Police to review TV interview with Chodo Jnr

Ragone, this article must refer to the interview where Chodo Jnr called for Indians to stand up for their rights and fight even to death to protect their rights.

Fatso Commish must have finally realised that if these kinds of comments are allowed to be aired, then it may be cause an uprising. It is double standards! This arsehole can call for standing up to the rights of Indians, which are not the same as proprietary right like those contained in the Qoliqoli Bill and are not commended by one-eyed Yabaki and others!! Fijians must stand for their rights because these Indians are no longer trying to manipulate from behind the scenes, but are actually doing it boldly the front, which means they either believe they have Bainimarama, Eveli Nailatikau, Eveli Ganilau and the others by the balls or there are too stupid to know the difference.

Blog on ragone because we may be one of the remaining Fijian watchdogs able to stand up to these goons. Blog ragone and disseminate this information.

Publish date/time: 22/06/2008 [12:33]

Police are expected to view recordings from Fiji Television in which Suva Lawyer, Rajendra Chaudhry and Fiji TV News Editor, Anish Chand are alleged to have made some inciteful comments.

Police Spokesperson, Ema Mua confirms the alleged inciteful statements by the two are now being investigation by the CID after which they will decide their next step. Mua said Police would decide later today whether they would allow the program to be aired.

Meanwhile, Fiji TV’s Manager Legal, Tania Waqanika said they are waiting to hand over the tapes to Police and also could not confirm if the programme will be televised today as scheduled. Rajendra Chaudhry said he would not comment on the matter at this stage.


35 Responses to “Police to review TV interview with Chodo Jnr”

  1. soro Says:

    Has anyone got a video camera because this kind of interview needs to be put on YouTube . Speaking on YouTube, has anyone seen this on the new Young Peoples Network site – it is one of the funniest I have ever seen.


  2. Satish Says:

    Vinaka Dennis, It is Baini magaitinanarama, rama comes from the hindu God of Darkness thats why the closeness between the Indian People with Bainipajanarama

  3. Groggymaster Says:

    The inciteful comments are merely an excuse. VB is going to crucify RC for insolence and ingratitude. He wants all the people he thinks are in support of his coup and benefiting as a result, to be absolutely indebted to him. It also explains why VB is baffled that alot of the citizenry like us appear to be unhappy with his coup and ungrateful for the cleanup results he and his IG have achieved to date – NOT.

  4. Say True! Says:

    Talo mada. Lets watch this side show, coming to a screen near you.

  5. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    soro; that tape is so funny.

    Why I think that she even said something like ‘bananasinpyjamas’. Now where could she have got that from?

  6. soro Says:

    While we are on the subject I listened to this interview again recently ..

    [audio src="http://sbs.com.au/elg/fijian-080222-0ec.mp3" /]

    Was it cut off ?

  7. soro Says:

    And here’s another one which shows this bare-faced LIAR …. mispronouncing and shambling his way thru a media scrum …. what a %^$##*&ing idiot :

    This guy is a total loop fruit. You be the judge.

  8. Boring Says:

    Your blog is getting really boring! Do some real investigative work like RFC and WFC instead of repeating postings from all other Fiji news websites. Could you at least break some news like RFC and WFC. You guys full of puhpuh. Is “blog ragone” all you know? Booooooring

  9. soro Says:

    So @BORING … why dont you get off your sorry arse and do some investigative work for Soli who has to work too everyday … why dont you contribute to the common cause ?

    If you dont like it – then piss off. Its quite simple.

  10. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Hello bloggers in Fiji.

    Did the TV show go ahead?

    Since when are the police the censors?

    Many thanks.

  11. Fiji Democracy Now Says:

    According to TV One News, the investigation of the Chodokid follows a complaint from a “prominent member of the Interim Government”. We can safely assume that this is not Parmesh Chand or Bugler Lewensky. They were referred to in the same news story as “senior government officials”. Could it be the big banana himself, or even Chododaddy who can see the risks this loose cannon poses for himself?

    Fiji Democracy Now has obtained a copy of another leaked letter, this time from Chodokid to Chododad. Check it out:


    But the question remains: who was the “prominent member of the Interim Government” who made the complaint against Chodobrat?

  12. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Maybe this is an attempt by fullchow to make some money on the blackmarket.

    We know that fullchow knows how to operate a DVD copier as he was responsible for copying and distributing the DVDs taken as ‘evidence’ from My Khan’s home.
    That attempt at throwing mud at Mr Khan backfired as the whole of Fiji soon knew who had orchestrated the pathetic scheme.

    Now, as fullchow wants to ban the TV show, everyone in Fiji will want to watch it. If it is banned on TV live, then the best way to make money for fullchow is to sell DVDs around the markets for F$20 each.

    Just ask your friendly policeman for a copy tomorrow.

  13. Maqa a Leqa Says:

    The Police didnot allow the programe to be aired due to its “inciteful nature”. We want to see what Junior Chodo has to say about Indians standing up and fighting for their rights even if it ends up in violence.

    Would be quite interesting. Let them start the ball rolling and we will end it!

  14. Tim Says:

    Can someone remind me what this coup was all about again? I’ve lost track. Umm, err someone said something about a cleanup campaign I think but I was too busy pissing myself with laughter

  15. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Tim this coup was about protecting the rights of Indian Interests on Fiji!

  16. Tim Says:

    Ahh OK! Was that protecting Indo-Fijian rights or protecting interests at the expense of everyone else? It’s hard to know when there are a bunch of opportunist lunatics pissing in each others’ pockets holding an entire country to ransom. It really seems like their agenda is anarchy

  17. Groggymaster Says:

    @soro – Newstopia’s item on Baini-manamana – great!!!.

  18. soro Says:

    Io @Groggymaster LOL someone shud have taught her to say what sounds like but with a “g” and with a tinana at the end . ROFL !

  19. Tui Says:

    Well we did say that they would collapse from within with all the bickering and in-fighting going on now! Blog on ragone. BTW SV team I bought some white t/shirts yesterday and have painted the words “FREEE FIJI MOVEMENT” in blue, on them. So if you have friends overseas please ask them to send t/shirts with the same words printed on them. Lets get the ball rolling for the big march coming to your town soon! Start by giving out these t/shirts to as many people as possible.
    Blog on people, blog on.

  20. Tuks Says:

    The late Butadroka was right all the times…the Fiji Indian ppl attempts for power control started way back prior to 1966 in their quest for representation in the Legislative Council. Once they secured the first two members, they pushed for the increase in numbers in the Legislature all the times resulting in the ultimate sgaring of power at the Parliamentary as well as the Executive arm of Government under the latest Multi Party arrangement under our current Constitution. These of course did not satisfy their power hungry mongers like Chaudhry himself whose views are now finally being echoed by his very own son Rajen in calling for the Indian ppl to rise and claim their rights in our Fiji!!!…We wonder what right he is actually talking about here when the Fijian chiefs and ppl have been very accomodating to them all these times.. To put it in short the calls by Rajen Chaudhry is a call against Fijian dominance in our own country we call Fiji .It is a cry for war by the Indian community for destruction of the Fijian people and their rights to their God given heritage Fiji and its land and ppl.!!!! .It is a call we must not take lightly for in Chaudhry’s eyes, it is their best times to move against the Fijian ppl given the support they currently enjoy from the military and their leader Voreqe..It is a call every right thinking Fijian must now consider seriously for in Butadrokas own words …” the Indian ppl’s ultimate goal are to push us all out [of our heritage]and into the reefs…and deep ocean.. Kemudou na military cell mai Nabua, na cava tale se waraki tiko qori..dou yadra mai!!!!

  21. Tuks Says:

    Spelling error – line 6 – “sharing” of Power NOT “sgaring” as above…pls..

  22. Mark Manning Says:

    Let’s see how far this honour among thieves goes !

  23. natewaprince Says:

    So has the junior snake been arrested for incitement?? Or is the cock-eyed pot bellied commish scared of getting his ass reamed by chota Chodo ???

    Did junior call upon the Indians to rise up for their rights??

    Io ,dou cakava mada,dou tovolea mada mo dou ‘rise’,dou yavu boci.Maka taka ga nodra yalewa ra-boys,koya era dau loka taki tu ga i vale.

  24. Striker Says:

    Go for it Teleni. You are on the right path. Get Chaudhary Junior for incitement. Isolate and neutralise Choro Chaudary who is behind Fiji’s problems.

  25. Say True! Says:

    Double Standards Again.
    One group fighting for democracy subject to human rights abuses at the camp including old men and women, some even killed, and here a dickhead mouthing off with a little slap on the wrist. Where is the justice? Some money must have changed hands. Worried they will spill the beans? Big mouth will talk one day very soon, because he knows he can keep doing it and walk away unscathed. Touch him and the bean spills, and the exit strategy is successful, and Frank goes to jail.

  26. Tuks Says:

    Say True,
    You hit the nail on the head there!!!. Bainimarama’s doom are all very well wrapped up with the two Chaudhrys and he must know that. The big mouth Rajen will be the instrument that they will utilise to keep Voreqe under subjection to their wills which will also ultimately destroy Voreqe at their right time. The current inaction and inability by the military and the Police and authorities to “nip the problem in the bud”, in terms of dealing decisively and effectively now with Rajen Chodo will be the final nail for their coffin. They will live to regret that later…much to our own gain I suppose..

  27. glawyer Says:

    Prominent member of IG who complained probably Aiyarse Levu since its his baby FICAC that Chodo jnr was mouthing off about. Chodo’s comments about the Indian people rising up to claim their rights to the point of bloodshed shows how bold they have become because the arseh*les in the army are backing them up. And what rights is he talking about? Last I checked everyone was equal under the constitution….the only thing he could possibly be talking about is land rights….thats right folks…they want full rights to the land without having to lease which is why they’re doing their best to take over all the fijian institutions including NLTB, and all this being done with the backing of the sellouts in the army led by the biggest cowardly sellout, Vore!!

  28. painter Says:

    NP – u’re disgusting trying to pick on their women. Neu. Drau pini ga kei shyster, rauti iko ya.

    Isalei o mini-chodri modri… what were you thinking boy? The Pig never cared about you, ok! Alright cry-baby peeps, here’s a song I’m dedicating to you, from me…

    “It’s a heartache
    Nothing but a heartache

    Hits you when it’s too late
    Hits you when you’re down
    It’s a fool’s game

    Nothing but a fool’s game
    Standing in the cold rain
    Feeling like a clown, clowwwwnnnnn…

    It’s a heartache
    Nothing but a heartache.
    Love him till your arms break
    Then he lets you down.

    It ain’t right with love to share
    When you find he doesn’t care for you..
    It ain’t wise to need someone
    As much as you depended on the Pig..

    Oh it’s a heartache
    Nothing but a heartache
    Hits you when it’s too late
    It ain’t right with $$ to share
    Then you find he doesn’t care.. for you!

    Oh it’s a heartache
    Nothing but a heartache.
    Love him till your arms break
    Then he let’s you down

    It’s a fool’s game
    Standing in the cold rain
    Feeling like a clown.

    It’s a heartache
    Love him till your arms break
    Then he let’s you down
    It’s a heartache……………..”

  29. natewaprince Says:

    Painter,taura va malua.What was that for???

  30. painter Says:

    Yadra NP! My point exactly! Let’s not become one of ’em…

  31. natewaprince Says:

    As far as I’m concerned,it’s open season on everything,especially where it hurts them most.

  32. timat Says:

    The RFMF is backing them..let them rise to the occasion…mera maroroi ga na baini kerekere!!!

  33. painter Says:

    NP my longsuffering blog buddy! We’re almost halfway there already so pls don’t go down to Shyster’s level, she can’t see the wood for the trees, sa rui sivia na MJ jiko vei koya!

    Na “everything” o kaya tiko qori, se “anything goes” is what separates us from them (treasonous criminals).. a man from his dog.. humans from animals.. light from dark.. U’re damn better than that and y’know it.

  34. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Yes fellow bloggers, I agree with Painter that we vosota tale mada vaka lailai NP. I do not mean that we remain passive and absorb everything this illegal junta throws at us, but we can still resist in other ways, which I cannot go into here because we have ‘unfriendly people’ listening in as well.

    For SV to have quickly received over 100,000 hits in less than a month, this must mean NP that more people are becoming interested in the chats and it seems quite reasonable to assume that they are telling their friends about SV and they in turn are reading the blogs. You are one of the original bloggers, so keep on blogging.

    People are talking about what is being discussed in SV, so we must take heart. This is a long struggle. Winning is important, but we must be careful how we win, or as Painter correctly points out, we could become like the very people we condemn.

    Keep blogging ragone!

  35. Frida Says:

    While we are talking about television productions – especially last night whhen the TV reported was asking the pig questions on the election date which he did not want to answer but rather screamed at the body guard to close the car door. what a leader – shameful, shameful – i would never want any of my children to be associated with anything that is bainimarama or bainipajamas

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