Heffernan Responds on Court Judgements against her

Heffernan States That Post Coup Judges are Pretenders of the Courts

14 June 2008, Wellington: Angie Heffernan states that as far as the
current constitution stands, judges appointed after the coup are
“pretenders and usurpers of the Fiji court and have no right to sit
and hear matters such as the ones that were filed by her. She said
that these were the basis of her constitutional relief cases that was
filed in court.

She stated that no amount of rulings made by them against her , costs
against her or threats of contempt of courts proceedings made against
her by the interim regime and or these judges will change that simple
fact, says PCPI Director Angie Heffernan

In regards to the absurd personal costs made against her and her
former solicitor Mr Naidu, Heffernan stated that this is obviously a
tactic by the interim regime and the “judges whose legality have been
challenged” to prevent any further judicial challenges to the legality
of their appointments.

Heffernan says that as far as she is concerned, it is painfully clear
from the conduct of post coup judges who unlawfully sat on her matter,
that they have not carried out their duties with independence,
impartiality and with judicial fairness and integrity according to
constitutional provisions and court rules.

Ms Heffernan states she had filed applications for relief against
orders made by Justice Brynes and Justice Pathik under the provision
of  Chapter 4, section 29 .2 of  Constitution and also under s. 129
(1) and s. 132  (2)  to have her matter heard before a judge appointed
under these provisions.

Basically to have her matter heard before a judge appointed prior to
the military coup on December 5 2006.

She stated that contrary to the claims by the respondents in her case
of “judge shopping”, Heffernan states that she had consistently stated
 in all her filed affidavits that she requested a “pre coup judge” who
was appointed in accordance with the provisions of the constitution,
as was her constitutional right.

She said her matter was seized off Judge Jiten Singh, who had granted
her a temporary relief order against the military and the interim
regime and since than has been allocated to “post coup military
appointed judges”.

Heffernan says what is of serious concern is that civil judicial cases
challenging the legality of the actions taken by the military and its
interim regime has been allocated to only judges appointed by the
military interim regime.

These same judges whose appointments under the constitution is
currently the matter of judicial challenge in cases filed by the
suspended Chief Justice Mr Fatiyaki and the Fiji Law Society.

She added that some of same post coup judges who ruled against her
challenging their legality and their constitutional right to hear
matters  are also sitting on the Fatiyaki Case.

The Pacific Centre for Public Integrity has stated that it has
supported and will continue to support the current personal
constitutional redress case of its Executive Director, Ms Angenette

Ms Heffernan as an employee of PCPI  had taken members of the military
and the interim regime to court after she and her members of her
family were personally harassed by members of the military.

The personal harassment  faced by Ms Heffernan was a direct result of
fulfilling the objectives of PCPI which is to address corruption and
to promote good governance, the rule of law and democracy in Fiji and
the region.

Heffernan also stressed that contrary to false claims made by the
interim regime and deliberately misreported by one media organization
, her legal case is not funded by AUSAID nor NZAID nor any other
foreign government.

She clarified that PCPI is indirectly supported by AUSAID through the
provision of a legal officer through the Australian Volunteer Abroad
program to support PCPI’s regional campaign. Other than that, we do
not receive direct funding from AUSAID.

Heffernan stated that NZAID funds a two year regional governance
project  in Vanuatu and Nauru, which is at the end of completion. She
stated that it is a well known accepted fact that no foreign
government will fund legal challenges as such and it is politically
naïve and malicious of the interim regime to suggest otherwise.

She stated that it is clear that the interim and its supporters will
stop at nothing to destroy the reputation of any persons or
organization that threatens its continued unlawful existence.


we thank you for having the balls to stand up and fight for the silent and surpressed majority.

The SV Team


10 Responses to “Heffernan Responds on Court Judgements against her”

  1. Tim Says:

    I can’t vouch for the size of her balls but I agree, they must be bigger than Frank’s, the beauty queen i-I-Arse, and most of the male pretenders. It’s clear she has more compassion and principle than the entire iIG put together

  2. FijiGirl Says:

    Recently Prue Rouse wrote to the Fiji Times, huffing “one donor agency to Fiji is making it plain “Our money is not to be employed in frivolous, vexatious litigation.” The taxpayers of any donor nation would baulk at the idea that their hard-earned money is to be used to defray the cost of litigation.”

    Any reasonably minded person easily understand that one of the main problems in Fiji today is that the current usurpers are holding hostage ‘the rule of law’.

    Chodo and his minions are doing everything they can to duck and weave around the Constitution to extend their illegal rule of this failing state.

    Therefore, any official recognition of their treachery is A GOOD THING, because it is part of official record and, when the sh*t inevitably hits the fan, these records will be invaluable in bringing the usurpers to justice – real justice, not the weak fraudulent justice they are trying to cook up in our courts.

    Therefore, the money spent by Ms Heffernan’s NGO is indeed well spent, and appropriately spent because it is pursuing integrity, not a zeitgeist.

    Perhaps Ms Rouse could look more closely at her own faction if she wants to find ‘frivolous’ spending, or for her CrimeStoppers tea party she can ask her Uncle Chodo about the missing Haryana millions.

    Keep up the good work, Angie.
    Tabu soro
    God bless Fiji

  3. Tim Says:

    I’m about to say something very unPC so block your eyes!!! Prouse and Scutt are a couple that live on a notion of their past efforts. When it comes time for them to park up and reminisce, may I suggest they’ll make a lovely couple in their dotage.

  4. natewaprince Says:

    Here’s a limerick I composed a few moons ago on this site in honour of this coup apologist.

    Frank ,as king of the coup,

    Had a dream he was humping old Prue,

    He woke in the night,

    With a terrible fright,

    And found it was perfectly true.

  5. natewaprince Says:

    Good work Angie,we appreciate the courage and fortitude you show in the face of this illegal regime.

    Kevaka sa rui dredre vei iko na ka o sotava tiko vei iratou na matanitu butabutako qo,au sa dolava tu vei iko na neitou toba mo mai va’cegu kina.In fact,au sa rawa sara ga ni solia vei iko na toba me nomu.

    Tiko kece vei iko,intelligent,courageous and a blerry cute face,….paikarike!!

  6. natewaprince Says:

    Good work Angie,we appreciate the courage and fortitude you show in the face of this illegal regime.

    Kevaka sa rui dredre vei iko na ka o sotava tiko vei iratou na matanitu butabutako qo,au sa dolava tu vei iko na neitou toba mo mai va’cegu kina.In fact,au sa rawa sara ga ni solia vei iko na toba me nomu.

    Tiko kece vei iko,intelligent,courageous and a blerry cute face,….paikarike!!

  7. painter Says:

    Let’s get something straight : Angenette Heffernan has bigger balls than all of us bloggers put together, period.

    My sympathy goes to Angie and her family for what they’ve been put through by the junta and their puppets in the judiciary. Whilst I don’t know Angie very well, from what I’ve seen so far, this is one hell of a unique STAR and this country is poorer for losing her to NZ. We need a hundred thousand more stars like her!

    You go gal..!!!

  8. Dauvavana Says:

    Angie Heffernan according to a Fiji Sun article today has put up her house and all her personal property as collateral to cover her legal costs.


    This great woman is fighting alone for our course. Can SV contact her and can we chip in to help her in some where as the government is hell bent on sening her into bankruptcy.

    Let’s put our money where our mouth is and help the Lady

  9. Peace Pipe Says:

    I admire Angie’s courage in openly taking on the IG despite the odds. Being a freedom advocate herself just like us, well most of us, we lend her our full support. Good on you Ange.

  10. tosotiko Says:

    Well Done Angie! A Heroine and a true daughter of Fiji. You are a source of hope to all of us who really love freedom.

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