Rajendra Chaudhry attacks Permanent Secretary

Bloggers read this from Fiji TV today. A crack is appearing in the illegal regime’s armour due to each one wanting their time in the sun. Chaudary boci junior’s stupid remarks about his being victimised making other less confident to offer constructive criticism is simply bewildering.


WTF has he been all this time, when many whom have tried offering constructive criticism against the illegal regime ended being tortured at QEB? It now seems when he is not getting the ‘respect’ he expects, he begins to cry like a baby.


What Chodo boci junior should remember that if he continues criticising Bainivore and others, he will soon find out how expandable he is within the illegal regime when ‘dog eats dog.’


Keep blogging ragone, sa tekivu kasura tiko mai vaka malua na bainivuaka oqo.

SV Team.

One National News

16 Jun 2008 03:59:53

Suva Lawyer Rajendra Chaudhry has accused the Interim Prime Minister’s Permanent Secretary for allegedly leaking a confidential letter meant only for Frank Bainimarama. 

And Chaudhry says Parmesh Chand has a hidden political agenda against him.

Lawyer Rajendra Chaudhry has launched another scathing attack over the release of this letter from the interim government.

Chaudhry had written to the interim P-M in regards to FICAC.

The contents of that letter made it into this press statement issued by the Department of Information.

Last week, Chaudhry criticized Major Neumi Leweni for this.


And today his target was the Permanent Secretary in the Prime Ministers office.


He has accused Chand of leaking the letter and making a mockery of the PM’s Office.


The lawyer feels both Chand and Major Leweni have a hidden political agenda and a personal vendetta against him.


Chaudhry says if the PM’s Office continues to victimize people in the way they’ve done with him, people will be afraid of giving constructive advice.


He has called on the Interim Prime Minister to take Chand to task.


Parmesh Chand told One National News today he doesn’t want to be drawn into the debate between Chaudhry.


He adds, an official statement has already been issued by the Department of Information..


Rajendra Chaudhry maintains he hasn’t apologised to Bainimarama on his outbursts against FICAC.


He adds, to date he hasn’t got a response from the Interim P-M even acknowledging his letter.


27 Responses to “Rajendra Chaudhry attacks Permanent Secretary”

  1. Mark Manning Says:

    live by the sword , die by the sword !

  2. Save the Sheep Says:

    Well put SV and you have hit the nail on the head….

  3. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    I have been worried about this chand’s role in this coup d’etat.

    It ia apparent that he was involved with chaudopu$$ from the beginning to bribe bananasinpyjamas to go through with the coup d’etat.

    He is another one who has earned his spot on the gallows.

    Thank you to chaudo junior for pointing out who runs the illegal PM’s office; it is certainly not the deckhand.

  4. FijiGirl Says:

    This could all be a smokescreen, designed by the MasterPlanner (MasterBaiter?) to groom his rancid showpony son for the limelight when the inevitable elections come to pass.

    They’re trying to portray the Rancid One is not wholly OF this regime, thus hoping that Indian voters disillusioned with Chodo will punish Wajendwa for his fathers sins (all 2 million of ’em).

    Nice try but it won’t work. You can’t fool all of your people all of the time. I think even the most victimised cane farmers will have cottoned on to the fact that their biggest enemy is Chodo Horribilus.

    A big Vinaka Vaka Levu to Victor Lal and his team for their continued research into Chodo’s nefarious activities, past and present.

    God bless Fiji

  5. EnufDictatorship Says:

    Great post! SV and soooo true!

    Where was mini-Chodo when the likes of human rights activists were taken to QEB and tortured and our fellow citizens murdered?

    Tamani loki buina toka mai nona qara ni lairo..luveni c…pani mai Haryana!

    And to still maintain that he didn’t apologise..laurai vinaka..tamani apologise for putting his foot in his mouth.

    And what’s the big deal of not acknowledging if you did apologise.

    Oilei! it takes a REAL MAN/WOMAN to apologise for their mistakes. ONLY wimps and idiots just keep going and going until they fall into the deep, dark pit.

    Sa voleka sara tiko kina o mini-CHodo and Parmesh and Leweni.

  6. Say True! Says:

    Agree with you all. FG has picked up on an important point. Things are not as they seem. What son would go against his father, in an indirect way? No, I think Rajen is his fathers mouth piece; he’s saying what his father can’t publicly. Perhaps, just perhaps he is going against his father’s opponents in the interim administration. Perhaps, just perhaps the attack on FICAC was about investigations to the tax scam not really being settled, they must have been alot of people behind the scenes investigating who know the truth and wanted him to step aside/down. Perhaps money changed hands, and all is hush hush and the father and son know that if they get kicked out, they’ll spill the beans. Perhaps, just perhaps. Perhaps as they are cornered now with his voters knowing the truth and angry, they may never win an election again. Most importantly now I think it is the exit strategy with all caged in and a big padlock, building up to the excuse :- “I was only trying to help and take the country forward, I had no part in the coup, I was approached and saw the country going down and thought it was my duty to help. I was not happy with everything, “clean up” was frustrating, incompetent people at FICAC, I disagreed with other members of the IG on many things, I didn’t like the way they did things, even my son and close confidant agrees with me, it was not my fault, I did my best, now can someone take me away to exile, and some money please for us.” I think this more likely the story than, “my son is a grown man and is free to his opinion.” No sorry mate you are going no where, you are part of the destruction of the country. You will cut the grass at Lovonilase; that will be your contribution to rebuilding a better Fiji, so those that had built it with a pure heart can sleep peacefully in their graves. THAT WILL BE YOUR CONTRIBUTION TO REBUILDING THIS COUNTRY.

  7. Save the Sheep Says:

    Nice Post Say True.

    It is becoming ever more clear just how this Mob go about their business.

    Your arguement makes a lot of sense. I wouldn’t trust Chaudhry Junior at all. A very nasty and cunning piece of work.

    They have ALL backed themselves into a big corner with their double talk. Now no-one can be trusted as speaking the truth so there is nothing like a bit of regular out door work to clear the mind…

  8. natewaprince Says:

    In a way,it was entertaining to watch supporters of this regime have a go at each other.And the attack on FICAC pointed out the illegality of the body by one of it’s own.

  9. FijiGirl Says:

    From Fijilive –

    Calls for dual citizenship revived
    16 JUN 2008
    Renewed calls have been made for dual citizenship to former Fiji citizens as a means of bringing investment and expertise to the country.

    Ross McDonald, the managing director of Credit Corporation of Fiji, told the Fiji Institute of Accountants Congress at the weekend that it would be of tremendous advantage in the future.

    “Give dual citizenship to our former citizens who have gone away and indeed make it available to others, make people feel welcome here, invite them back, be part of what we are,” he urged.

    Fiji’s former vice president Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi also believed it was “an excellent idea”.

    “I have been to Australia and New Zealand recently and just talking to people who have settled there (and they) talk constantly about their attachment to and affection for Fiji.

    “I think it is something that we ought to seriously consider,” he added.

    He did note however that some may be concerned about how it may affect election results.

    “I cannot seriously (believe) that tens of thousands of people are going to get on the plane just to come and vote or to even bother to cast their electoral votes,” he said.

    He believed that the people who have left here and who have made a new life for themselves have a lot to offer “even if they came down for short periods of time in terms of just the amount of money they would invest and the skills that they have to offer”.

    Australian high commissioner to Fiji James Batley saw it on a broader issue.

    “I guess it comes under the heading labour mobility but I am just thinking in the context of what I heard for this forthcoming PACER Plus negotiations.”

    He said people think of free trading agreements sometimes in very basic terms, that is, just to do with trade and goods.

    “But really what we have in mind is to put everything on the table for this negotiation,” he said.

    “It just seems to me that if the countries of the region are prepared to grasp the opportunities, you could envisage a future where there is much greater mobility in all directions and not just unskilled and semi skilled but also for professionals.

    “That could make it easier for people that may have moved to Australia and New Zealand to come back and work here but also in other markets in the Pacific.

    “So I think there is an emerging negotiation framework that can move some of these ideas along.”

    The interim Government last year had approved the issuance of dual permanent residency to Fiji people abroad who wanted to invest here.
    The Immigration Director Viliame Naupoto has been unable to provide details on the success of this policy despite numerous reminders.

    Don’t be fooled, people!

    This is a Chodothru$h grab, trying to get former citizens to vote for him in the upcoming elections.

    Whether the proposal is good or not, any merits of the proposal is not the issue here.

    Any move like this – PR for former citizens – must ONLY be introduced by a democratically ELECTED government, which has the mandate of the people.

    These illegal junta jokers are only interested in perpetuating their rule, ‘stuffing the ballot box’, not to facilitate democracy.

    God bless Fiji

  10. Tuks Says:

    Good Morning folks,,,well, well…not a surprise and to be expected. That is the other side of his father Chaudry at work!!!..the deceptive and manipulative side of the father being well entrenched and now continue to be manifested in the son. As I said already, Rajendra Chaudhry’s outburst against Government has the full blessing of his father. According to strategy aimed at “balancing [or confusing] perspectives” amongst their own supporters . It is important for Rajen to keep harping [and crying baby] so that they maintain their cover for their other side of the coin in preparedness for the occassion when Bainimarama will come to naught!!!..It is the split personality in Chaudhry the father himself at work!!. That is important to sustain their deceptive strategy..It is part of the drama and a fall back position which Chodo himself has espoused as his means of rallying the international and National community come the right time!!!.. Oh by the way folks, Bainimarama can not do anything against [call him up to run around at the camp] Rajend because he fears Chaudhry himself might tell all and pull the noose already tightening up around his neck by now..Chaudhry himself will and continue to manipulate events now to keep things in check for their political agenda whilst Banimarama is desperately trying to evade personal prosecution for the alleged misdeeds he still has to face..Dont let them fool us ppl.Sa rauti Voreqe tiko mada ga me vakalialiai koya tiko va qo o rau na veitamani tawa cili qo!!!Valoloma, but his choice!!! ..oh by the way, our Budhau is very well aware of these and needs to keep blogging too to misinform us here in this blog!!!. Good morning all again!!

  11. Peace Pipe Says:

    Chod jnr is starting to sound a bit more sensible attacking the culprits in govt for incompetence – Lewenski and paramess. Really cant make out where he is coming from or getting at but he is right in that the accused are imcompetent in their jobs by releasing confidential documents to public. What surprises me however is that the two accused who have been strongly condemned by chod jnr have not responded in kind or even cared to straighten matters by appropriate explanations or response to the claims. They sounded kinda whimpish and subdued in their only comments which was that they were going to get embroiled into the issue. I see that chod jnr has more clout over the two which is why he is so loud mouthed and openly chellenging them to a “fight” when he said he would take them on. Dont know too if the son is getting wayward or has he got the blessing of chod snr since this action would create rift which could be detrimental to the regime. I only can figure out that chod has the pig very tightly in his grips that he and his jnr can have a shot at anyone in the regime except the pig himself without any dire repercussion.

  12. Tuks Says:


  13. FijiGirl Says:


  14. Wailei Says:

    Could you please add this? From the Fiji Daily Post…

    HEY YOU!
    17-Jun-2008 09:23 AM

    Beddoes calls for unity against opposers

    DEPOSED Opposition Leader Mick Beddoes is calling on the minority community to stand by their taukei cousins and resist the systematic destruction of Fijian institutions by the Fiji Labour Party (FLP)-led military junta.

    Beddoes was referring to a recent TV coverage showing interim Finance Minister, Mahendra Chaudhry, telling members of his National Farmers Union (NFU) in Labasa, of which he is still National Secretary, that Government will ‘pay farmers’ to return to farming.

    “Engineering a ‘hostile takeover’ of a company under normal circumstances in business is one thing, but ‘hijacking’ the board’ by using the military is quite another,” he said.

    Beddoes added that Fijian Holdings was a landmark Fijian institution that symbolised the successful entry into Fiji’s usually Indian and minority-dominated commercial sector by indigenous Fijians.

    “With this latest ‘interference’ by the junta, it was obvious for all to see, that there was a systematic attempt by the FLP-led military junta to neutralise ‘Fijian owned’ institutions.”

    He added that when such a move was supported by a Fijian-dominated military, it demonstrated a high degree incitement and a level of “contempt” for our indigenous people, never before visible in Fiji.

    “I am unaware of any attempts to interfere with any Indian or minority dominated institutions,” he said.

    But he is ashamed to say that certain individuals from these two communities were supporting the systematic demise of Fijian institutions such as the GCC, NLTB, and Fijian Holdings.

    He has no doubt that the Yasana Holdings will soon suffer the same fate and this was worrying, not only because of the negative message it gave potential investors in Fiji, but because it was being done “blatantly and deliberately” against the indigenous Fijians.

    “This is wrong and must be opposed by all law abiding citizens of Fiji, through organised
    protests and other methods of passive resistance,” he added.

  15. Tim Says:

    From someone that’s generally in favour of dual citizenship, and indeed the idea of “Pacific passport”, I find myself now having to think twice.
    This junta might try and push the idea through – if and when they do, I hope sanctions (OZ, US, EU, etc) are reviewed to take account of that situation, because the timing of it shows there is an “agenda”.
    Once any group has overthrown an elected government through force or illegal means, they’ve reduced that country to that of a rogue state. Whatever administration is then in power can’t be given any credibility. They’ve shown a complete disrespect for law, relations with neighbours and the international community, yet somehow they expect their passports to be respected as legitimate.
    If they are prepared to overthrow an entire elected government illegally, it certainly shows disrespect for the ultimate in law. What gives them any right to expect other governments to trust them, or that any agency of the state apparatus is not influenced by those that have illegally seized power? OR are they proposing a sort of “one-way-dual citizenship” whereby everyone else is expected to just accept the holder is fine and upstanding, without a propensity to criminal activity?
    It seems to me that coupsters haven’t entirely thought the consequences of their actions through. They may find that is one reason why Fijians have been excluded from work schemes (which I’ve been opposed to), but the reality is that Frank and co have simply buggerised the state of Fiji and the various arms of its government, yet they expect some sort of automatic trust from everyone else.
    I’m surprised those that have imposed sanctions haven’t delved a little deeper!. Why should the majority of Fijians offshore have to suffer under a cloud when there are a few on Permanent Residency who are prepared to indulge in actively supporting an illegal regime when that behaviour would not be tolerated within the borders where they reside? Why is it that the transnational drug dealer, the human trafficker or the abuser can be locked up, yet someone who affects an entire population operates with apparent impunity (other than a travel ban that at times is selectively applied).
    Dual Citizenship by all means, BUT ONLY after the means of conducting coups by force is stopped, and anyone who is, or has ever been involved is excluded (just as drug dealers, abusers, human traffickers and others) are limited. They all made a conscious decision when they acted in the manner they did

  16. Peace Pipe Says:

    Yes Tim you are right. Its the theme we have been pushing all this time and that is the regime is illegal even (if the illegal high court decides otherwise) and that all conroversial decisions – dual citizenship, charter etc – be left to the elected govt who has the mandate to pass them into law not these bunch of wannabe thugs in the ig.

  17. LUVfiji Says:

    Indeed.. well said SV !

    Na campaign kadjina sa caka mai qo. Too late buddy, Fiji WILL ensure that the name Chaudhry goes down and out with this regime and never to rise again. I rebuke that name; with the Name that is above every other name !

  18. kuku Says:

    Can’t remember the name of that US General who says: “A GOOD INDIAN IS A DEAD INDIAN”? Be it Chaudhry,Pharmesh Chand or any other mother faka i say shoot the bastard and git rid of them from our system for ever.They’re doing exactly what they’ve done in the West Indies, South America, Middle East, Africa and now Fiji. Now they want 50 years of land lease, if they can get it via the legitimate democratic ways they’ll get it by hook or by crook and this time, at the barrel of the Gun! Lets just give them what they really deserve,ie a barrel up where the sun don’t shine?

  19. THE MESSIAH Says:

    kuku, you’re absolute peaNUTS.

    That “A GOOD INDIAN IS A DEAD INDIAN” applied to the NATIVE AMERICANS, you dumb fool.

    Take some history lessons.

    Europeans were seeking a new route to INDIA (‘EAST INDIES’) — as the traditional route via the East was dominated by Turks/Muslims.

    So they went WEST, and though they had reached India! And called natives ‘Indians’!


    The Expected One.

  20. kaiveicoco Says:

    Rajendra Chaudhary is only just entering the pubertal stage of a public relations career !!

  21. FijiGirl Says:

    @ FG 9:49 Why Grandmama, what fair skin you have on your face! (but nowhere else because you don’t smear Ambi-pur all over your body)
    Why Grandmama, what a straight hair perm you have!
    Why Grandmama, what artificially small nose you have!
    Why Grandmama, what an enormous butt you have?!
    Let me guess, you can afford Ambi-pur, chemical hair straightener and rhinoplasty, but liposuction still too expensive?
    God bless Fiji

  22. Tuks Says:

    Some culprits -Tuks 9.48am having false claims to my name blog above ppl..No worries and dont be misled folks. The real Tuks must be a real pain in their arse…..we keep blogging. Rajen Chaudhry will never win in any election given what his father is now doing to destroy their name…..

  23. FijiGirl Says:

    @ Tim – Agree with you about ‘delving deeper’ with regard to international sanctions.

    Do bloggers in Oz / NZ have the ability to write to their Govts, MPs, etc, calling for Chodo’s bank accounts in those countries to be frozen?

    References to Chodo’s accounts can be found on Victor Lal’s letter here solivakasama.wordpress.com/2008/02/18/more-from-victor-lal/
    or you can google for other articles by Prof Lal on solivakasama weblog.

    This illegal regime will obviously not lift a finger to freeze those accounts.

    But YOU can….

    God bless Fiji

  24. EnufDictatorship Says:

    WHAT THE CRAP? They\’re still pushing for compensation from 2000 when right now they are the ones who are the ILLEGALS and COUP-MAKERS!!!

    Dua mada e vesuka mai vei ua na tamata qo me laukini mada..urinating!!!! GEEEEEEEZZZZZZ da via veivacu!!!

    Coup leaders in FLP victims\’ case

    Wednesday, June 18, 2008

    2000 COUP front men George Speight and Timoci Silatolu appeared in the High Court in Suva yesterday to answer to compensation case filed by Fiji Labour Party members and interim Finance Minister Mahendra Chaudhry.

    They are seeking compensation as victims of the 2000 coup.

    The case has been before the courts for the past five years.

    Also defendants in the case are the Republic of the Fiji Islands, the Commissioner of Police, Commander of the Fiji Military Forces and the Attorney-General\’s Office.

    Mr Speight was jailed for life in February 2003 by the High Court.

    Mr Silatolu was found guilty of treason four months later and was also sentenced to life imprisonment for his role in the 2000 coup.
    End of story

  25. FijiGirl Says:

    @ Enuf Dictatorship. Hmmm, there’s an interesting inconsistency here.

    The Fiji Times report on the case of Evan Hannah’s illegal deportation, Christopher Pryde is making the argument that “the case was beyond a matter of detention and rather a “case that has moved from whether detention was lawful to an immigration matter”.

    In other words, it makes the habeus corpus makes no difference because this is a^ fait accompli.

    In the case of Chodo’s ‘victim’ case against Speight, given all that has come to pass, all that IS a^ fait accompli, one COULD argue that there is no case to answer for damages and compensation because Chodo is now interim Deputy PM.

    Chodo cannot prove that the coup has damaged him, a fait accompli.

    God bless Fiji

  26. MESSAIAH Says:

    kuku ur great. The quote was taken from General Custer.

    Keep blogging people and ignore the IG losers. Now they’re squabbling amongst themselves like retarded infants. I really love how SV is going from strength to strength

    Come to mommy children…


    The Expecting One

  27. Frida Says:

    remember, he is now holding the country’s purse string so if the courts accepts the compensation claim – he will be paying himself? This man is a real sly – the case has been in court for the past five years and I wondered why he did not push hard enough because he knows we do not have the money to pay him but now whether we have it or not, he will find money – FNPF, FIRCA even FHL- you name it. Think about it – why are we waiting!!!

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