Fiji suspends talks with Joint Working Group

Well ragone, what do you expect from Bainivore!! It could either mean he is not getting the support he expected or they want him to commit to something things Chodo and Company have already said is not acceptable.


Keep up the pressure ragone. BTW, we have surpassed the 490,000 hit mark!!! Therefore ragone, we anticipate hitting the 500,000 hit mark before the end of the month going on current hits.

Fire tiko. SV Team.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Update: 1:07PM INTERIM Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama has suspended talks with the Forum Joint Working Group.

This was confirmed by acting deputy secretary for Information Major Neumi Leweni today.

Major Leweni said it would not be right to say that Fiji has pulled out of talks and said the discussion was suspended for the moment.

The Pacific Islands Forum – Fiji Joint Working Group had urged the interim regime to remain a member and stay engaged with its regional neighbours.

Commodore Bainimarama had earlier questioned the merit of Fiji being engaged in talks with the Joint Working Group.

End of story

18 Responses to “Fiji suspends talks with Joint Working Group”

  1. natewapince Says:

    Talks with the Working Group were doomed to fail from the very beginning.Instead of advising the regime on the proper path to take,it was seen to be kowtowing to the pig’s regime.It was even willing to agree to the illegal moves this regime were planning to make in order for elections to take place.

    It agreed that electoral changes were needed and the charter was also neccesary.The talks were all a show for the UN and EU teams in the country but now it is obvious what the pig is planning all along.

    Da sega ni cakava rawa e dua na ka ni veiliutaki tiko e dua na tamata ulukau vulivavo.

  2. Say True! Says:

    @ NP – good one – The hallmark of an oppressor, unable to take the international presuure with a small counter punch; like a partner with a headache. “au bese ni qito”. Temporary ga. They will engage. No man is an island.

  3. LUVfiji Says:

    Sa na rube kece na veika eso baleta me se tawa mada na taga nei $50 ganilua. Vore owes it to him.

  4. Anne Says:

    Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe says “only God” can remove him from office, as the opposition MDC considers pulling out from a presidential run-off vote.

  5. Peace Pipe Says:

    All staged perfomances to delay elections because they don’t have much support as shown by the 85% rejection of the charter and GCC changes. They are getting bullish and making new demands before they would return the country back from dictatorship to democracy. They are enjoying their grasp on power as resistance is not very vigorous and quite muted. Now they can for themselves the nature of the abominable pig who cannot be trusted and lies his way around.

  6. Linus Says:

    Anyone watch the preview of Sundays “Close Up with Baby Snake” on TV 1 last night. R.C. calls on the Indian community to demand full rights, fighting to the death if necessary!!

  7. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Anne, let’s hope that God removes magabe with a stroke [of his hand; of course].

    And whilst he is performing wonderful things, let’s hope that He does something similar in Fiji.

    Can you imagine the outpouring of happiness that would break out across Fiji and the world if chaudopu$$ and his puppet, bananasinpyjamas were suddenly deceased.

    Why, I might even break open the bottle of bubbly that I have in the fridge for when I win the lotto.

  8. Tim Says:

    God Almighty! what a prime little Betsy the Shaista is! I’ve just read on RNZi the following: ……”the Fiji Times and the Fiji Sun and other media may be in contempt of court for the persistent attacks on the judiciary and the administration of justice”.
    Who are the other media, and is it only media?
    Is not the junta (including all that have signed up to it) responsible for attacks on the judiciary and the administration of justice. This woman really is earning herself an execution.

  9. Tim Says:

    The rather timely network go-slow was noted

  10. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ Linus,

    please keep us updated with this interview.

  11. Keep The Faith Says:

    Yeh Tim that’ll be The Shyster and her antics — no surprises whatsoever.

    So Mick & others keep lodging complaints and keep her publicly spinning out the IIG propaganda that she does so well. At some point down the track, be used against her. I volunteer to the first to nominate her “community” service representing the country in the front-lines of Basra when that time comes.

    If she was as smart (as SHE thinks she is) she would have done her puppeteering a bit more quietly. Clearly the glamour of being labelled “the rebel” which is an attitude she revels in, was too much to resist.

    BTW anyone keeping a track on the number of Promulgations happening like no one’s business?

  12. EnufDictatorship Says:

    Ae, peoples like they say mai na koro..Sa da vosa mai, da lai curu oso!!!

    What else can we say that we haven\’t said already about vore and his goons and their collective idioticness (a word even?)…hehehehe

    They are now above idiots like Budhau…they are now simpleton-imbecile-jackasses!!!!

    Like Bubu said once, the pig is now being cornered (again!) and is trying to blame others for his lamushona tactics and lack of progress.

    Da mai leqa vei iko vore!!!

    U know what, Vore, you are becoming a joke now to our regional leaders bcos guess what, the difference bet. you and them is…THEY ARE REAL LEADERS. O IKO? WELL..SUGURAKI!!!!!! LEVU LA NA VATERA2 NA LAVE DAKAI!!! MAI CAKA I KE!

    Give up your guns and then talk and make promises like a real man! That is what will count! For now, well your threats is just wind..blowing from your top orifice and coming out the one downunder! get it!

  13. Peace Pipe Says:

    More on the finding by shitstir samimi which I find is an intrusion into the pricvacy of individuals. She stated that the contents of emails were the basis of their deportation. So how did she get these emails. Stealing info should be classified as a crime. And pray tell what details of the mails deemed necessary to deport 3 expatriats including NZs high commissioner. Probably had one drag too many which tipped her sanity over to lunacy.

  14. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    bananasinpyjamas should have a very close look at how magabe’s closest allies in Africa have now abandoned him as he leads Zimbabwe further down the path to total destruction.

    bananasinpyjamas should see that every nation in the Pacific region is telling him to have an election so that a new government can sort out the MESS that chaudopu$$ and his puppet have made.

  15. meme Says:

    It must be frustrating for Leweni , he’s got no authority and is like Frank’s boy !

  16. meme Says:

    And I don’t mean son !

  17. george of sydney Says:

    Hey meme, I thought this unqualified wit is the DPS for Info) under the taulo and nepotism act). I dont think he understand his role in the Public Service. He is now doing a Army spokesman job while being paid a Deputy PS salary (reward for loyality). I dont think this arsehole has got any qualification and experience to carry out the responsibility demands(de volitaki pinati).
    It is like when your friend (say Bai) has an injury and he is playing toys with his friend (say Aiarse) together in the darkest night. Bai is holding Aiares toys.
    So in his attempt to find the toy, he move his hand around Bai.
    Aiarse: Bai babe where is my lovely toy, I miss it very much
    Bai: It is not working, Cohodo likes it and doesn’t want to give it back. He already got my toys too.
    Bai: Chodo Give my toys
    Chodo: Hey forget about Aiarse, I play better with you. Aiarse doesnt know how to use his toys.
    Aiarse : Bai, Chodo, where is my toys, You know I want to play too and dont forget that one of the toys belong to me.
    Bai: Join in slowly and lets play. I know you will fully enjoy it. and after we play. If we enjoy it too then you can take both toys to be yours forever.
    Bai: Oilei sa mosi, toso mai chodo sa nomu ga yani noqu toys. Aiarse you suppose to hold the toys not the mavoa.

    Folkes, Frank had already determined his steps and direction with all the bullshit he is making and in all the discussion with local and international mediators, he will pull out when they get close to the truth or if what they recommend doesnt fall within his escape plan. RERE TIKO RERE TIKO. DUA NA SIGA KO NA TOBO.

  18. Striker Says:

    What can you say about pig’s honor?

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