The Queen Pretender on the Bench…

From the Fiji Times online edition on this lovely Saturday morning, …

“FORMER chief State prosecutor Justice Nazhat Shameem said there will be no political will to fight corruption where charges are made against powerful figures or supporters of the Government. In her contribution to the Asia Pacific Human Development report, Justice Shameem said Fiji’s laws were inadequate. She said she experienced personal attacks in high-profile cases. “Members of the bench threatened several prosecutors with contempt proceedings,” she said. “Two were cited and one was detained in the cell after feelings ran high in court. “Those were the direct attacks. The indirect attacks were those within the civil service machinery, the lack of co-operation, the abusive memoranda and ostracism. When prosecutors take on the rich and influential their children will be abused at school and threatening letters will be thrown at their gate.” Justice Nazhat Shameem said an independent prosecutor was a potential challenge to a government that did not believe in accountability. “Attempts will be made to subdue that independence, ensuring some executive control.” She said at one time the Government tried to make her report to the permanent secretary for Justice but she refused. “But the pressure was immense, together with personal attacks, judicial battles, legal challenges and political apathy, the pressures defeated the prosecution.”

To her press release, we say –

Is that the best the Queen Pretender could come up with??

It is a disgusting and pathetic attempt to subtly and indirectly justify her role in the mentoring, counseling, aiding, abetting and all that… of the Pig’s Dec 2006 coup de’tat … given all that’s transpired since in its aftermath!

If QP was so passionate about the weight of opposition driven by ‘powerful’ figures to counter the  work that she was ably doing to successfully prosecute those corruption cases that came before her when she was the Director of Public Prosecutions, then why did she leave that office so ‘prematurely’ to take up the OFFER to the bench as a Judge of the High Court?

A place (bench) where she does not drive the agenda but merely act as a referee, adjudicating ONLY on issues brought before her;

A place where she is less effective in advocating to correct the wrongs that she so accurately indentifies in her interview above;

A place where she is bound by rules mostly made by the legislature and which are beyond her powers, particularly, if they (laws and policies) were made within the ambit of the Constitutional provisions).

WHY? Did she really feel that helpless at the helm of the DPP that she decided to ‘give in’ to the pressures and be ‘annointed’ to the bench to ‘mind her own business’?

Or did she accept the appointment for the accolades in breaking that ‘hard glass ceiling’ twice (being the first female Director of Public Prosecutions and then first female Judge of the High Court). Hmmm……

If she was TRULY passionate about the plight of our people, why didn’t she remain true to herself and  have the courage of her convictions to either stay where she was (as DPP) or venture out of the restrictive civil service machinery in order to become a MORE EFFECTIVE ADVOCATE for the changes that she’s now trying to drive in our society… except that she is now riding her convictions on the back of two wounded, lunatic and  selfish tigers (Bainimarama and Chaudry).

What a tragic ending it’ll be to such noble intentions … 


29 Responses to “The Queen Pretender on the Bench…”

  1. jaguar Says:

    Interesting… come to think of it, was it the Shameems’ uncle/lawyer Doc Sahu Khan (who uses all his dirty tricks in the book) when he represented Southwick or was it Ratu Ovini Bokini, that led to that 10minute detention of Deputy DPP Kenneth Wilkinson in the cell beneath the Courtroom. Birds of a feather…?

  2. hopefiji Says:

    well what can we say, except we smell a rat…trying to distance her self from the her shadowey role now that the pigions are coming home to roost.

    People like her will get what’s due to them, even if takes a decade..all those illegal junta judges who smugly protect the unlawful of this despotic regime. well we expected that the queen of manupulation would be trying to trying to clean her bloody hands and robes and using the media to do so.

  3. natewaprince Says:

    Reminds me of a hornets nest.You have the queen bee as head and all the other worker bees.As the only one laying the young,isn’t she supposed to be impregnated by all the other males???

    I wonder if this happens in her case.

  4. hopefiji Says:

    eeeeewwwwe what a horrid thought…but than again she is the Queen Bee, and the mastermind..they all jump whne she says jump including Pathetic and moronic Brynes and Gates!!

  5. painter Says:

    NP – cava sara na relevance ni impregnating qori gonei, au kerea mo cakava tale jiko ga na nomu i tavi and delete those imposter cockroaches/wannabe bloggers from the RottenFMF when they trespass onto SV.

  6. Budhau Says:

    Yeah, and you guys are THE KING PRETENDER ON THE WEB!

  7. nailer Says:

    … and what does that make you “Budhau” … ?

  8. hopefiji Says:

    Budhau truth hurts #$#@wit…than get off this site if you dont like what you read..

    So….I guess if the SDL had supported her application for the Un job, she wouldn’t have been so quick to jump and plot with the others…what do they say…..hell has no fury like a woman spurned!!

    That’s what it all boils down to with this lot in the post coup judiciary..personal naked ambition and personal vendettas!!

  9. Peace Pipe Says:

    The Ahmadiyya secret society is spreading their wings of influence over the country small as they may be. They have somehow got the pigs balls in their hands and squeezing them. This overt supporter of the illegal ig was in it right from the beginning providing the legal framework to uphold and prop up the coupsters since 5/12. She sounds like the other members of the ig who are trying to bluff their way through unconvincingly with obvious awkwardness. They are all liars and members of the same ilk.

  10. painter Says:

    Dina, dina Hopefiji. Please tell us more about that UN job Queen Pretender was after?? What happened there?

  11. jaguar Says:

    Peacepipe – I don’t see the Ahmadiyya sect of Islam as a secret society at all, they openly worship in their own peculiar/unique manner and are out there for all to see. Religion has got nothing to do with it for obvious reasons.

  12. Keep The Faith Says:

    Naz you pathetic excuse of a human being. Is BHAINI shooting from our shoulders again?

    I suggest both you bhaini’s give your titties back to I-yarse for a feed, and heck leave some for Ma’chaud and Ra’chaud too. If there’s leftover’s leave an ounce for Frank and your yourselves…y’all are in serious need of protein for your brain cells if you think the people can’t see right through this charade.

  13. EnufDictatorship Says:

    hey! bloggers the lawyers in Paki are protesting right now.

    This time it is to say to the elected democratic government that they need to move swiftly and reinstate the judges that Musharraf fired instead of still trying to hoodwink them like Musharraf did.

    So, as we push these illegals out we should also START TELLING any new politicians and parties that WE WILL BE ON THEIR CASES from day one!

    One wrong move and you\’re, well you know….d-meat.

  14. Budhau Says:

    Wrong Enuf – you won’t do anything. Look at the recent history of Pakistan – those lawyers stood up to Musharraf when he was incharge – and he was more ruthless than our IG – those same lawyers are on the move now also. Compare that with our lawyers – both the members of the FLS and the indigenous lawyers group – what did they do – sign a petition to the President.

    Please don’t compare yourself with those Pakistani Lawyers – they have balls.

    NP – there ain’t no bees in a hornets nest – and where do you come up with all that crap – folks trying to impregnate the honorable judge.

    This Shameem woman – first woman DPP for 5 years, prosecutor for 10 years prior to that then became the first woman high court judge in Fiji – you guys have a problem with that.

  15. Tim Says:

    Why does anyone award this woman any more credibility than her sister?
    Come on people – wake up! They probably spend most of their time arguing over who is crazier than whom and slinging mad bitch insults at each other. The only difference is that one has earned an assumed credibility at having been appointed to the judiciary..
    For the radicals- she’s be amongst the first in their gun sights.
    Not that I go along with that idea, but in terms of where she sits, she should not expect any sympathy when the proverbial hits the fan other than abandon ship (women and children first)!

  16. Mark Manning Says:

    It’s almost like a shakespearean play , isn’t it ?

  17. Tim Says:

    And just in case anyone has any doubt about my meaning – her balls are a damn sight bigger than Justice Gates, and probably bigger than the likes of Byrnes. Just as well Fiji had a second shot at the registrar of electors job that nearly went to someone with balls the size of rice pellets.
    When the shit does hit the fan, Mark will be busy making an earn off Volks – Vargen sales, and I’ll be busy taking bets on whether the pistol shooter comes to the rescue of sis. I-Arse will be running as fast as his camp little feet can carry him

  18. Budhau Says:

    Tim you keep talking about “when the shit hits the fan” – just remember that it will hit you buggers as hard as the next guy.

    ..with the silly threat – listen dude, if the shit does hit the fan in Fiji, you buggers, all of you will be in deep shit – for several generations – just look around and see what happened when the shit hit the fan there.

    BTW – no, those threats don’t scare no one.

  19. Tim Says:

    Budhau, when the proverbial does hit the fan, Oz and NZ will be lamenting their inadequate foreign policies, bleating “cudda shudda wudda”, and wondering who amongst their ranks betrayed them.
    Never mind, at least they have elections.

  20. Tim Says:

    And BTw – @Budhau – some of us are well aware of what happens when/if the shit hits the fan. Which is why we constantly try and remind our “leadership” where their priorities might be. They’re starting to take notice – except that lately, even though Rudd is of a mind to use NZ’s past successes in many ways, he is now way ahead of NZ.
    Let’s hope his latest brings rewards, though it isn’t anything new – the likes of Oscar Temaru have been lobbying for it for years. Oh well….cudda shudda wudda. But at least whatever eventuates, it’ll have far more legitimacy and success than anything Frank has signed up to.
    And by the I detect some sensitivity everytime the Shameens or the iI-Arse is mentioned Budhau?

  21. IslandBoy Says:

    Sorry to digress folks. Anyone read about the takeover at FHL. Colonel Aziz gets the Dep Chair’s job. This is the piece on fijilive

    Weleilakeba, board ousted in FHL coup
    14 JUN 2008

    There have been major changes within the Fijian Holdings Limited hierarchy with reports that chief executive Sitiveni Weleilakeba’s employment has been terminated by the board.

    While there has been no independent confirmation, a One National News report says a new board has taken over the company’s operations in a boardroom coup.

    It also reports that senior military officer – Colonel Mohammed Aziz – has been appointed FHL deputy chairman.

    Board members reportedly ousted in the FHL board include Josaia Mar, Tui Malekai, Moh’d Asif Razak and Weleilakeba.

    Two board members who remain are lawyer Ulaiasi Baya and businessman Robin Storck.

    Fijilive’s attempts to contact Weleilakeba remained futile because his mobile phone was switched off.

    Comments have also been sought from the FHL board.


  22. FijiGirl Says:

    Chodo’s plan for national dominance continues.

    The great irony is that, although many of his pieces appear to be falling into place, in fact THIS is the time when his plans are at their most vulnerable.

    It can all fall apart, if and when the good people involved do the right thing in taking a stand to stop Chodo.

    He thinks that he can replace his opponents with his Yes-men, and maybe he is right.

    But even with his Yes-men at the top of these structures, they can STILL fall apart, if the people the WORKERS take action, or rather, INACTION to stop him.

    I’m talking boycotts, strikes, go-slow, civil servants taking 1 sick day a week, and STALL THE SYSTEM so that he is stymied. And don’t forget to write, write, write to the embassies, delegations and ADB in Suva to support their stand AGAINST this regime.

    Chodo may have his guns, but WE HAVE THE POWER.
    Tabu soro
    God Bless Fiji

  23. LUVfiji Says:

    Wow.. wow.. a great post FijiGirl. Vinaka

  24. Say True! Says:

    Hey STUPID Budhau – no ones in the mood for your shit today so FO MOFO.

  25. Save the Sheep Says:

    The Problem with Shameem’s stand is one of hypocricy.

    Is she suggesting that now the Military are in power that Judges are no longer subject to Intimidation and violence?

    Perhaps she can explain then how the Hon Gordon Ward’s house was burnt to the ground ‘ON HER WATCH’?

  26. Mark Manning Says:

    Drag Queen ?

  27. Groggymaster Says:

    NS was referring to her time at the public prosecutions office. There may have been pressures exerted, but it is nothing compared to the summary forced dismissals, suspensions etc on whims of certain individuals. In the current climate, people whose opinions differ are forcibly removed, and she is now part of the circus. What hypocrasy!!!

  28. Puf-Military Says:

    NS was prematurely promoted to Judge, and that’s the truth. I know for a fact that she was lobbying the former CJ Tuivaga incessantly, her angle was that it wud be a good image for the judiciary for her as an Indian woman to be seen to ascend to such a position. The problem is that she did not do so on merit ie actually prosecuting cases and desk work instead of nominating herself to attending fancy conferences/speaking at meetings to pad her CV. She neglected the nitty gritty core work for fancy, superficial distinctions.

    When u don’t do ur homework u fail the test, in this case her application for a UN posting. Please, stop dreaming NS – na ka qori e cakacaka taki, ka bunoci.
    A similar case was deadbeat Franky, who applied for a security post with the UN but his 1 page CV (harbour cruising) wasn’t even shortlisted. And don’t get me started about MPC (no degree, no Finance background).

    And here we have some clowns on SV supporting NS and talking up any IG loser. Ur days are numbered, the people of Fiji won’t forget your treachery. Caqeta tiko na mata ni moto…

  29. painter Says:

    Hey pufy-military – who r u referring to on SV as clowns supporting NS??
    Did you actually work with NS or did you hear that thru chinese whispers…?

    Your post sucks.

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