Another mile stone achieved

Bloggers, without wanting to distract from the sister blog below (Intelligensiya), on 20/05/08 we had shared the good news that we had surpassed the 400,000 hit mark, well in less than 1 month, we have now surpassed the 481,000 hit mark.

Again, we wish to acknowledge all blog sites that have gone before us, which we have already alluded to on 20/05/08 and encourage new ones being created to take up the challenge, as we all strive for justice and the return of democracy to our beloved Fiji.

One of our bloggers had suggested that we target the 500,000 hit mark and this is now a very strong possibility. We will have a good celebration when we have surpassed this target.

We at the SV Team wish to acknowledge all you bloggers (including those pro-illegal government) for your valuable contribution because without you, we would never have reached this gigantic milestone.

Our heart-felt thanks.

SV Team.


15 Responses to “Another mile stone achieved”

  1. natewaprince Says:

    81,000 in less than a month?, hmmmm….

    Well that makes sense,1,000 from anti-coup bloggers and 80,000 from the likes of Budhau and the goons at the pigs media cell.

    Thanks Bud et al….

  2. FijiGirl Says:

    @ NP – truzup!

    I think the majority of the 80,000 hits from the IR Media Cell is because they read the blog, come across a word they don’t understand, go find the dictionary, look up the word in the dictionary, and by the time they have found it and understand it, their dial-up connection has terminated so they have to log on again, find where they were, look up the last word they got to.

    Next word, they ALSO don’t understand so they have to go, find the dictionary again, look it up etc etc.

    Probably they also keep going back over some of the truths we uncover here, and read it over and over because in the back of their minds they KNOW we are right and their leaders are WRONG.

    You are welcome to defend democracy and the rule of law – come on over to the good side!

    God bless Fiji

  3. Dauvavana Says:

    Mai ragone blog on I came smell victory in the horizon.

  4. Puf-Military Says:

    Wananavu SV, good on you Kuts and Co. Another milestone indeed on the best and most well informed anti coup-blog.

    2 bad for the IG and their lapdogs who pester us here with their nonsense.

    Keep the pressure on IG, they’re already cracking under the strain. Expose all their dirt and keep fighting the good fight. Victory is ours!

  5. Striker Says:

    Vinaka Sv. Great service. Besides, we all need to let off steam!

  6. Ispy Says:

    Lets not forget some of the earlier pioneers – Heart and Minds, Fuggedaboutit, Good men and Women Doing Something, Hydenceek and of course the indelible WFC/RFC!

    Thank you SV.

    Keep up the good work!

  7. Say True! Says:

    Well done SV and others. 500,000 coming up. A suggestion – start a chain mail to travel the globe > something very simple and maybe with words like Free Fiji over a nice scenic picture of Fiji > get the recipient to send it on, and on and on > the multiplier effect (with links to this blogsite). Start with the major newspapers in the world.

  8. Tui Says:

    Good Points Say True and wananavu SV. You know we log in everyday but have to find time to comment. Too much work saraga. Anyway vinaka vakalevu team, our prayers go out to you and all freedom loving people of Fiji.

  9. Frida Says:

    Vinaka SV keep it coming as we continur to inform other to come and learn something on your site about the political situation and the way we are going.


  10. Fiji Democracy Now Says:

    Congrats from the FDN team to SV on your ever increasing number of hits. It shows that freedom bloggers are taking on a greater role.

    For the record, we posted the following comment in today’s Fiji Times:

    The pressure on Fiji’s dictator, Bainimarama, to appear to be moving the country forward, increases daily.

    That’s why he met for the second time with ousted Prime Minister, Laisenia Qarase, yesterday.

    The meeting came on the heels of the announcement of United Nations and Commonwealth support for multi-party talks to be held as early as late this month, and reports that the talks would be chaired by Sir Paul Reeves.

    So what else could Bainimarama do, but meet with Qarase?

    At the same time, Fiji’s freedom bloggers have been discussing the marvellous
    opportunity that all this presents.

    With the UN in town, Fiji will be under the international spotlight.

    ‘The bloggers may be right to assume that the regime will have to be on its best behaviour, which makes it the perfect time to stage the peaceful mass demonstrations that have been denied so long because of the implicit threat of violence.

    But remember people: use this opportunity wisely and demonstrate

    Anything else will simply play into the regime’s hands, which is probably what they are hoping for.

  11. IslandBoy Says:

    FijiGirl – I know a lot of civil servant friends and relatives who read SV, can only silently agree, but do not post comments, so I agree that there may be a lot of repeat traffic, probably some useless ones like me, but there are some officials of “organisations” using SV to take the temprature as it were and learn what we the people truly think.

    SV this has been a tremendous effort and when I read the passion of Kutu’s posts as well as the commitmet of the editorial team, what little hope for Fiji I have, remains firmly alive.

    For me SV has been a huge relief, sharing viewpoints with like minds, reading new information and especially learning to appreciate different points of view.

    And like everything that makes Fiji home, the wit and humour of the vernacular exchanges always warms my heart.

    Vinaka Vakalevu SV!

  12. FijiGirl Says:

    @ IB – you are not useless! Keep blogging and keep your comments coming!

    God bless Fiji

  13. Dauvavana Says:

    Naita o kemuni ni sega ni useless, o kemuni na Turaga ni burebasaga na rosi, o keitou an votoni rosi, o koya na ravouvou ni Natewa na drauni rosi……………………..:)

    Wananavu na vei soli vakasama, vosota ga ke so na gauna katakata vakalailai mai na yasana oqo. Noqui yatu vakavanua na colai wau ka kata namu voli tu ga e tuba, tau na uca se liwa na cava, me yadravi o Radini Bau ni moce lutu no………….

  14. Jose Says:

    The illegal soldiers and the illegals don’t have to behave themselves when the UN is in town because the UN supports them. They will tell us what we need to hear but behind the scenes with the so called leaders they are all working together to bring about their own plans for Fiji. All the members of the UN are Freemasons. Fiji is being deceived big time.

  15. Peace Pipe Says:

    The popularity of SV is on the increase as shown by the hits and rightly so too since it is very dynamic and very active in churning out new and important topics on a regular basis and the responses come with interesting contents even with the likes of Budhau.

    The whole objective of our blog is to show our discontent with the coup and its coupsters and all their illegal activities and call for the return to the rule of law and SV is doing an excellent about it.

    Man I was really irked when I saw the news last night. It now seems like the pig is adamant on changing the electoral system even if it takes defering the elections. He is insisting that the elections will be held under new system and the charter should be in place first. This is the gist of what transpired when the pig met with the EU delegation. So we can conclude that the pig will sway from his position of illegally changing the electoral system and imposing the charter on the people. This despite his undertaking to the EU, UN, PIF etc earlier on. So we now know where we are in regards to elections and we need to step up the pressure another level.

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