Try this Link for a Revelation from FDN

Dear Soli

Suggest you go to the following link on our site and have a look-see.

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15 Responses to “Try this Link for a Revelation from FDN”

  1. Pro Military Says:

    so, Peter Waqavonovono has started to blog again? Well, don’t worry, we know where he stays in Namadi Heights and we know where he sometimes stands to catch a cab/bus so we’ll pick him up again soon and take him for a visit to the camp again… this time we’ll make sure he understands what happens to those who blog against the military… Peter… we’re coming for you… be ready for another midnight call.

  2. ex Fiji Tourist Says:

    The deposit from the Indian Embassy is as corrupt as corrupt can be.

    This person, who is guilty of manslaughter, is a criminal of the first order.

  3. solivakasama Says:

    Pro Military if you are the military, you are a bunch of ulukau, the link is FDN which has been a round since 2006 and the editor is one Peter Vakalanga who emailed us about the link to their website.

  4. Wailei! Says:

    Pro Military.. Are you guys really stooping that low to bully someone younger than you and making threats like that? Wow The military are showing the classic school yard bullying! How childish.

  5. Mark Manning Says:

    The deposit from the Consulate General on the 15th of April 2002 and the $50,000 gift to his daughter on the 25th of December 2002 are both very interesting !
    Was this $50,000 gift a part of the donations meant for the poor in Fiji ?

  6. Tim Says:

    @ Mark – exactly – these are the sorts of things Aus and NZ could be delving into. Trading banks here are supposed to be keeping an eye on large deposits, for various reasons (eg. criminal drug dealing, concelaing assets and so on) and often its an automatic process. It appears they do so at times very selectively. Its certainly a basis for applying some sort of sanction unless these transactions can be shown to be legitimate.

  7. Tim Says:

    Allow me to point you all in the direction of this gem:

    No point in their bleating (National, and over the past year Labour) when it all turns to shit (as it will).
    Let’s hope when it does, that both countries are generous in hosting refugees – an inevitable consequence of inaction. At the very least over the past year, some review of sanctions should have occured – that is to target the coup perpetrators but allow the Fijian population a fair suck of the sav.

  8. EnufDictatorship Says:

    And this too since we\’re on the subject of India and its Consulate.
    Indian that\’s an oxymoron (literally!)

    Direct India flights ‘could boost tourism’
    08 JUN 2008
    India’s Ministry of Civil Aviation say there is a huge potential of tourists from India to come to Fiji but aviation facilities to accommodate a direct flight from India to Nadi has to be put in place.

    Kailash Shrivastava, the Joint Secretary in the ministry said Indian tourists were very interested to come to Fiji but facilities was a barrier because they would have to fly from India to Singapore, and then to Australia or New Zealand before flying to Fiji.

    He said the people of India were happy to come to the island nation provided the availability of these facilities.

    “Today, what is happening is that for reaching Fiji, even a person like me holding a diplomatic passport has to really undergo all kinds of inconveniences and delays etcetera,” Shrivastava said.

    “First of all, there is no direct connection you have to take, transit visa for Australia or New Zealand etcetera.

    “This is very time consuming. So, the necessity for us would be to first see that proper facilities are provided for the public at large to fly to destinations in Fiji,” he said.

    “What I mean to say is that up to Singapore, things are all right because the Singaporean government have now liberalised quite a bit. They are not insisting on any transit visa for any passenger who has visited USA or who has visited two or three countries.”

    Shrivastava said if there could be an arrangement whereby the airlines could fly from Singapore to Fiji (Nadi) directly without going through Australia etcetera, it would greatly promote tourism promotion from India to Fiji.

    “I can tell you that because of this liberalisation which governments of Malaysia, Thailand and the government of Singapore have done, today you will that in all these countries and important cities, any number of Indian tourists have been flocking there almost every day,” Shrivastava said.

    “So the necessity today is to see that travel facilities are streamlined and are designed more simply. If this can be done, certainly things can improve,” he said.

    Shrivastava said private airlines in India were now expanding in destinations it serviced.

    “And certainly, these airlines can be persuaded provided the visa part is sorted out to fly directly to Nadi. And once that starts, there will be real kind of influx of tourists coming from India to Fiji,” he said.


  9. Tim Says:

    Oops, I forgot this gem also:

    (Fiji’s vexing Priests and Mullahs)

  10. natewaprince Says:

    As revealed previously on this site,the pig is receiving tens of thousands of dollars on a regular basis into an account at the Bank of Baroda.If this is confirmed as true,would he allow a democratically elected party to run govt and risk investigations into his financial affairs????

    Let me just ask this question again so that it remains fresh in peoples minds,


  11. aubatinuku-N Says:

    There is more than one Peter on this planet?

  12. aubatinuku-N Says:

    V B – E dua na kai Tailevu/Kubuna e sa vivakaloboci dina na nona i valavala taucoko, I wonder how he sleeps at night or does he?

  13. kidrock Says:

    Now the truth comes out…

    Good work SV and FDN. Keep it up!

    Sorry to digress but this guy Thakur Ranjit Singh is really pissing me off. In today’s FT, he said…

    “…There is no guarantee if the SDL, when it comes to power again, will not complete under a democratic umbrella what Mugabe is doing in Zimbabwe cleanse the country of those who are doing well, contributing to national economy and an envy to the native population.

    All those calling for elections and democracy, may I ask you one question what can save democracy from the SDL’s style of rule in Fiji?”

    …. WTF is this Thakur guy on about?

    The SDL government never ever subverted the Indian population’s ability to continue to make money and prosper in Fiji during SDL’s reign.

    The SDL simply tried to increase opportunities for Fijians to compete with Indians on a commercial level – is this not the very essence of affirmative action?

    Compare SDL non-suppressive policies to what Bainimarama and his military goons are doing now – Bainimarama is not trying to level the playing field – he’s trying to destroy the competition!

    On the contrary therefore Mr Thakur, Bainimarama is doing EXACTLY what Mugabe is doing in Zimbabwe – they’re both hoarding money and assets and giving high paying jobs to their ill-qualified supporters.

    The only difference is the excuse they use.

    Mugabe says he’s doing it in the name of native Zimbabweans and Bainimarama says he’s doing it in the name of equal opportunities for all races in Fiji.

    What a load of crap… thanks to Bainimarama, Fijians have just become second class citizens in their own land while Mahendra Pal Chaudhry is travelling around the globe telling people how he has single-handedly conquered the will of the Fijian people.

    And he did this by conning, bribing and manipulating Fiji obtuse military leader and his greedy henchmen to do his dirty work threaten the Fijian people into submission!

    The day is very close when Bainimarama will pay for his crimes against the Fijian people!

  14. Adi Kaila Says:

    pro-military has revealed how friggin stupid and low they are in the military.

    How dare you accuse Pita Waqavonovono?

    dou sa follow the leader dina – sota va ‘no brainers’

    Aubatinuku-N – vbs merry little ride will not last forever. kissing the popes ring may have sealed his fate. One can’t keep using the Lords name in vain without suffering the consequences.

  15. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Bula Adi K 🙂
    Howz things going? All under control I assume, kissing the ring indeed!! Isa lei ko Viti!!
    Levu tiko na threat vakaululala e caka tiko mai kea eh! E sa sigai beka na cakacaka?
    Vakaloloma dina na bula ni so na tamata tabu yani!

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