Keep on Keeping On ANZAC

The ban is hurting these bunch of thieves and another of their illegal inititive has been thrown back in the face.

Robin Storck has created history as the shortest Corporate Chairman ever (Guiness Book of Records Stuff) after resigining as chairman of the Fijian Holdings Limited Board because of the Travel Ban imposed on him by New Zealand.

He needs to travel to Aotearoa periodically for Medical Reasons.

By the way who the f#*^k is this Robin Storck?  Can anyone give us some background?

Blog on Ragone sa voleka sara ni katia na cebo nei Neumi Leweni Na Papai e na levu ni lasulasu. Ia sa vuli vinaka vei nona Vore ni Veikau.

Read the last paragraph of the article below and think duuuh??? Who appointed the Qarase Interim Government in 2000??? One wild pig called Commodore Vore, the one Leweni has been blowing for years.



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  1. Kate Says:

    Robin Storck was responsible for losses incurred by Tip Top Ice Cream as its & guess who bought Tip Top – Goodman Fielder, a subsidiary of FHL!

  2. Kate Says:

    He was managing director of Tip Top when it incurred huge financial debts and had to close shop!

  3. solivakasama Says:

    OMG so that was the character of the person they brought in to chair FHL, and now it’s like jumping from the Frying Pan to the fire as Aziz the soldier boy is automatically acting chairman and Baya (the land rights lawyer) his legal adviser.

    Aren’t we comparing oranges with pears here, or is it paragrass with ganja??

    These two lawyers reminds me of that joke about why sharks will never bite lawyers? Out of professional respect 8)


  4. Ablaze Says:

    Please Kutu write into the Fiji Times about what you have just said about ANZAC ban is hurting these pigs. Robin Storck creating history as the shortest Corporate Chairman ever ( Guiness Book of Records Stuff ) resigning as chairman of the Fijian Holdings Limited Board because of Travel Ban imposed on him by NZ.

    You will have to tone your letter down to get it published.

    I wish I had thought about it first. I would have written.

    Blogging is good but it doesn’t reach the majority.

  5. Ablaze Says:

    Robin Storck is one of those wannabe kai valagis that thought he was better than the rest of us. I don’t know whether he still lives in that house opposite Kunda Singh supermarket, Tamavua. His wife is from NZ and use to a Suva socialite.

  6. solivakasama Says:


    you can write to FT and use what I have written here. You got my permission.


  7. Tui Says:

    Anyone know about this Baya character? I hear he hangs out with a certain expat staff Melaney from USP. Which law firm does he work for or is he one of the IG legal advisers?

  8. church mouse Says:

    Stork doesn’t register much on google – only that he’s associated with the Suva Yacht Club!
    As for Ulai – well he’s been around – worked in Oz for a while. Was in England the last I heard. Google tribewanted and his name will come up somewhere there. He’s from Mali Island.

  9. waisou Says:

    Just a brief about the Baya man…out of USP into NLTB before jumping ship to join Air Pac here in Raiwaqa as a cadet and then off to JCU for law degree…worked a bit for the koorie organisation in Aussieland before coming home to join AG’s office. After using his connections at the expense of the SDL party, went onto England to do his LLM.

    He is like the jack of all trades and the master of none…never lasted wherever he worked. His ego is too big for his tiny frame…

    He has not really established himself well in any of his fields, like a permanet job lasting at over 1 year to have the worth to sit on the Board..likes blowing his trumpet in every direction….it is the wind that carries the news first and fast before realising that the wind can change direction in a tick. He tells eveyone what he will do or become but realises that later that it does not happen his way!!!

    Likes to manipulate situations to suit his own hidden agenda..changes color faster than anything under the sun….

    All in all, a man who terribly lacks commercial experience and undecisive!!!

    God bless Fiji

  10. Tim Says:

    Why can’t he go to Korea for his medical requirements. Does it not register with these people what the sanctions imposed by OZ/NZ?. I’d still turn him round at the border until such time as Frank has kept his committment. He signed up already – tuff shit Robyn.
    He expected to have his cake and eat it, as do they all. Personally I think we, the EU, US, OZ, NZ, MSG et al should not try and complicate matters – they’re really quite simple. Frank, Chodo and co have made a number of committments. WHEN they show good faith and signs of keeping them, things can change. In reality the sanctions are not smart enough – they should include matters financial.

  11. natewaprince Says:

    Robin Storck.

    Scientific name: Pale-anus Basininaqaras

    Another introduced leeche species similar to the Homo Erect-arse except for its lighter colour.As leeches are known as prolific blood suckers,this species will ”run ”for cover at the slightest sign of danger.Thus the second part of its name,derived from the Fijian term ”basi ni Naqara”meaning ‘coward’ or ‘lamu-sona’.

    Control: A scare-crow in the garden will do.

  12. Tui Says:

    Thanks Waisou and Church Mouse. At least we know the pig appointed these people with “proven” business records. And we are to believe the FHL is in good hands! WTF!!!

  13. Tim Says:

    Frank’s paranoia is kicking in again (or rather his apologists). He says he doubts the sincerity of Australia and NZ. Firther,
    “Commodore Bainimarama says the treatment of Fiji and the disparaging remarks of the Australian and New Zealand governments show that these two governments are condescending, hold neo-colonialist views and fail to recognise that Fiji is a sovereign state which needs to be treated with dignity and respect” (RNZi).
    Frank, firstly Fiji’s sovereignty (and its population’s right to self determination) was raped by you back in Decemeber 2006.
    Secondly, everyone can see who is schooling you up – they tried using the same terminolgy unsuccessfully several months back. As many of us have pointed out before, your hatred of neo-colonialism is rather hollow and selective – China’s (and others’) imperialism = OK, Australia/NZ = Not OK – that is if it can be described as neo-colonialism rather than simply keeping you to the bargain you made in Nov 2006.
    Thirdly, it is even more laughable when what you want to do is colonise the Fijian population according to the State of Frank’s Imperial Army and its impedimenta. Like Bubu, I and others have stated – it’s tending towards fascism.
    Fourthly, the dignity and respect you crave is something that is earned and not simply a one way thing. If you applied a little dignity and respect for the people of Fiji, acted in good faith, stopped lying, dealt with some of the sins of your regime so that justice, dignity and respect for those whose whanau you have murdered, beaten, robbed and generally abused – you and your pathetic circus might be taken seriously.

  14. Tim Says:

    Fifthly, if ever there was an example of neo-colonialism at play,(indeed a definition of it), Frank, the iIarse and his FH, the Bandmaster and all the other little munters need only refer to the document previously published on this site from Chodo’s PC. It appears that has been your “Roadmap” – because bit by bit we can tick off the pretty little boxes – the latest FHL.

  15. natewaprince Says:

    8,000,000 hits since Kutu’s last update two days ago (Wed.), Wowwwww!!!

  16. Tim Says:

    That’s impressive!. So in reality there’ve been about 7,000. The other 1K are the junta and media cell. I was thinking yesterday what will be their next step? Sure enough their predicatbility didn’t disappoint. Paranoia, a little tantrum or two, and some more spin. Frank has lost track of who he should slag off next. I’m sure Winston Peters might be a good candidate – Frank would be an example of the “strutting peacock that does SFA”.

  17. Mossad Says:

    Couldn’t Storck go to India? ……..probabily should have liased with the President of Haryana…….aka multi million pilferer Mahen Choro Choro

  18. KaiFiji Says:

    does anyone knows the name of the senior Military officer in court of RAPE..yeah that is all about discipline..same as Tuiteci..DOu veivutu ga na sotia boci qori..And lewenis wife from dentist to Director..phew sa yawa

  19. KaiFiji Says:

    SV please put this on ur blog
    No Comment From Military
    Publish date/time: 20/06/2008 [16:50]

    The Fiji Military Force will not comment on the actions of the senior military officer who was this morning charged with defilement.

    Military spokesperson Major Neumi Leweni confirmed they are aware of the charges but they will not make any conclusions yet, as the case is currently in court.

    The 48-year-old senior military officer appeared before Magistrate Aminiasi Katonivualiku charged with defiling a 15-year-old girl.

    Police prosecutor Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Epeli Talakubu confirmed the officer faced 3 counts of defilement, these were read to him in court. The court heard on the 13th February this year, the officer had unlawful carnal knowledge with the victim.

    The plea has been differed to the 3rd of next month as the accused asked for time to seek legal assistance.

    ASP Talakubu objected to bail on the grounds that the charge is serious and if he is released he will surely continue to abuse the girl as it the accused was responsible for the welfare of the girl.

    The accused is remanded in custody and bail will be reviewed on the 3rd of next month.

  20. Tim Says:

    What’s the maximum sentence for “defilement”? Six month’s tour of duty in Iraq or two years as Ambassador to China?

  21. NobleBannerBlue Says:

    Tim … too true

    The military govermt is so misogynistic…

  22. Navosavakadua Says:

    I always get these birds confused. Is the Stork the white one with some yellow somewhere? But I assume that the stork is not the belo. What would the stork’s motto be “Me da dro mai na noda dui ucu ni vatu”?

  23. at least Says:

    wahaha @ TIM
    Tthat was a good one Tim..But unlucky for this guy as he was denied Bail..Hard luck on VOre..But I am sure if he gets a chance of staying out Vore’s main priority is to send him on the next available tour flight anywhere..Funny eh?? kua ga na mataivalu sona levu qo..if you take a closer look at them they all have big asses behind them..

  24. Peace Pipe Says:

    Not only big asses but tiny appendages too. That’s why he turned to a smaller younger girl to get some gratification. They have lost sight of the law ever since they carried the illgal coup and think they can do anything illegal since their head honcho led the way there.

  25. at least Says:

    if Vore can save his private lower ranks officers from murders why cant he protect this one from rape let alone a yawa..Io baleta kila o koya sa levu na pressure sa sona levu na cakava..Levu ga na vosa vakalialai o tamana mada ga kei na nona family na vale mai na koro e tara tiko ena Poverty Alleviation Fund..qai via mai vakateratera tiko..Laurai ga vua na boci sona levu ..Ulu lala Magaitinamu o Vore

  26. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Agree PP

    As Russell Hunter said some months ago, “THERE IS NO LAW IN FIJI!”

    These green goons think that they can do what ever they like but it is certainly noted by the world that there is no discipline in chaudhry’ thugs.

  27. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    The more I think about it, magabe in Rhodesia is learning a lot from the bumbling baboons that make up the undisciplined farces of Fiji.

  28. Tip Top Says:

    I can recall one Robin Storck who Was the MD for Tip Top Ice Cream company in the 90’s. He was terminated for gross financial management at Tip Top.

    The financial regulatory organisations (CMDA and the Stock Exchange) should investigate Storck’s background.

  29. Tim Says:

    There are a few “storck’s” living in Auckland. I suspect the medical reasons is more like “I don’t want to be separated from my family for too long”. Like someone else said – What medical condition could he have that can’t be treated in India? – why they might even throw in a replacement organ free, courtesy of Frank’s last little jaunt.

    Does anybody else think Frank trying to lecture us on neo-colonialism, respect and dignity is as funny as a fart? I’d be laughing if it wasn’t bloody serious! Frank isn’t the Brains of Britain, nor of Fiji, and most actually know what a bloody coward he is. They’re probably too polite to say so only ‘cos he keeps them in smokes and they feel sorry for what the family has to suffer.

    Its almost as funny as Dr Shaista Shameen lecturing on human rights or Madge Leweni trying to stay in tune. Ooooh the indignity, Ooooh the lack of respect.

    Get a grip fellas – what about the families of those you’ve murdered still waiting for justice. Stop groping – it’s so undignified! Apart from which I thought you were all hard bastard soldiers! – You know all that proud tradition of Colonialism and Military. Or was that “neo-colonialism and mercenary”? – err shit I dunno, pass me anotha toke will ya?

    Frank: It’s no use mouthing off at the lack of respect and dignity accorded you and trying to frame it as neo-colonialism when more than half the population think you’re as big a joke as the neighbours do. Perhaps that’s the only reason there hasn’t been an uprising and violence – people are still rolling around on the floor laughing at your incompetence and are too busy feeling embarassed for you and your poor bloody family (in-laws really).
    I feel sorry for the likes of Reeves – how the hell can someone like him try and bring this absolute bugger’s muddle towards “progress”. Oh yes – I know, he’s such a very nice understanding man.

    Isn’t it time for a reality check?
    You’ve got a vindictive revengeful chodo as master of ceremonies who, when he can get past himself, puts in a days work. The rest of the time he spends neglecting and probably beating the wife, treating everyone like shit, and trying to figure out how he can use left-wing ideology and the loyalty of his members to support his own agenda. Comradeship and brotherhood for the working class man – we gotta stick together – united we stand, divided we fall (Shaista and Bubba alike): Admirable qualities IF they were genuine, except a couple of million stashed offshore, Shaista and Bubba and Nazzy desperately clinging to their elitism, his RECORD TO DATE kind of shows otherwise – doesn’t this ring alarm bells for those that worship them?
    Then you’ve got –
    A Military Commander that makes public statements from time to time and fucks up his REHEARSED lines everytime he has to face a camera or microphone – might as well have a bloody big monty python hand winding up the clockwork key stuck in the middle of his back – better still stuck up his arse, inbetween convincing him that he’s got a really really big penis. Oh Mere, they’re being mean to me! – specially dat Helin Cluk!. John! write me a press release slagging her off!.
    A new (recycled) Luelue attempting public relations when he has never been reknown for his ability to stay in tune. Perhaps his wife pumps him full of laughing gas in between grog bowl sesssions. Her duty is to keep his handkerchieves clean so he can mop up the dribble. Now there’s a fucking Peacock that’s unsure of its gender if ever I saw one.

    Doctor Shaista Shameen!. (I’m not quite sure how to put the “Doctor” in bold – I tried CTRL>B but it just came back with “FRUSTRATED BITCH”.
    Doctor Who?! You know – that woman that’s concerned for human rights. (Oh yes – those things!).
    The one that’s struggled all her life and is so in touch with the working class man (oh yes, and of course women!). Rags to riches!. She should be an example to us all!. Fact is SHE IS, but not in the way she’d hoped to be.
    She has such respect for minorities and the unfairness of it all that she collects closet homos like they were an endangered species. THe problem for her is that they’ll all ditch her like hot potatoes leaving her the bitter and twisted, cudda, shudda, wudda done better pathetic spinster she is. Still, I spose Nazzy and Jo Jo Scutt will stick by her through tick and thin – cos otherwise if they didn’t, well that’d just be blatent prejudice wouldn’t it?

    That propensity to collect closet homos brings us to the iIAG and the Gates (as well as half the bloody Catholic Church!). All too bloody busy passing judgement on everyone else in a bid to disguise their own “dysfunction” – dysfunction BY THEIR OWN DEFINITION rather than anyone else’s. (i.e. It’s not alcoholism, homosexuality, mysogeny, kiddie fucking that are the problems that need fixing, but BASIC personal dishonesty).
    No wonder they did away with confessions – pointless bloody exercise really.
    But then perhaps that is what Frank finds attractive: you can treat your dumb bitch wife like shit, strut around like a Winston Peacock, lie and swear like a trooper, thrown tantrums, murder, pillage and rape, just so long as you front up once a week and confess to some equally dysfunctional mentor priest, and confess.
    You can even shuv it up an illegal Interim Attorney General just so long as he doesn’t squeal like a Pig. Actually he’s more like a weena.

    How in God’s name – or anybody else you might worship, do they expect people to take them seriously? There’s a Judge who is so bloody gutless he can’t even schedule court proceedings in any credible fashion?. Of course it is possible he’s too busy organising how he’s gonna do a runner and take his boy with him just before the shit hits the fan.
    How long ago was NIMILOTE VEREBASAGA?. What is so complicated. Where are Shaista and the iIAG in all this?
    I’d go on, except their bullshit kills me with both laughter and tears. Oh Yea – then there’s that picture of the chamion of “human rights” with a pistol in her hand!. FFS, give us a break fellas. She ACTUALLY expects us to take her seriously, as does Frank, as does Chodo and a few others of them.
    Frank: A Neo-colonial reaction might just be to wipe you out – or at least a QEB or two, with the smarter weaponry and technology that is available (at very very close range). Get with the programme – even if you have to slap that silly Mere and go get yaself some ass to prove yourself.

    This junta undertook to return to democracy asap. They ALL attempt to show everyone how appropriate and fitting they are to the positions they’ve assumed. Their credentials to perform the positions they’ve assumed are supposedly the best available. Why then are they about to miss, which in many countries, will be a full electoral cycle in bringing us to elections?.
    Well maybe one reason is that despite what they signed up to, committed to, promised repeatedly, assured everyone, to ALL they have their hand out to (for money, and what they hoped would be mana), they were actually trying to formulate a background agenda – like the dumbest of criminals.
    Chodo to Frank to Chodo: We gotta keep dose EU fellas sweet – there’s a few mill at stake. Yea yea, NZ got fuk all at da mo – give dat Helun Cluck shit – she been a bich to me – Sami/Bubba: dream up some shit I can have a go at em with! And hey! – make sure I can pronounce it proply – I dun worna look lyk da village idiot (I am). Rudd – I ain’t sure about yet – you reckon the money’s there? Shit! you gotta be careful wit dat Rudd. You know he can speak dat Chink shit real good – he prolly got mor sway dan we do.

    Frank: Hope to meet ya one day (one to one, unincumbered) but I suspect events will overtake you.

  30. NobleBannerBlue Says:


    One National News

    “Long Overdue” FHRC report
    20 Jun 2008 01:54:44

    An investigation by the Fiji Human Rights Commission has found, there were no breaches of human rights in the deportation of expatriate publishers, Russel Hunter and Evan Hannah.

    In a One National News exclusive, the 40-page report, which has only been made available to former Opposition Leader Mick Beddoes and a few Government ministries, has gone so far as to say, their removals appear to be long overdue.

    It’s a comprehensive report resulting from the investigations of the Fiji Human Rights Commission, into the deportation of Fiji Sun Publisher Russell Hunter, and Fiji Times Publisher Evan Hannah.

    It stemmed from a complaint made to the Ombudsman Doctor Shaista Shameem, by former Opposition Leader Mick Beddoes.

    Beddoes had asked the Ombudsman to investigate “the reasons and circumstances leading to the deportation of Hunter and Hannah, and determine the extent to which their rights were breached by the authorities.”

    The FHRC was provided documents by the Interim Prime Minister, the Interim Minister for National Security, and the Interim Attorney General, for this investigation.

    The Commission mentions that additional evidence was provided by other sources.

    Some of this evidence includes a series of personal email exchanges and discussions between lawyers, judges, newspaper writers, NGO activists, and staff of prominent international agencies, like the United Nations.

    The investigation report highlights a number of matters relating to the judiciary.

    It’s also particularly scathing of three local NGO’s, for outbursts against certain members of the judiciary.

    Some matters regarding the circumstantial evidence and reasons in this report, that could have led to the deportations cannot be reported, as they’re currently before the Courts.However what we can say, is that this report reiterates a point the FHRC has raised for a long time.

    That the Constitution provides limitations to freedom of expression and the press… when it comes to matters of national security and administration of justice.

    The report says, Human Rights law cannot be invoked to protect people who seek such protection, in order to bring the administration of justice, one of the central arms of law and order, and the security of the people in Fiji, to its knees.

    Adding, in such circumstances, public interest, public order, public safety, and the rights and freedoms of others, outweigh the individual rights claimed.

    The report states, thus the Commission finds no substance in the allegation that the rights of Hannah and Hunter were breached. On the contrary it says, their removals appear to have been long overdue.

    That the owners of the Fiji Times and Fiji Sun and other media, be considered for committal of contempt of court, for the persistent attacks on the judiciary and administration of justice, to the matters outlined in this report.

    There are 13 other recommendations in the report.

  31. Mark Manning Says:

    MM for P , Vp,Comm.of the RFMF,PM,Deputy PM,Secretary to the P , Chief of Ploice etc.etc.

  32. Mark Manning Says:

    Police that should read ,

  33. Mark Manning Says:

    Frank only has one choice if he is to avoid prison for life , to lay down his arms , surrender to the police and have his army returned to barracks and let the government return the country to Democracy and order the arrest of all involved in this coup . It is futile for Frank and the IG to continue .

  34. Budhau Says:

    So this Robin Storck dude, the wannabe kai valagi – the loser that he is – who put him on the board of FHL in the first place?

  35. Peace Pipe Says:

    The insanity of shitstar lingers on and and on like a plague or debilitating disease. For almost 2 years she has been pouring forth all these shit that are incomprehensible as they do not make sense and are illogical in their reasoning. We can obviously see that she is just a front for the regime concocting all these lies to justify the illegal actions of the iig.

  36. Glawyer Says:

    These idiots are at it again. The report by Shyster is only worth wiping her ass with and only goes to show the world her idiocy and how much she has bent over for this illegal regime. As for the EU delegation I hope they aren’t fooled by these imbeciles! All these meetings with Qarase and the Methodist church happening in the same week as the arrival of the EU delegation…coincidence? I think not!! Let hope they see through the lies…especially the tabetabe kind that Vore and Aiyarse are always saying about EU being more understanding than ANZAC. I would suggest to the EU delegation to take their cue from nations that are ‘closer to the action’ and would have a much better idea about what is happening here in our beloved country…basically the people of this nation have been held hostage by a madman for 18 months and we need all the help possible to get rid of him, options including a bullet to the head!! The only reason they’re still in power is because they have the guns, that aside we’d overrun them and send them all to prison after a nice buturaki.

  37. Tim Says:

    @Glawyer: Exactly right! which is why I consider them all fair game even with my unPC comments. They all operate with huge double standards strutting round like they were Gods. They’d be amongst the most judgemental people on Earth yet harp on about how mean and unhelpful people are to oppose them. They deserve all that’s thrown at them! They all put themselves out there – even if Frank’s intentions were originally noble (which I strongly doubt – he saw his past about to bite him in the bum), they can hardly be said to be now after all that’s happened. A pathetic piece of rump.

  38. Seini Loga Says:

    Nice reading all these comments about Robin Storck and how he can’t go to NZ….well SV readers and bloggers, Sitiveni Qiliho is in India doing his MASTERS DEGREE…in what we don’t know. This idiot hasn’t even done any prerequisites for university nor has he passed any of his officers exams for RFMF…can you imagine what his thesis will be on……one wonders……because in India you can buy your degree…looks like this IG is desperate to get its people qualified because starting from I(ILLEGAL)G PM down….no degrees….sa dri yani….LOL!

  39. Seini Loga Says:

    As for Baya…made a senior flight attendant pregnant..they have a daughter together…then he goes back to white women.He is about to leave for Brisbane..where he will commute from….

  40. Budhau Says:

    Seini Loga – why all this personal attack on people. So you think one can buy a degree from some Indian Military college.

    As for giving mediocre Fijians scholarship – I think that has always been a Fijian tradition – its who you know, not what you know. While good poor Fijian students miss out – people with connections get scholarship – that is nothing new.

    As for Baya impregnating some other women – you think that is wrong – you go find out how many illegitimate children in Fiji that have been fathered by your very reputable chiefs. So this Baya guy had a second marriage or something – you want to point out how many of your reputaple chiefs and other heroes have been in similar situations – and that does not count screwing around in some golf club bathroom.

    So cut out the insults to individuals – stay with the issues – or as they say in Fiji – play the ball and not the man.

    Tim – they may be “amongst the most judgmental people on Earth”, but why should that stop you from taking the high road.

    Glawyer – agree with you – that Shyster lady is an idiot.

  41. soro Says:

    TIM – you the man !! Well bloody said ! You have truly summed it all up briliantly ! Thank you my man !

  42. Dauvavana Says:

    If this Baya guy is commuting from Brisbane then somebody better alert the Australian Government to cancel his PR or if he is a citizen then sombody must have mess up big time because his Masters scholarshp was an award to Fiji for Fiji Citizens not Australians.

  43. Dauvavana Says:

    da kakua sara ni sauma na volavola nei koya na sonalevu dau mai vavukuvukuya tiko eke e na qai poete ga mai. Kua sara ni dua e sauma ke o raica ga na yacana na kadia qo kua madaga ni wilika na ka e vola

  44. LUVfiji Says:

    Thats exactly right. Also, Australia would be making a decision on the issue of visa to Archbishop Peteromataca who is Sydney bound next month. The FijiTimes reported today that he would be heading a 600-member delegation from Fiji to attend the World Youth Day for young Catholics. Pete is supposed to be celebrating Mass at the weeklong event.

    Dont let him in Australia !!

  45. Maqa a Leqa Says:

    Correction LUVfiji-it’s not Petero Mataca but Petero Monaca!

  46. Say True! Says:

    @ Daushootin – ni vosoti au kemuni, e sa kata saraga na noqu dra.

    @ Budhau – please stop being condescending on the Fijian people. You are blogging from the comfort of a free country somewhere I presume. It’s the very attitude of the likes of you that gives more urgent impetus on the Fijian race their God given right to defend and protect their land, people, culture. The very fact that you may be overseas yet still comment on Fiji is because you must have a special place in your heart for the country. If anything think of your Indian brothers and sisters who may have not been as fortunate as you to migrate. They may face the full repercussion of outbursts such as yours, and it is the right of every Fijian to protect their race, culture and country. Is it possible that you may be no where as equal to the caucasians where you live? Could you be the PM of that country? Do you feel discriminated against sometimes? Have you stopped to think about the predicament of the natives of the country that you live in? Please stop and think about it. That is all the Fijians are asking for, a say in their future. Please respect it. If you don’t then very well, you have shipped out, stay where you are, forget about Fiji, adopt your new home, get involved in their politics, and leave those with their heart in the Fiji to do it’s bidding. May you find the true peace you seek in your God (all religions are about making us better people – truly worship your God and you may find the answer).

    Regards Bud
    Warrior for Fiji

  47. Say True! Says:

    @ daushootin – that’s kata2 above.

  48. LUVfiji Says:

    Gotcha MaL 🙂

  49. George of Sydney Says:

    The bible says that if you climb the fence, the snake will bite you. Frank is now starting to feel the snake bite from every direction. He at first thought that with the power of guns, he could control all the activities of the snake including the size and time of his bites. Little did he know that the snake he is messing with has more than one head(hydra). You cant destroy it but in the end it will destroy you.
    When Frank threw out our elected goverment, he must have not dreamed the dream he is now dreaming and that iTs disaster, disaster and more disaster. Everything he has tried seems to come to the brick wall of no support. The worst thing about all this is that this illegal juntas are not going through or facing the the reality of the economic consequence of their action like ordinary people are facing. They continue to blame others except themselves. As The last part of the book of Jeremaih 17:10 states, “ONE DAY I WILL PAY YOU ACCORDING TO YOUR DEEDS ”
    By imposing the ban on the new supervisor of election it would simply mean that although Australia and NZ want an early election, it has to be done in accordance with the requirements and terms of the 1997 Constitution. The reason is very simple and that is whilst the constitution has not being abrogated, it remains the supreme law of the land and no person or institution is above it. I dont think Aust and NZ & US will change their stand on this issue.
    The way Nepote (Nepotism) Leweni has been conducting himself in his new civilian post is starting to make everybody thinks that he is still the military spokesperson. GET OVER IT FOR YOUR DAYS IN LUXURIES NUMBERED.

    Bula na wekaqu. warai au baci nanumi kemuni tiko la yani Tai. Moni kalougata tiko ena weekend oqo.

  50. Keep The Faith Says:

    I wonder if Lailun Khan (one of the very few CEO’s of statutory organisations to have survived the first and second rounds of “chops”) will be making a come- back somewhere else in the not too distant future?

  51. Jose Says:

    Tim says at 5.01pm 20/6/08
    “Like Bubu, I and others have stated – it’s tending towards fascism.”

    For today Rome considers the Fascist regimes the nearest to it’s dogmas and interest. We have not merely the Reverend [Jesuit] Father Coughlin praising Mussolini’s Italy as a “christian democracy” but Civilta Cattolica, house organ of the Jesuits (official Jesuit magazine), says quite frankly……
    “Fascism is the regime that corresponds most closely to the concepts of the church of Rome”.

    Days of Our Years, Pirre van Paasen, (New York:Hilman Curl Inc., 1939)p.465

    The activities of the Order are directed towards changing our society, changing the world, to bring about a One World Order. This will be a planned order with heavily restricted individual freedom (that’s fascism), without constitutional protection, without national boundaries or cultural distinction.
    (Morals and Dogma)

  52. Juicy Lucy Says:

    Lailun Khan is headed or Air Pacific

  53. Seini Loga Says:

    Thanks Budhau for your comments…was just giving facts…check it out.The attacks are not personal just want to make people aware of what’s happening.Enjoy your day and don’t worry won’t bother debating with you anymore…

  54. Belijo Says:

    Lailun Khan is a woman much admired by many who know her. She is a dedicated worker and an honest one too. She probably had, had too much of the inconsistencies and corruptive measures forced on her workplace by the IG that she thought fit to resign. Good on you and may God bless you and continue to do what is right in the eyes of God! God Bless Fiji and all those dedicated to building a democratic and corrupt-free Fiji.

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