EU Blocks Fiji Fish Products

The European Union (EU) does not want fish from Fiji.
It has observed Fiji to be un-coordinated and disorganized in its handling of fish exports to its territories, reports Island Business.
It has noted that Fiji’s quality and standards authorities lack the knowledge of how the EU standard system works.
And it has punished Fiji by striking it off what is informally known as “List II”, a list of third world countries and territories allowed by the EU to export fishery products for human consumption into its affiliate countries.
Fiji’s total canned and frozen fish exports were worth around F$100 million last year, compared to F$97 million in 2006, according to provisional data from the Fiji Islands Bureau of Statistics.
Over the years, fish had been a steadily growing and consistent component of Fiji’s exports. Now faced with a major earthquake, its future seems less certain.
I clearly recall Mr. G. Southwick and others advising the Government in 2007 that the necessary government export certification dept. be it Fisheries, Primary Industries or Quarantine be properly retrained to ensure this did not happen.
It would appear that nothing was done and now Fiji reaps the losses of Interim Govt. inefficiency! 
I am inclined to think that this is another of M.P. Chaudry’s devices to reduce all of Fiji except his private power source in sugar to naught.
The Govt. pleads for Fiji to get behind them and the charter, but if they continue to undermine work in non-Sugar activities such as Fishing and tourism how can the right thinking nation support such twisted thinking.
Linus Wyatt,
F/T on line


9 Responses to “EU Blocks Fiji Fish Products”

  1. Mark Manning Says:

    Only in Fiji !

  2. EnufDictatorship Says:

    It has nothing to do with the handling of the fish; it is ALL to do with teaching these illegal rulers a lesson!

    Bainimarama and CHaudhry, you\’re being cornered again!!! When will you realise that?

    Deflate those huge egos of yours and take us to the polls. Then straight after that, take yourselves willingly to St Giles or Korovou for a rendezvous.

  3. FijiGirl Says:

    Vinaka Linus –

    Chodo’s desired power-base is sugar sugar sugar.
    He is happily killing off tourism, fisheries and selling our forests illegally.
    But his ‘power base’ is also his Achilles Heel, his greatest weakness against us, the pro-democracy movement.

    That is why it is so important for ALL landowners of native land to BOYCOTT any negotiations with this illegal government.

    The landowners have no real legal protection when the other party (the IR) has such a demonstrable contempt for the rule of law.

    The landowners can use their power to NOT negotiate.

    Each landowning group can make a stand by saying
    a) they will only enter into talks
    b) with an elected government,
    c) chosen by the people in free and fair elections
    d) under the existing, unaltered Constitution.

    We have POWER, people! Time to use it.

    Tabu soro.
    God bless Fiji

  4. natewaprince Says:

    Another industry bites the dust,courtesy of the tax-evading snake.

    In an effort to revive the sugar industry and appease his supporters,teri-maka-Chodo is prepared to sacrifice all other industries.

    Can you imagine the tax-payer footing the bill just so that these farmers can return to cane farming?? Caita man,$28,000 when they left the farm and maybe even more to return.

    Sa kua mada ga na tei dovu,sa dua na suka sau levu.

  5. Linus Says:

    Another piece on this subject:-

    Fish jobs under threat

    Monday, June 09, 2008

    ABOUT 4000 workers in the fish industry will be affected by the decision of the European Union to reject fish from Fiji.

    Fiji will also lose millions of dollars annually and, according to industry players, they, their workers and families will be hardest hit.

    Fiji Fish, which exports fish worth $5million annually to EU markets, said this stopped last month after the EU ruled Fiji’s fish exports were below standards.

    Company general manager Grahame Southwick said EU markets were important because they doubled orders each year.

    “We made a lot of margin from the EU market. It was an expanding market,” said Mr Southwick.

    Cutbacks in the domestic operation, he said, were another problem.

    Mr Southwick said the effects of the EU decision, which was gazetted last month, remained to be felt.

    Mr Southwick said Pacific Fishing Company Limited (PAFCO) also exported to the EU market and employed about 800 people.

    In April, 10 United Kingdom-bound containers of canned fish products worth about $US500,000 ($FJ745.950), which belonged to PAFCO, were not accepted.

    PAFCO chief operating officer Chandra Prakash would not comment yesterday. Attempts to Contact interim Fisheries Minister Joketani Cokanasiga and permanent secretary Dr Niumaia Tabunakawai were unsuccessful.

    Solander Pacific Limited director David Lucas said the EU had warned the Fiji Government since 2003 but nothing was done.

    “It will be difficult for the industry with the domestic industry already having its share of the problems,” Mr Lucas said.

    The industry had said that the Fiji domestic fishing industry is under severe threat and already 60 workers have been sent home. The industry made a submission to the interim Government on the need to review the raft of punitive taxes, fees and duties being imposed only on the domestic section of the industry.

    The decision to stop Fiji Fish being exported to EU markets came as a mission from the EU came to Fiji last year and compiled a report to evaluate the control systems in place governing the production of fishery products intended for exports to EU markets.

    According to the report, there was a total absence of official controls over the production chain and that quality and standards authorities lack the knowledge of the EU standard system.

    The decision was taken by the European Parliament and gazetted in the Official Journal of the European Union as Commission Regulation (EC) No 439/2008 of May 21 2008, amending List II to exclude Fiji, according to Island Business website.

    The report said there were risks associated for the EU consumer and on July 4 last year, a rapid alert system for food and feed notification information was issued following food poisoning which affected seven people in France after consuming tuna from Fiji.

    Fiji Chamber Of Commerce president Swani Maharaj said the interim Government should have dialogue with the EU.

    In 2006, according to EU statistics, Fiji exported to the UK, France, Netherlands, Italy and Germany around 675 tonnes mainly composed of fresh/frozen tuna fillets/loins.

  6. Peace Pipe Says:

    This snake Chodo is such a rampant liar. He makes self praising claims that the economy is on the mend. Mend from what. Of course it would be from the devastation caused by the idiotic coup of 2006 and yet after nearly 2 years of being illegally in the Finance portfolio he still points a finger at Qarase for the economic woes. Qarase was taken out long ago with the promise to revitalise the economy ASAP. We are not kids to fall for that blaming crap, chodo. So how much longer would it take mr snake to revive the economy – another year 2, 5, 10. We would rather trust words from independent sources such as economist Mahendra Prasad who disputes the snakes claims.

    Here we have another blow to the economy with losses of more millions of dollars in the fishing industry. These all add up to other losses incurred in other areas since 2006 coup. All these losses should be pinned on the pig and snake who have made life a living hell in Fiji. They should be made to account for these losses.

  7. aubatinuku-N Says:

    So sad that the “fisherman from Kiuva” does not know how to give proper “fish handling” directives!! Because he lacks the skills!

  8. aubatinuku-N Says:

    Man doth not live by sugar alone either!

  9. Adi Kaila Says:

    European countries prefer fish from our seas because our seaways are not as polluted as other parts of the world.

    Where are the ig economists and ag science specialists who are supposed to know this and to spruik this further and tell the ig to give Southwick the money needed to fund the ships he uses for this industry?

    Busy feathering their own nests with taxpayers hard earned money

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