Suspended students return to school

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Bloggers, whilst we concerntrate a lot of time scrutinising the illegal regime, we should also take time out and realise the deterioration of law and order, discipline and respect for one another amongst the younger generation. The suspension of the Head Boy, Deputy Head Boy and several other students from RKS last week is a crying shame and frightening scenario of what kind of leaders we are currently grooming in Fiji today?

SV notes with concern Jone Bulewa’s comments that their behaviour is due to their upbringing and also ‘many students are taking advantage of their leadership roles.’ SV wonders what kind of negative influence the coups must have had on these young mens lives?

The coup culture in Fiji must be eradicated once and for all, by bringing the perpetrators to justice, otherwise Fiji is doomed to commit the same mistake over and over again.

23 Jun 2008 01:54:05

Five students of Ratu Kadavulevu School who were suspended last week following an assault case, returned to school today.

According to the school principal, the senior students, who were accompanied by their parents – say they regret their actions and have apologised.

And, the landowner of the school says, the suspension should not be seen as punishment BUT a path for change for the better.

And, the Interim Minister for Education – Filipe Bole says, the recent incident at the school is a major concern.

He has reminded senior students given leadership roles that no house rule or school tradition, is above the law.

Stressing; all students have the same rights and freedom…

Meanwhile, the Ministry met with the school board this afternoon to discuss the situation.

There’s no word though on the outcome of the meeting.

That’s the vision and motto for this government-run boy’s school in Tailevu.

However, this vision has somewhat been blurred over the years with an assault case at the school recently resulting in the hospitalization of six students and suspension of five senior students including the head boy and his deputy..

While the school Principal George Tabua could not speak to us on camera, he confirmed such incidents have happened before, but they will ensure it doesn’t happen again.

A landowner on whom the school sits says they are concerned about the continuous assault cases among students.

Jone Bulewa says the school should not be blamed however; it comes down to the student’s moral, and upbringing.

Bulewa adds, many students are taking advantage of their leadership roles.

The landowner says, the student’s suspension should be a good lesson for all and should not be taken lightly.

Bulewa adds while the landowners are happy with the recent educational performance of students, they wont interfere with their internal problems and will leave it for the school and Ministry to solve.


32 Responses to “Suspended students return to school”

  1. Ratu Says:

    100% AGREED, SV!



  2. natewapince Says:

    The actions of these students are a direct reflection on the leadership style being shown by this illegal regime.

    I hope I’m wrong and I hope the students are not flexing their muscles in an attempt to copy the behaviour of the bi-polar pig.

  3. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    I agree with the above Ratu, but would like to add that leadership must be earned and not sought. This means that all leaders should portray restraint and wisdom during these trying times Fiji is experiencing.

    After this coup has settled, it should serve as a reminder that all leaders, whether they be political, religious, traditional, etc their examples are being perpetuated by the younger generation and their behaviour today mirrors our actions of yesterday.

    Fiji needs responsible leaders for the future and those taking on the positions of leadership should only do with the willingness to properly fulfill the responsibilities that come with it, and not for some selfish gain, which only benefits them temporarily, but have disastrous effects on the many.

  4. NobleBannerBlue Says:

    Love this :

    “And, the Interim Minister for Education – Filipe Bole says, the recent incident at the school is a major concern. He has reminded senior students given leadership roles that no house rule or school tradition, is above the law.”

    I am sure the students are rolling their eyes and asking themselves – shouldnt he practise what he preaches…

  5. Budhau Says:

    Come on guys – what does this have to do with the coup. Some students have discipline problems – go deal with it.

    Why do the Landowners of the school have to get involved in this – can’t someone tell them that once they lease their land, they should stay out of such matters.

    BTW – remember some years back the GCC and the FTA came out in favour of corporal punishment in school – bring back the cane – now here is something that you guys can discuss.

    As for crime and coups – for those of you who remember – there were no burglar bars in Fiji prior to 1987 – and now its burglar bars plus two dogs in every home.

    Very soon every fricken criminal is going to blame the coup for his criminal act – they made me do it.

    I agree with JW – that Fiji needs responsible leadership, you got anyone in mind who can step up to the plate, come election time.

  6. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    @ NobleBannerBlue.

    Blundering, blabbering bole needs to be reminded that he has broken the law in being part of a dysfunctional, incompetent junta.

    Of course young people are going to break rules when they see ‘adults’ [and I use the word loosely] committing treason and then crying because nobody loves them.

  7. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ Budhau, correction.

    There were burglar bars prior to 1987, although not as common, but there were there all the same.

  8. Keep The Faith Says:

    This has everything to do with the coup.

    When governance structures and law & order breaks down and (like we have now) anarchy rules, it breeds, festers and becomes in-built in the psyche’s of esp the younger generation that “if they (i.e. the IIG) can do it and get away with it, then so can I”.

    We are witnessing more devastation to our social fabric.

  9. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    As a matter of fact Budhau, I had you in mind to step up to the plate, come Election time. How about it?

  10. Budhau Says:

    I am game, would they give me that “expat salary” – how about Victor Lal – but then again, maybe the VC post at USP would become vacant when the SDL gets back into power.

    You have a good evening JW.

    BTW – the GCC and the FTA did come up with the “bring back the cane” policy back in the early 2000s.

  11. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Talk to you again Budhau.

  12. S. Melmoth Says:

    As the days wear on, my inner spirit seems to be breaking – I see the situation going from bad to worse. I fully sympathize with Rajen and understand what he must be going through to be saying what he is saying in the media these days. It is the same feeling that haunts me day in and day out. The difference between Rajen and I is that he did what I could not – he spoke out against a regime which is so tyrannical that the slightest hint of dissent is dealt a heavy blow.

    Where has the idea of freedom gone to? Why is the current regime so insensitive? Why should the people of Fiji suffer simply because of a few people with distorted views for this country? Should not the direction of this country be chosen by its people instead of the selected few? The people are told that they’re no longer able to choose wisely because they have been long blinded by the corruption and dirt thrown into their eyes by previous politicians – this is outrageous and I cannot understand why the people of this country do not rise up against such and atrocity.

    The sovereignty of this nation is at stake and sidewalk blog sites can do little or nothing to take a firm stand and say no – websites such as Solivakasama merely echo words but without any form of action, these words are as meaningless as the baying of toothless dogs. The international community has long lost interest in the country and no matter how much the people of Fiji now seek out attention globally, the world has better things to do and we no longer matter. NGO’s and other freedom activists need to come together and passively resist this regime – if there is a genuine desire to return to democracy, why then does the regime not have a referendum to determine the reality and popularity of the current regime?

    Writers who continue to follow the situation in Fiji are not even located in Fiji – we suffer under the tacky articles written by unknowns such as Victor Lal who claim to hail from Oxford yet investigations fail to turn up even the remotest shades of evidence to support such a claim. Supposedly prominent lawyers such as Tui Savu claim to know all but merely write about things which are weighed down so heavily with laws and litigation that they cannot be comprehended in the current state of the nation.

    As I sit and write this article I know that people who read this blog will read it merely for its face value, some may comment and then they will continue on their way without any worries. My plea to you if you’re reading this is to help us – without your support, we will either end up dead or this country will soon become another Burma or perhaps, even worse, another Zimbabwe. We cannot go on like this and the opression is like a lead weight around our necks which is slowly pulling us deep into the depths of the murky and hellish dark waters.

    Common commentators such as Budhau from Solivakasama may support this article but it that will be all that can be done – nothing more… merely words echoed in an empty room. Who can dare go up against men with guns and the power to rip our world apart with one pull of the trigger? Can nothing be done? The farce of an election has become so real in our depraved minds that we now blindly believe that there will be elections soon. While the regime rides high on their white horses, we sit huddled in the corners merely looking on as they pass us by with heads held high. Our thoughts are merely thoughts and may God have mercy on he who tries to rise up and challenge the usurper.

    This is perhaps the first and last time I shall blog about this matter – the idea of blogging against a raging machine is akin to a man using his head to break down a wall cast in stone. I would urge you to continue blogging but you will eventually realize the futlity of the task and the frustrations it merely brings as words without actions normally do to people who like to think and act.

  13. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    A reminder to all that the green goons DO NOT carry live ammunition when they patrol the streets of Suva.

    bananasinpyjamas is extremely worried that the green goons might turn the rifles on him if he gave them ammunition.

    It is all a bluff!

    The idiot is so parodied about his safety, why would he give bullets to those who hate him so.

    For those of you who have any knowledge of rifles, one would soon see whether or not the rifle has a —-.

  14. Kids-R-Us Says:

    Wow! Isn’t tis tat same boarding school that illegal minister for education Setani Sukanaivalu went to personally perform some exorcism ritual to chase away the tevoros since the school was attracting so much bad luck or somethin?! hahahahahaha! Looks like somebody’s voodoo cleansing dolls din’t work, aye! Man, the things that happen in this country is the stuff meant for movies! Isalei, so tragic!

  15. painter Says:

    Melmoth @ 10.09p.m – b4 u depart frm this blogsite, here’s an adage for you to ponder on, “He who rides a tiger cannot dismount”. Case in point your boy, i hve no pity for him.

  16. Jon jon Says:

    Hello people, if you wana see the faces of those who thinks that frank is there hero then go to facebook and type frank bainimarama.. You will see all this people u know who? declared Frank is there hero on facebook. Check it out and there are 2 groups of people in it and the creators are from our own shore.. try this link to take you there. Hope it works.. NP u will be shock at wot the labor supporters have put on facebook. Hero sara tuga o Bainivuaka!!!

  17. Tracker Says:


    I have a copy of the newest excuse of a report that Shaista did supporting the deportation of Hunter & Hannah. How can I send it to you so that everyone else can read it if they want to?


  18. natewaprince Says:

    Anyone still interested as to where the pig got $185,000 to buy that house in Howell Rd???????

    A little bird will be giving me that info. very very soon,so stay tuned.

  19. natewaprince Says:

    Tracker,send it to

  20. bamboo gun Says:

    People of Fiji are easily lured to commit crimes or break the laws because it has been done from the top and they get away with it or benefitted from it.
    They see it happening and nobody can do anything about it and you dont know who to trust.

    What happend at RKS is just what you expect from citizens of a nation to throw themselves into ,the consequences you get from a nation which has had 4 coups already to his name

  21. Tim Says:

    Madge Leweni’s at it again too:

    “A lot of people make comments about Fiji and don’t realise what the situation is, or have even tried to discuss the issues with people here on the ground. We can say that some of the comments are quite unfair and very unreasonable”

    After all, like Mugabe’s junta, the iIG can’t allow issues to be discussed with people at grass roots level. They’re only potential voters and they’re too thick and stupid to hold opinions anyway!

    The arrogance! It’s a sign that their only intent is self-preservation.

  22. Keep The Faith Says:

    Yeh thanks S.Melmoth — your views are appreciated but ya know the saying “evil reigns when good men do nothing” — and make no mistake blogging is not an exercise in futility. We are provided the world with an alternative and real view of muzzled public sentiment in relation to the IIG.

    BTW what are the Green Goons doing with their early morning marching routine today in Albert Park (and causing unnecessary traffic jams all through Vic Parade)….wassup with that?

  23. Striker Says:

    Sukanaivalu day, honoring the brave they have dishonored.

  24. Tui Says:

    @Stiker. it’s the “Another Masipolo Day” march, started from in front of Government buildings and ended at Albert Park. Just to remind us once again that they still have the rifles, minus the bullets that is.
    Another lovely day in the capital!

  25. LUVfiji Says:

    @NP.. awaiting update on ya info. We’re all eyes and ears here!!

  26. natewaprince Says:

    Wait for the next post.Bloody incredible.

  27. blogtracker Says:

    S. Melmoth – What has Victor Lal’s whereabouts have to do with what he has been saying – if I recall, which I do, he has been writing newspaper columns for the last 20 years, except that these days he has been writing a lot more, and consistently attacking the facists who are running the country, with their hanger on $2 butalakis

  28. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    This is the least of our problems


  29. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    st order of business is to kill Bainimarama and Chaudhry

    A loaded gun

    1 bullet each to the head

    Quick, Simple and Clean

  30. Tracker Says:

    NP – just sent the report to the email u gave. Thanks

  31. Budhau Says:

    Blogtracker (or Dr Lal), what S. Melmoth was saying is that this Victor Lal dude goes around pushing his Oxford connections to give legitimacy to what he writes, and he writes crap most of the time.
    So what if he has been doing this for the last 20 years – former journalist, with a ability to write, writes crap and mostly has been into self promoting.

    vlOxford@gmail – yeah right?

  32. natewaprince Says:

    You seem to have just described yourself there Buddy,you idiot.

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