man – you idiot.

    BTW – have you noticed that the Lal dude has run out of steam – he started with Chaudary bashing – and for a long time it was the same old same old – what happened to the cyclone money – then he hit gold with that Tax man files and he milked it for what it had – now he is into museum and crap. Maybe Qarase will give a good post when he returns to power.

    As for my email address – let me see if BKStanford@gmail.com is available may be I can do one better and get a BK@stanford.edu – a real elitist one.

    Namecall – how about both Victor and I should piss off to India – at least that Lal dude has his connections with the GOPIO – I don’t want to have anything to do with any kinda PIO.
    So with think if I change my name to a good Christian first name – that might make me more acceptable – and they wont tell me to f-off to India.

  27. Tui Says:

    Budhau’s real hero is the pig himself. He worships this wanabee and delusional leader who has killed Fijians and will not hesitate to do so when given the opportunity again!
    With all his smart talk and wannabe elitist attitude, at the end of the day he fully endorses the killing of Fijians to justify this madness and lawlessness we find ourselves in today.
    By his words everyday, he shows that like his other role models Mugabe, Idi Amin, George Bush and Pinochet, to name a few. These leaders will sacrifice their own people for their selfish gains.
    For all his shortcomings and mistakes, Qarase has never advocated violence, let alone the murder of his own people. Something that sets him apart from Mahendra Chaudhary and Voceke Bainimarama. By the way the name Buddha is usually associated with non-violence and tolerance. You might consider using a name that symbolizes your love for the IG.
    Io dou yadra tale SV and bloggers. Drau bula tale Ratu Joji mai Serene!

  28. natewaprince Says:

    Bud,how about Budsbigasshole@gmail.com?????

  29. ketchup Says:

    I cant understand why budhau and others are spending so much time attacking Victor Lal’s articles – is it hurting the regime or what – why waste time on someone if his views are crap? Budhau, I was just guessing – I am not an IT man – budhau, why is your chor hero still not suing Victor over the $2million story?

  30. Striker Says:

    @ketchup: Could it be that if chor is indeed chor, then no law court can change the facts that Chodo Chaudry is a chor?

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