Assist Fiji, urges new IMG chair

Bloggers, this is from Molisa, the new IMG Chair who hails from Vanuatu. He does not fully understand the underlying tensions and issues in Fiji, but still accepts this position. Just goes to show the incompetency of this person. Vanuatu is ‘insignificant’ in Pacific Island politics and if he thinks he will be able to influence SDL and others to join the illegal bandwagon, then he is in for a shock.

This nobody is the result of Bainivore’s appeal for assistance from the MSG after claiming he only took over power from Qarase with utter reluctance! The MSG leaders must be laughing behind Bainivore’s back in sending Molisa. What do you think?

23 JUN 2008

The newly appointed chairman of the Independent Monitoring Group in Fiji has called on his Melanesian brothers and the international community to assist Fiji.

Addressing the National Council for Building a Better Fiji (NCBBF) for the first time this morning, Sela Molisa said he was honored to have been approached to chair the IMG.

Molisa said this was a way he could contribute towards assisting Fiji move forward.

He said neighbouring countries in the region and the international community had a role to play and a duty to assist Fiji during these trying times.

Molisa addressed the NCBBF very briefly; quoting excerpts from the outgoing chair’s departing speech about the role of the IMG.

Notable at the NCBBF meeting today was the allocation of seats for a representative from the Methodist Church, ousted ruling party the Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua and the National Federation Party.

Molisa is a member of the Vanuatu Parliament and was once the Minister of Finance and Economic Management.

A press conference is expected to be called at lunch break today where Molisa will address members of the media.



14 Responses to “Assist Fiji, urges new IMG chair”

  1. Satish Says:

    O Voreqe me rau lai veisavati mada kei koya qori,me rawa ni matata kina

  2. hopefiji Says:

    molisa is a good man…hopefully he may convince the idiots to see sense.

  3. Say True! Says:

    @hopefiji – your name brings hope, laiva na moli drokadroka me dreu.

  4. Keep The Faith Says:

    If the current Chair of the Working Grp (now defunct bcus Frank threw a tantrum) is from PNG (who by the way also put out a statement extending ANOTHER olive branch for Fiji to remain engaged with Forum Working Grp), and this chap from Vanuatu is trying again to be a bridge I’m afraid that Fiji under this IIGs failing leadership has no idea about what it means to be part of the Melanesian Community — which by the way is Fiji’s ONLY friends right now.

  5. EnufDictatorship Says:

    So true Keep The Faith.

    As these two Melanesian leaders are showing, our Melanesian neighbours really do care about our affairs and getting it right and sorted ONCE n FOR ALL!

    However, it remains to be seen how Voreqe will react if Molisa does or says something that Vore doesn\’t like.

    And from his record, he will act like a two-year old and throw a tantrum again and huff off like an angry troll.

    And unfortunately for Vore, how ever much he tries hard to show he is doing good, he continues to show his true chamelon colours…veiveisau ga according to what he is surrounded with.

    Promises to the Forum leaders, then no charter, no election back at home.

    Laurai ga na lamushona tactics! Well, me caka gona vacava eh? As the lack of experience and knowledge is clearly on dispaly for the world to see. Valoloma dina nona bula!

  6. Adi Kaila Says:

    Beddoes questions PM-Qarase meetings
    23 JUN 2008

    Fiji’s former Opposition leader has questioned the timing of the interim Prime Minister’s meetings with ousted Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase.

    According to Beddoes, both meetings took place only a day before Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama was scheduled for meetings with regional and international bodies.

    He said it had not escaped their notice that Bainimarama’s first meeting with Qarase took place on the eve of a scheduled meeting with the Melanesian Spearhead Group in Vanuatu.

    Likewise the second meeting took place on the eve of the European Union’s TROIKA Mission visit.

    Beddoes says the timing of both meetings enabled Bainimarama to honestly answer both groups that he had had dialogue with Qarase.

    As an optimist however, Beddoes said he welcomed every opportunity that results in both sides meeting, as there was no substitute for dialogue and it would only be through this that a successful outcome would be found.

    Beddoes said he had no doubt the military-led regime knew this.

    “But at this stage of proceedings (the junta) are only interested in dialogue among themselves because with so much resistance to the GCC, Charter and electoral reforms, they perhaps feel isolated and need to talk a lot more among themselves in order to feel better,” he said.

    “And only when they have decided on what it is they want for Fiji, then they will engage in dialogue with non-supporters of their junta because it will then be about what they have decided for Fiji, and not what an inclusive group of all parties has decided,” he said.

    ******oi lei voreqe you can’t fool anyone because everyone else is far superior and articulate in intelligence and the power to reason – we’ve been pointing out these very traits on this site. There’s no where for voreqe bainimarama to turn except into himself as this coup is the biggest farce ever and apart from the friggin inconvenience caused to us all by the ig coupsters – noone gives a flying *&!@ and the Anzacs and other Nations will not even consider aid of any kind until the ig coupsters are out on their collective arses. Please just give it up and apologise to the Nation so the rest of us can carry on rebuilding what the ig coupsters have wrecked in the last 19 months.

    Meanwhile could the ig please give us an account of how the $1.5million the Chinese government gave them has been allocated or will be allocated?

    This money could be well spent on our students who need the best education – we need more Engineers, Architects, Economists, Specialist Doctors and Agricultural Science Experts, Electricians and Plumbers – just 10 each from each province and we are more than self sufficient.

    This time around we help ourselves and push for kids to get the best education – no more procrastination.

  7. EnufDictatorship Says:

    Right on the mark Mr. Beddoes!

    Vore thinks he is fooling us huh? Cala nomu nanuma vore.

    The timing may be on your side but it is the real OUTCOME of those meetings that matters. That is, elections ASAP and give the government back to the peoples.

  8. natewapince Says:

    I pity the two gentleman trying to have dialogue with our uneducated bi-polar pig.

    Sa maumau wale.”Beauty in a woman without love is like a brown nose in a pig’s ring”.

  9. Peace Pipe Says:

    This guy doesnt know what he is getting into. And here we have him calling on others to help the country. Yes help is needed and that help is in bringing down this evil illegal and repressive dictatorship. Nothing more nothing less. We’ll just wait and see what he can do and if he will be brain washed as well by these mind benders and wankers.

  10. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    The foolish man should understand that the Pacific neighbours are helping Fiji by trying to have elections so that a government can set to work to repair the damage done by chadopu$$’ military junta.

    If he wants to help Fiji, let him have the balls to tell bananasinpyjamas that fiji is going backwards.

  11. Mossad Says:

    Moli who???? from where????……….

  12. natewaprince Says:

    Wailei,na moli la e qamita tiko o Voreqe.It’s from Kiuva.

  13. Striker Says:

    To a ni-Vanuatu like Sela Molisa, $100.00 Fiji dollar a day for meetings alone is a fortune. Who cares about Fiji elections, the will of the people, rule of law, or the charter? After all Vanuatu and other Forum countries stand to gain from this Fiji crisis!

  14. Frida Says:

    From what I know about Sela – he is a good man. His late wife was a very staunch supporter of indigenous rights, human rights and the rule of law. Both are very people centered and unlike the pig – self-centered.

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