Death Threat Caper Exposed

Glaring inconsistencies in progressive police statements about their
“investigation” into the death threats against the Australian High
Commissioner point strongly to a deliberate exercise in deception.

Over the past six weeks police statements have led us to believe that the
police not only knew who the culprits were but that an arrest was
imminent. The police even said at one point that they had identified the
culprits as being “Melanesians” and not Fiji nationals.

But the latest statement by the police lets the cat out of the bag.

According to news reports published on Wednesday 18 June 2008 the police
now say that all they have to go on is the description given them by the
taxi driver whose vehicle was used to drop the first death threat.

So what happened to their “Melanesians” scenario? Did they have something
cooked up and it fell through?

Most importantly, because there is pretty clearly at attempt at deception,
the question has to be asked: just who or what are they trying to protect?

We have a sneaking suspicion it might be someone in the RFMF’s dirty tricks

And while we might just be talking about a small group of thuggish minions,
their orders must come from the very top, which is the reason why the
police are executing all these crazy turns in an investigation that is
clearly going nowhere.


16 Responses to “Death Threat Caper Exposed”

  1. natewapince Says:

    O cei beka o ratou nanima me ratou va’lialia tiko.Everybody knows its those qauri goons from their intel unit who are responsible for those death threats.

    These are same assholes who burned the judges home,damaged vehicles belonging to Tevita Fa and Mesake Koroi,kidnapped Kolinio Meo’s grandson and many other crimes that have conveniently remained unsolved.

    I just hope some of the real cops in the force do something about this and reveal the dirty work done by these arse whacking wankers.

  2. LUVfiji Says:

    Maybe they were thinking “Melanesian” at the time their iIPM was attending the MSG meeting. Sa mai lewe ni NCBBF sara o la na vutulaki ‘ya mai Vanuatu.

  3. Say True! Says:

    It was Jone taxi driver va kumi duka and gang – same one at O’reilleys.

  4. Say True! Says:

    Why don’t they ask a Captain whose wife works A&E, CWM. I’ll Soata na katuba on my way out. Bye.

  5. Linus Says:

    Bring Back Pol. Comm. Andrew Hughes with the necessary resources to sort these wa#*ers out!! The most honest & sincere man Fiji’s disciplined forces have seen in recent times.

  6. Linus Says:

    I noticed a line in 1 bloggers comments about putting a clause in the”Stop Coups Charter” authorizing U.N. forces to immediately intercede with orders to resolve “with extreme predudice” any coup makers. Bring it on I say.

  7. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    It also explains why the green goons didn’t want the Aust Federal Police in Fiji to guard the High Com.

    The AFP officers would have quickly traced the source of the threats back to chaudhry and his puppet, bananasinpyjamas.

  8. Glawyer Says:

    These are definitely Vore’s idiots who are trying to vakarerevaki, bloody cowards!!…and whats with all the live fire training going on for the past few weeks….kua mada na vakalusi lavo kei na vaka lusi sicini….vacava me dou live fire pracitice vei Vore…dou fire!!

  9. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Dou sa bula.

    What has happened to Sakiusa Rabaka and Nimilote Verebasaga’s case? Tevita Malasebe’s case has come and gone and at least 1 Police Officer was sentenced to life.

    Rabaka & Verebasaga’s case involves Military personnel, which is not surprising no movement at all, with Teleni sitting on the files and doctoring the evidence.

    So much blood on Bainimarama’s hands when you also take into account the murders of the 5 CRW members after all hostility had ceased. I certainly would not want to be in his shoes and he could be a suicide risk!

  10. Tuks Says:

    Digging their own graves,… they re digging their own graves!!!!!. That’s the end result of all their deception work they are now doing.. They will pay, very dearly some day soon. As SV suggested we keep blogging Ragone.Sa qai matata riko ga mai na nodratou mata ni meke!!!. Me na yaco i vei na lasu kei na veivalaboci ratou vakayacora tiko???

  11. Tim Says:

    Frank suspends talks…… Meanwhile
    The wife of forty-four year old Nimilote Verebasaga says it’s been NINE months since her husband died and she’s still WAITING FOR ANSWERS. (and that was a few months ago).
    Meanwhile, Judge Gates laments the injustice done John Scott and his partner, but decides (being the fucking little dairy queen he is), best option be – just humour these mutha-fukkas. Doesn’t have the courage or the principle of the Scott, so jus bess humour these bloody cannibals and fuck off quik wif me little native boi soon as I can! Nazi n Shai will protect me sure as, after all! Me knows dey bofe mad biches but dat innocent little social climbing wankress Scutt got em all sussed, so we shud be sweet! She got da racial prejDICE fing well sussed after all.
    Meanwhile, the champion of Human Rights, the very honourable lick-thy-feet-Shaista-ja-mimme-I-got-your-intrests-at-heart-Shameen, proud lickitysplit-sister-da-Nazi-get-my-kids-da-hell-outa-hier, Ombudsman, ego-stroker, and Bubba-best-frend, proclaim da neighbours be nea…near…..nei……..neo-colonial dip shits.
    Meanwhile the EL350, all swanked up wif da very latest in sounds and big big testosterone, tanked wif da latest in da premium of petrols, shuffles its suppressive bullhsit round Suva and all points of da compass. Penis be little, but da Octane be large – hey people – you know we cool.

  12. Mark Manning Says:

    Teleni should be careful , as his investigations will take him in ever Decreasing circles , until he eventually disappears up his own bum !

  13. Bebenibogi Says:

    @ MM gees that would be terrible, if we saw his eye peeping out at you during a colonoscopy.

  14. Koya na Man Says:

    They can say all they want but all the evidence points to military espionage and dirty tactics is obvious.

    I refer to live round fire practice at delainabua, a mind game tactic to instill fear to civilians at large.

    Grow up Bhai and give it up, you a fighting an uphill battle,politics is a different mind game altogather.

  15. Linus Says:

    Could it be Snake & snake are just blowing another smoke screen to hide another steal like the FHL take over or some Ginormous F#*k up we havn’t found yet??

  16. SDL to Da Bone Says:

    There used to be a special group led by Lt Col Sitiveni Tukaituraga Qiliho that was responsible for these ‘special’ jobs. Qiliho is Voreqe’s right hand man and is now attending Staff College in India. Se qai lai caka qo na course ni rank ni Lieutenant Colonel, kemudou. The cowardly QEB night runs and obstable courses including all those women who were forced to undress and crawl and had frogs forced in their pants. Meanwhile, I am sure, in one corner, you could see Qiliho and his brigade wadru wadru suluka toka kina. Sick bastards. Vakamadualaka na mataivalu, kaisi. As someone rightly pointed out, it would also include the attacks against the Democracy Shrine, the burning down of Imraz Igbal’s office, the attack against Fa & Mesake Koroi’s homes and the cowardly attack against Ballu Khan at the Delainavesi Checkpoint. Many soldiers have shared that they are so embarrassed at Qiliho and his brigade. E na oti mai. E na oti mai.

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