We told you he was a show pony

A few weeks ago we questioned whther little snake’s charade about FICAC was some staged managed stunt. Well this article from fijivillage.com sure confirms what we thought!!!

Suva Lawyer Rajendra Chaudhry who last month claimed that the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption be scrapped, has now changed his tune.

Chaudhry now claims that Fiji needs an institution like FICAC to weed out corruption. However, he still maintains that FICAC should seriously look into the work they carry out.

Chaudhry who was charged and taken to court by FICAC but was later cleared of the charges laid against him says he is still liaising with his solicitors and civil action may be taken against FICAC soon.

Late last month Rajendra Chaudhry labeled FICAC as an incompetent institution and also called on the authorities to scrap FICAC.


39 Responses to “We told you he was a show pony”

  1. merovingian Says:

    I also read somewhere that when questioned on his son’s recent statment on FICAC, Chaudhry senior said today, “this lawyer” (ie. his son) was entitled to his own opinions on FICAC but FICAC will stay.

    Now Chaudhry jnr is saying FICAC is ok again.

    Someone should just put both father and son on a slow boat back to India!

  2. Orisi Qaranivalu Says:

    Ka dina. Father and son duo – bogus.

  3. KaiFiji Says:

    this young gandhu lawyer wants to be something already..He does not even know how to practice and is being seen as something in fiji’s Judiciary…Me tukunu ga vei koya Luveni baku wavivi vakai tamana..

  4. natewaprince Says:

    Rajendra Chaudary.

    Scientific name: Chota Bangdaddi Hardus

    This scrawny little pest has the characteristics of a puffer fish,ie,it has the ability to increase it’s size in order to ward of danger.It also has a habit of making a lot of noise unnecesaryly without any meaning at all.

    Control: Isolate it and squash it with a hammer because it has a tendency to hide between its fathers legs.

  5. Keep The Faith Says:

    Brilliant NP!! LMAO….I see new species within the IG being discovered every day.

    Ra’chaud is but a chip off the old block.

  6. NobleBannerBlue Says:

    I wonder… .how much of the father’s pisa did it take to change his mind??…

  7. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    Like father, like son.

    The have sold soul to the devil. These are dangerous people because they no longer have a conscience and believe the law no longer applies to them.

    A fool with a conscience at least has hope because when caught will admit their folly or when found guilty, shows remorse, but no these type and they in time become tyrants.

  8. Tuks Says:

    Haha Ha !! told you fellas!!. Never believe in anything these two Chaudhry devils sy and do. They change like the chameleon all the times..Like father, like son indeed!!. One day they will meet up with the fruits of their own actions..one day…soon..

  9. Save the Sheep Says:

    R.C. appears to feel that he is an expert in everything. I have seen him in action at FASANOC and the Sports Council. In both organisations he has handled himself less than eloquently and clearly has no sense of what sport is all about.

    He labels good suggestions as ‘unrealistic’ if he hasn’t thought of them and on the other hand promotes the most incredibly unrealistic schemes that you can imagine.

    He is the classic example of the Wannabe mentality that pervades the IG. Full of people who want to run before they can crawl.

  10. gryphon Says:

    The issue of FICAC has been one which has been niggling at the heels of the IG for some time.

    This topic takes me back to a day when the AG and I were discussing an issue. The matter was discussed and it was, I believe, during tea that we began discussing the issue of FICAC. In fact I recall mentioning that the legality of the institution would eventually come back to haunt the IG as it has a very flimsy legal framework surrounding its survival. In fact we both agreed that while the constitution was intact, the legality of FICAC would be suspect and if, as the IG claims, the constitution still stands, the judiciary is expected to align its rulings with the current constitution as and until the framework was abrogated or suspended.

    While the mass of this forum may hate Rajen, it is imperative to remember that he does put forward a valid argument when he states that “Fiji needs an institution like FICAC to weed out corruption. However, he still maintains that FICAC should seriously look into the work they carry out.” In all honesty, the police force has less then a glamorous reputation and record for being able to prosecute high-level white collar crimes or being able to gather sufficient evidence as they do not have the manpower and resources to do so. If any forum member sincerely believes in weeding out corruption, then FICAC’s existence is justified – however, that still brings back the quandary surrounding its legality under the existing constitution.

    It is no hidden fact in the chambers of the great building that in order to legitimize the actions of the current IG, the constitution will eventually have to be suspended – the daily decisions made by the IG are squarely beginning to contradict the constitution and these decisions will need to have the constitutional backing if they are to survive any forms of legal class challenges which will also eventually hit the IG with fervor.

    In conclusion, the existence of FICAC is one which I foresee is somewhat necessary, but its existence cannot be justified under the current constitution which is contrary to this organizations legality. The people of FIji will ultimately need to realize that the existence of FICAC will ultimately depend on their decision to retain or remove the current constitution.

  11. Observer Says:

    “The people of FIji will ultimately need to realize that the existence of FICAC will ultimately depend on their decision to retain or remove the current constitution.”

    If the constitution is abrogated it will not be a decision of the (silent) majority of the people of Fiji.

    At the end of the day castles built on foundations of sand will crumble – whether it is FICAC, the police force, FMF or the government of the day. What they need and what none of them show is leadership with integrity – serve to lead.


  12. Koya na Man Says:

    Well the coconut doesn’t fall far away from the tree.

    A sign of division within is now surfacing slowly,we shall see the truth behind this illegal takeover unfolding before our very eyes.

    The truth shall prevail..

  13. Jese Waqalekaleka Says:

    @ gryhpon, the existence of the FICAC does not necessarily depend on the Constitution because if the Constitution is upheld by the Courts and the coup illegal, then FICAC will be deemed illegal, as it was a creature of the illegal regime.

    However if the Constitution is abrogated on the other hand, as all evidence suggests, then it will survive the abrogation and be founded in the new Constitution.

    I agree that Fiji needs an Institution like FICAC but its existence must be firmly founded in law, otherwise it becomes a contradiction in terms, to be fighting corruption on the one hand, when it’s foundation is legally flawed on the other.

  14. soro Says:

    With all due respect GRYPHON …. some things you say dont ring right with me ….

    First of all the AG – for an illegal wannabe AG you still seem to show deference to him ??? True ?

    Second – the “tea” thing. What is that about ? Who Gives AF … while we strive to give our family nutrients with noodles and flour cakes ?

    Third – sorry it is so NOT a valid argument that Rajen gives when he said FICAC is “necessary”……….. I remember well the investigative white collar crime squad that Hughes put in place and was making moves to solidify when the coup in 2006 happened … so dont give us that shit.

    The Police Force RIGHT NOW has a SHITTY reputation of solving anything given its shonky foundations via Teletubby and Co.

    However when Hughes was in place, this unit was already going through its paces and going places with good old solid police foot work.

    Sorry your arguments go nowhere with me unless you are able to convince me .

  15. Leve davo Says:

    NP, we are getting sick and tired of hearing all this shits from this boci fellas. Vakacava me nomudoi i tavi mada mai na boto ni toba; me coki mada na nodrau boci vakaveitamani qai boro yani ena wai ni BONGO CHILI”. Only then they will realise, ae, we have been brainwashed by our forefathers for wearing raincoats fulltime….boci.boci,boci…ena boci tu ga…

  16. newsfiji Says:

    Rajendra Chaudhary – sa dau matata ga na gusuma…kitaka sara tiko vakalevu…dua na siga o vosa tu ga va qori, qai lewa na tani na kena vuki na gusumi i kesumu….wa…ha…ha..luveni mamaboci…

  17. natewaprince Says:

    Leve davo,na vavaku ni ligani sote nodrau na vei tamani qo sa bau va ga ya.Na long sleeve e tiko vei rau.

  18. FijiGirl Says:

    Awww, wook at widdwe Wajendwa… He feels he’s not getting enough press attention, so he has to fabricate some headlines …. Awww …

    NP – keep the scientific species classifications comin’ – always a great laugh…

    Gryphon – I have now read enough of your posts to conclude that you remain in cahoots with the illegal regime, and you pretend to be anti-IR only so that you might (you think) try to coax some of us into thinking ‘Actually, they are not that bad’.

    Well, I have news for you buddy. It ain’t gonna work.
    You can come up with tactics and deals and ‘what ifs’ til the cows come home. It won’t change the fact that this illegal regime IS illegal, unjustified, invalid and a bloody joke.
    They have sacrificed Fiji’s once bright future and it will take us years of hard work and honest effort to get it back, once we have our free, fair and Constitutional elections.

    If I am wrong in my conclusion, and you are honestly anti-IG, I apologise.

    The illegal regime is still full of self-interested, self-serving thieves with no legitimate mandate for their agenda. They must be stopped.

    God bless Fiji

  19. Budhau Says:

    Hey guys, you not like what gryphon had to say but his analysis was good.

    That statement that “Fiji needs an institution like FICAC to weed out corruption. However, he still maintains that FICAC should seriously look into the work they carry out.”

    Now, does someone wants to argue with that – or should keep with the “badka Gandu, or the size of his penis or all that crap.

    BTW – Rajend had an issue with the incompetence of the FICAC folks who had decided to prosecute him. he would have an uphill battle with his malicious prosecution action against FICAC – just because rajend won the case does not mean that his prosecution was malicious.

    Come guys – why can’t you guys discuss issues – rather than the personal attack.

    There was some idiot in here who accused gryphon of being in with the IG.

    God Bless Fiji.

  20. Mossad Says:

    Talking about FICAC, I remeber the I-Arse Hole Khaiyum saying that no one has a 100% success rate………he forgot to say that FICAC has a 100% failure rate….Hows it Budhau……hows Sydney…..

  21. soro Says:

    For so early in the morning to be getting that smelly whiff again – woilei – please NP open the windows kerekere !!

  22. Budhau Says:

    Hey Mossad so there is a I-arse Hole and G-arse hole in Fiji or is it not nice to insult the old bugger.

    If you look at the failure rates – how about the failure rate of all your Fijian administration as a whole – to help you lot.

  23. Striker Says:

    Should have let the SDL/Labour multiparty govt. run. They were in the process of legislating an anti corruption body. Thanks to bocibaini, we have this unconstitutional, illegal FICAC. What’s the military council saying about this? Blame the coup…

  24. IslandBoy Says:

    @FijiGirl – again you nailed it. Plus his exteremely patronising tone is extremely irritating.

    Probabaly a jumped up low class lawyer, trying to pass as one of the higher classes.

    It doesn’t realise we the working class on SV are completely underwhelmed.

    I still smile at your description of the rancid junior.

  25. Dauvavana Says:

    buuddahu nuni pio

  26. Na Dina Says:


    You are like a yo-yo. Sometimes up and sometimes down

  27. FijiGirl Says:

    Vinaka IB. I’ve changed it to ‘wancid’ because Wajendwa keeps twying to pwetend he is a gwown-up.

    Glad to know your suspicious about the Gryph are similar to mine.

    Why is it, do you think, that Budhau’s icon has changed again? Has a new shift started?

    God bless Fiji

  28. Ispy Says:

    lol… Fiji Times just reported:-

    “Suva lawyer has written an apology to the interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama for his recent outburst against the Fiji Independent Commission against Corruption (FICAC).

    This was revealed in a statement from the Information Department.

    While Rajendra Chaudhrys apology has been well received, he still maintains his claims of incompetence that exists within FICAC.

    FICAC has successfully investigated cases and is ready to commence with prosecution of persons it has charged.

    However many of the accused persons have chosen to mount a constitutional challenge rather than going through the trial process.

    FICAC maintains that it will not be deterred by this acquittal but will further investigate and charge accused persons.”

    Father must have given jnr a good belting last night!

    Chaudhry: Hey you. Come here! You write one apology letter tomorrow you bastard! Okay?

    Rajen: Yes, papa! sniff, sniff…

    Chaudhry: Don’t papa me you blerry swine! I’ll papa your ass if you don’t do it. Tomorrow saraga okay. Chootiya sala maichod, see all the embarrassment you cause me. Now I have to fake smile all the time in public to show everyone nothing wrong at home!

    Rajen: Wahahahhahaha…

    Chaudhry: Yeah, go and cry to your mother you son-of-a-goats-arse! Tonight I gonna wash your mouth with Ajax! Go!

  29. IslandBoy Says:

    @ISpy – could he be bucking for Director FICAC position, as a qualified lawyer that is.

    This would also provide himn a legitimate platform to campaign in the next elections as Joe Citizen – Fiji’s No:1 fighter against corruption.

    Fiji’s 2 cent version of Elliot Ness!

    @FijiGirl – honest to God, I never ever read Budhau’s stuff, as they say in some Sydney Universititys – just doesn’t worth it.

  30. NobleBannerBlue Says:

    More confusion…

    Update: 4:57PM Suva lawyer Rajendra Chaudhry has denied apologising to the interim Prime Minister in relation to his outburst against the Fiji Independent Commission against Corruption (FICAC) as per a government press release.

    Quoting the lines from his letter written to Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama, Mr Chaudhry said: My criticisms have been confined strictly to FICAC and were never intended to be critical of the remarkable progress achieved by the interim administration. If you perceive it to be otherwise then please accept my sincerest apologies.

    He said he still does not accept everything the FICAC says, maintaining the Commission is incompetent.

    The letter was addressed to the interim Prime Minister, copied to the Presidents Office and the interim Attorney-Generals Office.

  31. Budhau Says:

    Na Dina – your remark about “sometimes up and sometimes down” Well, I try it to keep it up as long as I can.

    So guys didn;t get it did you – this is between Rajendra and Aiyaz – both young lawyers – so Aiyaz guy had Rajendra charged.

    BTW – a month or so you some of you were saying something about Aiyaz being Chaudary’s boy – when he came to Chaudary’s defense in the Tax investigation issue – that Aiyaz had to do because of his position as AG – Otherwise, Aiyaz has the Ahmadiya, NFP roots – he is not one of the FLP boys.

    NobleBannedBlue – you see – that letter letter send to FB by Rajend – he also copied it to the AG Aiyaz – just to rub it in.

  32. Say True! Says:

    @ Budhau – so what do you have to say about this from Fiji Tv

    Rajendra Chaudhry criticises Major Neumi Leweni.
    12 Jun 2008 01:52:46

    Suva lawyer and Interim Finance Ministers son Rajendra Chaudhry has used harsh words to criticise the newly appointed Deputy Secretary for Information, Major Neumi Leweni.

    Its over a decision by the Department of Information to make public contents of a letter Chaudhry sent to the interim Prime Minister.

    Chaudhry addressed the issue of FICAC writing quote “my criticisms have been confined strictly to FICAC and were never intended to be critical of the remarkable progress achieved by the Interim Administration, adding if you perceive it to be otherwise then please accept my sincerest apologies” unquote.

    Chaudhry says he hasn’t apologised and has questioned the motive behind Major Neumi Leweni making his letter public.

    Rajendra Chaudhry, hand-delivered a letter to Interim Prime Minister last month saying it was meant to be positive criticisms of FICAC and not an apology for his outbursts against the commission.

    Today, Deputy Secretary for Information-Major Neumi Leweni released a press release based on Chaudhry’s letter saying, Chaudhry had apologised for his outbursts against FICAC.

    Chaudhry adds Leweni’s state of mind was clouded when the press release was issued.

    Chaudhry says the Interim PM must intervene and remove Leweni as he is not fit for the post of Deputy Secretary for information.

    Further adding, that if Leweni had a bone to pick with him, that he was available for a meeting.

    Chaudhry says he plans to take the matter up with the Interim PM on how the contents of his letter were leaked.

    Adding it was not intended to be used as a public propaganda.

  33. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    It certainly looks like daddy made him apologize.

    It looks like the classic case of chaudhry calling bananasinpyjamas a fool and then, being forced to apologize, says, ” I’m sorry that you are a fool.”

  34. Ispy Says:

    True true exFT!

    Bit wierd though that mini Chaudhry denied apologising to Bainimarama.

    Leweni’s press release made Bainimarama look like he had won that round.

    The response from mini Chaudhry thus is a kick in the balls for both Leweni and Bainimarama.

    I bet Bainimarama is begining to wonder round about now just what kind of people he jumped nto bed with!

    Wonderful way for Leweni to return to the public spotlight though… wonderful for us!

  35. Budhau Says:

    What exactly are you guys arguing about regarding the Rajend Chaudary’s apology.
    This is what he wrote, ““My criticisms have been confined strictly to FICAC and were never intended to be critical of the remarkable progress achieved by the interim Administration. If you perceive it to be otherwise then please accept my sincerest apologies.”

    Rajend told Bainimaram that he was not critical of the IG or FB – he still maintained his position on FICAC.

    If Rajend’s remark was perceived at being critical of FB or IG – then he said that he is sorry.

    Now, what part of this you guys do not understand.

  36. Ispy Says:

    Badhau, FICAC is synonymous with the interim Government.

    If you criticise FICAC, you are by implication criticising the regime that gave birth to it.

    You can’t tell someone “Hey your feet stink but I think you’re really cool!”

  37. Budhau Says:

    No honey – you can be critical of some government departments or some government actions.
    BTW – even as a gimmick – some folks try to disagree every now and than – just to point out that they are independent thinkers.

    The underlying politics behind this is that Rajend seems to have some issues with Aiyaz – this is what this is really about – Rajend does not seems to have a problem with the IG or FB – and we have have seen that before – that folks in the IG may not all like each other or agree with each other.

  38. Ispy Says:

    Still Rajend KNEW that FICAC is Bainimarama’s baby, to say its incompetent is a direct criticism of Bainimarama and his illegal administration.

    BTW what issues does Rajend have with Aiyaz?

  39. Budhau Says:

    Ipsy – if you think putting out such arguments will somehow put a wedge between Bainimarama and Chaudary – then go ahead, keep pushing that line.

    As to the issues with Rajend and Aiyaz – first Aiyaz is not Chaudary senior, FLP boy, he is with that Ahmadiya faction. Both Rajend and Aiyaz are young lawyers – one probably thinks he is better than the other. Aiyaz just had Rajends ass prosecuted, not only did Aiyaz did not prevail in that prosecution – Rajend had stated that he would sue for malicious prosecution. What is Rajend’s legal grounds to sue for malicious prosecution 1) that there was amlice, 2) that FICAC did not have probable cause (that means they prosecuted out of spite) and 3) that the case ultimately came out in Rajend’s favour.

    The above are some of the issues why Rajend is going after FICAC – and Bainimarama has nothing to do with this. I won’t be surprised if Rajend probably was saying that he can do a better job than Aiyaz, when he was criticizing the FICAC.

    FICAC may be Bainimarama’s baby – but the criticism was aimed at the incompetent people running the FICAC – Aiyaz, not Bainimarama

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