Fiji top cop heads for India

Bloggers, Full Chow Teleni’s departure for India the day after Chodo Jnr’s interview was taken off the air seems too much of a conincidence. Remember, this is the 2nd time Chodo Jnr has been in trouble with the illegal regime. The 1st time was when he was charged with trying hinder investigations into Fiji Sports Council, which was eventually dismissed in court. He criticised FICAC then ‘apologised’ to Bainivore, which was leaked out to the press. He then accussed both Pramesh Chand and Lewenski for being responsible for the leak, which is currently under Police investigation.

This is his 2nd case, which is currently being investigated by Police. Chodo Jnr must be a thorn to the side of the illegal regime, but was expected when everyone wants to be the man. The SV Team asks bloggers whether this a sign of power play within Cabinet, with the two Eveli’s trying to take over and assert their influence over Bainivore from Chodo Snr? Let’s hope that it is power play and Full Chow is in India to find out more about the monies deposited into Chodo Snr’s account, exposed by Victor Lal. Is it too much to hope for?

23 JUN 2008

Fiji’s Commissioner of Police, Esala Teleni departed for India this morning.His trip, however, appears to be covered in a cloak of secrecy.

Police spokesperson Ema Mua said she could not release any information on the trip.

Deputy Police Commissioner Eroni Antonio could only confirm his superior departed for India this morning and that he would be there for a week.

He could not reveal details of who Teleni will meet in India and how his trip is related to the Police Force.

Calls made to Teleni were futile as his official mobile number remains diverted.



28 Responses to “Fiji top cop heads for India”

  1. EnufDictatorship Says:

    REALLLLLLLLLLLyyyyyy!!! WTF!!!!



    WHat is a Police Commnish doing in India????????? Who is travelling with him?????

  2. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Maybe get more instructions?

  3. Tuks Says:

    If it is true that the Indian Government was involved with the mysterious Harvana Money for Chaudhry then it would be fair to conclude that the Indian Government itself with their GOPIOs imperialistic ambition
    are well behind the current call by Chaudhry’s son for the Indians in Fiji to rise and call for their own rights here. It must be very serious now that they even have the IGs Commisioner of Police to visit India at a time when he should be dealing with these inciting remarks by Chodo Junior..It makes me wonder if these visits are deliberate attempts by the Indian Government to continue to play down these very serious threats to our National security as well as to keep our people in top Government positions to tow their lines come their next step when they will want to pull the cords and unleash their ultimate weapon against everything Fijian for the fulfilment of making our Fiji the little India of the Pacific according to their long term plan. It would be prudent for ppl like Teleni to be very careful in dealing with these situation with respect to the protection of our own Fijian ppl’s rights and security in the future. Or do they not matter anymore with these IG???

  4. Keep The Faith Says:

    He needs a tummy-tuck & eye-realignment paid for citizens of the motherland while he’s there. Nah but seriously this is just Grade A Fcukery!

  5. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Could it be that the illegal regime thought if the Interview was broadcast, that it may have caused Fijians to react? In other words, the removing of the interview, was not because of the it being ‘inciteful’ but rather use it as an excuse to prevent a possible reaction which wasn’t in their interest?

    I suppose we should wait and see whether RC is charged with incitement or he be wrapped around the knuckles. I suppose either way, the way RC is, he is going to stir something up again because he cannot stand to be seen to be in the background.

    He should be careful as one writer correctly pointed out, that when push comes to shove, Bainivore and the 2 Eveli’s will sacrifice any one to save their own skins.

  6. natewapince Says:

    I just hope he’s not going for a medical operation.The last time his boss went for heart surgery,the fallout to this country was catastrophic.

    The evil doctors there,under the snakes direct orders,drained all the pigs blood out and replaced it with pure concentrated royal Haryana blood.
    On his return to Fiji,he unconciencely despised everything Fijian and began to dismantle all Fijian institutions.

    Not to mention they chopped of his useless apendage and replaced it with a dogs.So watch him closely and you’ll see him raise one of his legs every time he wants to go weewee.

  7. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Maybe fullchow is going for a brain transplant.

  8. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Luveni lialia o Teleni!! Cava tale lai caka i Nakoro ni leqa tiko mada o Viti koloni?? Levu ga na vakasabusabu, vivukayaki macawa ra cakava tiko na i lala vilecayaki qo!! Ra vikata!

  9. aubatinuku-N Says:

    He should just get himself a Haryana wife while hes at it and a $2.Mil loan!

  10. Budhau Says:

    Aubatinuku-N – don’t even mention this crap about Indians marrying Fijians – just remember there are a billion of them – can we really afford that.

  11. Tebara Says:

    At least the cows in fiji are lathered in fat to give as dowry to the the multitudes that would jump at an instant given the opportunity to ship across.

    Hmmmm TELENI BOCI …. Vivukayaki tiko vi iko !!

  12. Say True! Says:

    I agree with ya’ll. Bad leadership. Pass the buck. “Over to you Eroni Antonio. You charge him, I wash my hands off this one, I’m going for a medical checkup”. Do it Eroni, you are the most senior Policeman in the country. Do it. Andrew Hughes will give you a job in the UN if they sack you. Get some advice outside the DPPs office if you have to. Bring some honour and pride back to the career Police officers and the Nation. I can’t believe another little prick (like your previous issue with Nasir Ali) is holding the country at ransom. Just do it Eroni, your heart will be at Peace, and the brudens that you carry lifted. If you think they is a case to answer, do it.

  13. Navusi Says:

    Its possible he is out to India for the golden handshake..$$$$$m..for a job well done so far.???Last time they did it to the pretend PM didn’t threy?? When Tele comes back, he will come back with more money men, IT men, etc…from work in the vital innards of govt… all Inidan specialists as part of the bigger Indian & GOPIO plan.???? Chodo Jr is jumping up and down ..orchestrated by his father of course.. that it appears they have been sidelined for a while …may be Pretend PM is siding with the Fijian methodist for a promise of possible immunity which the Pretend minister for Finanace is not part of the pic…latter & co want the charter as the appraoch to immunity..that way they will achieve their Indian (including govt) objectives and hegemony plus the immunity ofcourse. Methodiust and others are not for the charter but offering possible ways out..or perhaps pretend PM is cornereed to come to the bargaining table now or else he will face armed insurection soon….????

  14. anon Says:

    Careful all. The pistol shooter might publish another 50 page report chastising you all for unsavoury remarks and call it a conspiracy warranting immediate investigation. Unless you urgently and immediately cease and desist, such concerted efforts at defaming the institutions of the interim government, there might be breaches of law. Puff puff

  15. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Thank you anon for that warning.

    I shall from this moment on cease from calling shyster a fu**ing bitch, bananasinpyjamas a fool and chadopu$$ the leader of the coup d’etat.

    I shall respect the idiots s judgement in taking Fiji backwards at an accelerating rate.

    Then again, I might do a bananaasinpyjamas and tell a lie.

  16. Mossad Says:

    Well the way I see it,lets get the frequent flyer miles rolling while we can, so when we exit from government we could take a few free flights off those FFlyer points…….I mean going to India for a few days and back…….Wasn’t Maya Dhaba & those Indian comedians in town good enough……..

  17. bigtest Says:

    Hi, all bloggers
    Let us get one thing right – this Chodo junior is not standing up to the regime – he has been set up by his crook daddy to talk tough in case there is election and junior will get daddy’s seat – the second most important thing to remember is that junior is being set up, to speak out, told off and told to start again – its to silence the real critics of the regime – so, basically, Junior is a willing guinea pig – the end result is to silence the critics – and that is WHY ihe has not been charged or taken up to the barracks to do exercises – Full Chow has gone to India for emdical check up, according to sources in the Indian High Commission

  18. blogtracker Says:

    Hi bloggers
    Bigtest’s suggestion is true – just read the last para from Fiji TV:

    Integrity of investigation should be upheld: Rajendra Chaudhry
    23 Jun 2008 01:54:28

    The man caught in the middle of the whole controversy says, the integrity of the investigation should be upheld.

    Rajendra Chaudhry says he hasn’t been questioned by police in relation to Close Up interview.

    We asked Chaudhry whether he was contradicting himself by asking Fiji Television not to run the interview, while encouraging individuals to assert their rights.

  19. Jean d’Ark Says:

    I think this is just part of the Military Council’s lame plan to remove the current and future political leadership in Fiji that it believes is one of the main causes of political/racial disunity in the nation today.

    Specifically, it believes that the ongoing political antipathy between the Chaudhrys and the “Ethno-nationalists” will indefinitely “lock” the rest of the nation into that same dynamic through leadership modeling. So their solution is to get rid of the SDL leadership (via FICAC show trials) and the Chaudhry dynasty (by obliging Snr to retire from politics after the return to democracy, and by “destroying” Jnr’s reputation through the current media circus in the meantime).

    This logic might have some credibility if it ended there. But of course, the witch hunt against other potential leaders like Sakiusa Tuisolia or Tupou Draunidalo suggests that the real motive is simply to “clear” the scene of ALL possible rivals as a precursor a return to primacy by the next gen of Mara/Ganilaus.

  20. Budhau Says:

    JeanD’Ark – I think you are on to something. This had always been about a power grab by the Mara/Ganilau folks – people may disagree with these guy, but you have to admit that they are sharp, intelligent people.

    They also realize that for them to stay in power, they need a coalition with the Indians. Ganilau with his earlier connections with the NFP woul dprobably have preferred to hook up with the NFP – however NFP was down to about 15% Indian votes in the last election. So they went with Chaudary.

    Ultimately they would like to get a more “manageable’ Indian leader someone like Krishna Dutt or those former Indian Alliance types.

    Chaudary will retire after this IG is done with – Junior does not have what it takes. (remember how they went after Junior when there was split in the FLP with Bune and company.)

    As for the Tuisolia guy – lets see what they dig up on him and how bad it looks. Draunidalo seems to have more integrity – some one to keep an on as future leader.

    Bigtest – you have sources in the Indian High Commission – you seem to have a real dislike for the Rajend.

  21. LUVfiji Says:

    Yep.. I have some doubt too on Tuisolia. Definitely not one I would look up to as a future leader – sorry. For as long as he is married to his current wife; he will forever remain in her shadows. She stands far taller than he does – intelligent, ambitious, go-getter, and a champion advocate for human rights. She is one to keep an eye on as a future leader.

    Both thumbs up for TupouD! Smart girl and good lineage.

  22. Keep The Faith Says:

    Sorry Budhau — but the linking of “Mara/Ganilau” with the words “sharp & intelligent” are misnomers.

    The current generation of both clans are power-hungry and will do whatever it takes to retain the status of living to which they are accustomed…there’s a big difference!

  23. tosotiko Says:

    I think the whole thing is a sham. To make it look like the IG is treating everybody the same under the law and thus nullify any claims we have of discriminatory treatment of people in Fiji. So they drum up these incidences which seemingly are criminal charges of which the heir apparent is guilty of, but notice that the press reps on TV last night are calling it a form of censorship so the attention shifts from him to the authorities for authoratarian rule and makes him almost a victim by comparison. This means he will not retract his vitriolic statements.

    As for the claim that the Mara/Ganilau family are the instigators of the current situation – NO I do not agree. Rather it is the other way around. The Chaudharys are the instigators getting the gullible Maras and Ganilaus and Bainimaramas and (Jokapeci) Korois as manageable Fijian leaders. I think they have now got the shock of their lives. The Mara/Ganilau name was synonimous with the Fijian kindred spirit in the years after independence but not anymore.

  24. Striker Says:

    @ tosotiko: Referring the the Maras/Ganilaus, if it is true they have now got the shock of their lives, it means they did not anticipate the Fijian reaction against this coup. Were they unable to read the obvious? Or were they blinded by their desperate bid for power? Whatever the reason, to a casual observer, it shows a dire lack of sensitivity and intelligence.

  25. Frida Says:

    The travelling to India by members of the illegal regime is becoming a sus and I hope that australi, new zealand, britain and the US are watching closely India’s involvement. These countries shouls call the Indian representative in their country and question the motives because we the people of Fiji can not do it as the gun is around – even without real bullets.

  26. Tui Says:

    @Frida. Too bad no one in the local media picked picked up the story on the military personnel from China and India. Who were they meeting at the big building next to the Civic Centre? The building houses the Prisons Commissioner’s Office and the Special Branch unit of the Fiji Police. Other than that I can’t figure out what a busload of these military “advisers” from India and China were doing there. I hope the US, and ANZUS are monitoring the movements of these military types because if I was them, I would be very worried.
    The increasing involvement of China and India in Fiji’s domestic affairs is something we should put a stop to when SDL comes back in government.
    This event happened last month and to date nothing has been mentioned in our dailies nor the local TV station!

  27. Katalina Balawanilotu Says:

    While he is out

    Kill Bainimarama and Chaudhry

    I bullet to each head




  28. Frida Says:

    @ Tui – we should get our cameras ready and send this pictures to our local journalists and even international journalists where they can raise the questions with country reps in theirs. Are sports people still going to China for the Olympics? – Come on people – let us boycott anything that is made in CHINA and INDIA in shops around the country.

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