Audit Fiasco

The I for Illegal and Incompetent so-called Government is again making a
mockery of process with the 2005 Auditor General’s report.

The announcement (below) that the report will “have to be tabled in
Cabinet by the interim finance minister in line with the normal procedure”
is a joke. The normal practice, in accordance with the constitution is the
tabling of the report in PARLIAMENT, not the cabinet. It is meant to
scrutinize the executive, not work under it.

When you read the report itself, I mean the parts on the RFMF, it’s
obvious that the Commander (now illegal PM) has no idea of proper process
or good governance.

Have a look at this announcement and then sample a few excerpts
from the Auditor General’s report dealing with the military.


Fiji Sun
PM studies auditor’s report


Recommendations made by the Public Accounts Committee in the 2005 Auditor
General’s report are being studied by the Prime Minister’s Office.

The committee had forwarded files on several government departments and
ministries which were heavily scrutinized in the report. Permanent
secretary in the PM’s Office Parmesh Chand said they had received and
studied the recommendations made by the committee.

It will then have to be tabled in Cabinet by the interim finance minister
in line with the normal procedure.

After their scrutiny the report will then be forwarded to a committee made
up of the central agencies, namely, the PM’s office, Finance ministry,
Solicitor-General’s office and the Public Service Commission The committee
would meet to discuss the public accounts committee’s findings and monitor
its implementation when it is released to the respective ministries marked
in the report.

The public accounts committee has been visiting ministries and departments
identified in the AG’s 2005 report for discrepancies and they had made
recommendations, which were forwarded to the President’s Office.


Over-spending – by a huge amount

“The Force incurred a total expenditure of $80,438,406 against the revised
expenditure of $67,186,100 resulting in an over expenditure of

Pocketing revenue that should have gone to the Ministry of Finance

“Between 2004 and 2005, Telecom paid RFMF $1,515,219 for the installation
of modern high quality telephone satellite stations in 87 villages around
Fiji. Out of this amount, $1.2 million was receipted in 2004. However,
audit could not substantiate this from the ledgers as the records were not
made available.”

“Audit noted that the fund was used for purchases of goods and services
that were not related to the Telesat Project. These include:

• the payment of rugby gear and travel expenses of the RFMF rugby team;

• expenses for the Truth and Justice Campaign of which details of only
$55,467 was provided;

• per diem allowances and advances that were approved by the Commander
instead of the Chief Accountant as required under Finance Instructions
207. Refer to the Appendix 16.3 for details of payments.

RFMF used an inactive trust account and re-titled it to Telesat
RFMF/Telecom Project thus not complying with Finance Circular 14/03.” (SO


• Expenditure relating to the Tetesat project should be met from the Trust

• Necessary action should be taken against officers who abused the fund.”


“Audit noted that on 17th July, 1994 an Army truck which carted some
villagers to a church service was involved in an accident at Somosomo,
Taveuni in which 6 civilian passengers died and several others were
seriously injured.

It was revealed that the RFMF on 10/8/05 paid a sum of $586,550 as
compensation to the victims and relatives of the deceased. The payment of
compensation claims are tabulated in Appendix 16.5. The extravagant
expenditure could have been avoided had the driver complied with the
Transport Rules and Instructions.”


“Audit noted that the Republic of Fiji Military Force entered into
contracts with several companies without going through the normal tender
process or obtaining competitive quotations. The following discrepancies
were noted.

• Taina’s Travel Service was contracted to facilitate overseas and
domestic travels at a cost of $102,408 for services rendered during the

• Omega Computers Ltd was hired to provide computer services and repairs
at the considerable sum of $67,928.

• Sunshine Bakery was contracted to supply bread totalling $60,179.

• Dee Cees Buses Ltd was engaged to provide transportation services for

• Rental cars were hired from Budget Rentals to supplement the transport
needs at a cost of $31,712.”


“Audit scrutiny of the RFMF’s other ranks married quarters and tenancy
return revealed that some officers living in the army quarters were also
receiving lodging allowances. Refer to Table 16.2 for Examples.”

“The audit of the RFMF’s quarters records at the Queen Elizabeth Barracks
revealed that some officers occupying government quarters were not paying
any rent.”

SOME EXAMPLES – Tikoitoga and Teleni!!!!!

“The salary payments for Pay No. 26 of 2005 with regards to the 3% COLA
revealed that most of the Officers of the RFMF were overpaid. The officers
were paid 732 days (2 years) instead of the approved 366 days (1 year)
back pay.”


“Audit revealed that the two sections did not maintain fuel stock card or
registers nor was any supporting documents produced for audit. In addition
the Plant Pool store room was in a deplorable state and therefore
inappropriate to store spare parts of motor vehicles.”


“Trust Fund Accounts comprise monies, which are not the property of the
State and are not utilized for the purposes of government. The RFMFs Trust
Fund Account comprises of contributions to the Fiji National Provident
Fund and Pay as You Earn (PAYE) deductions. Apart from these, deductions
directly from staff remunerations to Fiji Care Insurance, CMLA, British
American Insurance, Housing Authority, Credit Unions and FMF Fines are
included under the FMF Trust Fund Account.

The balance of the Trust Account substantially decreased by 43% from
$4,049,084 in 2004 to $2,307,137 in 2005. The detail of the balance and
the reasons for the decline were not revealed to audit. The RFMF does not
maintain proper its own Departmental Underline Trust Ledgers.”


Corruption Fighter

23 Responses to “Audit Fiasco”

  1. natewaprince Says:

    Great post.This should surely give the pigs media cell something to talk about,considering the fact that they are the most frequent visitor to this site.

    This post must be regularly posted here to keep reminding us of the rampant corruption that exists within the FRMF.

    Era qai mai via ”clean-up” tiko.Dou wilika vinaka tiko na ka e volai tu i cake qo.Na butabutako levu taudua e cakava tiko o ira na veiliutaki tiko vei kemuni na sotia.

    E sa na varau butakoci tale ga na nomuni qele kei na nomuni dodonu va kawa i Taukei.

  2. Budhau Says:

    Have you ever seen a AG’s report on the Provincial Council – as for sloppy record keep – that ain’t no problem – they just don’t have any repords – no paper trail, no audit, not problem.

    Why try and be selective about the 2005 Auditor General’s report – cehck out the whole thing.

  3. Dauvavana Says:

    Budhau why won’t you father Chodo bring the $2 million into Fiji and where has it gone?

  4. groggy Says:


    its all about there whining that corruption was rife and now before our very eyes corruption to the max. We still waiting for the SDL corruption claims. Nearly 2 years now.

  5. NobleBannerBlue Says:

    I dont know how the Provincial councils r funded but Public Accounts r funded with my tax dollars…

  6. natewaprince Says:

    Bud,drau fire kei Dauvavana,ia me va’ malua ga brother.

  7. Dauvavana Says:

    Budhau, maroroya na rough me qai drau wasei kei koya na Ravouvou bahahahaha

    NP, na wekaqu au sa tekivu raitayalyalo taka tu oqo ni sa na oti na vei kece oqo me na qai dua dinadina sara na medaru Tanoa……………..oti daru qai laki vakasasa taka sara i Merika na sonalevu qo me daru yadua ga vua nai bulu ka sivi sa rauta. Me vaka ga e ra dau kaya, sega madaga ni tamata ni lau roba o Boidada

  8. Tui Says:

    Io sa warai ni cala na vosa ni kalou, “Take out the log from your eye before you pick on the speck on another.” Kenaca na tabu lotu qai qaravi Lusifa tiko!
    Sa rairai vinaka na vaka teratera wavoki tiko na sulu vakataga kei na uniform ni sotia, laurai vinaka, tamani rere rau!

  9. Ex Isle Says:


    No one said it was okay for the Provincial Councils to be corrupt but you can say in their favour that they did not overthrow an elected government in the name of eliminating corruption!

  10. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Let’s hope that someone in Fiji has alerted the EU delegation to this blog site so that they may see the extent of the corruption that is chadopu$$ and his puppet, bananasinpyjamas.

  11. Jose Says:

    Mahen Pal Chaudary the chadopu$$ and his puppet Voreqe Bainimarama

  12. Mossad Says:

    I’m not sure the Provincial Councils are capable of busting their budgets by $13million……….and Budhau, I’ve been trying to get an answer from you regarding Mahen Choro Choro’s academic qualifications, if any…

  13. Mossad Says:

    If the RFMF busted their 2005 budget by $13million, wait till the audit report for 2006,2007 & 2008 come out……….might make the Agricultural Scam and the NBF fiasco look like loose change……..what say SV..

  14. Lau Lass Says:

    Vinaka SV for the above info. Keep it coming, these soldiers are a bunch of MACAWA “s.

  15. Lau Lass Says:

    Sa daba la na uniform !!! Tamata no money !!!Stealing from all the taxpayers !!

  16. ex Fiji Tourist Says:


    the green goons were allocated F$80 million for this financial year and already they have spent F$130 million.

    Meanwhile the victims of the cyclone are still waiting for relief, the water and electricity don’t flow and hospitals don’t have medicines and dressings.

    But the green goons have got the latest weapons and uniforms so that they can terrorize their own people.

    The similarity with Zimbabwe is amazing!

  17. Budhau Says:

    Mossad you idiot – what Chaudary’s academic qualifications are is public knowledge.

    The more important thing is that with that education – the man has been kicking arse for a very long time – had been the PM, the minister of Finance, long time leader of a political party, leader of opposition, trade unionist, yada yada, – and he now has Frank B, Ganilau, Nailatikau eating out of his his hand – aren’t you guys claiming that the man in totally incharge. (and besides, for most of you he is the center of the universe).

    Just imagine if the guy had college education – he would have been the KING of Fiji by now.

    Does that answer you question? BTW – talking about education and qualification – may be you should consider getting more educated folks in the GCC rather than the “drinking home brew under the mango tree” kind.

  18. Dauvavana Says:

    Budhau you idot why has Chod not bring in the $2 million he stole from his supporters. Why is he keeping it in Australia.

  19. Lau Lass Says:

    It was funny on TV news last nite, when the PIG & LQ came out after their discussion in parliament house, the PIG came out like a THIEF ( dashing to his car) & LQ came out like a real PM & gentleman, taking his time & talking to LRatabacaca along the corridor !!! E sega nidua e cemuria na tamata ca, o koya ga vakataki koya !! ha ! ha ha !!

  20. Lau Lass Says:

    Budhau, you a the only one supporting this illegal regime on this site, Don’t you get the CLUE by now !! you idiot ???? you & your thieves are FINITO !!!

  21. Peace Pipe Says:

    The army has taken delivery of another shipment of bullets worth $millions, about 3 container loads. This was not reported by the media. I wonder why? My God this is overkill or what. Buying bullets for what? Are they for the practice range or in anticipation of uprising and suppression by the guns of the goons or mere intimidation. Thats where the army wastes all its allocations and bust their budget doing so. Now they are doing at will with no concern for the norm. The US should see this and stop suppliers from supplying ammos to the illegal regime since they will be turned upon their own people as there is no invasion or outside attack by any foreigners. Just like what they did to Zimbabwe when the shipment of arms was turned away from delivering the shipment.

  22. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    PP, if the green goons bought this ammo from Taiwan, the dribble of funds from China will soon dry up.

  23. Mossad Says:

    @ Budhau………his education qualifications or lack of it, is quite obvious….His seems to spininng a positve yarn on the economy when the prices & unemployment are rising, certain commodities are being rationed,and we are importing sugar……This is what happens when you let a knit wit with a Phd in pilfering control the purse strings of the country……..and please try to specific when responding, kindly let us know, that the so called leader of the inidian community is an uneducated,murderer & pilfering scumbag with no formal education…… need for the name calling, we weren’t questioning your qualifications…….We all know that your $18/per hour job in Australia might sound posh in the Fiji concept,but the truth is, in the Aussie economy, your nose is basically above the poverty line…… for the mango tree & home brew, at least those folks don’t have blood on their hands or the habit of pilfering from their kinsmen….


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