Maths Lessons for the self proclaimed finance guru of Fiji

Your figures just do not add up, Mr interim Sugar Minister

The Fiji Times on Saturday, May 10, in a front page article reported a $1-billion deal between the Fiji Sugar Corporation and Tate & Lyle under the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA).

The EPA, which comes into effect from October 2009, will replace the Sugar Protocol forced by the EU’s domestic sugar regime reforms as a result of WTO rules.

The EU reforms really mean that ACP member countries, including Fiji, will no longer enjoy the traditional preferential arrangements guaranteeing sugar prices of approximately three times the world market price.

Under EPA, Fiji like other ACP member countries supplying raw sugar to the EU may, however, benefit from increased quota or market access.

Supply contract

The increased quota no doubt has been offered to ACP countries to cushion the effect of the declining price, which began in 2006.

Hence, Fiji is offered an increased raw sugar quota of 300,000 tonnes annually to supply to Tate & Lyle.

Tate and Lyle, which is a world renowned sugar refinery and has been our traditional buyer in the EU since 1975.

The agreement reached is a result of continued negotiations between the industry and Tate & Lyle.

Yes, the contract will come into effect from October 2009 and last till October 2015.

The question is will this benefit the Fiji sugarcane farmers and the country?

The value of supply contract

The value of expected benefits of the supply contract noted by the Minister for Sugar is misleading to say the least and, wrong in certain regards, particularly because of the expected reduction in the EU prices for our sugar.

We all know that the EU sugar price has begun to decline.

It is expected to decline by 36 per cent by October 1, 2009, and after that our sugar will be subject to expected world price.

Given these prices forecast, the value of the 300,000 tonnes supply contract will be about $1-bn, assuming the Fiji industry does produce the required 300,000 tonnes, and under the above projected prices.

When you look at this in more detail a very different story emerges.

Now let me give you the facts.

Recent Fiji sugar export tonnage and prices

Fiji exports around 172,500 tonnes a year to the EU, selling its raw sugar to Tate & Lyle, in London.

Fiji enjoys a small quota of 11,145 metric tonnes export to the USA at a price slightly lower than the EU, but much higher than the world market price.

Furthermore, Fiji has the opportunity to sell additional raw sugar to the EU under the “Special Preferential Sugar (SPS)/ Complementary Quantity (CQ)” sharing formula.

Fiji’s CQ quota in the 2006 was expected to be around 10,000 metric tonnes.

Fiji sugarcane and sugar production in recent years has declined, and continues to decline, as summarised in the table at top left.

In 2007, our sugarcane output was 2.5-m tonnes and a sugar output of 237,418 tonnes, which was about 72,000 tonnes less than previous year.

We all know Fiji had to import sugar to fulfill its market obligations.

The 2008 sugarcane output is projected to be still lower than 2007 cane output.

It is projected the sugarcane output will be about 2.3 million tonnes and a sugar output of 230,000 tonnes — a further decline of sugar output by about 7500 tonnes from the 2007 production.

The sugarcane production as well as sugar output is expected to continue to decrease further — unless the industry is turned around immediately.

Recent industry trend shows a decrease in the number of active sugarcane farmers.

An Australian funded farm survey results shows that farmers’ total cost of cane production, harvest and transport was about $44 per tonne.

With reduced EU prices, published research suggests around 50 per cent of farms will become non-viable, and the industry is expected to produce around 1m tonnes of sugarcane.

This will then mean, given our milling and processing efficiency, a sugar output of around 100,000 tonnes after 2009.

This will then mean that having an annual supply contract of 300,000 tonnes, Fiji will have to buy close to 200,000 tonnes of sugar from elsewhere to fulfill its contractual obligation.

How can sugarcane farmers and Fiji expect to benefit from the 300,000 tone supply quota under such a scenario is beyond my comprehension.

Minister misleading the farmers

The minister, according to the quotes reported in The Fiji Times, further states that Fiji will annually benefit $425m.

Where does he get this figure from?

A school kid will tell us that average annual value of $1b over a seven-year period is $152m. Not $425m a year.

If we accept that the minister’s figure of $425m is correct, then for an annual quota of 300,000 tonnes the total proceed over seven-year period will be about $3bn and not $1bn, as reported.

Secondly, if we accept that the $425m is to be received annually, then the projected price would be expected to be $1417/tonne.

This is once again totally wrong.

The expected price reported above for 2009 is $646/tonne which calculates to roughly $39 per tonne cane price for farmers at current production levels and $42 per tonne at 300,000 tonne production.

With the cost of production around $44 per tonne, cane farming is not viable at all.

These price figures are less than half to third of what Chaudhry seems to suggest.

Obviously, there are serious anomalies in the report and figures provided by the minister in his statement.

Whatever the motive may be in giving such inflated estimates, it is outright wrong.

Even if there is a mistake in the minister’s calculations (which has not been corrected todate), there is no way that Fiji can expect the proposed $1bn without making major reforms in the industry. This is highly unlikely.

If anything, the sugarcane farmers and the industry are expected to continue as the biggest victims of the actions of Mr Chaudhry.

As a member of the illegal Government, and perhaps, as some say, even an instigator of the 2006 coup and subsequent “coups” he carried out within the sugar industry, Mr Chaudhry’s actions has meant that the farmers have been sent to the gallows.

EU $350m grant

We all know that the EU’s sugar grant of $350m has been put on hold because of the coup and more so the failure by Mr Chaudhry to fulfill his commitments to the EU.

The EC had agreed, under the “Accompanying Measures” to provide $350m in financial help (grant) to the sugar industry.

This money we all know was meant to help the sugarcane farmers cope with declining prices. The EU money was meant to help farmers increase their yield; reduce production, harvest and transport costs and remain viable.

The EU grant was to help non-viable sugarcane farmers to engage in alternative forms of livelihoods.

It was meant to help sugar cane farmers to begin new life elsewhere when their leases were not renewed, and to help incoming new farmers in their sugarcane farming.

Now, with the continued illegal regime, and with the uncertainty about the interim regime meeting its commitment of a March 2009 elections, farmers will not get the benefits of the EU grant.

Among other things, as a result of the December 2006 coup, the EU grant being put on hold and the reforms on ways to reduce harvest and transport costs that was due to start in 2007 was stopped.

Despite repeated warnings by me (then the SCGC-CEO) that any action by the military commander to remove the democratically elected government would result in jeopardising the EU assistance, no heed was taken by the military commander-coup leader, the orchestrators and beneficiaries of the coup and even the Fiji Labour Party-National Farmers Union that claims to represent the welfare of the Indian community and cane farmers.

Both are on record to announce their support for the coup. The result has been the suspension of the $350m grant, thereby halting all reforms much needed to salvage the industry.

By their own actions, the Interim Minister of Sugar and Finance and the military commander have struck the last nail on the coffin.

Firstly, with the declining EU sugar prices and increasing production, harvest and transport costs, many farmers will lose their source of livelihood.

Secondly, the EU will not release the $350m in grant to help such farmers.

Thirdly, the country will lose, as the sugarcane production continues to decline and the country forced to import sugar to meet its export commitments.

Therefore, a 300,000 supply contract can end up costing the country more.

The country will have to spend money to import sugar to meet the gap in contractual obligation and the domestic production, money that the country does not have given the continued position of Mr Chaudhry and his illegal government and the continued decline in our economy.

A slow and painful death is now imminent and Mr Chaudhry and his illegal military government must take the full blame.

I have been vindicated.

– Jagannath Sami is the former CEO of the Sugar Cane Growers Council who was deposed by the military and was subsequently sacked by the President of the Republic of Fiji

Chaudary’s claims reminds me of that saying about being suspicious of someone being an idiot (eh Budhau) and then opening one’s mouth to confirm beyond doubt!!!


40 Responses to “Maths Lessons for the self proclaimed finance guru of Fiji”

  1. Mark Manning Says:

    Please don’t be foolish !
    It’s quite obvious where Chaudhry gets his figures from . Just put into google
    ( who’s on 1st base ) then click on the radio icon at the end of the page . And there is your answer , it’s the same selection process which was used at the beginning of this coup when Frank selected the different people for the I.G. Ministries !

  2. EnufDictatorship Says:

    U go J Sami! Show MPC that he is not the only one who knows finance in our country!

    The good citizens of Fiji are with you.

    God bless!

  3. Budhau Says:

    Listen guys, I neither have the time nor the inclination to go did up the numbers – but even if you take the numbers as is – as it relates to the industry – the theory of that industry will collapse based on its economic does not stand – if the industry collapse – if with be because of the land issue.

    So here is my 2 cents worth.

    You can take a bunch of statistics – and tell whatever story you want.

    The article said, “In 2007, our sugarcane output was 2.5-m tonnes and a sugar output of 237,418 tonnes, which was about 72,000 tonnes less than previous year.”

    That is true, that sugarcane production has declined buth why? Don’t you think the author should have looked at the reason for the decline and what is being done about it.

    At the peak of production in the late 90’s the sugarcane production was at 4 million tons – since the FLP election in 2000 and the 30 year ATLA leases not being renewed, we had seen a steady decline in sugar production. This administration is trying to to resolve the lease issues – and if we just put back into production all the land on which leases were not renewed, either with tenant farmers or landowners farming themselves – it should not be a problems to achieve the 4 million tonne target.

    So why don’t we let the author write his piece based on the 4 million tons -which seems to be a reasonable goal.

    The next statement, “We all know Fiji had to import sugar to fulfill its market obligations.”

    Fiji sold its sugar at a higher price and imported sugar at a much lower world market price. The reason being the declining production – mainly because production land has been taken out of production.

    Of course it would have been nice to have sold our sugar at a higher price – and be able to fulfill the local demand also. The Chaudary and the IG have very little to do with the decline in sugarcane production since 2000.

    Actually, they are trying to address that issue.
    If the pand that was in production in 1999 can be put back into production – regardless of who is farming the land – we shall meet the 4 million tonne target.

    That 4 million tonne target is also the threshold for profitable power generation requirements – with bagasse, and then there is the prospects for ethanol.

    Now look at the production cost of sugar – FSC produced its sugar at about twice the cost other countries – I don’t have the figures now – but for discussion sake say FSC’s production cost is 14 cents/lb and in India they produce sugar at 7 cents a pounds (which I think is correct)

    With new machinery provided at the mills – we expect the mills to run more efficiently. Thus the current split between the grower and the miller can become more favorable to the grower if the miller lowers its cost. FSC has also been trying to push the transportation cost on the farmers by not supplying rail carts and forcing farmers to use lorries at their expense. If FSC was more efficient – the transportation cost would be the millers responsibility – as it is in the contract.

    The problems with FSC’s cost is incompetence and mismanagement, corruption etc – both by FSC and the Fiji government policies are responsible for state of FSC.

    As for the farmer production cost – that is also one of the highest in the world – even when compared to countries like Mauritius. Qarase was talking about larger farms that are more efficient. Then there is the idea of multiple crops. Therefore, there is room for improvement there.

    Take a look at the cost of leases – the landowner must realize that with the cost of production at the level that it is – and the EU subsidy gone – they should also tighten up there belt and take less in lease money.

    So instead of all the above statistics – that, as manning said we could have found it on google – the author should have done a proper analysis and let the readers decide what the state of the industry is – rather than the regular Chaudary bashing – under the circumstances – some one can take the same statistics and show how great of a job the honorable Minister of Finance is doing.

    BTW – did Jagarnath Sami say what he would have done under the same circumstances – shut down the sugar industry and do what?

  4. Tuks Says:

    Wishful thinking budhau, wishful thinking!!. You go to hell with your comments. When will you wake up and face reality mate?. It is clear that your Chaudhry is already at his own lying games again in his attemts to save face and win back the farmers support for the next General Election. The only principle that he possess is that one which is self fulfilment and “what is yours is mine but what is mine is mine own”. That is Chaudhry in his best – the biggest liar Fiji will ever have in our political arena. We just wonder how the Farmers themselves will respond to these deliberate misinformation already put in place by the Snake Chodo. Its a lie, a lie and a lie aimed at Farmers and the Nation to hoodwinked them into believing their future in the Sugar Cane industry is bright when we all know that based on the actual current information, things are heading for disaster and for the worse. Its another political whitewash by Chaudhry we MUST NEVER BELIEVE…..ouch!!.

  5. Mossad Says:

    sounds like Rajend Chaudhary to me…….forever changing his stripes, the sugar industry’s downward spiral could have been curtailed had Mahen Choro Choro, worked with other parties in containing the spiral.If you do recall Budhau, I had raised this point earlier. He is now asking the very same farmers whom he advised to leave the land then, to go back now. He has, and will always will use the cane farmers for his political gain, and will continue to do so…….the sad reality is that some of them are being led like lambs to the slaughter house without even raising a comment. Why? because the person they belive is their saviour, Mahen Choro Choro is the devil in disguise.

    Bula Fiji.

  6. FijiGirl Says:

    Vinaka, Jagannath Sami!

    So now the cane farmers themselves have a good, solid reason for taking up protest against this illegal regime.

    Chodo is costing them their industry as well.

    You may recall that as far back as August 1993, Chodo “said having a just constitution was more important than economic advantages like, for instance, the preferential price paid by the EEC for Fiji sugar.” (“More Letters From Fiji” by Sir Len Usher)

    Well Chodo, Fiji has a just Constitution, yet you still insist on doing your best to f**k it up for the Fijians, for the cane farmers – for everyone!

    Our beautiful country of Fiji is not some toy playground for you to act out your devious, covetous, twisted, two-faced, murderous, tax-evading, cheating, paranoid, psychotic, megalomaniacal, egotistical games of denial.

    God is watching, His people are watching and you will pay, by God, you will pay for your misdeeds.

    You will be stopped.
    Tabu soro
    God bless Fiji

  7. Striker Says:

    Take a leaf from this Chodo, and stop the arrogant bulshit. Get off your high horse and for once tell the nation and the sugar cane farmers the truth. Don’t make them miserable with your lies while you make millions rightly due to them. Good to have you back JSami. Time to teach these crooks and fools a lesson or two!

  8. Budhau Says:

    Mossad wrote, “If you do recall Budhau, I had raised this point earlier. He is now asking the very same farmers whom he advised to leave the land then, to go back now.”

    Mossad, as usual you got your facts wrong – Chaudary never asked farmers to leave – on the contracry, he was working to better lease term for those farmers. What Chaudary did when he was the PM was to set up a progam for displaced farmers whose leases where not being renewed.

    Chaudary’s policy of lease terms are no different from what Koya was demanding 30 years ago – and I don’t think either Koya or Chaudary were leading the “lanbs to slaughter” as you put. It is the NLTB that has politicized the land issue – and in doing so has screwed up the landowners.
    As for your “devil and disguise” statement – I don’t think anyone can argue with such silly ass remarks.

    BTW – have you figured out the difference in what Qarase offered as the 50 year lease – and why Chaudary disagreed with that. BTW – go look at the first draft of the ALTA legislation put forward by Mara – and his offer of the 50 year lease, almost identical to what Chaudary is asking for.

    Mossad – you look like a relatively intelligent guy (regardless of what I have called you before) – so why don’t we get that facts straight – things that are already on the record.– and then we call all put our spin on it.

    Tuks – no one said the future of the sugar industry was bright – Qarse, was trying to address the same problem – and getting nowhere, for the incompetent fool that he is.

    Hey guys – the economic that Sami was talking about – take out chaudary from the the picture – nothing changes, the industry does not look good for several reason – declining production due to the non-renewal of leases. The phase of EU subsidy – both problem were there before the IG came into power.

    ..and Jagarnath Sami has his own agenda – I bet if was still heading the sugarcane growers organization – he would be singing a different tune.

  9. Linus Says:

    Hey guys; I see a lot of flack crap going on betweeen Daddy snake, baby snake and the blow[er] job What are they trying to hide this time??

    We know they only cause this sort of confusion when mischief is afoot or an other dumb idea has imploded!!

  10. Na Dina Says:

    Don’t you guys have anything original rather than copying directly from the dailies.

  11. newsfiji Says:

    Thank you to Jagnath Sami!

    Does anyone else notice the style of reporting by Communications Fiji’s Legend FM Newsroom??? Or is it just me??

    It’s like Vijay Narayan is trying/doing his best to impress someone or the whole interim military regime!

    I’ve noticed the change in the past couple of weeks – they now play the full interview of Frank, and his illegal appointees…

    Vijay Narayan – if you’re reading this, please report the truth and don’t just play the full explanation of this illegal regime and cut short the other views in opposition.

    Pity, i used to fan your coverage of the news! Just remember, you’re just like them if you support them – a common thief! Oh! this illegal regime is worse than a common thief – a thief hides and steals – this bloody forced to regime con their way into our minds with bullshit explanations and do a daylight robbery! Qori nomudou news!

  12. tosotiko Says:

    I dont think that the solution is in enticing the landowners that their virtue is in giving up their land to support Chaudhary’s cause. Of course the much touted benefit is the money coming into the country but landowners must know that they should be the primary beneficiaries of such windfalls. If they are not sure, then best to give themselves time but not rush into giving up their land into a legislation that will keep their land away for the next thirty years for pittance and makes no effort to empower them by introducing aid schemes that will patiently and lovingly guide them into realising their potential in this industry is farming the land themselves. They could lease these land, get the rent subsidy benefit and get the satisfaction of reaping the full benefits of their land.

    Some of them are thinking along the lines of tourisms. This IG should encourgage and help Fijians into these areas not just in constantly insisting that their role is only in giving over their land. That seems to be the only thing this IG has been doing to Fijians. The rent subsidy is given so that you can hand over your land, we really are helping our supporters into paying less rent than what they would have done and we want them to prosper by fighting for our share of the international market.

    The Fijians to remain perpetual dependant consumers and not rich providers.

  13. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Well done!

    An excellent, well presented argument which highlights the economic mismanagement of chaudhry and his puppet, bananasinpyjamas.

    The fools sacked [illegally] all those who were keeping the country on an even keel towards prosperity and replaced them [illegally] with fools from their own stable of broken down brumbies.

    No wonder the economy is going downhill faster than a speeding bullet.

  14. Mark Manning Says:

    Bring back Peter Foster !

  15. natewaprince Says:

    Sa baci tovaki tamana tale toka o raboci.Na leqa kece e yaco tiko qo i loga dovu e bale ga vua na gata tagavesu qo.Ke yali o koya,ena sega na nodra yalo ca o ira na taukei ni qele.

    I f the farmers would only realise this and stop there support for him,ther fortunes and future would surely change for the better.

  16. Tim Says:

    @ newsfiji . Quite few people cottoned on to where the VJ Chow Noodle’s loyalties lay a year or so ago. They are pro-coup and balanced reporting takes a back seat for him to love of the ound of his own voice.

  17. IslandBoy Says:

    Since his trade union days mahen has always been more sound than substance.

    The guy has been lying for years, its second nature, even in Parliament he can lie without batting his eyelids, but he does lick his lips like a snake.

    I kid you not, next time he appears on TV watch him. Its a really gross habit of his and he can’t help it. Sa qai snake dina saraga!

    The first time I noticed his lies as an illegal Minister was when he went up against Savenaca Narube, Gov of Reserve Bank claiming Savenaca was not telling the truth due to some supposed political agenda.

    It makes you wonder what he sees when he looks in the mirror.

    When Frank gets rid of him and finally realises the guy knows sweet f.a. then we might be able to make some progress.

  18. Tim Says:

    @IB: Yea he’s living in the wrong era. Shame he hasn’t gone through any 1951 Waterfront Strikes, or boilermaker disputes.
    He’s all bullshit and no substance. I realise the likes of MF regard him as basically honest, and that may be true – it’s just that he’s been corrupted by the dreams of his own ego. Still it seems a few of them suffer from that condition – not the least the Yippe-I-Aye – who is still incapable of being honest with himself, letalone anyone else. Gawd what pratts!

  19. Lau Lass Says:

    VJ Narayan is sounding like the Arse’s brother when he used to be with TV One. Then he migrated to NZ, then found out that the kiwis don’t put up with the kind of shit he is, so he got his Arse big brother to get him the CEO- FBCL job. Only in Fiji , can ppl like VJ & Riyaz, Hairyarse, Shamimi sisters & etc function, ILLEGALLY !!!!

  20. Tim Says:

    Yea well Lau Lass – the only reason Piss and Shit (Shaista and I-Arse) think they’re safe is that if their offshore cohorts were to crap on them, they might expose their own past. Problem with that is that the relatives of their cohorts can’t abide their self-indulgent behaviour.

  21. Groggymaster Says:

    The Fiji economy is being managed by the IG the same way the Sugar Industry is being managed – terminally spiraling into oblivion.
    Now they want to restructure Air Pacific – it ain’t broke yet – why try and fix it.
    The land issue is that non-landowners believe they are entitled to Fijian owned land, Fijian land is owned. Access to it is economic and is available at an equitable rental. It’s that simple.
    If the sugar economics does not work, why are we pursuing it.

  22. EnufDictatorship Says:

    And the spiral continues. MPC is scratching his head trying to decipher, \”HOW CAN THEY DO THIS TO US WHEN THEY DIDN\’T DO IT BEFORE?\”


    Levu ga na gade wavoki tiko valusi i lavo. Bau lai tei eso na baigani.

    ADB\’s stance surprises Chaudhry

    Friday, June 13, 2008

    Update: 2:16PM Australia and New Zealand are believed to be exerting pressure on the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to withdraw relations with Fiji, says interim Finance Minister Mahendra Chaudhry.

    Mr Chaudhry, in a statement today, said he was surprised at the political stance taken by ADB in refusing to have dealings with Fiji after the December 2006 takeover.

    The issue was raised in Mr Chaudhrys discussion with bank executives in Madrid last month.

    I was told the bank had been pressurised by Australia and New Zealand into adopting its current stance. These are our neighbours. They pretend to want to help us but are effectively undermining our economy,\” he said.

    Fiji has had three coups before the 2006 takeover. The ADB did not curtail engagement with Fiji in any way after those three coups. I was therefore surprised that it took a political stance this time around.

    Questions sent to ADBs press centre remained unanswered.
    End of story

  23. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    Thanks for posting that story, EnufDictatorship.

    How pathetic of chadopu$$ to lie yet again i.e. “I was told the bank had been pressurised by Australia and New Zealand into adopting its current stance.”

    As if an executive of ADB would say that to an illegal criminal representing a stuffed up junta.

    It is the same old story; tell a lie a few times and someone might believe it is the truth.

    chaudopu$$ is desperate to come up with reasons why someone else has ruined Fiji. It is really quite laughable if it wasn’t so serious for Fijians and the Pacific. After all, this jaundiced junta is giving the Pacific region a bad name.

  24. Dauvavana Says:

    Okay okay as per todays fiji times online report

    why pursue Sugar Cane at $42 mill gate price when copra is currently at $850 per tonne?

    Why all this energy and resources on sugarcane when you can earn 2024% more in copra?????

    Why why why???????? Natewa Prince na cici niu me sa caka tale, kua sara ni soli e dua na qele vei ira na tabucoki ra via tei dovi vei kemudou mai Vanua Levu.

  25. Dauvavana Says:

    sorry typo, I mean when you can earn 20 times more on copra!!

  26. FijiGirl Says:

    Boiler problem forces mill closure – By TIMOTHY NAIVALUWAQA, Fiji Times, Friday, June 13, 2008

    THE largest sugar mill shut down operations early yesterday barely 12 hours after reopening following a scheduled stop on Wednesday.

    Lautoka Mill was forced to halt operations at 6am when the water level in a boiler tank reached critical levels as a result of a faulty meter.

    On Wednesday, the factory shut down after experiencing teething problems. The adjustments were made and the mill resumed crushing on Wednesday night.

    Mill general manager Ali Ubadutt said after reopening, the crush progressed well until the boiler problem early yesterday.

    Mr Ubadutt said they shut down the boilers to prevent any damage to other plants.

    He said engineers recalibrated the meter to ensure the problem would not reoccur. The crush resumed at 6pm.

    Mr Ubadutt said they were taking full advantage of the weak cane supply at the beginning of the season to carry out the necessary mill adjustments,

    He said they viewed the current stoppages as investment for operations throughout the season.

    Mr Ubadutt said they were liaising very closely with the Sugar Cane Growers Council and lorry drivers parked outside the mill.

    He said since the start of the new season, the mill crushed an average of 3700 tonnes per day.

    The mill plans to crush an average of 6000 tonnes a day when supply picks up.

    – Is this a case of the chickens coming home to roost in Chodo’s back garden?
    Sabotage by workers disgruntled at Chodo’s hoarding $2m of their money?
    Or were Chodo’s union boys protesting so long against former FSC management that they forgot about essential maintenance work, which is now biting their respective buttocks?

    Qori, Maleka, M’chod!

    God Bless Fiji

  27. Tuks Says:

    The writings are clearly on the walls. Your hero Chaudhry will be no MORE soon. He is a failure, He is corrupt, Father of all liars like the Devil himself, he is stupid scheming thief, a murderer and very much like you Budhau. Please tell him that its time he wake up to the fact that his own actions are now catching up on him. It is crystal clear that each passing new day, we have continous revelations highlighting the treachorous reality behind the Fiji Labour Party Leader’s personality and character.

    Island Boy, I beg to differ with your comments above. On the contrary, Voreqe will never be able to get rid of Chaudhry. In fact we should challenge him to do so to prove us wrong.. He simply cant. His hands and whole body [and soul] are tied
    It was meant to be according to plan.

    Chaudhry has everything all sorted out for Voreqe by now according to plan. He made this personal commitment to Voreqe in exchange of his implementing the 2006 coup.
    Chaudhry himself will be the sole cause of Voreqe’s downfall according to plan Its all predetermined and we are just following the realization of their strategies according to clearly defined timelines.

    It will be the other way around. Come the right time, they will use Chaudhry to unceremoniously dump Voreqe and his soldier boys. Parliamentary Hansard Records clearly stated that Chaudhry has ALWAYS been anti Fijian Military. Sadly, it still very much remains that way. Old habits die hard they say.

    Come the right time, there will be a change of scenario. Upon the fulfillment of their big Vision and political agenda, they will start singing a totally different tune – push
    Voreqe and his poor soldier boys into oblivion through maximum Prison life sentences while they move on pursuing their political agenda .

    Watch and mark my words folks!!.. That is the future , that is the way they had everything planned. Voreqe and the soldier boys must realize that they are only cogs in their machinery network.

    The biggest Coup is still in the making and Chaudhry himself will be the Master and culprit.. History has revealed clearly the schemes of this lone struggle of a power thirsty and hungry man who have now brought the whole Nations to his knees.. He will stop at nothing even if it means sleeping or courting his strongest foes.

    In the 1990s he courted 1987 coup maker Rabuka against Kamikamica. In 2001 he unsuccessfully attempted to sleep with the Matanitu Vanua Party
    /CAMV Party in trying to win their numbers to regain political leadership of the Nation. Now, he has successfully courted Voreqe, and utilizing this Government by the Gun leadership , he now stop at nothing to make sure that all his goals are achieved.

    His is a case of Power Obsession. To such our Nation is being subjected.. For these reasons bloggers we must fight on…….

  28. Budhau Says:

    You are full of crap – after you take out all the adjectives and the name-calling from your above post – there is no substance.

    In Fiji, it has always been about forming coalitions to form the government. So go check your facts first.

    You said something about Kamikamica – and Chaudary not going with him.

    You idiot – in the 1992 election both the Indian and Fijian communities were split. Kamikamica and Rabuka were both trying to become PM and neither had the numbers. Kamikamica went with NFP, Rabuka approached FLP. Chaudary had the opportunity to raise the issues of his constituency and decided to conditionally support Rabuka – including the immediate review of the racist 1990 constitution.

    Kamikamica – was viewed by the unions as anti-Union, while Minister of Finance he had imposed the wage freeze, he had also introduced VAT.

    When you look at the choice Chaudary had – between Kamikamica and Rabuka – the choice was clear.

    NFP used this FLP support of Rabuka for some political mileage. When FLP walked out in 1994 – Rabuka immediately set a committee to review the Constitution followed by Reddy/Rabuka getting together.

    The 2001 attempt to negotiate with Matanitu Vanua/CAMV to form the government – FLP had 27 seats, SDL 31 seats and Matanitu/CAMV 6 seats – if giving those unemployed nationalists a few cabinet posts (a paid job), meant forming the government – there is nothing wrong with that.

    Once again the choice was between the better of the two evils – a Qarase government or a few CAMV ministers in his cabinet. As I said, Fiji’s politics has always been about forming coalition.

    How about the SDL forming coalition with the Matanitu Vanua – and later making Lady Shamu the Minister In charge of Office Supplies – that was all about coalitions.

    Now we come to what is happening today – the Epeli boys believe that the only way that they will ever form a government is by forming a coalition with the Indians – and they think that between the NFP and FLP, Chaudary would be the one to deliver the Indian votes. Therefore, if they can tweak the election rules a little bit, they have a chance to form the next government.

    I am sure that Ganilau must have approached his good friends with the Sangam group and the NFP before he finally decided on Chaudary.

    Bainimarama is a Ganilau stooge – Ganilau is the one who made him the commander.
    Ganilau brought in Bainimarama, he is the one who brought in Chaudary, Nailikau is just there for the ride.

    Why can’t you idiots figure this one out. This is all about forming coalition – the folks behind this last coup believe that they need the Indian vote – and as long as they believe that Chaudary is the one to deliver that Indian vote, Chaudary is there to stay – they day they realize that Chaudary’s popularity is slipping amongst the Indian, they will turn around and give Chaudary the boot. If Chaudary does OK with the sugar industry – is Indian support is intact, if sugar industry fails, Chaudary goes under – that is why sugar play a significant role in the politics of things.

    So idiots – Chaudary was behind this coups as much as Saddam was behind the 9/11 attack.

  29. FijiGirl Says:

    Tuks – you are 100% correct.

    What the one thing that Vore gives Chodo that he cannot get anywhere else, and which is vital for his ultimate plan to succeed?

    Security. Without Vore and his bodyguards, Chodo knows that he would have been beaten to shreds by his own people, never mind the taukei.

    Chodo needs Vore’s security blanket so he can continue his scheming.

    Chodo will be stopped. Vinaka SV!

    God bless Fiji

  30. Budhau Says:

    FijiGirl – If Chaudary was afraid of physical violence, he would have left the country long time ago – like many other Indian politicians.
    Remember when they pointed a gun to his head when he was a hostage – he still refused to sign the papers – that is when those cowards broke his ribs.

    BTW – where are you getting your information from that Indians do not support Chaudary – you must be reading those letters from Jagarnath Sami and those comments in the media from Pramod Rae – Indians with their own agendas.

    This is not about personal security.

  31. Tuks Says:

    Nothing new .All full of the rubbish you truly are. Its not about Chaudhry and how tough he is. It is about his selfish ego and how hell bent he really is in mobilising the Indian communities in Fiji [ using whatever means – by hook or by crook] to push the Fijian ppl oiut of their rightful heritage. That’s what its all about. The Fijian people have now solidly uinited in seeing these truths now finally surfacing given oue experience with what Chaudhry and his gang of crooks are now trying to do under the cover of protection by Bainimarama’s guns…If you are Indian, I suggest you go back home to India. The Fijian people will not take these things lying down. In our own God given time we will return as sun in noonday we will return. Whether it wishes you well or ill..rrrrrttttttt!!!Teve mada boy, teve mada nomu boci baiya!!!

  32. Budhau Says:

    Tuks – it is easy to say “you are full of rubbish” – just like those government backbenchers – who never had any idea what was going on.
    How your Kamikamica/Rabuka reasoning – so now you understand what happened back then and why Chaudary went with Rabuka.

    He is not hell bent on mobilising the Indian community – 85% were with him a while back – just like the Fijians behind the SDL.

    That remark – about “if you are indian, go back to India” – it doesn’t take you buggers long to show your true colours – you start of with democracy crap, and when someone shoots down your arguments – it is either go back to India or talk about some part of my anatomy – and then you bring in GOD.

    That is the problem with you idiots – you don’t even know what the problem is – this is not about Fijian people, it ain’t about Fijian versus Indian. This is about one group of Fijians fighting with another group for power – and one side has decided to use the Indian to get at that power – and because the Indian perceeption since the 1987 coup they have been screwed over – they have thrown their lot behind this one group – you know who the real enemy in this coup is -Epeli Ganilau. And if you look at the bigger picture – it is the Fijian chief who have been screwing you guys over and over.

    So Tuks – you started with your “intellectual” argument about the 1992 elections and all that – and how fast did you you go down.

    As for the solid Fijian unity – wait till the election time. BTW – that Indian Bogey that has kept them united under those manipulating chiefs for a very long time.

  33. Mossad Says:

    @ Budhau…….since you seem to know so much about Mahen ChoroChoro, could you enlighten us as to what academic qualification he has, if any? We are aware of his criminal record from his hit & run,his tax scams,and sugar cane background……..I’m asking about degrees in the Commerce or Business……..please do tell…..

  34. IslandBoy Says:

    @Tuks & FijiGirl – you guys are right, just wishful thinking on my part.

    @Mossad – none whatsoever, for years he has just been repeating what he hears from others and adding whatever he wants, to sound like he knows what he’s talking about.

    That is why he can never take sustained questioning from the floor or from experienced well informed journos.

    His past cannot bear much examination. Its just facade built on more facade.

  35. Soul of Fiji Says:

    Budhau, you have not learn anything yet, I assume you don’t have the capability, capacity nor the brains to learn.

    Do you think your piece you brought up has substance, you take out the blame games, the you idiots and all you are left with are fluffs.

    You , Choro and most of the FLP knows very well how Choro plays his politics. When LQ was proposing 50 yr lease he plays the harlot and play hard to get and to hide his real reason for playing hard to get (reason he wants to the saviour – sorry Satan there is only one Saviour) he brings in new demands why he will not meet and discuss with LQ about the 50 yr lease.

    Because he wants to be the man who resolves the land issue, the FSC problems etc. Half of the problems faced by the sugar cane farmers comes directly from his grandstanding tactics and his EGO and POWER hungry.

    If LQ was incapable then what has Choro achieved so far since after the coup to be able to compare with LQ’s achievement? You can’t compare a mango to coconut and you know who is the nut.

    If Choro was not behind the coup, then how come Choro juniour is boasting to people that Chief editors of a newspaper will be deported days before the deportation will take place?

    You ask us why we are Choro bashing, because we are tired of the coups that are happening in Fiji. Further we are tired of his lies, smart talk, blame game, thinking that he is always right and everyone else is wrong, the list goes on, on, and on.

  36. Soul of Fiji Says:

    And Budhau, we bring in GOD because all GLORY are HIS as He has revealed the truth about your treasonous group led ably by Choro.

    You believe there will be an election?…COME ON you are as stupid as your arguements.

    An election will only happen when the Choro is sure that he can rig the election results. Why have an election then go to jail?

  37. Peace Pipe Says:

    SoF the key players in the illegal ig are in a bind when it comes to holding elections as promised. We have some (pig & naulukau) reaffirming that elections will be held as promised and there are others esp in the chodo camp who put pre-conditions like charter first. This will cause a rift in the ig and depending on who is desperate and who has the balls there is bound to be a major conflict which could result in the emergence of two opposing camps fighting each other. If the ig enforces the charter then the international community will be upset and they will probably escalate their sanctions and embargoes and cut off desperately needed aid. Just as Rt Jone said they will probably abrogate the constitution and replace it with the people’s (not) charter. The consequence of this would be drastic and there would be negative reactions from within and outside the country.

    FijiGirl said something which I support and that is to write to embassies and high commissions and other international bodies. But I wish to suggest that SV write on our behalf as a rep of us bloggers fighting as freedom advocates. Someone has remind these revered institutions of our plight and the actions they need to take to save our country and its people from total ruin.

  38. Mossad Says:

    judging by your previous post, you’ve realised that Mahen will always use the cane farmers to further his own political ambition. Unfortunately for the sugar industry and the cane farmers, the Fijian leaders and people as whole have realised this. As long as the sugar industry survives, Mahen survives. It is an unfortunate reality that carries huge emotional and economical consequences for both races,but more so for the farming community, driven like refugees from their livelihood,not by their choice as tenants,or the landlords but by those, their leaders who have, and will continue to treat them like pawns in the this political checkmate, the NFU refugee camps in Labasa and Lautoka, this was Mahen ChoroChoro creating his own little holocaust for his own fundraising drive. WHY hasn’t he left? He has made $2million and he knows he can make a lot more….


  39. Tuks Says:

    You’ve always missed the point. Should be thankful that we are tolerant and paying some attention to you. The issue I raised on Chaudhry/Rabuka and Chaudhry/CAMV/Matanitu Vanua Party and now infamous Chaudhry/Bainimarama has nothing concerning the political situations you described above which we all know very well, but on matters of personal principles, mate yes-personal principles!!. Any right thinking persons would never court their worst enemies as Chaudhry did in 1992, 2001 and now 2006. He has deliberately manipulated his way through corrupting ppl left right and centre to fulfill his political agenda and to wrestle power control -by hook or by crook. That is why he has compromised their FLP anti coup positions and respect for the Rule of Law. In his obsession for power, he has completely lost the plot and revealed the real corrupt person he is. This seems to be the most revealing truth that is now surfacing with the so called Bainimarama’s “Cleaning Up Campaign”. Everybody else is seeing the light here except you Budhau…

  40. Tuks Says:

    You’ve always missed the point. Should be thankful that we are tolerant and paying some attention to you. The issue I raised on Chaudhry/Rabuka and Chaudhry/CAMV/Matanitu Vanua Party and now infamous Chaudhry/Bainimarama has nothing concerning the political situations you described above which we all know very well, but on matters of personal principles, mate yes-personal principles!!. Any right thinking persons would never court their worst enemies as Chaudhry did in 1992, 2001 and now 2006. He has deliberately manipulated his way through corrupting ppl left right and centre to fulfill his political agenda and to wrestle power control -by hook or by crook. That is why he has compromised their FLP anti coup positions and respect for the Rule of Law. In his obsession for power, he has completely lost the plot and revealed the real corrupt person he truly. Through his lack of sound personal priciples, he has allalong flipped flopped his way through like a chameleon changing color and personality whenever it suits his situation.. This is the only significant and most revealing truth now surfacing with the so called Bainimarama’s “Cleaning Up Campaign”. Everybody else is seeing the light here except you Budhau…

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