Intelligensiya Take Note

Sister blog Intelligensiya have positively taken a different tact and have started to put together a bloggers’ political party. We ask fellow bloggers to visit the blog, see what they are doing and express our support. The link is on the blog roll at the bottom right of this blog.

We have a suggestion as part of the Intelligensiya Party election manifesto:

 Random testing of members of the Fiji Law Society, the Fiji Bar, the magistrates, the judiciary, both houses of parliament and senior executives of the Fiji Public Service, military, prison and police officers for so called illegal “Recreational Drugs”.

The taking of illegal substances such as Marijuana, Heroin, Cocaine and synthetic drugs such as Ice is a criminal offence in this Country and those in the upper echelons of society must walk the talk on the subject. 

When people we look up to in society test negative for illicit substance, it would send home a strong message to those of our youths that maybe contemplating on experimenting with drugs.

If such a law is being imposed upon our sports elite and have found victims in the likes of rugby starts Rupeni Caucaunibuca, Filimone Delasau and Isireli Naqelevuki, why shouldn’t we impose the same rules on sections of society mentioned above.

With the benefit of hindsight, the imposition of such a regulation, could have avoided the nation of being over run by hallucinating and schizophrenic human rights lawyers and military officers that raped us of of our democracy and human rights in the name of cleaning up corruption.

 It has been nineteen months now and we are yet to see solid evidence of corruption from the witchhunt that followed. 

Kutu (S V Co-editor)


16 Responses to “Intelligensiya Take Note”

  1. natewaprince Says:

    Kutu,if your suggestion was to be carried out this very moment and those tested positive were to be sent to prison,well that would mean that all those Ahmadiya leeches sucking on the pigs soresore would be out on their asses in quick time.

    That would probbly empty out their media cell as well with the likes of Destiny,J. veikoso,gemini etc.Maybe Budhau if he was in the country.Also their boss,the thick lipped bugler.

    Maybe our friend Dauvavana too along with his bete from Gau.

  2. Dauvavana Says:

    NP na noqu kalou vu, vacawa me mai dua mada na kedaru i jibi tavako ni idia qai daru mai vakaraica vakamalua tu yani na nomu bete……………dede vakalailai e sa na tekivu rairai vinaka cake mai vakamalua vei iko na kenai rairai, talo tale mada bahahahahahhaa

  3. LUVfiji Says:

    Great suggestion SV.

    Mmm.. sitting pretty on the bench sentencing those caught with dried leaves. And check the lady O in Suva and that lady J in Lautoka H Court. Rua na marama daunilawa rau ceruma vinaka tiko na i kuvukuvu ‘qori.

    sa kena levu..

  4. natewaprince Says:

    Walei,au baci rerevaki kemudrau.

  5. Dauvavana Says:

    @ NP LOL

    Ia so madana gauna da veiwali mada me release na stress

  6. Keep The Faith Says:

    LMAO! Good One SV — well we’re thinking that the second policy platform on Human Rights & Democracy will cover the ganja addicts and if this policy platform is made strong enough then when they’re all shipped off to Nukulau the country won’t have to waste any more money on them — not even to feed or house them! They will have to be totally self-sufficient…plus we can take all the waste blood from the abbattoir and feed the sharks around those waters to keep them “still” 😉

    In a nutshell we can vote all these buggers off the Island of Viti Levu!

  7. natewaprince Says:

    Dauvavana,au rawa ni qiri Avenai mai na keba me de-stress taki iko.Va cava,o bole se warai?????????????????????????

    I hear it works for the pig.

  8. Dauvavana Says:

    Drau fire kei Avenai 🙂

  9. IslandBoy Says:

    @Keep The Faith – kerekere na wekaqu, we the people of Rewa would like to restore our beloved harbour, delta and the bay to its former glory.

    Please stop using our beloved island to dump the deranged.

  10. aubatinuku-N Says:

    If we vote the bloody buggers off the island of Viti Levu then maybe we should ship them all to Makogai instead of Nukulau, I agree with IB ie anywhere but Nukulau…..Tis no isolation camp!!

  11. Adi Kaila Says:

    LuvFiji – Katuvu noqu dredre – qai vacava na puff valialia nikua ni sa full moon

    IB and Aubatinuku-N – put them all on a ship with no engine & let them go – hopefully the ship drifts to the China Sea where those pesky pirates can take care of them. We certainly cannot imprison them on Fijian soil that they are trying to sell out – No friggin way! Fijian soil is too precious for the likes of this lot of ig coupsters.

    I can just see the chaudrys fingers levu and fingers lailai squealing like stuck pigs. MARO!

  12. Jose Says:

    No not China Sea, Adi K, ke luvu na waqa sa ra kana baci rawa tu mada ga na ika mai kya na levu ni pollution. Ki Haryana ga na koro nei Budhau Au rogoca ra momoqaqa vinaka tu mai kya na bulumakau tinatina ra rokovi tu me vaka na Mother figures. Ra usa saraga yani kya mera lai comfort taki mai vei ira na Mothers.

  13. Keep The Faith Says:

    @ IslandBoy…isa dou vosoti au na veiwekani mai Rewa!

    OK then let’s ship them TOTALLY off the Island to Iraq as the next platoon volunteering for active duty in the front-lines 😉

  14. Linus Says:

    Just want to share a comment that I believe has great potential. Do away with Political Parties altogether and make up a house of Reps from Independant candidates. As I taukei have the majority Nos. more Fijians than Indians should be elected, and under performers can easily be changed.. As we are ALL General Voters any legally acceptible individual can stand for any seat!!
    Worth a shot??????????????????????????

  15. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ Linus,

    believe me it won’t work. You only need to look at the Solomon Islands to see it’s impact. Members continually changing allegiance, like they face as well in PNG.

    SI is only faring well at the moment because of the overwhelming RAMSI presence & AusAid, but what I hear from the grapevines, the underlying resentment between the Provinces are still very much alive and unresolved and is ticking away like a time bomb.

    PNG is one government which uses the Vote of No Confidence the most, hence the political instability and lack of law and order in Port Moresby today.

    Political Parties have a role as well as Independent Members in the Westminster system of government in Fiji, but it is playing according to the ground rules, which has been our problem.

  16. Travsky Says:

    We should at least allow Bainimarama to complete what he intended.
    Give the man a chance for Pete’s sake. When an Indian was in charge you bitched and moaned.Now we are assured of a Fijian for the next 5 years and you still complaing.

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