Fijian Interest

This military junta has proven one thing so far – that anything to do with the indigenous people must be supressed or interfered with. First it was the GCC. Then it was the provincial council properties. Now it is one the most successful of all businesses here in Fiji – Fijian Holdings Limited.

Peni Mau may be under FICAC investigation but he brought Post Fiji millions in profit. Sitiveni Weleilakeba is another success story. Semesa Karavaki and so many other indigenous citizens who could steer this country forward are replaced just because they are successful.

What is wrong with us? No sooner someone or something is successful we seek to destroy it. On one hand I am glad that it is the calm indigenous nature we are dealing with but on the other, I wonder just how much more we can expect them to take. If ever someone divided this country based on race, it is this military junta. All those indigenous sons and daughters assisting in bringing down our cultural heritage and businesses are aptly rewarded with positions of power and most are calling themselves christians.

But the money and positions of power will not last forever and they will leave behind a legacy of greed.

Can the junta now interfere in all other business ventures listed on the stock exchange to show it has no bias?

Investment in companies will soon be a thing of the past as we will put unqualified people in charge of running their business interests.

Tai Smith




21 Responses to “Fijian Interest”

  1. Tim Says:

    And also this… just as a reminder:
    The wife of forty-four year old Nimilote Verebasaga says it’s been NINE months since her husband died and she’s still WAITING FOR ANSWERS.

    Asinate Verebasaga says her husband was picked up by a truck load of soldiers in full military gear on January the sixth and that the next time she saw him was at a Suva mortuary. She says he had broken ribs and his neck was obviously broken. (Listen) Where are the answers ? What happened to Nimilote’s human rights ? What happened to transparency ? Why is the army covering up ? THE NATION AWAITS ANSWERS AND THE WORLD CONTINUES TO WATCH

    Frank – it will not go away no matter how much bullshit you try and get your peons to apply.

  2. Linus Says:

    I thank Tai for his forthright and frank letter! Very Well said!!

  3. natewaprince Says:

    Quite right Tim,we should never forget.

    Just to remind us of the evil in this regime,what has happened to the court case of the killers of of Verebasaga and Rabaka.Bloggers must always remember the families of these two victims of the pigs oppresive actions on the Fijian populace.

    On the same note,where is the evidence of corruption that the pig was screaming about.Probably in his cici.

    And where is the evidence of vote rigging Lavenia mamabioci Padarath said would be revealed.Is it in Peter Foster’s white cici?

    Now that they are in power,they should have every oppotunity to produce the evidence required to justify the coup,illegal though it may be.
    Since it is still not forthcoming,it just proves that the coup was carried out by election losers who conned a uneducated crack-pot to take over a democratically elected govt.

  4. Striker Says:

    Don’t be fooled chaps! Any attempt at reconciliation with this IG will fail because the mask being worn by the pig hides the face of Chodo who is really in control. It is Chodo who is using the pig to destroy Fijian institutions including the GCC, and now Fijian Holdings. According to TV 1last night, the Methodist ministers in discussions at the military camp have raised a moot point. Who is really leading the country? Only by removing the mask and confronting Chodo at his own game can the nation move forward!

  5. Tui Says:

    Thank you Tai for those comments. I fully endorse them. The acts of the junta dicktaker reminds me of the days of the Viti Kabani and Apolosi Ranawai. Apolosi was the most popular Fijian to grace our country. No other charismatic leader comes close, not even the statesman Ratu Sukuna. While we may acknowlede Ratu Seru in his attempts to unify the Fijian people, no one comes close to Apolosi. He was someone who stood up and defied the white colonialists by setting up the Viti Kabani. At that time it was unthinkable that a native would success or even think to compete with the whites in business. He was so successful that he started beating the white settlers and planters in their own game to the point that even other Fijians were jealous and envious of his success. The colonial administration at the time used Ratu Sukuna to send him to exile in Yacata.
    Today history is repeating itself and I call on my mataqali’s in Ra, let us stand up once again, and revive the Tuka movement. Let us once again challenge the authorities just like Doqumoi and Ranawai. When the coup of 2006 happened, my initial reaction was that the churches and chiefs would fail us. They would in turn collaborate with the devil and let their own people down. I started going back to our “hidden” history to find out more about the prophesies of Navosavakdua and Ranawai. Indead many things they foretold are now slowly being revealed. Navodavakdua said before he died he would bless the land he was going to be buried in. This land will be bountiful and it’s children will be high achievers in education and commerce. He also said that in time, Christianity will rob the Fijian people of their heritage. Talatala and priests will fatten themselves with the money they collect, while their members will go hungry. They will amass so much fortune, that the people will end up poor!
    If it is true what the bugle blower said this morning about the Methodists accepting the charter, then I’m afraid, all Duqumoi said is coming true.
    Ranawai told the young men of the Western side of Vitilevu to take up rugby, because that would make them rich in the future. He made these predictions in the early 1900’s! Look at the list of Fijian players making it big in the world of professional rugby today, how many are from the West?
    When you look back at the slave labour under which our forefathers worked in the lala system, it makes us wonder how Fijians survived managed to survive. I must say I am not proud of what my Baun realtives did to the people of the West and the Colo tribes. I feel that to we must do what we can to right the wrongs of our forfathers. Their trangressions are affecting us today. Sa veilecaki na kai Viti baleta ni sega mada ga na veivosoti kei na soro. Kevaka e sega ni cakava na lotu, ia sa dodonu ga meda cakava kevaka eda sa kila na dina.
    Ia sa re! Have a good weekend bloggers and thank you once again SV and team.
    Oh before I forget, the land where Duqumoi or Navosavakadua is buried is Rotuma.
    Btw, @George of Sydney, will post that piece about the history of Bau and Levuka later today.

  6. Tui Says:

    Sorry folks, rushing and making de spelling mistakes above. Please excuse eh! Going back to work!

  7. Budhau Says:

    Fijian Holdings wsas created to increase equity participation by Provincial Councils and Fijian Institution in successful companies.

    Ra Provincial Council got in with less then 9,000 class B shares, the Qarase family owned company allegedly got in with 100,000 class A shares. Class A shares get about twice as much in dividends than Class B shares, and I think class B shareholders do not have voting rights.

    Now, go do the math – and figure out who got screwed in the FHL deal.

  8. Groggymaster Says:

    And Bainimara complains of lack of overt and widespread support amongst the people that his illegal IG regime are vitimising.

  9. Tui Says:

    Sobo Budhau, you go finger mada yourself. What this IG is doing now is going to be 100,000 times worse then Qarase! What is worse is Indians sitting in the FHL as board members! You say class B shareholders don’t have voting rights, who the f^&&k voted in the new board members. Now go figure you idiot!

  10. tosotiko Says:

    Correction. Tai Smith is a lady and one vocal vasu who was not misled by this Vore. Another is Kenneth Zinck…and of course Angie Heffernan. WE thank God for the quality of people who oppose this coup. They are consistent, brave and courageous. When I look at them…I feel, there is hope for Fiji, yet.

  11. Navosavakadua Says:

    When the illegal regime collapses (when, not if) MCP will make a successful exit to be re-united with his money, which will turn out to be more than we have heard of so far, while Frank is left to face the music and join George at Naboro. To everyone’s surprise Eye Arse will be acquitted of everything because it turns out he was just talking out of his arse the whole time – behind the scenes he was just a joke, with no power, influence or first hand role in any of the illegal machinations. MCP called all the shots.

  12. Navosavakadua Says:

    @Budhau -1 will just once break my practice of not responding to your idiocy – if FHL Class A shareholders outnumber Class B shareholders as you imply, why do the Class B shareholders have a majority of the directors on the board? Once again, your lies have been exposed.

  13. KaiFiji Says:

    No Comment From Military
    Publish date/time: 20/06/2008 [16:50]

    The Fiji Military Force will not comment on the actions of the senior military officer who was this morning charged with defilement.

    Military spokesperson Major Neumi Leweni confirmed they are aware of the charges but they will not make any conclusions yet, as the case is currently in court.

    The 48-year-old senior military officer appeared before Magistrate Aminiasi Katonivualiku charged with defiling a 15-year-old girl.

    Police prosecutor Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Epeli Talakubu confirmed the officer faced 3 counts of defilement, these were read to him in court. The court heard on the 13th February this year, the officer had unlawful carnal knowledge with the victim.

    The plea has been differed to the 3rd of next month as the accused asked for time to seek legal assistance.

    ASP Talakubu objected to bail on the grounds that the charge is serious and if he is released he will surely continue to abuse the girl as it the accused was responsible for the welfare of the girl.

    The accused is remanded in custody and bail will be reviewed on the 3rd of next month.

  14. Budhau Says:

    Navosavakadua, wrote “- if FHL Class A shareholders outnumber Class B shareholders as you imply, why do the Class B shareholders have a majority of the directors on the board?”

    Now you idiot – let me explain to you – at a sixth grade level what I actually said – I did not imply that Class A shareholders outnumber Class B shareholder – what I said was that the Class A shareholders get about twice as much in dividend than Class B shareholder.

    How they have a majority of directors – Fijian Affairs Board and the Fijian Trust Fund have 67 per cent of the company’s total paid up capital – so the Minister for Fijian Affairs (or whatever his new title is) appoints the 6 directors.

    So Navosavakadua – what lies have you exposed – it is all here – go ahead and figure out.

    The fact still remains that when individual families of the Fijian elite, mostly with loans from FDB were acquiring Class A shares, they somehow failed to advise the Fijian institution and the Provincial Councils that buying Class A share was a better deal.

    Now let look at that moron Tim – Indians sitting on the board of FHL – that’s your problem, the race of the people on the board has little to do with anything – As to whether FHL will do OK – we have already seen how Qarase and company have F@#Ked up the FHL for the Fijians, why don’t we give these guys a chance – who knows maybe they will surprise you – I bet they can not do much worse than what Qarase and company did.

    Tim wrote – “You say class B shareholders don’t have voting rights, who the f^&&k voted in the new board members. Now go figure you idiot!”

    Hey Tim, how many Provincial Councils do you have with shares in FHL – do they get a vote.

    BTW – here are some more numbers – in FHL’s 1999 report Class A shares got a dividend of over $2 million, Class B shareholders $1 million.

    In 1984 there were no private companies in FHL – in 1992 there were 27 – I guess the Blue Print was working for some.

    In 1993 – Q-TEN INVESTMENTS LIMITED allegedly owned 200,000 class A Shares.
    Lau Provincial Council 17,401 Class B Shares.

    So instead of jumping on my ass what you guys should be asking is that did the $20 Million loan that was converted to a grant benefit the Fijian people as the GCC had intended. Or only some Fijians with access to loans benefited and what role did Qarase play in all this as managing director of FDB and a board member of FHL. BTW – this FDB loans that most of these Fijian families got to buy the FHL Class A shares, was the same loans made available to the Provincial Councils.

    Here is your math question of the day:
    In those good old days, the then interim government gave $1 million worth of class B shares to each of the 14 provinces – shares that paid bullshit dividend. What if Qarase had given that $14 million as loan to these provinces to buy Class A shares – the dividends from that would have covered the loan repayment and those shares would have been worth how much today? – is $50 million a good estimate – maybe some of you guys can figure that out.

  15. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Budhau Budhau Budhau!!! You are such a nutjob!
    Just ship out already why dont you?
    Make it less of a hassle for yourself.

  16. Dauniwalesi2 Says:

    Tui says interest on A R Nawai and Navosavakadua predictions is well founded..on the right track….the solution to the Fijian dilemma lies therein….
    the West people are reassured also by such oracles that peace and prosperity
    will follow gloom and doom…And all things will be restored to rightful holders..
    including leadership to rightful heirs//When leadership is restored then all things will fall into place..the land will be healed,,indigenous leadership restored, tears of the Fijian people will be wiped away, fears allayed,
    Fijians with all rights and governance assured, feel deep compassion for fellow human beings..Read Isaah 60/ 61

    God iis orchestrating events unfolding before us as he is reprimanding disobedient Isralites(Fijians) who pay lip service only to this Great God.

    Fellow Taukei, He is waiting for our collective cry, humble and broken through prayer so he could personally intervene to begin process of restoration..
    Am certain we could circumvent 40 year Isralite journey

  17. Budhau Says:

    So has anyone figured it out yet that:

    If the then interim government instead of giving $1 million worth of class B shares to each of the 14 provinces, would have given that $14 million as loan to these provinces to buy Class A shares – the dividends (which is 2X as much for class A shares as compared to Class B Shares) from that would have covered the loan repayment and those shares would have been worth how much today? – is $50 million a good estimate, or is it more.

    Qarase was the boss man at FDB, he was on the board of FHL and later he was the PM – and no one told the Fijian institutions what was a better deal for them.

    Why do you Fijians refuse to ask such question – it is no only now, you should have been asking those question back then.

  18. george of sydney Says:

    The sacking of the GCC is one of the most embarrassing and humiliating thing a commoner could ever done. It is not and would never be accepted and forgotten by the i Taukei of this country. When fijian people protested and questions the motive behind his action, his answer was that it is nothing new for the GCC membership are valid only for one year. Sega ga ni tukuni sara me vakafancy se vakateratera mai na kenai tukutukuni (I have terminated the function of the GCC) me vakaraitaka na levu ni kaukauwa e tiko vei iko. The reason you give for your action was because they (GCC) have rejected the President nominee for the VP which is Rt E Nailatikau. Youve got to remember Bai that the GCC is the appointing authority under the constitution for the VP and the President position. The President can recommend but the final decision rests with the GCC. I hope the President is not being pushed into making that nomination by your kind for some hidden agendas. Now he wants to change the criteria of selection and for only chiefs who have been installed be members, and other changes recommended by his puppets (Nawalowalo & co.).
    In humiliating the only institution that the i Taukei accepts as the pinacle of their identity, power and culture, you should not expect support from the vanua and the majority of the Fijian race in any proposal you make. You know what, Rabuka was successful in his coup because he respected the two major Fijian Institutions which the Fijians greatly respect and adored for they believe they are the corner stone of the Fijian society which is the Vanua and the Lotu. You did the opposite by the way you have been humiliating them (Like telling them to go and drink kava under the mango tree). You are a Fijian for gods sake!!!
    When affirmative actions were put in place to encourage and assist Fijians and Fijian institutions like Provinces participate in the business world and be brought to the same par as the Indians and other races who have always dominated the business sector, you listen to your main advisers, Chodo, Pramesh and Aiarse and tried to remove this Affirmative Action initiative. Why didnt you appoint a Fijian in one of this key position. Now the gap will continue to widen. Your dislike of Fijian Progress is becoming clear and the Fijians army and your kind in the regime have brought a lot of shame to the Fijian chiefs and the people.
    The removal of the plenty Fijian top executives with proven business records cant be made unchallenged. All those victims including Qarase are well known for their high level of professionalism, maturity and knowledge in the business world. In trying to find reasons to terminate their contract, their work were thoroughly scrutinised vakamatailalai (karua ga ni cele kutu) by the army and Chodorycreated FICAC.
    The golden question people are asking is

    Dont touch fijian institutions and assets(land and sea issues) kaka

  19. Dauvavana Says:

    Budhau nuni pio

  20. iceman Says:


  21. tosotiko Says:

    Good point raised by Budhau. But would the Provinces have qualified for that loan? In a commercial environment as this would have been, they would have been scrutinised for their financial standing and their capability to service that loan. Because at the point they are taking that loan, they are taking a risk as the returns from their intended investment at FHL are not quaranteed. They could win big time Or they could lose big time too.

    From what I heard the provincess decided to play it safe and buy class B shares. It’s what they felt comfortable with. It’s what they felt they could handle at that time.

    The assertion that they could have been class A shareholders is done in hindsight after we know that FHL is doing so well.

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