UN, Commonwealth to assist Fiji

Bloggers read this and let’s begin discussing means and ways to have a voice in this Political Forum. NGO’s no doubt will be having their say and seeing how Yabaki, Shaista, Peni Moore and gang have acted thus far, they will definitely have their spin before Sir Paul Reeves. It is good that we have an International Forum coming to Fiji and hear first hand what is truly happening in Fiji. It will be funny now that Bainivore will get to meet Sir Paul Reeves face to face because the last time a meeting was scheduled between them, he chickened out the last minute and his office cancelled the Meeting due to some urgent business!

Keep blogging ragone.


SV Team.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Update: 11:06AM International organisations the Commonwealth and the United Nations have agreed to assist Fiji through a political forum among political leaders.

The Presidents Office confirmed receiving a response from the Secretary-General of both the Commonwealth and the United Nations today.

President Ratu Josefa Iloilovatu Uluivuda today said he was extremely pleased by the responses of support. 

Both organisations have been in close consultation and both the Commonwealth Secretariat and the UN have agreed to assist Fiji through a multilaterally-supported process, to carry dialogue forward particularly among the political leaders.

Ratu Iloilo said he is appreciative that the Commonwealth and the UN have indicated their support to assist the country in its hour of need.

The Office of the President indicated that it is now anticipated that an initial Mission, possibly led by Sir Paul Reeves, will visit Fiji by the end of June.


15 Responses to “UN, Commonwealth to assist Fiji”

  1. Peace Pipe Says:

    Is this recognition for the illegal regime or are the UN and C/W trying to help restore the country back to democracy and legitimacy. But I always view engaging with criminals as condoning their crimes so this comes as a surprise. Anyway since it is here we may as well get our best speakers on the issues Qarase, Beddoes, Rt Joni, Richard Naidu, Fa, Narsey to eloquently put across a good case of legal argument against the wrongs of the ig and their deceit in carrying out the coup and subsequent illegal actions. I know they will squirm in their loss to reason in putting across any convincing argument

  2. Tim Says:

    @ PeacePipe: Thing is there has to be some level of engagement, but as long as both sides act in good faith we’ll see what eventuates. Reeves, Don McKinnon and others are good men -even if at least one of them has suspect politics – actually some are thoroughly “nice”. Both believe in the ability for the sinner to reform – Reeves from an obvious standpoint, McKinnon from attempting to provide maximum security prisoners the opportunity to engage in more honest activity (during the 1970s). Hopefully however, when they do “engage”, they’ll be conscious of any lack of good faith, a history of recidivism, and the cost to the victims in all of this bloody stupid circus. McKinnon should realise a number of his flock made good, but just as many pissed in his pocket and are up to the same old tricks. (I’m not using myself as an example btw). I reckon an offer of a tightly controlled exile (perhaps Nauru) might be a good option, but I’m afraid they’re all likely to be a bit more charitable.

  3. Tim Says:

    Actually Tuvalu might be abetter option. NZ can up the annual intake of Tuvaluan families, and let the the coupsters sink or swim – there’d be a direct relationship between whether they sank or swam and the U.N’s ability to co-ordinate a viable campaign against climate change, and neither would have to suffer the guilt of Nauru

  4. hopefiji Says:

    THe interim regime asked for the UN and COMSEC to assist bilaterally with their political.

    Response, yes BUT it will only engage via multilaterial supported processes. ANd something the Interim regime failed to state that the UN and COmmsec have to work within and stick to the parameters already laid down by the regional and international community ie that it will only support a process that return Fiji back to elections with the provisions of the consitution anbd rule of law.

    So they in the end did not get what they wanted…they thought that the UN and COMMSEC would hold bilateral dscussion with them and support their forum to give it legitimacy for the unconstitutional changes they want to put thru.

    Show the obvious lack of political skills anbd understanding of the international world of diplomacy by these clowns!!


  5. Frida Says:

    Hopefiji – dau tukuni ga mai neitou – ma se mino ga! The illegal regime do not have a clue of what they are doing because today is one thing and tomorow another. What will they be able to learn when they do not allow their ideas to grow and be able to produce at least something – anything.

  6. Striker Says:

    Welcome back Sir Paul. Multilateral talks, outside the charter, respect for the Constitution and the rule of law!

  7. Islander Says:

    @ Peace Pipe – spot on. I agree with all your comments. Great post.

  8. Mark Manning Says:

    This is simply a way of holding Frank accountable , but if he chooses not to play ball , then there’s no stopping him . If the elections aren’t held honestly in March 2009 , then Fiji will go down the same road as Zimbabwe . It’s a shame you’ve all let it get to this stage , sitting around a bowl of kava just isn’t the answer anymore !

  9. natewaprince Says:

    Don’t let that worry your pretty little head MM,4,000 armed arseholes aren’t enough to stop the people when we decide we’ve had enough.

    And don’t rush us here from your place of safety abroad.We’re the ones that will be bleeding.

  10. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    It was reported 9 days ago that the Commonwealth of Nations had responded to president bernie’s letter.

    It was about the same time that the UN also replied.

    It has taken a week for the traitors chand and hairyarse to try to put a positive spin on the contents of the reply. They were shocked when they didn’t receive endorsement of their bullying tactics in regards to the military charter.

    They have been told [ QUITE BLUNTLY ] by the UN & the C’wth that elections must be held as per the constitution and as agreed by the Pacific Island leaders.

  11. natewaprince Says:

    Very true eFT,ratou via yalo kaukauwa tiko i vei o iratou na i lala qo? When our big brothers talk,they better listen.We aren’t on another planet that they may feel safe.

  12. FijiGirl Says:

    C’mon – someone in the President’s office please email the letters to SV!

    We know you read this blog, and the people of Fiji have the right to know EXACTLY how the UN and Commonwealth have responded.

    The IR’s radio silence and refusal to release the content of those letters indicates their fear of the contents…

    God bless Fiji

  13. Jose Says:

    The United Nations work under instructions of the Pope to whom it is subject to. They are behind all this. They are all for Unity and Redistribution of Wealth. Nothing is yours. They are all ours regardless………….
    We are being deceived. Be very, very wary of this cunning.

  14. benhur Says:

    Whether, the IG and Bainimarama likes it or not the election will take place. Maybe not in March 2009 but it will be in 2009. By inviting the UN,EU,and Commonwealth to Fiji to take part in its promised free election in March 2009. The IG is obviously handing over power to these powerful entities, in the hope that a deal will be forthcoming to allow, a life pardons, for the coup perpertrators. I am glad that finally the UN,EU and the commonwealth has ,at least,showed up on our shores.I’m ready to cast my vote!

  15. Talei Says:

    Voreqe should just get it that he’s an ILLEGAL and has no business running anything let alone our beloved Fiji.

    FijiGirl, most likely the response wasn’t in the favor of the IG, hence the silence. Otherwise we would be unnerved to wits end in hearing their crap.

    Someone put Voreqe and his looneys out of their misery already. Wailei!

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